George Floyd police breakdown
Donut Operator
Absolute garbage policing that's going to get good officers injured and killed.
Please check out Ryan Tillman here:

  • Donut Operator
    Donut Operator

    Absolute garbage policing that's going to get good officers injured and killed. Please check out Ryan Tillman here:

    • PorkFrog

      @Francis Four He didn't know there were gonna be riots

    • Francis Four
      Francis Four

      you're worried about good cops getting killed, what about good BIPOC?

    • PorkFrog

      @JUDALATION gamestrodamous SAID: 'WHERE is your breakdown of the cop who saw an UNARMED BLACK man in a tub... went out to his partner to get his dog, and used his dog to MAUL him for no reason? ' ''Tyvon Eugene Mumphrey was wanted on suspicion of forcing two people from a van at gunpoint and throwing a 2-year-old child from the vehicle onto the ground.''

    • PorkFrog

      ''get good officers killed" what about getting people like Floyd killed?' no reason we can't have our cake and eat it too: both happened in the riots

    • PorkFrog


  • Still Light
    Still Light

    Nah, this was straight up murder, and that the cop thought that he could do this, in broad daylight, is why the Black Lives Matter folks are pitching a bitch. The cop that killed George, knew George, and had an agenda here. The only reason that this cop is in jail now, is due to the fact that it was filmed by several people. We The People have to police the police. Now, riot, and break the town?, not good. But SOMETHING has to happen to wake the rest of the world up to the fact that police have a larger amount of authority than they should have. However, it should also be well-understood that the cops have a much larger amount of liability than they should have, too.

  • Sadielove

    This is a video everyone needs to see

  • Charlie Yang
    Charlie Yang

    People: You shouldn't punish everyone just because of the actions of one person Also People:

  • Lord Tripathy
    Lord Tripathy

    This is true and it doesn't take a police officer to see it clearly. If the police officer was not involved in a pissing contest with the civilians, he probably would have paid more attention to floyds issues. People need to stop treating cops like bad guys and stop resisting arrest. George floyd clearly died too quickly for him to have survived this stress at any rate but the officer should have known that he was dead within seconds of his dying.


    The cop is must raciest cop

  • Chilled Gamer
    Chilled Gamer

    Donut should take a break from police videos. If it takes this much of a mental toll we may dry him out making content like this.

  • hw clark
    hw clark

    B===S=== LIARS


    They want you to know the narrative and the "story" What they don't want you to see is the footage. And they REALLY don't want you connect the dots in these riots. Follow the money. All this rhetoric and infographica and propaganda doesn't just fall out of the sky.

  • Steve Hunt
    Steve Hunt

    He’s lucky it was the cops and not the marshals who got him for the fake money he’s using the marshals woulda fucked him up even worse

  • Steve Hunt
    Steve Hunt

    look at this criminal that the news has made look completely innocent until you look up his arrest records for yourself and see the truth and still people will defend him he’s so dumb...

  • Lando Calrizzi
    Lando Calrizzi

    Donut, how do you know it wasn't racial? You're not that guy, you have no idea if it was a racial or not. And what about the other officers that were there with him. The two guys sitting on his chest, and the guy just watching and keeping others from helping George? I know its not an exact quote but, all it takes for evil to succeed is for food men to do nothing. Which is kind of what you're doing by passing the buck here. Those guys are scum bags for what they did, race aside. And i would find it hard to believe that race had nothing to do with it. George had his issues, but does that mean cops get to put him in a situation that he could die, and the officers at any other time in history probably would've got away with it. It was disgusting and those four. Aren't the last or only ones. We have a problem with the people we hire as police, not all but we seem to let quite a few horrible people become police. And not just morally, but physically, professionally. Did you hear about the officer who was to fat to do his job, was fired and petitioned his union, and got his job back? And what about qualified Immunity, how is that not special rights for cops? Warrior training, and classes that give cops the mindset that the public is the enemy, or at least its no big deal to shoot anyone from the public.

  • BANNA Clan
    BANNA Clan

    Mr. Donut. Ive been watching your videos for a very long time. Im currently in college (CJ major) hoping to someday join the FBI. Some of the stuff my professors told me in college are a bid contradictory for what you had to say about racism. I know you try to be as unbiased as possible, but thats not always easy isn’t it? You cant say that it had nothing to do with race, because you dont know him. One of the things ive learned in college is that 80% of anglo Americans have an unconscious racial bias towards African Americans. Thats not my opinion that is a scientific facts. So saying that the chocking was unmotivated by race is a stupid statement, because you cant possibly know that.

  • Juan Farias
    Juan Farias

    Putting his knee on his neck might be bad training, letting his die showed the lack of humanity. There is no other way to cut it.

  • Terry Moon
    Terry Moon

    It's not poor training or procedure ... It's typical craps i mean cops Don't think 1 or 2 good craps will save a barrel full of BAD CRAPS.... They just keep showing us how bad they are....There isn't one cop out there that thinks he's bad. This cop talking is so full of s_it.... I'm 100% sure this cop has done BAD shit also but he will never admit it.... Listen to his bulls_it he is so great and good he will not stand for it. he is a piece of shit to.

  • Kratos SHit
    Kratos SHit

    I'm disappointed u didn't defend the cops. That's is the content u always put out.

  • DasEichenlaub

    Still haven't seen any proof fentanyl Floyd was murdered.

    • JohnnyD Kota
      JohnnyD Kota

      Not everything is a conspiracy. We can’t disbelief something just cause it’s against our personal bias

  • MrZenmancer

    A month later, we all wanted justice for GF but then all these blm protesters using his name to continue to riot across the country and spread more pointless death...

  • Christopher De Real
    Christopher De Real

    Trump 2020

  • Paul h
    Paul h

    Why IS NO BODY wearing a mask when they are mandatory????

  • Patrick LaBelle
    Patrick LaBelle

    When police did something very similar to Tony Timpa, a couple of years ago, there were no protests. But Tony Timpa was white.

    • Migo

      @trinitygodsaint nether he just likes trying to devalue things.

    • trinitygodsaint

      Did you join the protest for George Floyd...Or did you start a protest for the man that you are referencing?

    • Sock Cucka
      Sock Cucka

      Same thing happened in Canada to a Polish man. I believe it was in 2006.

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio

    Chauven was the training officer two of the other officers were new guys being trained the Asian one was the only cop beside chauven who had years on the force

  • Elder Son
    Elder Son

    I've hated police for a while. There's a good handful of dickheads in Vegas. Anyways now I'm motivated to work for the feds. It's my dream to put a currpt Las Vegas public service members in cuffs.

  • Pdubs 706
    Pdubs 706

    George Floyd DID NOT DIE from asphyxiation!! Let that be clear!!

  • Pdubs 706
    Pdubs 706

    7 minutes 53 seconds huh? Then what's this 8 minute 46 second bullshit!! I believe you DONUT!!

  • crazyinsane500

    "Nothing racial about it." I mean, due to his racist tendencies, only white officers are allowed to guard Officer Chauvin in jail.

  • Pansar Saggin
    Pansar Saggin

    Thought it said George Floyd Breakdancing. Awww, shoot

  • Dylan W.
    Dylan W.

    "made sure he couldn't breathe" Did I hear that right?

    • fktkekejwjwkwkwkwkjfjrjejaj

      Did you hear the part 2 seconds later where he corrected himself? Stop trying to spread bullshit

  • Katrina U.
    Katrina U.

    I hear this guy and i completely agree .... but that, what he is talking about isnt what this was. This was a deliberate murder not by a cop but by thugs, meant to be seen by all. It was put out world wide immediately .... The ambulance and the men loading him up .... all of it was suspect. The mug shot they released was for sure not the same guy that had his knee on his neck. Obama putting out a tweet with a sign that had the same caricature of george being used in the protests ... A COUPLE OF YEARS ago and again a couple of weeks before the murder of george floyd. It had the words "this is america" .. I heard ppl say it was of his twin who is NOT his twin ... they dont even look alike so ... And georges many funerals, the last of which was held in Ghana. .... And wha la The war has begun ...... Does anyone know if the relationship of kenya and ghana? I know in some of the countries on the african CONTINENT are being prepped against white ppl ...... i lived on and off in lusaka zambia for about a decade .... the average ppl for the most part are salt of the earth .... But in other areas and in other countries there is an undertone of disgust when america is mentioned. Of course i have never been to the western countries ... the ones that sold their own into slavery but i see vids coming out preaching against america and it made me wonder .... Why was george floyds last funeral held in ghana and why was that not msm news. If u pay attention to average ppl in other countries, you quickly find out alliances are being formed .... either youre with china or you are with america is is coming across so i dont take lightly the ppl they chose to carry this out ... Edited in: sorry, i meant memorial .... the was a memorial service held in ghana for george floyd many ppl knew him in ghana?

  • FARTillery McPoopshoot
    FARTillery McPoopshoot

    im glad i came across ur channel brother. i am a 39 yr old biracial male who has never been a victim of police brutality but i have been arrested many times for dumb shit. ive always cooperated even if i felt the officer was in the wrong. i havent had any run-ins with law enforcement in years and think its due to me just growing up and acting more responsibly. i am conflicted in these cases cuz of the small clips that have been taken out of context and manipulated to make officers look terrible. i know in my heart that there are alot of good officers out there but i also know that there is an underlying "bully" culture that goes on in law enforcement as well. i am thankful for police officers and am also thankful for the ppl who are trying to build a better bond between law enforcement and community. thank u for showing me a different point of view and helping me to understand why some of these things are happening and goin down the way they do. ive binge watched several of your vids today and just subbed. good luck and blessings on ur skateshop bro.

  • Molecule

    cuzhes black, and people are recording so he felt like he had to stand his ground to justify his actions. such a fucking shame that this guy got shot and killed by polife for trying to do what theyre asking.

  • Molecule

    I really just can't fucking believe u don\t see a problem here and it shows that u definite have a bias, even more speifically hes brothers motives

  • Molecule

    This is like some arg shit

  • Adam Harding
    Adam Harding

    False flag

  • Grodan Boll
    Grodan Boll

    Waw... you talk trash

  • trever davis
    trever davis

    There response to this incident is to create chaos destroy property and defund police departments. They don't realize what victims they would actually be if they didn't have police around. Gang bangers and drug dealers etc. Would kill them. Look at Katrina. Looting and robbing there neighbors during there most vonurable time. I hope when they get what they want so bad and defund the police, they make a call for help and nobody comes.

  • da ne
    da ne

    Seems overly systemic having officers crossing the line. And using benefit of the doubt by judges . Because most officers don't have or want Breifing room psyclogy reports.

  • Daniel Harp
    Daniel Harp

    Everyone needs to see this video.

  • Phillyhorse

    people don't understand it's not the cops it's the police union, they go after any cop who goes against the grain especially when you're going against a cop to make them lose their job for misconduct. Minority officers have to follow suite or they will be persecuted or even killed aka he committed suicide lie. At the end of the day there are no good cops if there are bad cops because if the tables were turned if a gang member did good for his community but still repped a gang people would still look at him by what the negativity the gang does. Nobody feels sorry for the positive gang member because at the end of the day your still a gang member. Nobody should feel sorry for good cops because at the end of the day their union dues and their silence in numbers back these bad apples.

  • Lorcan G
    Lorcan G

    holy shit this video is a month old

  • Francis Four
    Francis Four

    there wasn't anything racial about it??? it was absolutely racial, how can you not acknowledge that??

  • Christian Nixon
    Christian Nixon

    Weird how you said it wasn’t racist...

  • Robert E Lee
    Robert E Lee

    If Floyd were white, nobody would give a rip. Let that sink in

  • Rich Justice
    Rich Justice

    So, you don’t kill someone cuffed and under your complete control because it will lead to a lawsuit? Your words Donut. You may want to re phrase it to because it’s Wrong!!!

  • Secretary of Education
    Secretary of Education

    I have enjoyed you so much over the last couple years, you seemed liked one of the good police we had up here in Canada who always treated us fairly and justly, and never let us not trusting in them. This is not the case for all, but in my experience many police. They are good and just. But there are some terrible ones too making a mess for their communities and fellow officers. To be honest I was scared to see your video, I was scared because I like you, scared you may not look at the video objectively. Thank you, you’re honest outlook and video you shared were great. The world needs more good officers like you. Honestly, as a Canadian, I am terrified of what your country is becoming. I see a fascist movement growing with trump, and I hope that changes. I miss visiting my old American friends.

    • Secretary of Education
      Secretary of Education

      P.s. I am an anti-fascist, and unashamed of it, but that does not equate to hatred of police. I wish people would call out the misinformation on antifa poisoning American citizens..

  • Darren Cottam
    Darren Cottam

    What people don't realise is police deal with people having their worst day of their lives,every single day.

  • Hand Puppet Story Time
    Hand Puppet Story Time

    Personal oaths are nonsense in the face of congress continually passing laws that improve the position of billionaires over the interests of the people. As long as you have 1 person in authority that is on the wrong side the entire system is corrupt. The system has always been corrupt. In the past police would simply hand people over to lynch mobs to be murdered, burned alive and hung. Today the police officer doing all this damn talking will deny it ever happened. The entire system is based on major corruption.

  • Blubbyflipz

    You did condemn this police officer, but you condemned him on the premise that it was just negligent bad policing when it is so obviously not. All George Floyd did was produce a counterfeit $20 note and he had to die for it. Because of my white skin, i have never been scared of a police officer and i couldn't imagine such a scary world of having too. I am 15 and live in australia where Aboriginal and torres strait Australians experience similar situations, this issue isn't just in america. Police officers need to be educated about this and those who support such backwards beliefs have to be weeded out of the precinct. Know that this movement isn't saying it's police officers versus black people, they just want to be treated as equals.

  • LTS Nick - xbox
    LTS Nick - xbox

    Im obsessed with DO’s content

  • Seth Newburgh
    Seth Newburgh

    only reason i liked this is because he said one good point, ACCOUNTABILITY, this is what its all about.

  • Cain Tindal
    Cain Tindal

    I agree it was duty of care and the cop did not give a shit. He needs to pay for that crime.

  • Seth Newburgh
    Seth Newburgh

    5:02 but that dosnt mean everyone who recited that code of ethics are there to do it, nor does it mean you guys have been trained right, lets be honest our police are super militarized. you saying this stuff is nice man, but again LETS BE HONEST the police and military have heavily been infiltrated by the kkk this isnt a FAKE NEWS THING this is a REAL LIFE THING. we need to dismantle and rebuild.

  • Seth Newburgh
    Seth Newburgh

    2:41 what colleges what schools?

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever

    damn all of sudden you’re tired of police content... gtfo

  • XeroFailGames

    For those of you who dont know, look up tony timpa dallas texas.

  • Silent Shadow
    Silent Shadow

    The sad reality is that not all cops have the same level of conviction as that man at the end of the video. Some officers will become cops not because they want to protect and serve but because they want to have authority over others. Police agencies need to do a much better job of weeding out the bad apples and holding each other accountable because when this kind of stuff happen it actually makes officers less safe when they go to work. The moment they put on their uniform they become public enemy number one. If officers want to earn the respect of the community they serve they have to be willing to hold other officers accountable and not shy away from doing the right thing.

  • Jim Sacchetti
    Jim Sacchetti

    And let me tell you in a lot of cities cops are abusing their oath they are ruining people's life's not leaving people with Munch of an option because the governors and the mayor's are telling them to bring money into their City by fines and arrest or cost like Pennsylvania the city is so corrupt they have ruined so many people's lives because that's exactly what these Mayors and governors f****** do you can't fix the problem if you can't get rid of the corruption that's embedded in Pennsylvania it goes so deep it's not funny

  • Kevin Langford
    Kevin Langford

    I'm sure no criminal ever started fighting police again after they let them up. Have you noticed to this day the video of why they had to take him down in the first place has not surfaced.

  • Evergreen Combat Zone
    Evergreen Combat Zone

    Nice Ambulance medics..Guess They All wear level 11 body armor and do no cpr or ANYTHING for the victim..Nice try tho Fuckeys..But this shit is a sham

  • Steven Pettigrew
    Steven Pettigrew

    You can’t stereotype all black people you can’t stereotype all white people and you can’t stereotype all police, there’s bad apples in every walk of life. Most police run towards gunfire and possible death for ..... a pay cheque.... ? There’s no pay cheque big enough for me to run towards the gunfire so it’s got to be something else. That cop was a bad apple and now everyone’s suffering because of his actions, you’ll suffer aswell wen police are scared to do there job and scared to react incase they make a mistake they’ll end up leaving people to fend for themselves.

    • Steven Pettigrew
      Steven Pettigrew

      David Stark The news is never going to show you the police doing a good job, there not going to show you the day to day stuff they have to deal with they’re only going to show you the worst off them. I just hope for America’s sake everyone comes to there senses and let the courts deal with Chauvin, if a jury sees the footage the worlds seen then we all know he’s going to jail for a long time as the deserves

    • David Stark
      David Stark

      yeah you shouldn't hate all police for some being bad, a lot of them are good, but they don't get attention as much as the bad ones do so it seems there is more bad than good

  • Keith Willis
    Keith Willis

    If only it was "one dickhead"

  • Keith Willis
    Keith Willis

    An exercise in futility trying to prove that there are good cops is more likely

  • Joseh Barkley
    Joseh Barkley

    And let's understand one more thing here the black people are not victims George Floyd was the only victim and it doesn't matter what color his skin was

  • Joseh Barkley
    Joseh Barkley

    Exactly thank you there was nothing racial about it and now we all got to listen to everybody's f****** mouth racist racist s*** racist s*** racist racist s*** it's all bulshit there was nothing racist about it it was just a cop with poor techniques but no you get some desperate a****** f*** heads that say it's racist as an excuse so now they can get away with terrorizing America

  • MrKalashnik0va

    A lot of Donut's right wing audience seems to have a tough time grasping the plight of these protests and riots. They seem to be really committed to mischaracterizing it and steering the focus away from the topic. Also, they seem to have a very selective view of the idea of "Freedom of the Press", because they're making quite a number of excuses for cops deliberately targeting journalists.

  • Jefff sfff
    Jefff sfff

    Do police realize their primary job is to instill fear and protect corporate interests or do they just not tell them that part? Maybe explaining the root cause of why their job is dangerous should be part of their training.

    • Nate Nixon
      Nate Nixon

      Better be bait

  • LooperEpic

    what's with the license plate... Police plates don't say "POLICE" on them...

  • Ian

    Not to start anything but look at the paramedics who arrive on scene, how come there brown uniform officers with a service belt and not paramedics who get out of the ambulance?

  • Nya Swed
    Nya Swed

    Hey Donut. Look into the shooting death of the Australian women by a black (diversity hire Somali) Minneapolis policeman. Pure lack of training and professionalism by this police force. Nothing to do with police bias against blacks. The chief and 20% of the force are BLACK. Systemic racial bias is a blm sham. They are working a reparations extortion racket.

  • Liam Andersson
    Liam Andersson

    This didn’t make the police look bad. The American police has always been the most power hungry police in the entire world. The government needs to rework the police

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