Getting a Handle on Ron Covell
This Old Tony
Collaboration! CAD CAM and MAHO with Ron Covell
check out Ron's amazing work at:
And the the final INSTALLMENT (get it?):
Music: Sightlines - Jeremy Blake

  • John Barnes
    John Barnes

    What editing software do you use?

  • Kristian Gameplay
    Kristian Gameplay

    o man this handle is awesome, but the production costs are way too expensive, how much cost this product if somebody wants it??

  • JESC Biotank Supreme
    JESC Biotank Supreme

    I wonder if this guy likes a game of foosball, love your work Mr "This Old Tony"

  • Kagan Mack
    Kagan Mack

    He can make non funny things funny

  • MrTingles

    one of the greatest maker videos i have ever seen...

  • Zach Benoit
    Zach Benoit

    Love the footloose reference in the montage

  • Dontcare Bear
    Dontcare Bear

    Rons a FN legend!

  • Tony Lovering
    Tony Lovering

    I ordered a tee shirt from you and it is way too small. Much smaller than the size listed. I have tried to return it but teespring wont reply to my mails.

  • Restoration Australia
    Restoration Australia

    Excellent job.

  • Akky08

    Hey Tony, I was wondering if you have a place where you post the designs you make in solidworks, or the creation process. I'm actually learning a lot from your channel but it wouldn't hurt to learn more :D

  • Horny Step Mom / Videos
    Horny Step Mom / Videos

    It's pronounced "wewd". Sexy handle, Mr. This old

  • Shenya The welder
    Shenya The welder

    Funny thing, it’s super easy to weld 3mm steel with a 1/8th E6011, and as a direct result of that, the number of dustpans that are 3mm thick is above zero.

  • Shenya The welder
    Shenya The welder

    I once forgot everything exept metalworking and breathing, shat myself on the spot.

  • Pablo wedgburg
    Pablo wedgburg

    I await a video of the original broom-handle treatment, which would feature the crafting of the nail and the felling of the tree. Can you imagine what it was like to live when nails were made one by one?

  • Abstract Approach
    Abstract Approach

    this is on the maho right?14:01 yesss i love maho

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    Funniest metalwork channel on IT-my by a 1,000,000 thousandths of an inch.

  • Danny bailes
    Danny bailes

    It bothers me that the hole is not really functional. It really needs a up and down hole not a left to right hole.


    Did I miss something? When do we get a MAHO update video? All the teasing of her working is killing me lol.

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar

    Please make video on ac servo tuining

  • Eyesore Cycles
    Eyesore Cycles

    The way you described the reason you didn’t buy Ron’s books is the exact way I feel if you had a book lol

  • WinteRaven22

    Used the corner of a file.... Also used a round file, used the corner of that too. Genius

  • KB

    Here’s a challenge should you choose to except it. Are you ready? SPEED SQUARE... WITH ALL THE MARKINGS AND ANGLES. WHAT SAY YOU TOT? Think about it, then do it:]

  • Alan D
    Alan D

    Tony you did an excellent job! Especially on that thumb.

  • Bryan Bogardus
    Bryan Bogardus

    You have feet?

  • Bryan Bogardus
    Bryan Bogardus

    WOW! Thank you so much...... aaah nevermind..... now I feel old. I remember those days of no internet, no cellphone flashlight, ( because there where no cellphones) and the NES was super rad! But really, thank you for your hard work! As a maker of "forged/blacksmithed" total messes, and weird ways to overcomplicate extremely obvious solutions. I truly appreciate what you do. More please!!


    Really nice design and execution Tony. Looks like the Maho is really working great! ATB, Robin

    • This Old Tony
      This Old Tony

      thanks Rob!

  • TheRegret

    it's so great to see well finished, machined parts, for even the most mundane of objects. if only i had a several thousand dollar CNC drill press/cutting press lol. then again adam savage has pretty much a much more expensive "classic tech" non-CNC drill press machine and a large enough lathe to fix any mistakes or balancing, but this is like wonerful engineering at it's finest

  • thefixerman1

    Just Brilliant! Enjoyed and laughed all the way through. Merry Christmas TOT and family.

  • Jason Fay
    Jason Fay

    The fucking jogging feet in the montage. :D

  • vanni caruana
    vanni caruana

    Video of Christmas

  • mhc

    Hi Tony, Aluminum should probably be anodized to protect it from machinists - have you thought about filling a bucket with sulphuric and wiring it up?

  • lenard gor
    lenard gor

    That split nail on your right middle finger gave me the chills, that's gotta hurt.

  • Vacant Stare
    Vacant Stare

    I kind of like the 80s porn music. Thanks

  • airplane george
    airplane george

    A magnificent waste pan of time. I always use a thin piece of plastic, no handle needed.

  • Glenn B
    Glenn B

    I hope that Santa brings me a new TOT video this Christmas, it's all I want. I've been good this year, apart from when I was bad, but no one got hurt, so hopefully Santa will play the game, cut me some slack ya big bearded bastard, its been a hell of a year, and you still haven't brought me the Lamborghini or the supermodel I asked for so I reckon you owe me one.

  • Send It
    Send It

    4:28 was that a.... Runescape reference?

  • ugetridofit

    Are we going to get our Christmas video ?

  • Danger Bear
    Danger Bear


  • Cathal O Mealoid
    Cathal O Mealoid

    I think you handled that very nicely.

  • David Burgess
    David Burgess

    Hi love all this sort of thing, I watched yours and Ron's videos - excellent. That aside and totally unrelated, I stumbled across this Russian guy's video and thought "that's stuff that TOT would do" have you seen this?

  • Railgap Esoterica
    Railgap Esoterica

    Why are there grooves in that mill table you fondled so much in this video? My Bridgy hasn't got grooves. Do I want grooves? What do grooves do? Should I put grooves in my table? (not bloody likely) Also: I bought that Richard Finch book. And your description of his stuff -- yeah. I didn't get much out of that book.

  • Aaron Rockwell
    Aaron Rockwell

    IT-my decided to unsubscribe me from TOT like I wouldnt notice...

  • Gerardo Lopez
    Gerardo Lopez

    thumbs up fo the bloody nail, i got one to but in the middle finger, thank to an iron door

  • omar os
    omar os

    3 weeks since that vid We want more

  • SarnXero
    SarnXero Two way nut. Would love to see Tony take a crack at one of these.

  • Adrian Scarlett
    Adrian Scarlett

    09:20 and that's Ron Covell skill level

  • Tyler G
    Tyler G

    Been at basic training nice to come back to some new videos from my favorite IT-myr

  • Callsign Nomad
    Callsign Nomad

    DIY hole punch dies for the hydraulic press?? Would be very interested to see some made. Especially for oddly shaped holes

  • Pawwol

    If you could translate this video, I'd appreciate it. If not, I'll accept your take on it.:)

  • PureLife

    Tony! It's been three weeks since this was uploaded! I'm Jonesing for another one!

  • Scott Medcalf
    Scott Medcalf

    the 80s Music, the 4way Splitscreen, and the dancing feet. Bravo! Brilliant.

  • Marcus Ågren
    Marcus Ågren

    Why are you putting the goodies on your Russian channel? Please dub it to english. Spanks!

    • Marcus Ågren
      Marcus Ågren

      @Stéphane-Eymeric Bredthauer Awesome vi-dje-jo. Satisfying.

    • Stéphane-Eymeric Bredthauer
      Stéphane-Eymeric Bredthauer

      You had the same idea as me 😜👍

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G

    At this point, I don't know why you don't show your face. If I ever heard your voice I'd know it was you, grab a beer and put it in your hand. Hopefully one day I'll be in this old town, but that would be awefully coincidental. Love your videos, and your sense of humor. Hope you've been well in these trying times.

  • ben spencer
    ben spencer

  • Tan Chau
    Tan Chau

    Hey tony is there a business inquiry link or email you have? Ive been such a big fan for so long and i was like whos the best machinist you know haha im starting a tech company and i need technical advisor and i got some metal pieces i need done and well your my first choice ;

  • Indian Bolio
    Indian Bolio

    Oh and normally don't comment cuz I know not to embarrass myself unless I really have a stupid question but I think this is one of those times! Dont you normally hang a dustpan?

  • Paul The Painter
    Paul The Painter

    Could you make an exact copy of a Bic lighter out of stainless steel?

  • Indian Bolio
    Indian Bolio

    Why did it kick me off your sub??? 😡

  • OrionsAnvil

    Hey why you pointing at me? 02:58 I couldn't help that the photography section was on the way to the comic book section...geesh. Anyway just found your channel and subbed, good stuff.

  • Gabriel Clerk
    Gabriel Clerk

    Dear This Old, after the difficult year we all had, I will be so bold as to hope we all deserve a TOT Christmas Story while you clean up on Christmas day like last year. Hoping you made a good mess to allow for it, and wishing you a merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

  • David Burton
    David Burton

    Looking for a new project video 😎. What’s next?

  • Joe Pieczynski
    Joe Pieczynski

    Tony, nice job as always. I'd be afraid to use that thing and probably hang it behind glass marked " Use only in case all other dust pans in the world disappear". Off topic, I always enjoy your videos and the production content is top notch. Can you share what video software you are using and how much computer does it take to drive all that stuff. I'm looking to up my game and admire your material greatly. Thanks Tony. Stay well.

    • Joe Pieczynski
      Joe Pieczynski

      @This Old Tony Thanks for the reply Tony, I'll certainly check it out. Have a very Merry Christmas and best of luck to you for a healthy and successful new year. Congrats on the success of your channel. Well deserved.

    • This Old Tony
      This Old Tony

      Joe! Stop it you're making me blush. I use Premiere Elements (the cheap version of Adobe Premiere)... plenty good for what I need... and no monthly subscription! Not sure what the official specs are to run it, I'm sure it's on their website, but I have a ~3 year old laptop that seems to do pretty alright. It breaks a sweat doing the final processing and absolutely chokes if I try to throw 4k at it, but otherwise okay.

  • travis dunn
    travis dunn

    How much do you know about rockets? Have you considered making a nozzle for an amateur solid motor? Also, have you covered turning superalloys?

  • Parent of Twins
    Parent of Twins

    I started watching this and forgot my wife was watching a video earlier at 3/4 speed and I was like is TOT drunk LOL.

  • joe bob billy
    joe bob billy

    Hi LASSE here again in the IT-my to teach people how to metal shaping on the bead roller.

  • joe bob billy
    joe bob billy

    Hi this is LASSE I am here on the IT-my again to teach the people in metal shaping.

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • pigtailsboy

    I'd like to bring your attention to the promise you made on your Christmas upload last year...

  • MadelnOahu

    It's been a long 2 weeks Tony. I really miss your content. Hope you're doing well and wish you a happy holidays.

  • just tim
    just tim

    How dis they do it in the 'old days' ?

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