Ghostbusters 2016 - Its As Bad As I Remember
The Critical Drinker
For all the terrible movies I've reviewed in my time, there's one that's escaped my critical eye until now. Grab the strongest booze you've got and join me as I review Ghostbusters 2016.

  • The Critical Drinker
    The Critical Drinker

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    • Hexadecimal

      8:50 I just realized that they're attempting to normalize male suicide. If the villain had been female they NEVER would have had her commit suicide! That could send the wrong message to little girls! But it's totally normal for an odd looking, low-wage, undesirable male, to commit suicide. It's like the likely all female writers accidentally showed a bit of their hypergamous nature and deeply hidden desire for all the undesirable males to literally kill themselves. I didn't believe any of that MRM bullshit, but it's gotten so bad I can't even ignore it anymore.

    • Ian Smith
      Ian Smith

      I love it!!! "An Acquired Taste...Like Fucking Bleach!" Brilliant.

    • ShadowKnight8

      I would sooner watch the other Ghostbusters with the gorilla than this femake.

    • Only console players
      Only console players

      @Jaron Tube well everbofy has his opinion, its just one man why would you care, i liked the movie too it was funny, he was pointing out things that no one actually cared about ill give you that

    • Kal El 1987
      Kal El 1987

      Jaron Tube then it indeed done some good. Glad to hear it.

  • dakiller al
    dakiller al

    I wouldn't doubt if chris hemsworth got paid the Most for that movie. You know... patriarchy and all

  • meowington meowsworth
    meowington meowsworth

    this is the poster child for 20 teen's woke cinema which is still vomiting its way into the 2020's. what's great about it is people legitimately hate it and want it to fuck off.

  • William Bowes
    William Bowes

    I laughed more at the review than I did at the movie. And, frankly the review was better.

  • corn cob
    corn cob

    Only 4 minutes in, but most of the criticism can be applied to the original ghost busters. It really wasn't that great. Remaking something that teetered off after the first movie and politicizing it sure wasn't going to be received well.

  • ArkanaMaster

    How did anyone get the footage of a video from ABBY's CAMERA? I don't think Abby would just upload a video of them finding a ghost right away. Wouldn't they need to investigate the footage to see if the ghost came on camera or I f they were just imagining what happened. And even if Abby did decide to upload the video on youtube, she would have to go back home, turn on her computer, plug in her camera, download the video, then upload it on youtube. I don't think it takes seconds to upload a video then gate that many views and then finally get noticed by the principal of the university? Does Paul even know how technology.

  • Elephant In The Room Sahib
    Elephant In The Room Sahib

    After this movie. it made me scratch my head on why Bill Murray, a man that doesn't show up to even his own movies, Would not only appear on this turd, but to appear on the tonight show to promote it. WHY?!?!..He is so far removed from his contract on this movie. He doesn't need the money, he couldn't care less when his movies came out to do promotions. Why does he not only show up for this, but do promotion???? i know the answer. i just want you guys to let that little spark in your mind. EXPAND

  • GoatsandRoses

    This was a forced movie all the way around, as if its true mission was to inform the audience that women could improve on quirky-but-likeable male comedians who had charisma, timing, and chemistry in a well-written and (at the time) fresh movie. There's a reason why timeless, classic movies only happen once in a great while; it takes something on the line of a cosmic conjunction while it's snowing in Houston to create one. All the PC garbage in the world can't change that.

  • I Am Razor
    I Am Razor

    Guys you don't understand, this movie is actually genius. If you paid attention you would know the true villain was the script all along

  • under the seafoam
    under the seafoam

    I'm one of the many others who hate the "hehe I'm qwerky lol" types of girls so much. When did "eating like a vacuum cleaner" and "not bothering to shower and be hygienic LiKe OotHeR GiRlS dOooo" ever give men and everyone else the idea that they're adorable and teehee-funnee? Also some of them are super aggressive and rude in general. I guess they're one of the rare species of humans that mentally age backwards.


    If u went in to the future say 100 years this Dumpster fire of a film would still no be funny or the lest bit intresting thay would think did people think this shit was funny.

  • spidy one
    spidy one

    probably he is gay

  • victor petroff
    victor petroff

    What a load of crap this movie is an insult to the original movie 👎👎👎👎 people who went to see this crap should have had their money refunded

  • JustusGregorius

    Ghost busters is not a horror movie. It's an adventure Comedy kids movie. Horror!? Watch Anti Christ brah, that's a fucking Horror Film.

  • Robert Maybeth
    Robert Maybeth

    I have to face the fact that we look back on an entire decade of 2010-2020 filled top to bottom with utterly garbage movies. Some years it would be an actual struggle to find one even worth watching. If they're trying to solve the piracy problem they are doing a great job.

  • vinny142

    Seriously though? four years later and you're still trying to make a buck off pissing on this movie? Grow up maybe?


    even my feminist friend thought this movie was stupid lol

  • Kougerat

    Just seeing the clips I can tell it's a pile of shite.

  • Nathan Fitzgerald
    Nathan Fitzgerald

    CD: Oh, Jesus, make it st- *Raid Shadow Legends ad plays*

  • surut arat
    surut arat


  • Tigerfire75

    I think the scene in the alleyway is stupid. The proton pack is supposed to be dangerous but when it is blasting here there and everywhere they don't run for cover. They stand there.

  • Tigerfire75

    I think the scene in the alleyway is stupid. The proton pack is supposed to be dangerous but when it is blasting here there and everywhere they don't run for cover. They stand there.

  • Tigerfire75

    I think the scene in the alleyway is stupid. The proton pack is supposed to be dangerous but when it is blasting here there and everywhere they don't run for cover. They stand there.

  • Teichoscopy

    Ghostbusters 2016 = worst movie ever Cuties: hold my sippy cup.

  • PMcCul4486

    Tha fall of Skywalker stole your sandworm idea...

  • Zeno Jakobe
    Zeno Jakobe

    A movie so bad... there is no porn version...

  • Richard V. Small
    Richard V. Small

    I feel like you... 'borrowed' a lot of your points in this video from Red Letter Media...

  • depurasangre86

    im surprised leslie jones didnt break character during the movie.

    • 845835ab

      Don't be surprised because she played her actual annoying self.

  • Samtagri

    I couldn’t finish this movie. I stopped somewhere halfway and was quite surprised by how not funny it was.

  • Anvos

    You forgot #6 where they made things worse by advertising things in a way (honestly feels like feedback made them push back against the audience and make things worse while still shooting) where they were insulting the core ghostbuster's fanbase and ignoring the feedback they got as from "insecure man babies" that hated them for being a female ghostbusters, which also plays in to them essentially making the villain a caricature of what they thought the audience members (trying to help them not make a poorly received mess) they were insulting were.

  • Alessandro Frioli
    Alessandro Frioli

    Feminism and SJ destroyed Hollywood.

  • Jarrod White
    Jarrod White

    Ghostbusters 2016 is the Sonic 06 of Movies

  • Marquis Harris
    Marquis Harris


  • Darvinius Berar
    Darvinius Berar

    This movie is exactly like a 60 years + old dad at a teen party trying to fit in and be funny and look cool. Bad jokes, ridiculous bad humor, npthing fits in. Is a total disaster.

  • UltimateSteevil

    Jenny McCarthy is Jack Black, if jack black had no ideas, and just rolled with "chubby and loud"

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    hollywood proofs , most rich people are , spineless retards :)= thx, at least its amusing , thx idiots :)=

  • Mr. Muerto
    Mr. Muerto

    I watched this shite movie when it first came because I lost a bet. Now I feel like I need a new liver.

  • Manuel Zurita
    Manuel Zurita

    Yeah I know I'm in the minority but I hate all the ghost busters movies but this one was just aweful and boring.

  • DrThunder88

    There was one (1) bit from the 2016 film that could have felt at home in the original. When Abby goes flying backwards while testing their equipment in the back alley, Patty has a line like "I guess that's because she wasn't bending her knees?" That had a very similar feel to Venkman's "Successful test" in the original. Moreover, it was delivered appropriately instead of being shouted or smugged out from behind a shit-eating grin.

  • quinn

    they are all fat and ugly. never watched it, never will.

  • W L
    W L

    Chirs Hemsworth was the only good part of this movie

  • elphbwckd

    I actually enjoyed this movie 🤷‍♂️

  • Scotty Russell Music
    Scotty Russell Music

    Kristen Wiig is funny as fuck on SNL. Watch a SNL compilation of her stuff, she's a babe too.

  • Edwin Robson
    Edwin Robson

    What's Michael Gove doing directing a Ghostbusters film?

  • Luke Blankenberg
    Luke Blankenberg

    7:30 Sounds a lot like episode 9

  • JS Lav
    JS Lav

    Thanks so much for doing what you do and not letting us waste our time on these shiet movies.

  • Greg Thomas
    Greg Thomas

    Cut a long story short it was complete and utter rubbish

  • CyberMetalOverlord

    Let's rip off a far better film and cast four horribly unfunny wamens to "act" in it. To quote the avatar of bad decisions "What could pawssibly go wrong"

  • Riko Vladimir
    Riko Vladimir

    never saw it, ghosbusters are men end of story

  • Tao Ren
    Tao Ren

    It would’ve been funny to see these unfunny cunts try fight the thirteen ghosts from thirteen ghosts

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson

    Ghostbusters 2016 is like a really long SNL skit. But it's SNL after everyone talented left.

  • Ghost

    I thought Patty was a guy

  • Jeff Fuchsional
    Jeff Fuchsional

    8:07 yo danny phantom he was just 14

  • SilverSpoon01

    20:48 What are you talking about? Not Ray is doing a marvelous Kylo Ren impression here HA HA AH sigh...

  • Dark Spectro
    Dark Spectro

    Do the invisible man 2020

  • Harry Rosson
    Harry Rosson

    These women are actually very funny. The script for this movie was just very bad and not well suited to their style.

    • Designer Fetish
      Designer Fetish

      Begone lesser person

  • adam driver
    adam driver

    The Glaswegian accent of this chap makes his narration ever more funny....keep up the good work!

  • Ranked KGK
    Ranked KGK

    You know half the people making fun of this film also love it

  • J Mace
    J Mace

    I am so surprised that Charles Dance didn't end up being the final boss!

  • Ch Pe
    Ch Pe

    Kitchen busters.

  • Eli Percival
    Eli Percival

    Wait this movie made it to a theater because if I owned a theatre it would never have seen my screen!!!!!

  • Jeffery Nelson
    Jeffery Nelson

    5:11 Critical, the statement "you can't put a price on your self respect" is contrary to many of your other observations sir.

  • Steve Eisler
    Steve Eisler

    "She thinks somehow humor is tied to volume" See also Adam Sandler, Will Farrell, and Chris Farley. Its an SNL thing (though the aforementioned had other aspects of comedy to fall back on"

  • sweetpeachnectar

    "[...] as it was 36 years ago." fuck, i'm old.

  • Pete Peters
    Pete Peters

    Is Paul the skinny guy from fat camp heavyweights?

  • Raj

    Stop accusing us of being a sexiest and oppressor just because we don't like a shitty movie

  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford

    The fart joke said it all.

  • Autodidactic Professor
    Autodidactic Professor

    I didn't want to go there with the "woke" shit but man, it's really obvious you've got leftarded blue checkmark betas in charge of films. All the "men" are incompetent betas (like the director) and the woman heroes are badasses that have to save them all the time, usually from themselves. I'm really glad I didn't see it when it was new and I'm really not going to now. Yikes.

  • Reverend Benzo
    Reverend Benzo

    I still haven't seen this movie.However, someone I know (that has the WORST taste in pretty much everything) hated this movie. I don't know what to think now.

  • Kyle Mack
    Kyle Mack

    I was an extra in this movie and it had hints of being bad, but not as bad as it came out.

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