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  • Jyeon Park
    Jyeon Park

    If he dated ariana, they he didn't date liz.

  • Sbongile Chirwa
    Sbongile Chirwa

    I love this song in the backround

  • Bella Iligan
    Bella Iligan

    My name is zoe

  • Zunairah Mahmood Zartaj TULIP
    Zunairah Mahmood Zartaj TULIP

    Avan never ever dated Ari they were just in the show of Victorious😒😃

  • Nirvana Monsur
    Nirvana Monsur

    These are just romuors

  • Wan Yew Ling
    Wan Yew Ling

    Avan Jogia is a play boy:!

  • Wan Yew Ling
    Wan Yew Ling

    Ariana Grande?!

  • Nae Nae queen bee
    Nae Nae queen bee

    2012 I was born oct 5

  • Michel Zr
    Michel Zr

    Alguien sabe como se llama la canción?

  • Kauila Clark
    Kauila Clark

    Tori and beck are a real couple.

  • Bunny Blast
    Bunny Blast

    Surprised: #3 Not Suprised: #4


    Combina tanto com a Victória

  • Daniel_Pineapples

    I really wanna know what this song is

  • Yunji Lexterus
    Yunji Lexterus

    damn i really thought Elizabeth and him dated...But it was Ari and him?!

  • Jeseri Jam
    Jeseri Jam

    He dated Elizabeth Gillies too... THERES SO MANY VIDEOS AND PICS OF THEM TOGETHER

  • The ace Family lover
    The ace Family lover

    He never dated Victoria justice them both are just really close friends He also never dated Ariana grande

  • cheryl ferrara
    cheryl ferrara


  • Magdalena Lena
    Magdalena Lena

    He looks like the son off Orlando bloom xD

  • Jake Bilag
    Jake Bilag

    u bro forgot about elizabeth gillies

  • Natalka Natalka
    Natalka Natalka

    Yyyyy... Elizabeth Gillies!

  • Adriana Crucillo
    Adriana Crucillo

    Me encantas

    • Adriana Crucillo
      Adriana Crucillo


  • Myriclesx Yt
    Myriclesx Yt

    It is obvious that avan and Victoria was dating

  • Vanessa Garceniego
    Vanessa Garceniego

    I still ship Victoria and Avan idk why

  • crystal flake
    crystal flake


  • Crystal poppy
    Crystal poppy

    me relizing he had 3 girlfriends in 2011 and broke up with them all in november... ok...

  • Savage TwinBoy
    Savage TwinBoy

    Ok I'm confused why if it was rumored that Victoria and avan were dating doesn't mean its true

  • David Udeochu
    David Udeochu

    Not gonna lie, Avan and Victoria need to find their way back to each other

  • Kristine Liban
    Kristine Liban

    My favorite episode in victorious is when ari had to be in the house of her moms boss and tgen when there went the earthquake and avan protected her head 😘 we need to bring them back together

  • Sharie Smith
    Sharie Smith

    But he kissed Elizabeth

  • angelica real
    angelica real

    He never ever dated victoria though...their best friends

  • Shailyn Gonzales
    Shailyn Gonzales

    I miss vicoturia justice

  • Aleeya Azman
    Aleeya Azman


  • Danielle Jeanne
    Danielle Jeanne

    2011 ohh arianna then suddenly another 2011 i was like: Wait is he a cheater?!?!

  • Zaina Rose
    Zaina Rose

    Him and Ariana looking lowkey cute tho ngl

  • WWT APAC Virtual Charity Concert
    WWT APAC Virtual Charity Concert

    They just dated in the show.

  • Glammed Up By K
    Glammed Up By K

    I still ship liz and avan

  • Qurasha

    He dated Liz gillies dated him for 2 years I think

  • khrissy hodges
    khrissy hodges

    He dated Ariana grande

  • Faith Osorio
    Faith Osorio

    this sounds liek 5 minute crafts music

  • Macie Durman
    Macie Durman

    He didnt date jade (Elisabeth gillies)

  • Leah Maynez
    Leah Maynez

    Wow so many

  • Kelly Boyce
    Kelly Boyce

    He had some weave...

  • Marie Ysabella Lusuegro
    Marie Ysabella Lusuegro

    LIAR he did not dated this girl's but. Victoria justice is true there together!

  • Maribel Gutierrez
    Maribel Gutierrez

    In Car,rain,and forget dang it

  • Maribel Gutierrez
    Maribel Gutierrez

    And what about daniella monett

  • Maribel Gutierrez
    Maribel Gutierrez


  • Maribel Gutierrez
    Maribel Gutierrez

    So he didn’t date Elizabeth Gillies

  • Elva Gutierez
    Elva Gutierez

    i always had a crush on avan jogia

  • Ashlyn Velazquez
    Ashlyn Velazquez

    Well I think Victoria Justice and Avan were dated because I went to this red carpet thing and they were so cute and they kissed on the lips

  • Softie Mills
    Softie Mills

    Why does everyone have to put the same freaking song!!!

  • Gino Proetta
    Gino Proetta

    Of course grande they were best gfs & bfs

  • Sonny Susanto
    Sonny Susanto

    I thought he dated Elizabeth Gillies

  • Amanda Playz
    Amanda Playz

    Wait Avan and Ariana dated and so did Avan and Victoria 😱

  • mxlly

    Lol hes so handsome everyone says so many girls date him

  • Uni Plays roblox
    Uni Plays roblox


  • Gacha Potato :3
    Gacha Potato :3

    He dated Ariana I am crying I didn’t think he would date her I’m soo upset

  • C Moe
    C Moe

    why no liz gillies

  • fan of charli d amelio and adison rae
    fan of charli d amelio and adison rae

    The people who dated him is not good looking i like him and elizabeth gillies to be with each other

    • Hollywood Inside
      Hollywood Inside

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  • Megan L.
    Megan L.

    I never knew avan and ari dated- Hi, I’m from the future!

  • Vanessa Perez
    Vanessa Perez

    wow he never dated jade

  • Mochi Sunshine
    Mochi Sunshine

    The fact the he dated Myle Cyrus has me shook

  • Guadalupe Suarez
    Guadalupe Suarez

    Les falto elizabeth gillies

  • alana

    can u add me so I can have a chance to make myself believe my crush actually likes me, thanks 😂


    and I bet everyone dated him because of hi hair lol


    im still thinking when avan jogia had to kiss jade when he was dating ariana

  • Gabby Rae
    Gabby Rae


  • Gabby Rae
    Gabby Rae

    i mean 1st lol

  • Gabby Rae
    Gabby Rae

    wow wow the 2nd one caught me off

  • Melissa H
    Melissa H

    i think he should date Victoria justice again

  • Cherriixyla •
    Cherriixyla •

    He didn’t date ari. He never dated tori. (I say tori cus vic *tori* a has tori in ittt

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