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  • NELK

    Jack in the box tees live on now

    • Julian Cadena
      Julian Cadena

      Yo wheres Joe at? 480k likes, you asked for 300k

    • Alex Garcia mendoza
      Alex Garcia mendoza

      Joe needs to be a part of nelk

    • CynosureEPR

      Lol, everyone hating on the skits in the other video, but c'mon that intervention skit was hilarious. Lost my shit when he said he'd have sex with that girl right now and Kyle broke.

    • 123

      Bring back joe

    • 123

      Did y’all pay him for the day y’all should of man

  • Anthony Bustos
    Anthony Bustos

    Why tf does that guy salim look like that ice age thing

  • Sherlyn Rodriguez
    Sherlyn Rodriguez

    Hell yeah bring that old man back😂

  • Luke Beyer
    Luke Beyer

    So are they conservative or not?? If they listen to Joe Rogan and Love him you would think they are

  • Reezy Beats
    Reezy Beats

    get joe back bro hes a pimp!

  • Flyersfan 42
    Flyersfan 42

    You did that guy wrong, he odvi needed money, should give him a rack or Rolex

  • cristian baeza
    cristian baeza

    Get joe ASAP !$$$$

  • cristian baeza
    cristian baeza

    The intervention was fire 🔥

  • Sajid Mushfique
    Sajid Mushfique

    Come on guys... you should have given Joe something as a was clear that he was struggling and was willing to show a positive attitude .....

  • Anthony Morfin
    Anthony Morfin

    why does ma boii joe remind me of ron from gta

  • nick lewis
    nick lewis

    Pretty sure this guy was in a vsauce video last year 😂 must be employed through Craig’s list

  • Joe Pelanconi
    Joe Pelanconi

    Joe rocks!

  • Mr June
    Mr June

    Yall pay these guys a wage to watch them live the life you wish you could

  • Thelifeofsnapavelli 1
    Thelifeofsnapavelli 1


  • E S
    E S

    NELK needs to hire this guy to just be apart of the crew-he is an absolute natural

  • Greasy Flab
    Greasy Flab

    Can u guy's like give him a Rolex or a whole lot of money please.

  • Todd Rod
    Todd Rod

    Please give Joe like 10k that man deserves it man

  • Maine Peart
    Maine Peart

    Ehhh it’s Bob

  • Leolovestech

    I want to be friends with joe :(

  • Ryan Benson
    Ryan Benson

    So these are the terrible skits they were talking about😂

  • Adam Kemp
    Adam Kemp

    where tf is joe?

  • Luis Nevarez
    Luis Nevarez

    he seems like a character on gta tbh

  • Santiago Heredia
    Santiago Heredia


  • Random Person
    Random Person

    Joe gives me dobby vibes

  • Uriel Hurtado
    Uriel Hurtado

    Bring joeeee back!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quartz R6
    Quartz R6

    That skit with brad and all those people was hilarious

  • JJJB 3689
    JJJB 3689

    Why does he literally remind me of Ron from GTA 5🤣💀 wtf L.A is wild bruh

  • Kathiana Phaedra
    Kathiana Phaedra

    Steve really said Adolf 😂

  • James Ellis
    James Ellis

    Man was getting that gawk gawk 3000

  • Ryan Strahan
    Ryan Strahan

    Fucking send it

  • Jake Davis
    Jake Davis

    I watch like all of the video's guys but... the jack in the box shit fucking had me laughing harder than trump after he got elected.

  • HEMI R0Y
    HEMI R0Y

    brad actually hit him😂😂

  • Keith Larkin
    Keith Larkin

    Take too much acid and you’ll end up like Joseph 😂😂 You guys coulda given him a few bucks

  • Jack Helsdon
    Jack Helsdon

    Joe def deserves at least a band

  • Jack Helsdon
    Jack Helsdon

    Where’s Joeeee

  • Bradley Clancy
    Bradley Clancy

    482K Boys!!!

    • Bradley Clancy
      Bradley Clancy

      Fucking pay him good though boys


    Brad Is made of deceptions

  • Christopher Pierson
    Christopher Pierson

    Yo get joe a hair cut and suit and make it legit.

  • luvrafa

    Yo nelk boys @luvrafa luvs u

  • ThiefofBaghdad

    holy shit Danny Mullen returns

  • Chris Reid
    Chris Reid

    Joe is an incredible salesman

  • Brianna Eddy
    Brianna Eddy

    Y’all better have paid Joe well

  • 1989 tv
    1989 tv

    We are the next apple🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Franky Kotze
    Franky Kotze

    Dope guys

  • jonathan feldman
    jonathan feldman

    that redhead was hot

  • Alvin Ramstedt
    Alvin Ramstedt

    Did you give him money?

  • Yrn Luke
    Yrn Luke

    18:55 dude giving woman his food. No one will no who he is . But just know someone is always watching 💯

  • Antonio Mendoza
    Antonio Mendoza

    No one Bradley I’ll do Steve!!

  • Jadon Elliott
    Jadon Elliott

    Imagine joe had the joker laugh😂

  • Kenny Casiano
    Kenny Casiano

    “ Sign me up “ 💀🤣

  • andy rogers
    andy rogers

    Yoooooo the “hey siri” challenge #makeitathing

  • Benjamin Whitt
    Benjamin Whitt

    That gym coach looks like Steve

  • CLS fishing
    CLS fishing

    4:27 *eeeh*

  • Nikko

    Joe is like the Joker when he is still nice

  • sebastian espinosa
    sebastian espinosa

    For real if we can pay stacks for the fam we can drop one or two for the trooper my guy joe ain’t even a stranger now cuz I’m ctfu

  • Lil Rascal
    Lil Rascal

    Steve is the shit

  • WetBeans

    put a go pro on joes head and see what he does

  • Elliott smith
    Elliott smith

    The ending 😂

  • Ynw Chicken
    Ynw Chicken

    Why does Steve look like a Dad that’s been working the night shift 😂

  • OptimalTV

    Joe is a legend😂😭😭😭

  • VolvoDude 850
    VolvoDude 850

    Garbage content creators!

  • Nimish X
    Nimish X

    480k likes now.. Bring Joe back boys!

  • SZN SKyler
    SZN SKyler

    Dude bring joe back please

  • Stuffy nose guy
    Stuffy nose guy

    Yes keep doing it

  • George Spell
    George Spell

    You guys better have paid joe well

  • Liam Nyce
    Liam Nyce

    Aye yo. thats funny af but I kinda feel bad for Joe. yall should give him like $5,000-$10,000 as a company buy out or something. He was so dedicated bro. ya gotta give em something.

  • Justin Rizzo
    Justin Rizzo

    Danny was gold

  • Daniel Milam
    Daniel Milam

    Leave that man alone 😭

  • Zorbs

    Bro the Bradley pranks r funny as shit

    • Fly Lord 30
      Fly Lord 30

      Idc 🤣

    • Zorbs

      Fly Lord 30 Made 15k off this game. Yeah my bad. 😂💀

    • Fly Lord 30
      Fly Lord 30

      Why am I surprised tho u have fortnite pfp

    • Fly Lord 30
      Fly Lord 30

      Ur dumb

  • Alonso R.
    Alonso R.

    Doot doola doot doo

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