Glass Animals - Heat Waves
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Director: Colin Read
Production Company: Pulse Films
road shimmer
wiggling the vision
heat heat waves
i’m swimming in a mirror
sometimes, all i think about is you
late nights in the middle of june
heat waves been faking me out
can’t make you happier now
usually i put
something on tv
so we never think
about you and me
but today i see
our reflections
clearly in hollywood
laying on the screen
you just need a better life than this
you need something I can never give
fake water all across the road
it’s gone now the night has come but
you can’t fight it
you can’t breathe
you say something so loving but
now I’ve got to let you go
you’ll be better off in someone new
i don’t wanna be alone
you know it hurts me too
you look so broken when you cry
one more and then i’ll say goodbye
i just wonder what you’re dreaming of
when you sleep and smile so comfortable
i just wish that I could give you that
that look that’s perfectly unsad
sometimes, all i think about is you
late nights in the middle of june
heat waves been faking me out
heat waves been faking me out

Music video by Glass Animals performing Heat Waves. © 2020 Wolf Tone Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

  • chrisoAUS

    This song makes me feel 21 again, never thought I would hear those words coming out of my mouth. 90’s represent.

  • Dakota Mae
    Dakota Mae


  • Matthew Brunetti
    Matthew Brunetti

    the license plate though, is a cool touch

  • Yoohoo Drinker
    Yoohoo Drinker

    No AC gang represent

  • Kristin Leigh
    Kristin Leigh

    The whole new album is fire 🔥♥️ and all of the ones before! Zaba is still the best but you see I'm still here loving every single song! You guys are awesome and wavey Davey's on fire 😂 Tokyo drifting ♥️ PLEASE keep doing what you're doing!

  • Charlotte Caling
    Charlotte Caling

    Is it bad that I can’t stop listening to Heat Waves ? I have it on repeat like it’s not normal aha

  • YERP :D
    YERP :D

    That one guy on his roof

  • caroline adhiambo
    caroline adhiambo


  • Splicerdubs

    sounds almost like fox stevenson!

  • nguyenminh truongvinh Blogs
    nguyenminh truongvinh Blogs

    norah jones

  • Carla a Batatinha do Febatista
    Carla a Batatinha do Febatista

    I and my lovely girlfriend we love this music❤️❤️

  • Marley Roberts
    Marley Roberts

    Climbed out my attic window and am sitting on my roof getting high and watching the sunrise. Listening to this makes it so much better 💛☀️🌻

  • Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Gonzalez

    So we never think about you and me

  • Brian Vuong
    Brian Vuong

    on some wes anderson camera zooms?

  • zachangle8

    This song hurts so much to listen to right now... But at the same time I can't stop coming back to it.

  • Gabriela Vieira
    Gabriela Vieira


  • M W
    M W

    this vaguely reminds me of the black mirror episode White Bear....but happier

  • JD HD
    JD HD

    never heard of this dude before till someone commented saying the new song I posted has same vibes as this dude? I kinda see it?

  • Camilla Souza
    Camilla Souza


  • sephy

    man all their songs make me want to cry.

  • Snowstruck Willow
    Snowstruck Willow

    I've rewatched this video so much! It represents quarantins and reminds you that no matter where you are, your friends will always be there with you. You guys are all apart but that doesn't mean you can't converse and stay in contact, and make wonderful music! I love this video;;

  • thezirons

    Great song and video!! After watching this numerous times, I just now realized that the license plates at 00:16 say "GLS ANIML" "H3AT WAV".

  • fckn jules
    fckn jules

    I'm obsessed

  • Yola Cortez
    Yola Cortez

    I put it on full blast in my virtual class (。ノω\。)❤️

  • Luis Barón
    Luis Barón

    i love you

  • Raul Green
    Raul Green

    I love this song

  • Bec Shades
    Bec Shades

    Nice 😎

  • Bec Shades
    Bec Shades

    I love Glass Animals

  • Jøel Rhdz
    Jøel Rhdz

    Alguien dé aquí que hable en español 😏 ??

  • Fiona Pashollari
    Fiona Pashollari

    having your first heartbreak over the summer and listening to this song when it released hit different....esp when it also came from one of our favorite bands together...

  • Ryan Losieku
    Ryan Losieku

    i wish i had a cool comment

  • Michelle Burks
    Michelle Burks

    In love with this song 🤩❣️ on replay

  • Luska

    Salve para os Br's 🇧🇷👌

  • Free Human
    Free Human

    K.O.! Amazing! ✨🙌✨ & the US does need to be saved I think. : )

  • WEEBud Channel
    WEEBud Channel

    Bro I need to talk bro.

  • snowfirepunk

    beautiful song. beautiful video. beautiful feeling.

  • fitfirst

    I really like this song

  • sara Hopkins
    sara Hopkins

    Honestly my fav song of the year.

  • Natalie Voss
    Natalie Voss

    i account for at least half the views

  • Meg O'Dowd
    Meg O'Dowd

    guys are you planning a tour post plague?? I'm dying to see u live

  • 0331ball

    4 days left y'all

  • Rain Cloud
    Rain Cloud

    speed 1.25


    I thought it was a stroller

  • leonardo Lilienthal
    leonardo Lilienthal

    blue dog

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay

    How can anyone hate on this😭 take back y'all dislikes lol

  • Michael Engelberts
    Michael Engelberts

    Me, lugging CRTs to my local smash melee tournament

  • sidney elaine
    sidney elaine

    its criminal how many times ive listened to this song

  • Andy Warner
    Andy Warner

    *I really need a 1 hr version of this!*

  • Moonycorn

    You feel like this special thing I have. You have for a good year or two now. I like how you’re not as popular as others, but part of me wants you to also blow up like crazy because... God Dave, you deserve EVERYTHING. You are my dreamland. Thank you. Your music is something I can listen in any occasion, and I can cry to it, I can bump to it, I can sway with it, hell- i can sleep to it. Thank you.

  • non

    anxiety dog sent me here and not goi to lie I’ve already been here before but anyways

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof

    Cascina brought me here

  • Chloe

    I love this song!! 💞💞

  • Jocelyn Quesada
    Jocelyn Quesada

    I just think that in the moment when he says "I saw a reflection clearly in Hollwood playing on screen" is talking about La la land and the sad ending

  • Tiffany Steele
    Tiffany Steele

    They have been slowly releasing singles from their Dreamland and its so damn beautiful. Thank you guys! You have saved me in some ways.

  • Franco Amato
    Franco Amato

    Fantastic song


    I sit and translate the song into Russian to learn it

  • J P
    J P

    Glass Animals at Red Rocks. Straight go if you can. I went 2018 and didn't know the band and it blew my mind. Was off for a year or more cause of their bandmates near death accident. Next Red Rocks was supposed to be mid June 2020 but got postponed to mid June 2021. I had the chance to sell my tickets or refund them.... Fuck that.

  • Alizon Calixto
    Alizon Calixto

    Me encanta!

  • Ty Wilson
    Ty Wilson

    Sometimes I think about!!! Sweet song

  • Mariah Kindell
    Mariah Kindell

    i’m so happy he could not fit his guitar on that wagon... I live for his dancing 💕

  • leafside

    I love your work but PLEASE don’t lose your unique touch which we heard on your first album... thus is cool but pits leaning towards every other song you hear these days. Don’t want to sound shit just when things are rare, you want to keep that alive! Love x

  • Parker Humpherys
    Parker Humpherys

    The more I listen to this song the better it gets, its 100% nostalgia and vibes...

  • Nate Mink
    Nate Mink

    I'm obsessed with the way the background Davey says "sometimes" and "late nights"

  • Lorena M
    Lorena M

    Glass Animals!!!!..👌💓💓💓🙌

  • Emma tea
    Emma tea

    Ive had this on replay since it came out. Kinda hurts. Kinda like it.

  • SHANKAR Sharma
    SHANKAR Sharma

    horrors of picky blinders in the background.

  • Mystic Dreamer
    Mystic Dreamer

    Last year i had a bizarre dream, unlike any other. I knew immediately when I woke up that it was a spiritual warning for something to come. I was In a grocery store. Everyone was getting supplies because something terrible happened to the world and it had led us to go into survival mode. I remember the energy being chaotic. We were all overwhelmed with emotions and in complete fear. There were a ridiculous amount of tvs all around the store broadcasting the news. Practically everywhere you looked your eyes meet a screen. I was in the produce section near the apples. But these weren't natural organic apples. They were abnormally big, like the size of a bowling ball. When I woke up i got a sense that whatever was happening to the world in my dream was a fully controlled created situation with a specific intentions to get a specific outcome. Fast forward to Nov/Dec. I kept getting these weird feelings that something was brewing. Something was counting down. Waiting for the right moment to take advantage of. Trying to set the tone a specific way to manipulate the energy. And then boom, Coronavirus happened. Part of me was confused and in disbelief, completely shocked and scared. But the other part of me was grounded and felt guided back to my spirit. I blocked all doubt, and I allowed my spirit to talk to me. I began to receive more messages from spirit, and I started speaking my truth to my family. A California Scrub Jay started paying me visits outside of my bedroom window at times when I would talk about Covid. So out of curiosity I searched the bird on google and this is what it said. (Im just gonna sum it up) The Western Scrub Jay is part of the Corvid family. (Looks a lot like covid right?) This species has a blue head, wings, and tail, gray back, greyish underparts, and white brows. The throat is whitish with a blue neckline.(throat chakra) Generally, it symbolizes freedom, transcendence, guardian angels, courage, communication, truthfulness, and self-expression. You have no burden holding you back. You tell no lies, have no debts, and have no quarrels with anyone, allowing you to be free to speak your truth and feel at peace, no matter the circumstance. Scrub jays teach us about adapting to situations. learning, and passing on those adaptations to others. This bird also demonstrates that risk-taking, seizing opportunities, and discovering new avenues for exploration are what life is all about. In other words, Scrub Jays show you how to use the power of intelligence and courage. While balancing these traits with discreet silence and the utmost patience in timing. This bird teaches you to be bold and curious. In particular, get out there and start investigating and adapting to new situations. Every week so far the scrub jays have been visiting me and I find beautiful feathers on my path, some blue from the scrub jay, others black and grey. They are my confirmations. Protect your light everyone. Protect your loved ones. Pray, sing, dance. Focus on your goals and living you truth. Raise your vibrations and send them out. Realign yourself back to your mission, i know we all got caught off guard with this pandemic but get back on track and start making moves in this storm. Don't let your energy get manipulated. Be aware of your emotions and thoughts. But most importantly, be aware of what you are tuning into and absorbing. Limit your use of TV/media. Even if you're not watching the news. All channels bring up coronavirus in some way. instagram, twitter etc. as well. Be aware of whats going on, but to a certain degree. I %100 believe the respiratory virus is real and it is affecting the weak and those with underlying health conditions. Even those who are healthly so please wear a mask, stay clean, eat healthy, exercise, work on strengthening your immune system. But thats only part of the virus. Let me explain. You see, viruses hijack part of your immune system and use it against you. On a spiritual level we can become infected with a ""virus" and it can hijack our energy and manipulate us. They've plant the seeds and now they want us to grow them. The definition of corona is a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown. Our crown chakra is located at the top of our head. Its associated with consciousness, awareness, wisdom, connection with the formless, realization, liberation from limiting patterns, communion with higher states of consciousness. When blocked we can have mental disorders, live in fear, become materialistic, have confusion, feeling apathy, broken, and even have a spiritual crisis. The crown chakra is a gateway for different consciousnesses to enter. The Coronavirus is trying to penetrate into our energy system through the crown, and move down through the other energy center, the root chakra. The root chakra is responsible for your sense of safety and security. Its the foundation for your life. Associated with your basic needs (food, sleep, shelter, self-preservation) and living in survival mode. When blocked we can feel restless, lack of energy, anxiety, worry, panic, depression, frustration, resentment, anger/rage, having no hope in the world, negative thinking about life. The root chakra is also associated with our homes. Look where we're all at. This is spiritual warfare.

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers

    it makes me sad and happy at once

  • Unknown Creature
    Unknown Creature

    Heat Waves and Youth are my favorite ❤️

  • nairnmonster

    You missed a couple of the car registrations. I would like to also mention they are fully taxed and both passed their last MOT inspections.

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