Glenn Beck Presents: The Democrats’ Hydra
"As one falls, two more will take their place." Democracy does die in darkness and is being strangled in secret, back-door arrangements. In the third part of Glenn's special series on the REAL Ukraine scandal, the team's research exposes a much bigger story of what Democrats were doing in Ukraine. Disturbing details and explosive documents reveal how the Obama Deep State allowed the theft of a country and has set the stage for devastating consequences in our democracy today. Glenn explains how it's all happening under the nose of the president and, more importantly, without the approval of the American people.
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  • BlazeTV

    Check out all the supporting documents and evidence:

    • Niki Le Nguyen
      Niki Le Nguyen

      @JD Smith if you could direct me...where can I find information on this "big Being down there"?

    • No Way
      No Way

      this govt need to clean house at state dept and take down S oros and company

    • Jacquie Pritchard
      Jacquie Pritchard

      IntegrityandKarma a

    • Delma Ketzschau
      Delma Ketzschau

      Glen Beck awesome

    • c dento
      c dento

      The big fat Russia Elephant in the system is The Patriot Act. The clever redirection game is none stop and when they achieve their Nazi-Stalin-Mao dream using the tools of the Patriot Act we will all be slaves to terror. 99% of the terrorists are hired contractors to help build the terror spy machine, THE PATRIOT ACT.

  • Quatervois

    Revolution and regime change? Hmmm, where have I heard that before? Sounds to me like Democrats are working with BLM.

  • Quatervois

    They're doing the same thing here right now that they did in the middle east. Manipulating people with FB and other "social media", racial tension, and riots, looting

  • Andrew Podmore
    Andrew Podmore

    By God, Glenn. It is happening......

  • Kyle Fosburgh
    Kyle Fosburgh

    The more resources/money we can bring back to America and out of foreign countries and foreign entities, the better position we will put ourselves in to respond to the plethora of issues we have here at home. Trump getting us out of the never-ending wars is a big start ... whether you like the man or not. We are in a cultural and social war in America that has sprung up from rampant misinformation because of lack of accountability, coupled with a profound distrust of the media and our elected (or pre-selected) officials. Those who are critical thinking and have the mind to merely question what we are told, those are the ones who will possess a greater ability to foresee what's coming down the pipeline (ie. those who seek shall find) - But those who choose to see only the surface level of what's right in front of them, or those who simply want to hear what sounds nice to them at any given moment .. those are the people who are being deceived. Mankind is corrupt. We must always question authority in our government and institutions. While there is still a semblance of freedom in this country, we must not forsake it simply because certain issues are uncomfortable to hear/talk about. If we take that approach, we may well lose our freedoms altogether. We must be honest, responsible, free-thinking citizens.

  • Nick Stanfa
    Nick Stanfa

    The Devil is Slick, but not too Slick.

  • Luffaman

    just words, B.S. walks, riots get it done. Where do you stand.

  • David Danforth
    David Danforth

    Wow I was only able to track it back to nixon by myself I'm only 27 though but wow you went way further love the video man

  • Ace Monoxide
    Ace Monoxide

    Cut off one head two more will take its place, Hail hydra🙌

  • Juan Felipe
    Juan Felipe

    How has Glenn beck not been epstiened

  • Kitty Perez
    Kitty Perez

    Trump has exposed all the deepstate and corrupted demonrats with help of Jesus Christ. They are destroying statues of history. The kids of the future will have nothing to celebrate in the future. The Dems have destroyed millions of dollars of statues that have been there for years.

  • Kitty Perez
    Kitty Perez

    Hollywood has destroyed our kids along with TV. In the 50's we never heard a dirty word on TV the shows were of decent parents raising the kis and fathers working. There was no smutt on TV and movies. The children respected their elders and the president and teachers this country has been ruined since they took God out of the homes and schools and colleges started teaching socialism and communism. The democrats sold us out to other countries.

    • Luffaman

      and only 1 wage earner could support the family. Than big business got greedy and so did politicians and welfare recipients.

  • Cole

    I'm going very off topic. Have any of y'all ever played Doom eternal, Doom 2016, basically any of the more recent Doom games. If so, doesn't this guy sound a lot like Samuel Haiden?

    • Luffaman

      last doom i played was DOOM II it wont work with windows anymore.

  • Cole

    0:43 This makes me sad. The woman holding the sign is named Ashley Johnson, she's a actress. Her biggest role ever was in the video games The Last Of Us. She's not a hardcore democrat, she's not even interested in politics, she's just a person trying to make a living doing what she loves. Yet she was used for a political purpose, and that makes me sad.

  • Tohi Maka
    Tohi Maka

    Thank God for bring someone is not afraid but to talk about the TRUTH thanks Glen stand up for the TRUTH

  • Maria Danezis
    Maria Danezis

    Trump for president ✝️✝️✝️

  • James Whittaker
    James Whittaker

    Love your features Glenn, compliments to you and your team, you're doing wonderful journalistic work! THIS is what journalism is, not the kak that the MSM foists on us. Thanks so much to you and your team for all your hard work.


    If we don't stand up to these so called liberals we won't have a country to stand on.

  • Inanna SolStar
    Inanna SolStar


  • The Swoop
    The Swoop

    Meanwhile Netflix has shows like The confidence man (, DIRTY money) a series made by Netflix . And this is what happens when your CEO is an ex Democrat party member

  • Steve Watts
    Steve Watts

    Re-watching this for the second time funny how the George Floyd riots have the same Hallmarks of Civil Society 2.0 Etc pre-staged Riot supplies Transportation set up coordination Logistics decrypted Communications Soros Hallmarks an operation waiting for the right moment to be put into action unbelievable

  • Banjamin Mann
    Banjamin Mann

    32% of registered voters, vote.


    Boy, these BLM "Riots" sure seem familiar to what happened in other countries, but they are using slightly different tactics/

    • Luffaman

      the 60's and 70's as well

  • Riztys Es
    Riztys Es


  • Ken Jo
    Ken Jo

    So what are the options? On one side the deep state and on the other a failed, self-absorbed leader who does Russia's bidding. We are so screwed.

  • Ran with Angels
    Ran with Angels

    Whichever rabbit hole you g, it comes back with the same result, Its good v evil, It has been the same from the beginning. Good people trying to create a better future, bad people not happy with any future but destruction. But in the old days they did it upfront but now they do it behind the scenes and create diversions to confuse people and take the limelight of those whom are really causing the problem. Using every chance to make a move against what is against them.

  • Cliff

    Is this video even more relevant looking at the events happening in Minneapolis?

  • Twistar Gaming
    Twistar Gaming

    Aye Glenn i like your show so much i bougjt a Blaze subscription. I going to have to cancel. To many comercals. You cant charge people for 25% comercals. Get rid of of them if you want me back

    • Luffaman

      if we pay a fee it should be commercial is like double taxation!!!~!!!! GREED

  • Unaiza Nizami
    Unaiza Nizami

    just a million hits? :o

  • Dwayne Sessions
    Dwayne Sessions

    At least in Commonwealth countries such as Australia we can change our government with a vote of No Confidence.

  • Donna Burwell
    Donna Burwell

    My father would’ve loved you because you lay out history in such a way that everyone could understand. Thank you for all your hard work. Love you and God bless

  • joyrailroad

    And who was the president who got the Nobel Peace Prize...all the while he was promoting revolutions around the world. And who did he send your tax payer money to aid and to increase the power and wealth of a billionaire? None other than George Soros! Doesn't the Democratic party say they are for the middle class and not the super wealthy? Anyone see the irony here?

  • grumpybill

    I believe trump seen, through his international dealings, what was happening and acted as a patriot according to his abilities.

  • Arnold De Wijs
    Arnold De Wijs

    Thomas Jefferson was ACCURATE: If the PEOPLE fear the GOVERNMENT, then there is TYRANNY. If the GOVERMENT fears the PEOPLE, there is FREEDOM

  • Nicole Foster
    Nicole Foster

    VOTE! I call bullshit!

  • Ed Lepkowicz
    Ed Lepkowicz

    Who was head of State Department during the Obama administration? Hillary Clinton followed by John Kerry. Imagine how much more of this would have continued if Clinton won the presidency???!!!!

  • Ed Lepkowicz
    Ed Lepkowicz


  • graham dunstan
    graham dunstan

    Is the next part of this released yet I haven't been able to find it, has anyone got a link or the name of the episode?

  • Anonymous Libertarian
    Anonymous Libertarian

    That intro smacks of conspiracy theory. But yes, the Far Left is dug in quite well in all key positions of power.

  • SpotOnArm

    If you cannot get to the voting booth, too bad. Crippled or friendless? A Walmart line is harder than getting to a voting station.

  • Tammy Thomas
    Tammy Thomas

    Presidents were blood line related EXCEPT Trump...a vote never mattered to the powers that be. It was just a way to make the people feel like they had a voice. Well...we DO! A person's prayers have and always will be more powerful than a vote. You can veto a vote, but not a Prayer...Prayer is Spiritual petitioning to the LORD to do a certain thing that cannot be done in the PHYSICAL

  • Yolo

    George soros is banned from 7 nations thats impessive iv been banned from a couple of clubs in my time which i deserved i can go back 2 both of them now. Old georgie is banned from 7 countries an HE IS NEVA WELCOME BACK. Y DONT WE BAN HIM FROM THE WORLD!!!!!!! DO US ALL A FAVOUR. These libs need real education. FAST

  • darthvader5300

    Susan Vojcicki of IT-my will face trial under the TALACE ACT and it will be charged against her by the HUAC ACT!

    • Yolo

      Oh sht y

  • Steve Prestek
    Steve Prestek

    The impeachment failed and now, as of today, we have the Covid-19 battle. The left wants the country shut down for as long as possible to try and hurt Trump. The right wants to live and get back to work. The left is winning and we are the casualties.

  • Jimmy Graham
    Jimmy Graham

    Trump is forcing the deep state to the surface.

  • Jimmy Graham
    Jimmy Graham

    Intern all DEMONRATS indefinitely. They love gulags so much, let’s put them in one. Free gourmet ice cream for NAZI PELOSI.

    • Yolo

      U my friend are blesssd with wisdom. They would need a good shower first though. Gotta get them clean.

  • Brian Oberlin
    Brian Oberlin

    I gonna need to watch this again. Too much info at one time. Ugh

  • Joseph Lester
    Joseph Lester

    Frank Zappa baby

  • Kaleb Merchant
    Kaleb Merchant

    Why do you think Alex Jones was kicked off of everything? He’s been saying all of this for the last 10 years.

  • Leslie thats me
    Leslie thats me

    great job in the new series of videos Glenn best of luck and love and light and health and wellness to you and your family great job my father would be so proud of you I'm sure he's cheering you on from heaven namaste

  • Louvin Rivard
    Louvin Rivard

    trump just empowered fema , and completely bypassed , any form of oversight for six months .

  • Nick Stamis
    Nick Stamis

    Glenn how can we download this so it will never be lost??

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    Wake up before you vote yourselves into slavery. The Hard core Democrats, who are the new Socialist Democrat Party, have been bought and paid for by, Bill Gates, George Soros. Tom Steyer, Mike Bloomberg, and the Rothschild Bank, are the elites and some of world's worst criminals.





    • Luffaman

      boycott facebook

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera

    Does it matter who you vote for? "the powers that be are ordained of God." Romans 13:1

  • Optio Studios Josamso Films
    Optio Studios Josamso Films

    Other than sharing info, what can we do to make a stand? What is the solution?

  • Iron Dogger
    Iron Dogger

    Trump is so moral and religious because he can grab women wherever he likes because he is a celebrity, yet somehow, when the women came forward, THEY were lying?! He refuses to ask God for forgiveness so that removes him from being a Christian, since that is fundamental.

  • Iron Dogger
    Iron Dogger

    Since Trump wasn’t actually voted into office by the people but put into office by the Electoral College, you cannot cry he is being picked on! So if he was PUT into office how can you claim they don’t want him there? It doesn’t work, you cannot have it both ways.

    • Luffaman

      6 cities control more popular votes than the entire rest of the country. Electoral college prevents this.

  • Iron Dogger
    Iron Dogger

    You have been slinging the same story and yet what has been accomplished and how has it helped? This is the best the media can be in 2020? When will media and politicians be held financially accountable for their actions and decisions? They have proven without any doubt they cannot negotiate the Constitution of the United States of America in good faith.

  • scorpio in the house cyberhunter
    scorpio in the house cyberhunter

    This video is more releva t to trump and lindsey graham behavior in the past couple of days then it was in november. Thank you.

  • pamzpam USA RASCAL Patriot
    pamzpam USA RASCAL Patriot

    Sure wouldn't vote for those Lucy actors at the start 🤪😝

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Oh Man! What I wouldn't give to see Hillary Clinton dragged through the streets and beaten to death like 1:37:00 (ish). If SHE doesn't deserve that kind of an end, then no one in history did!

    • Luffaman

      no body does.

  • Michael Schranz
    Michael Schranz

    This may add to the puzzle

  • Waffle Hands
    Waffle Hands

    Can't share this enough.

  • Winter Blue
    Winter Blue

    😳The CIA funded Google 😳

  • Hope Carr
    Hope Carr

    Very interesting. Can you please do a deep dive on the Republican party? I think that would be great. J

  • Leonard

    Is international democratic socialism increasing? To control where we live and how much money we are making.

  • Level 1 Bob
    Level 1 Bob

    Was thinking of this video when Mark Cuban hinted at a 2020 run and mentioned it was time for America 2.0. I am guessing he wants to start small and work outwards instead of the reverse. Thanks for the video. I have recommended it to many people since you first put it up.

  • lloyd munga
    lloyd munga

    America is now just a military colony beholden to the British financial empire, who dictates policy . The empire wants it's lost assets back that it relenquished to save itself during world War 2. ( middle east ) now that it has a proxy country that it owns physically ( Israel ) to use to warmonger. Don believe they own it? They bought title deed from royalty in the 1800's . Look it up. On a warm fuzzy Feely note, it's nice to see the USA back in the bosom of its estranged mother, the Queen. The prodigal son has returned . A 4 percent tax on tea wasn't enough to keep him from his mother for long. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside ... such a nice ending .... pfffffft

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