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  • Lilly Grace
    Lilly Grace

    I LOV U ANT 😁😄😁😄

  • ชนน์ชนก ศิริพลไพบูลย์
    ชนน์ชนก ศิริพลไพบูลย์


  • Garrett Scruggs
    Garrett Scruggs

    Wow you hit Ronald with the taser . The things that you thinks are charging paints for the taser

  • Lorilynn Cox
    Lorilynn Cox

    he didnt need the tazer he just needed to hack the computer, lol

  • selin nayman6
    selin nayman6

    It’s a lol

  • Wes Ansai
    Wes Ansai

    You should play Fortnite


    put the code krew you get coins

  • elysia marchand
    elysia marchand

    you dont need to use te taser things lol

  • Erika Barreto
    Erika Barreto

    There is Ronald part 2

  • Crunchy Chips
    Crunchy Chips

    I play it in 10 of jun

  • Alexander Falcon
    Alexander Falcon

    And I did the grid too and you can get out to

  • Dessy Fitria
    Dessy Fitria

    hey ant you can tase the ronald bro

  • Bonnie Plays9400
    Bonnie Plays9400

    The taser is used on Ronald u shoot him with it and he gets stunned how did u not know that btw the things u used taser on r charge boxes

  • Josie He
    Josie He


  • Emma Kinard
    Emma Kinard

    Use Stafford ant!my username is skeleton89067.!

  • Masoh Vincents
    Masoh Vincents

    NOOOOBS tazer is for tazing ronuld

  • Amparo Gonzalez
    Amparo Gonzalez

    Me don't like Ronald he reminds me of clowns I HATE clowns

  • Qmar Tarabeh
    Qmar Tarabeh

    I play this game

  • Chris Quaid
    Chris Quaid

    I used code ant!

  • Nylise Bartley
    Nylise Bartley

    What is this cold


    Everyone= look at the key goes here the video is super Me= what because oh boy is that I was watching a video of him heard a background voice:,>

  • Aya abuzahria
    Aya abuzahria

    Ummm isn’t Ronald a you tuber from sis vs bro?

  • Zdzislaw Kaluzinski
    Zdzislaw Kaluzinski

    Ant.... you use the tazer to zap Ronald McDonald . The timer means hiw much untill u can re-power it 😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️😅 Edit: ik im 2 days later 😂

  • Ashley Ritter
    Ashley Ritter

    Hey ant! You should play LA, Its mm2 But better!

    • Ahmad Zaim
      Ahmad Zaim

      What does LA means?

  • richard whaling
    richard whaling

    I used your star code ant!!!

  • Heiden the gamer
    Heiden the gamer

    L know that glitch seen it came out

  • Crazy Monkey YT
    Crazy Monkey YT

    Im a big fan ok im sure

  • Itz_ Kaylaplayz
    Itz_ Kaylaplayz

    Lol ronaldomg from sis vs broooo who knows ronald from sis vs broo lol

  • donna forbes
    donna forbes


  • donna forbes
    donna forbes


  • Greyson Kurit
    Greyson Kurit


  • Kiki Cat
    Kiki Cat

    😂 has Lol

  • Kiki Cat
    Kiki Cat

    Hi honey 🍯 please don’t forget to call the school tomorrow morning I will call the school and see what they have and how the answer was yes I did not get to go to work today so I’m not going home I’m subed

  • Kiki Cat
    Kiki Cat

    Lol me lol.lollololololollollololololololool

  • Rhey Christine Angcos
    Rhey Christine Angcos

    The voice in the background is annoying

  • Lego Gaming
    Lego Gaming

    Ant you said u make a game... where is it?

  • Raylens world
    Raylens world

    ant you have the best youtube chanell ever like coryx and i friend you and you are cool i wish you can be like you [:

  • Zechariah Ho
    Zechariah Ho


  • Castaway


  • Strawberry Cream Love
    Strawberry Cream Love

    Those fuse boxes are the things to charge the taser

  • Melanie Khuu
    Melanie Khuu

    you need the taser to stun Ronald just saying.......

  • Ismael Urbina
    Ismael Urbina

    Noobs they don’t have to tase the boxes lol

  • Zachary Spellins
    Zachary Spellins

    I subscribed

  • Sam Ball
    Sam Ball

    ANT I LOVE YOUR VIDS PLEASE FREIND ME I WILL Give you a free knife on mm2 or mm3 :/ please it's been my dream

  • NotGamesN3ptune

    Ant play "Fame" it's scarier than this bettt

  • Hi Bro
    Hi Bro

    Ant I friended you except it I’m a big fan

  • abdiel YT lol
    abdiel YT lol

    lol the taser is to shoot ronald the boxes are charging things for the tazer

  • Isabel Bishop
    Isabel Bishop

    You guys wasted like a minute on the Taser the teacher supposed to tase the McDonald’s guy

  • Sedat Kuş
    Sedat Kuş

    No you take amo to shot killer

  • Sophia Hansel
    Sophia Hansel


  • lil dumb potato
    lil dumb potato


  • ZCoolBrothersx2

    I do not like Michael because he took all your. Godley's☹

  • katie Gutteridge
    katie Gutteridge

    (Who else goes straight to comments ) btw ilysm ♡ but the glitch xDDD and ants voice when he says where's the playground sir and when ur friend tries to glitch into the room that u did then he got stuck in da wall who else nearly died of laughter when he was stuck and the position he was in , in da wall xDDDDDD I nearly died

  • Jaya Lakshmi
    Jaya Lakshmi

    Ant can you change your Avatar

  • Shark Twins!
    Shark Twins!

    Is this just me I’m looking for this game I can’t find it like whaaaat can someone reply and tell me the name?

    • Mariana D
      Mariana D

      The Panda Builds ok but you’re welcome

    • Shark Twins!
      Shark Twins!

      It’s ok I found out it’s called Ronald (beta) for me :P but thx

    • Mariana D
      Mariana D

      YaraKittyCutie Plays it is called Ronald

  • Rivaldo s Kafiar
    Rivaldo s Kafiar

    Ant ai no have robux

  • faith and gem
    faith and gem

    Ronald in sis Vs bro?

  • Hannah McCarty
    Hannah McCarty

    Ant where did you find that game

  • Olivia

    Who Else Couldnet Find That Game


    The day that you first playd Ronald it was also my first time playing Ronald the same day

  • tstevensufl

    Can you please tell me the game name please please

  • tstevensufl

    I can’t find this game

  • charmaine roberts
    charmaine roberts

    Hey aunt there’s a chapter 2 of kitty

  • DaRobloxGamer Alfaro
    DaRobloxGamer Alfaro

    Whats that game called becuase i tried Ronald

  • Jamie Rollins
    Jamie Rollins

    I am pretty sure at least

  • Adrian the Dog lover
    Adrian the Dog lover

    He didn’t get the thing with the taser.. he NEEDS TO TASER THE CLOWN

  • Jamie Rollins
    Jamie Rollins

    Bruh the charger recharges the gun to electrocute ronald

  • Junior Morales
    Junior Morales

    Ant I like your video can you add me as a friend on robox my username is p1234zg

  • Fun Challenge Girlsss
    Fun Challenge Girlsss

    What’s the exact name of the game

  • Yanira Chino
    Yanira Chino

    99%of comments dont lie whos been a fan of ant beFoRe 2020

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