GODZILLA VS KONG Trailer Teaser (2021)
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Trailer teaser for GODZILLA VS KONG

  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer

    Teaser for the GODZILLA VS KONG trailer coming Sunday! Turn on notifications to see it first! 🔔

    • maryam mayorke
      maryam mayorke

      Les fans doivent aimer kong il est amicale

    • NoJokes

      Next we need King Kong Vs George

    • Meghan Dean
      Meghan Dean


    • Xmaster Gaming
      Xmaster Gaming

      FilmSelect Trailer is the trailer gonna come out on the phillipines?

    • Finger stars
      Finger stars


  • Saiko animz
    Saiko animz

    Nah guys spoiler alert the godzilla vs kong is delayed again the release date will be two months earlier again not a big deal right?

  • quiet kid
    quiet kid

    Pg13 lmao

  • big fat
    big fat

    who is the protagonist of the movie?

  • shawn eldridge
    shawn eldridge

    godzilla vs kong came out on june 3rd 1963, to those of you did not know this.

  • Hate Libtards
    Hate Libtards

    Left-wing HollySlim does a good job sneaking in sexism, racism and climate change into their movie's, good vs evil, black vs white, King Kong vs Godzilla!

  • Rajzta

    I love King Kong but I want Godzilla to win

  • Dead King
    Dead King

    Lol did anyone else get the movie ad right before watching the video

  • Hey MirCuteness
    Hey MirCuteness

    Fuck yeahhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • athithan k
    athithan k

    Worst editing there is some glitch, please check editing sequences

  • Rob Canada
    Rob Canada

    It looked more like Kong was a captive and Godzilla came for him

  • Gabriel Bateman Fan
    Gabriel Bateman Fan

    I hope in the movie they’ll explain why they’re fighting

  • pubg kingsss
    pubg kingsss


  • Albert Walter
    Albert Walter

    This is where Gozillas striking skills will be put to the test. So stoked for this!

  • Wergrim

    I hope it won't have so much human drama like the last two godzilla movies. The title is godzilla vs Kong, so it should just be that

  • V V
    V V

    Well I bet my money on Godzilla 😎

  • Apocalimp

    this is gonna be soooooooooooooo bad

  • runejpunk

    00:12 Thong vs Godthanos. Dont forget to aim for the head.

  • Justin O'Toole
    Justin O'Toole

    They ruined it by making Kong grow and Godzilla shrink,Godzilla should be towers above him and Kong is nothing but a little bitch

  • Nigel Calpe
    Nigel Calpe

    i bet the whole movie would only have like 10 mins of fighting spread out the movie

  • Nigel Calpe
    Nigel Calpe

    godzilla:.............save..........mothra king kong:WHY DO YOU KNOW THAT NAME?!!!

  • Godan-Roll 59
    Godan-Roll 59

    le crossover ultime

  • CaptainFatBat

    How can they even chain that Kong ? Are those chain steel or vibranium

  • Dede Juanda
    Dede Juanda

    I thought Godzilla was bigger

  • vodou al
    vodou al

    Oh great another remake how original

  • WinningSmilezAreCreepy

    I also noticed that they added flippers on the hands of Gojira

  • Tariq

    Batman vs Superman: we will show them what is destruction Godzilla vs kong: aww thats cute😂😂

  • DaRk LoRd
    DaRk LoRd

    0:02 Damn. He is as big as Godzilla

  • Joshua Roa
    Joshua Roa


  • Ashwani Kumar
    Ashwani Kumar

    Kong's grew massive in size as compare to previous skull island movie

  • Sam Walter
    Sam Walter

    God vs King

  • Stawberry Berry
    Stawberry Berry

    Give me monster movie. Dun bring any teenagers or kids please. That awkward

  • Chase C
    Chase C

    So who is the bad guy like why did they need kongs help

  • Andi Kaisar
    Andi Kaisar

    I team kong

  • TokyoAnime Studios
    TokyoAnime Studios

    King Kong: I have King in my name heh heh Godzilla: Breh, I have *GOD* in my name

  • Pinoy FB Gaming Moments and Fails
    Pinoy FB Gaming Moments and Fails

    Kong - Do you Bleed? Godzilla - Rarrrrrrrr Kong - You will

  • Salvador Gomes de Gusmão
    Salvador Gomes de Gusmão

    Godzilla is not only king, but god as well.

  • Rigel Ark
    Rigel Ark

    The human characters are so annoying and unnecessary. 😪

  • CSM Nathan
    CSM Nathan

    Who do you think is gonna win i think kong but idk

  • DatBoi Erik
    DatBoi Erik


  • CSM Nathan
    CSM Nathan

    I wonder how there gonna met up and fight

  • CSM Nathan
    CSM Nathan

    And why is everybody against kong oh my goodness

  • CSM Nathan
    CSM Nathan

    Godzilla has the advantage because he is more powerful than kong but kong has a lot of strength and he is smarter but if godzilla does one of his crazy finishes kong is done

  • Moises Palacios
    Moises Palacios

    Kong power muscle king

  • v e N o m / السم اشلي
    v e N o m / السم اشلي

    voy a KONG apoya con un like

  • maryam mayorke
    maryam mayorke


  • blessethishe

    Everything looks intense until Kong says, save Mothra!


    Kong in chains why am I not surprised bet humans try to control him in movie just like the old one

  • BikoTheAnimator

    When I first heard of Godzilla (2014), I told everyone this film was coming. How did I know? Because two my favorite companies together are Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. I wish I could work with them. They also did Pacific Rim and the Kaiju. Another thing i said back then was there will be a film with Godzilla vs Kong vs Jaegers from Pacific Rim. The new films are all from Legendary and Warner Bros, which is why they are so good, and why they will connect together. Too bad I never had the chance to work on any of these films.

  • pilgrim57

    Don't sneeze -- you'll miss the tease.

  • Nighty

    woahhh bro was my first reaction. here before millions of views

  • Charlie Lomu
    Charlie Lomu

    just to say this if yall dont know king kong was still a baby in the skull island movie and now hes in his adult age thats why hes so big now

  • Pixel Bulb
    Pixel Bulb

    Personal Opinion: I think Kong is going to be the hero. After Zilla won the fight with the alien, all the kaijus praise Zilla at the end of the movie. Made me think that Zilla wont stop there, he want to conquer more! from other clip we can hear “We need Kong” “The world needs him” . This prove even more. This is going to be E.P.I.C

  • Sergio Vidal Illanes
    Sergio Vidal Illanes

    jajaj habrá mono frito si Godzilla se prende de un calor intenso debido a la radiación como en la ultima película, ojala sea así XD

  • Zachary Keeney
    Zachary Keeney

    Bruh I'd like to see godzilla shove a tree down kongs throat for REVENGE And I would also like to see kong die cause hes a monkey and godzilla is a actuall monster

  • CIA

    Last slice of pizza : *Exists* Me and my friends:

  • Austin Minton
    Austin Minton

    This movie has alot to live up to. I mean king of the monsters was insane constant monsters and alot more godzilla it'll be hard to top it. I honestly don't think kong will survive this one. He just doesn't have the durability. Plus zillas atomic breath is alot stronger than that napalm that took out kong previously. But I'd say they fight a few times then mecha ghidora shows up and they have to tag team because of his new crazy power up.

  • Daniele Giani
    Daniele Giani

    Daniel Jaek

  • Zxel

    I mean we all know who's gonna win

  • prashams

    Pretty sure it’s going to be another BvS.


    Godzilla como que se encogio esta mas pequeño jajajaa

  • Aaron Asoau
    Aaron Asoau


  • Salty Boi Doto
    Salty Boi Doto

    Monk and Lizard fight then monke and lizard friend to fight bigger enemy

  • Raphael Protti
    Raphael Protti

    garbage click bait

  • Rated DJ
    Rated DJ

    *During their fight Kong is gonna say Mothra and they are gonna stop fighting then they are gonna stay friends forever*

  • Glory Otto
    Glory Otto

    Yo I fell like King Kong and Godzilla gonna fight and then that 3 headed dragon gonna come and there gonna team up

  • Giannis 003
    Giannis 003

    Team Kong

  • Preston Lee
    Preston Lee

    Weakest roars I’ve ever heard in my life


    Like if Godzilla will Win


    Like if Kong will Win

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