Going Down On Tana Mongeau!
Danny Duncan
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  • Izzy Gowans
    Izzy Gowans

    10:42 “he’s penis got sick and threw up”....so he cam? 😅😂😂

  • Hunter C
    Hunter C

    Gonna have to change the merch to not be safe and not a virgin

  • Conner Williams
    Conner Williams

    POV: every old Danny Duncan video you watch you go to the comments and see someone saying “POV: you are watching during quarantine”

  • Dookie Boy
    Dookie Boy

    @9:30 look at the black truck smhh fuck that confederate flag busta 😔

  • Peace日本

    Yo we just got clicked baited so hard

  • dunnkelita

    How tf you not at 10 mil yet

  • tekashi69 is garbage
    tekashi69 is garbage

    Am i the only one that thinks about danny when people say "Florida Man"

  • Makoa elliott
    Makoa elliott

    POV: it’s 2020 and this randomly popped up on your recommended

  • RepeatAyden Barrington
    RepeatAyden Barrington

    Who else is watching this in 2020

  • Matt Bergin
    Matt Bergin

    Looking for a 2020 comment ?

  • Julio Torres
    Julio Torres

    It’s weird seeing Danny in other clothing then his merch

  • Clout Uni
    Clout Uni

    I remember this vlog

  • Larry Cockrell
    Larry Cockrell

    Tana is hella nasty though LMAO

  • Josh Barry
    Josh Barry

    "Who's bikes this" 2 mins later steals it 😂

  • Devon Hatcher
    Devon Hatcher

    He knows of the sloppy juloppy

  • GvilleSteel

    As I'm watching this vid my phone battery is at 69% lol

  • Faith Duperron
    Faith Duperron

    Wow thats the gayest walmart ever . never going there

  • FaDe FuTuRe
    FaDe FuTuRe

    Who else is watching old Danny Duncan vids and bought a virginity rocks shirt

  • Cormac Hluska
    Cormac Hluska

    "hes penis got sick and threw up." idk about you but thats what i fuckin heard lmaoo

  • bubba- 3660
    bubba- 3660

    “Can u blow us” @ross😂

  • santino reyes
    santino reyes

    "His penis got sick and threw up" 🤣🤣

  • Elon T
    Elon T

    Danny is so good at pickle ball but we all know he hasn’t played once in his life before today

  • Cstmeister

    10:28 “You’re fucking nasty” lmao

  • DJ Hopkins
    DJ Hopkins

    Dude please do more videos with ross

  • Qxinn

    Bruh clickbait

  • YT-BigNoobs

    Now she is a lesbian

  • bitch

    I love Danny, he’s such a good guy. OFF AND ON CAMERA❤️

  • Driving

    Yo that why I hate people at Walmart

  • Emma Pfeifer
    Emma Pfeifer

    Does anyone else feel like Danny is really hurting ok the inside?

    • Emma Pfeifer
      Emma Pfeifer

      Justin S because some people put on fake faces to seem happy

    • Justin S
      Justin S

      Why would u think that? He looks like the most genuinely happy guy on IT-my

  • Ernesto Lopez
    Ernesto Lopez

    Did you really do that tho???

  • Tristxn

    “His penis threw up” 😂🤣

  • Sophie Lindblade
    Sophie Lindblade

    I love Danny

  • Insta is hxrry_ggs
    Insta is hxrry_ggs


  • sean pentland
    sean pentland

    “His penis got sick and threw up” bruhhhh


    Legend has it that he was sucked clean

  • Lee Everett
    Lee Everett

    “His penis got sick and threw up”

  • zavi

    where idubbbz at?

  • Fvck 12
    Fvck 12

    I hope he got to smash

  • Essenc3

    10:00 is this actually his dad?

  • Alejandro Mora
    Alejandro Mora

    Danny is the Avatar of sports

  • Elias Aguirre-Garcia
    Elias Aguirre-Garcia

    3 years later and I’m rewatching this because of quarantine

    • JayDeem-Investing


  • WCX Clan
    WCX Clan

    It’s surprising how he’s not arrested yet

  • Robert Schuch
    Robert Schuch

    “His penis got sick and threw up” lmfao

  • Zixxi

    Danny you're my idol. Im 21. You just do a lot for everyone around you.

  • Abram Clark
    Abram Clark

    Truth to be told he really fucked her

  • SaNooby

    danny and gary dont look anything alike idk what you guys are on

  • Tyler

    10:36 💀

  • Flex Astro
    Flex Astro

    Anyone else notice the Confederate flags on the tail lights😂😂😂

  • Thatch 99
    Thatch 99

    Danny telling his dad he should've wore a condom still is the funniest shit

  • Jordan Ewan
    Jordan Ewan

    7:29 in my city you would've got shot for just looking behind you this man reached in to a bag and the cop didn't say shit lmfao

  • Roman Aviles
    Roman Aviles

    1:41 is that messi's dad

  • Muscle_manthe GOD
    Muscle_manthe GOD

    9:27 look at the truck we have proof that Danny Duncan is a racist

  • Clefty Mctwigs
    Clefty Mctwigs

    boys, leave bad reviews on the walmart in englewood?

  • vSupreme

    anyone else wathcing this in 2o2o

  • vSupreme

    danny and garry must be twins lol

  • tetramino


  • Jonathan Crow
    Jonathan Crow

    I get a boner everytime i watch danny ong

  • Nicholas Farraro
    Nicholas Farraro

    2020 Tana and Danny do a colab?

  • Peter Sýkora
    Peter Sýkora

    "if i dont make this i have to suck Kobe's pp" hits different in 2020

  • Reecelarkman

    Danny Duncan should come to Australia WA Perth

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    “His penis got sick and threw up”

  • Daddy Vector
    Daddy Vector

    i have a question danny, is gary winthorpe ur twin?

  • Will Stone
    Will Stone

    10:40 had me dying

  • Will Stone
    Will Stone

    8:59 when the spastic kid in you class drops his lunchtime potato sack

  • Jacob Penley
    Jacob Penley

    You need to come out to Canada

  • CubeyJG

    Leave it to danny to make the best video title ever!

  • Stranger Things Edited
    Stranger Things Edited

    10:34 “I’ve got pics of u naked” oh no🤣🤣

  • Justin Jackson
    Justin Jackson

    Why is he good at everything 😂

  • Jags Fan69
    Jags Fan69

    “his penis got sick and threw up” best sentence to end the video on

  • Molly Power
    Molly Power

    “Don’t buy meat from Walmart” couldn’t agree more with any statement ever

    • Martin Verbrugge
      Martin Verbrugge

      Get it from Costco they have the best beef

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