The Fishfam
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  • Sshyna Malviya
    Sshyna Malviya

    I like the tighter curls

  • Jimmy Jie
    Jimmy Jie


  • Jendayi Thomas
    Jendayi Thomas


  • Honey Gacha
    Honey Gacha

    I like the tight dyson.

  • Honey Gacha
    Honey Gacha

    This. Is. So. CUTE!!!

  • Nathalie Rose Fawn
    Nathalie Rose Fawn

    Good luck Kyler and Mad. Bring another fish fam into the world

  • Lilly Bastian
    Lilly Bastian

    Just found your Channel and you guys are such a gorgeous family.

  • Alexa Hangan
    Alexa Hangan

    Loser curls

  • Esther Contino
    Esther Contino

    I see that program

  • Beautifulbustblue And Moonlight Gold
    Beautifulbustblue And Moonlight Gold

    I love both ur so beautiful ur kids are the best ur my fav madison❤️❤️

  • Wendy Wu
    Wendy Wu

    I love your videos

  • Donna Hall
    Donna Hall

    I did

  • kathleen Doherty
    kathleen Doherty

    The tied side

  • Sophia Campos
    Sophia Campos

    Porque vocês falam inglês

  • firstladymccullum11

    Baby oliver

  • HD - 03MD 857451 Churchill Meadows PS
    HD - 03MD 857451 Churchill Meadows PS

    I like tight curls

  • Lashea Green
    Lashea Green

    God thank you

  • kelvinswife2007

    I 100% wish baby Oliver and the whole Fish Fam the best luck. I also wish baby Z and the whole Labrant Fam the best luck!

  • Angie Diaz
    Angie Diaz

    OMG Halston is so cute I can’t she’s to cute!!!

  • Katie Murphy
    Katie Murphy

    i like lose

  • Jamiyah Woolridge
    Jamiyah Woolridge

    stay safe

  • Jamiyah Woolridge
    Jamiyah Woolridge

    the tight

  • Jamiyah Woolridge
    Jamiyah Woolridge

    i like the 1st one

  • Julia Lauren
    Julia Lauren

    I like the loose curls!

  • 王典

    90 percent of her doing the hair and 10 percent of them going to the hospital

  • Olivia Schmidt
    Olivia Schmidt

    Tight curls

  • Lyla Bletsoe
    Lyla Bletsoe


  • Jessika Levos
    Jessika Levos


  • Sara South
    Sara South

    Tight curls girl

  • Sara South
    Sara South

    Me: Oh that hair curler looks amazing I wonder how much it is clicks link sees price Also me: Just kidding buy me dinner first Dyson😂

  • Kristi Cooksey
    Kristi Cooksey


  • Megs and Lois X
    Megs and Lois X

    Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰

  • Bernice GAZOLE
    Bernice GAZOLE

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  • chrissy hromadka
    chrissy hromadka

    Sad because I just watched an 11 minute video of her doing her hair and then I googled the styling tool and it’s $500

  • Lindsay Castiglioni
    Lindsay Castiglioni


  • Pat Swieca
    Pat Swieca

    Where did you get the robes

  • Brianna Everhart
    Brianna Everhart

    I rly rly want thatttt the dyson thingy but it’s so expensive!!!! Lysm guysssss I Hope the baby is happy and healthy

  • MiaZ820

    Lol I HATE mustard

  • Romi Monscheuer
    Romi Monscheuer

    Cant😲 wait to meet Oliver👶🏻

  • Eugene Lastimado
    Eugene Lastimado

    I'm excited to see the baby I think she's going to be just like you and your father

  • Eugene Lastimado
    Eugene Lastimado

    I can't decide they both look beautiful you're both very nice and cute and I love it I can't really decide they're so they're so curly and they're so cute

  • Jacqueline Dougal
    Jacqueline Dougal

    Looser curls

  • Lars Fjell
    Lars Fjell


  • Isla Carswell-Peers
    Isla Carswell-Peers

    I think you should have loose curls



  • Alina Borntreger
    Alina Borntreger

    Tight curled

  • Beef loaf
    Beef loaf


  • Barbara Mccrea
    Barbara Mccrea


  • Family and friends
    Family and friends

    I like the tighter curls! I know you already went to the hospital I just wanted you to have my opinion

  • p4pete432


  • Haley Matloff
    Haley Matloff

    hope baby z gets better soon

  • Emily Tomlinson
    Emily Tomlinson

    why is the dyson hair kit so much money it is $599 that's alot of money

  • Angela Eding
    Angela Eding

    I want lose curles

  • Kylie T
    Kylie T

    Your hair look good Madison Webb I really like your hair

  • sarah martin
    sarah martin


  • Farimah Ghadamzadeh
    Farimah Ghadamzadeh

    Halston laughs cuter than cute

  • Ella bee Kreuz
    Ella bee Kreuz

    I like the small curls I’m actually wearing them right now

  • Puppy Dog33
    Puppy Dog33

    Do the1.6

  • Matthew Dahl
    Matthew Dahl

    big curls

  • Kaitlyn Barker
    Kaitlyn Barker


  • Schleich ‘O’ crazy
    Schleich ‘O’ crazy

    1.6 curls

  • Keagan Burdorf
    Keagan Burdorf

    Stop making videos

  • Karley Lok
    Karley Lok

    I got the dyson that Madison got too

  • little crazy world
    little crazy world

    you look awesome in both the type of curls madison!

  • Dolphin Squad
    Dolphin Squad

    I just watched the name reveal for Labrant family and now I'm like, "Zealand, Zeeeeaaaaaland, Zealaaaaaaand" I'm just saying it in so many different ways.

  • *Flower queen*
    *Flower queen*

    You are so pretty I like your tight curls

  • *Flower queen*
    *Flower queen*

    OMG I'm glad they have their beautiful baby😊

  • reese Stiger
    reese Stiger

    Loose curls

  • Leah Cooper
    Leah Cooper

    i like the tight curls

  • Mimi Makes
    Mimi Makes

    I have

Prossimi video