Goku VS Gon (DBZ VS Hunter X Hunter) | DBX
In episode 5 of DBX we pit two titans tikes of anime against each other! It's Goku VS Gon! Which martial arts master will come out on top?

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  • Guy with Beans
    Guy with Beans

    I think it would have been more like Gon: Oh you ate my fish Goku: sorry Gon: I can catch more for the both of us Goku: Yosha!

  • Buyiswa Njokwana
    Buyiswa Njokwana

    Hahaha that episode he sent the rabbit to the moon

  • Super Gamer 1.0
    Super Gamer 1.0

    The title should have been "Two beautiful bois fight viciously over fish"

  • SOOP3R

    I really like dbz and I haven’t even seen hxh but I know gon would beat kid goku doesn’t he also have that buff big hair transformation

  • Giselle Avalos
    Giselle Avalos

    They did not have even put adult goku

  • Bobo Rice
    Bobo Rice

    Tbh gon wouldn’t hit goku because gon can just fish some more

  • Reagan Hernandez
    Reagan Hernandez

    Goku Is Transformed Into A Kid When He Went Back To Earth

  • Asah Carline
    Asah Carline

    Let's be honest, adult gon would have beat the brains out of kid goku

  • Donald Murphy
    Donald Murphy

    Honestly curious how Hisoka would respond to this, and how he would fair against kid Goku lol

    • Donald Murphy
      Donald Murphy

      I mean, when Illuma threatened to kill Gon Hisoka was ready to flip the always-on murder switch into overdrive

  • little green
    little green

    what would happen if goku turned ssjbkkx20?

  • Mykeal Cummings
    Mykeal Cummings

    yes and I think that gon should have won becas by that time I guess that thay are talking about goku in his pre-teens like 11 cas goku's tail before that his tail could not stretch like that also no saiyns prob spell that wrong but back to it none not even gohan or any others tail could do that so and gon could have done that rock paper sicors sorry I have bad spelling and gon would win but i like goku better so sorry dbz fans it's just facts.

    • Nate pp
      Nate pp

      I'm pretty sure it was just an animation detail.

  • Benjamin Yaary
    Benjamin Yaary

    they nerfed gon, not letting him go sicko mode

  • Joker the Clown Prince of Crime
    Joker the Clown Prince of Crime

    Does Gon love eating much as Goku

  • NinjaXXX The Gamer
    NinjaXXX The Gamer

    Not gonna lie I really did want Gon to win

  • Lovish Z
    Lovish Z

    Nope , he won because of the votes Goku is the most popular character ever if it was based on power , skills hands down Gon would have definitely won especially against kid Goku

  • Hieillua

    This is silly. Gon would demolish Kid Goku. Gon as a Nen user > Kid Goku that still relies on his power pole. Teen Goku would totally destroy Gon however. Adult Goku? That's like putting Gon against 6 Meruems. Adult Gon however would beat Teen Goku, but wouldn't stand a chance against SSJ1 adult Goku.

  • kenjionmars

    Should’ve done kid naruto vs gon

  • Artistic Nishant
    Artistic Nishant

    That was pretty funny scene at last when Goku sewinged gon into the moon with stick

  • spiderbeetle studios
    spiderbeetle studios

    ya,you guys have lost it and not seen hxh

  • Bloodly Alpha
    Bloodly Alpha

    This is trash

  • Haytham Saleh
    Haytham Saleh


  • PizzaPie

    Lets be real now if gon had just gon adult mode he would have won

  • Jay

    This is good

  • Rob Randolph
    Rob Randolph



    how far can the power pole go???


    luffy vs mr fantastic or plastic man

  • Jae animates
    Jae animates

    Goku knows forward ariel

  • Fernanda Lauton
    Fernanda Lauton

    Lol dud i rather gon but....

  • Dominic Infante
    Dominic Infante

    Sans vr jevil

  • Xeno

    Cringe ass animated intro. Just show us the fight. If you’re gonna explain the character's backgrounds do it how you used to do it. Take out that cringe animation and unfunny jokes. Bye

  • Black soul wolf
    Black soul wolf

    Goku anint no nerf peto so if gon has nothing against goku he has no reason to full power fight

  • James Whittaker
    James Whittaker

    Gon would win by entering despair mode,Using Ben to cover his body(if you get hit with Ben your body is destroyed) ur gotta be honest I did love the fight keep it on

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown

    i wonder if we can have a Vikings vrs Romans death battle, if you havent done it already

  • Hai Yang Dex Gamer
    Hai Yang Dex Gamer

    Thats dragon ball goku not dbz goku

  • Icy Dazo
    Icy Dazo

    Why not do a dbx with kid Goku and Ryu

  • Ree Kid
    Ree Kid


  • Miguel Zeballos
    Miguel Zeballos

    They would be the best of friends lol

  • andreychik

    Gon should’ve won

    • marieta nancheva
      marieta nancheva

      To be fair, kid Goku can be scaled to moon level

  • guitar slingrr
    guitar slingrr

    This was cool, I would've liked to see Goku summon Nimbus and turn into Great Ape. Plz do Broly or Beerus (dragon Ball super) vs Cosmic ghost Rider (marvel) or Number 5 (Umbrella Academy) vs Nightcrawler (Marvel) Edit: Spawn would be good against Cosmic Ghost Rider as well

  • Luis Tudela
    Luis Tudela

    when goku looks at the moon tho

  • Kieran Apryss
    Kieran Apryss

    Gon wins calling it

    • Champion Revali
      Champion Revali

      Well.... that didn’t age well

  • sinking._. ocean11
    sinking._. ocean11

    him: "remember hes 9" me: " IF THIS BIT CALLS HIM 9 ONE MOR- HES 12!!!!!!"

    • sinking._. ocean11
      sinking._. ocean11

      @Joshua Pattee he was 12 when the show started acutely

    • sinking._. ocean11
      sinking._. ocean11

      @Joshua Pattee im sOrRy

    • Joshua Pattee
      Joshua Pattee

      I mean technically he's 13 now, and he was 9 when the show started soooo... youre wrong either way bro.

  • Monke

    Did anyone else notice how goku switched from english to Japanese time to time.

  • Chibi Tamago
    Chibi Tamago

    It's a bit jarring to here Goku continuously switch between Nozawa and Colleen, I would've only used Nozawa

  • Hamza Waheed
    Hamza Waheed

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that bungee gum has the properties of both rubber and gum


    Siempre sobrevalorado Goku xD

  • Ballguy guy
    Ballguy guy

    This is weird

  • Joystick Jay YT
    Joystick Jay YT

    Random comment

  • Sleap

    disagree with the conclusion, kid gokus kamehameha couldnt even destroy a car, Gons jankenpos aura alone destroyed concrete under him

    • IFxnesseYxu

      kid goku was didging lighting and kid goku is moon level while gon is onky moutain level so goku slaps

  • Vandal Shadow
    Vandal Shadow

    I hate you

    • Mr.Freddy Fazbear Gameplay
      Mr.Freddy Fazbear Gameplay


  • Marble Universe
    Marble Universe

    gon would have used his will power and if he gave up he would be like, bruh dont give up have some fish

  • Sierra

    The thing is I’m pretty sure in raw power Gon is stronger but Young Goku has more technical skills cause Gon has only raw power and not to many Techniques.

  • orume Igbako
    orume Igbako

    Gon is 12

  • Lore Soria
    Lore Soria

    Good Fight but What about adult Gon?

  • YoungBlack God
    YoungBlack God

    i was gonna say "um gon can turn into murderer adult gon at any point..." but then i realized he only does that when one of his friends is killed, so that wouldnt have happened this battle....kk yeah goku would've won but if there was an actual premise they would be friends or gon would probably kill young goku.

  • A.C. Walker II
    A.C. Walker II

    Kid Goku versus Ultra instinct

  • Aal!yah Sweet
    Aal!yah Sweet

    OMGG can you guys do Yusuke Vs. Gon??

  • TheRedSaiyanKid

    first of all if you have to compare 2 characters and you have to limit one to his weakest state, then its not a comparison second of all these mfs would immediately become friends before or after the fight

  • RYUN -
    RYUN -

    Gon: *loses* Me: *imma act like I didn’t see that*

    • RYUN -
      RYUN -

      I do not s e e

    • flying gorilla from flying gorilla
      flying gorilla from flying gorilla

      Gon got clapped

  • gappy memes
    gappy memes

    Gon claps

  • Ignazio Perez
    Ignazio Perez

    In my opinion gon could beat goku when goku was a kid but stands absolutely no chance against adult goku

    • Francisco Pereira
      Francisco Pereira

      you do know kid goku is a moon buster?

  • GamingWithCharlton

    Ok wtf why kid Goku

    • SonicSpeed

      cuz hes perfect for gon

  • King IvI
    King IvI

    Goku would have been done for if gon use his rage

  • Looppanther YT
    Looppanther YT

    Kid goku is a gag character he can’t die

  • Birds Are Dinosaurs
    Birds Are Dinosaurs

    Gon is like a mix of goku and vash from trigun

  • tysha gibson
    tysha gibson

    Lets be real kid goku would lose but by the cell saga goku would beat him easy and goku is the strogest anime main character but the top ten ones are are. 1.goku. U dicide the rest peeps

    • The Prince Of Bower
      The Prince Of Bower

      More like by the 21 world tornament

  • JJ23jumpmanjr

    Let's be honest if gon were to get "mad" you already know what would happen.it-my.com/watchvideo/video-g-34ps34jTs.html

  • XhiXhi

    Kid goku vs kid gon.... is sucide


    Static Shock VS Killua Zoldyck do that nexxxt

  • Voldebutt

    Goku sends Gon to the Moon, where Gon proceeds to wallow for a short while, only to accept his new predicament and builds a new life for himself, befriends the clangers, catches moon fish happily, settles down with the soup dragon, and builds a luna utopia where he lives happily ever a-Piccolo Enters the Chat.

    • The Prince Of Bower
      The Prince Of Bower


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