Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates Key Cooking Skills
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay shows how to fillet a salmon into 10 equal pieces, remove all the meat from a lobster, fillet a pork steak from a loin plus some basic and important knife skills to use on peppers and herbs. All taken from Culinary Genius.
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  • Small channel trying to grow 7
    Small channel trying to grow 7

    The cracking noise of the lobster is so satisfying

  • Great Value
    Great Value

    I like how they put subtitle directions as if the lazy people like me who are laying in bed watching this with no idea how to cook are gonna be following along lmao

  • student 林德森
    student 林德森

    The spectators look like they r sleeping

  • Mr.屁股的老婆的丈夫

    If Chef Ramsay was Hannibal Lector... Now thinly slice your neighbor, remember the key is let the knife do the work.

  • Seehud

    So who’s read this comment and realised he cuts left handed?

  • Sreekanth r2
    Sreekanth r2

    Gordon,the type of guy that would do surgery on a grape

  • Sam Park
    Sam Park

    14:40 "no green on my board" *clearly green on his board*

  • Taziqz

    Me how i feel when i make a oven pizza haha

  • Mihailo Guberinic
    Mihailo Guberinic


  • Mihailo Guberinic
    Mihailo Guberinic

    Every third word is 'literally'

  • Marly 666
    Marly 666

    why am i watching this knowing i will never do something like this in my life😂😂

  • Ciel Colon
    Ciel Colon

    line cook getting basic training year after year again. thanks gordon

  • Jeremy Does Stuff
    Jeremy Does Stuff


  • nickaleo7

    Man at 10:25 head is permanently flattened from Ramsey smacking him with a frying pan earlier that episode

  • Edna Flores Lagunas
    Edna Flores Lagunas

    May I attend a class with Ramsay?? Thank you!

  • CodingHamtaro

    "Forget the speed, it will come"

  • Mary Gawron
    Mary Gawron

    First Objective: Secure the pepper.

  • FearTheBlueFox

    So satisfying to watch.

  • sykledagenlang

    Just now I yelled out to my kitchen knife to do all the work..... I hope it’ll be done soon, I’m starving watching these videos.

  • Google Isillukinati
    Google Isillukinati

    *sEcUrE the pEPah*

  • Austin

    He's definitely no butcher the way he did that pork rib

  • Anar84 76
    Anar84 76

    Vegans left the chat

  • David Bone
    David Bone

    na en japon saben cortar mejor el pez porque a eso se dedican las empresas japonesas

  • Sadaf Mackertich
    Sadaf Mackertich

    I refuse to let the knives do the work. I will karate chop everything

  • gabes gabe
    gabes gabe

    that lady is probably a vegan.

  • Anele Lopez
    Anele Lopez

    This feels like its world war 3 food edition

  • LowCrazy O.
    LowCrazy O.

    Hand blod puajjjj

  • joeresio

    Larry was that you bro?

  • OprAdeN 6994
    OprAdeN 6994

    That Asian women looks like she ate a bag of shrooms before she came in

  • جديد New
    جديد New


    • Google Isillukinati
      Google Isillukinati


  • Nicholas Chong
    Nicholas Chong

    Let the knife do the work My knife's lazy

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James

    This guy thinks he is the best, but really he just loves publicity

  • angelica shua
    angelica shua

    I love you!!!!

  • Balexander 06
    Balexander 06

    Remember, it’s all the knife, not Gordon. Because he’s letting the knife do the work.

  • SuperRockAndRoll14

    Estoy realmente sorprendido

  • Abs S
    Abs S

    People say that he always swears and things like that, but u can see that he is really amazing and very fast at cooking

  • DJ UnKn0Wn
    DJ UnKn0Wn

    1:26 me when I see a math problem 😂

  • 5-Minute Crafts SAO LEAP
    5-Minute Crafts SAO LEAP

    i like video

  • Hoàng Quyên
    Hoàng Quyên

    Gordon Gamsay I Love You 💋💋💋💋❤️

  • Midnightman YT
    Midnightman YT

    Every video fucking satisfies me.

  • Muzio

    1:15 SHE A VEGAN?

  • Rodrigo LPZ.
    Rodrigo LPZ.



    Fake. The Knives are paid actors

  • tecitus

    These are baby skills compare to Chinese cooking. Try to extract meat from a hairy crab and put it back to its original shape.

  • Spenser Winkelman
    Spenser Winkelman

    This isn't just a genius, he's done this a lot

  • charyce harsh
    charyce harsh

    *Is a little longer than I need as my fish aren’t that big but I should’ve read the dimensions closer Awesome grip handle>>>**allabout.wiki/cz63** it makes holding onto to the knife much easier when your hands are slippery form the fish Very flexible allowing you to bend while filteing fish Nice locking sheath to prevent knife from slipping out of sheath like my leather sheath one does*

    • abiola gbenga
      abiola gbenga


    • Tweaklurd Chukwukasi
      Tweaklurd Chukwukasi

      my leather sheath one does

  • Yusuf Ahmadiya
    Yusuf Ahmadiya

    Научись нормально чистит урод

  • karlAaron

    lmao big portion of salmon was wasted

  • Christopher Moriarty
    Christopher Moriarty

    Wait, when do I clean the knife?

  • dark passenger
    dark passenger

    Why wasting so much salmon that cud be used aswell

  • dark passenger
    dark passenger

    Everybody so intense lol

  • Ronnie

    8:51 "beautiful nut of meat" 😂😂

  • Baby Rayne
    Baby Rayne

    1:20 WTF her face though I'm laughing in tears 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • John Labuu
    John Labuu

    Delicious and like this crab

  • Tony Chameleon
    Tony Chameleon

    Gordon Ramsay demonstrating sex Clothes....Off Penis....In Thrust....Gently Touch of salt

  • Hector Ibarra
    Hector Ibarra

    The lady was probaly like wtf is ths lol

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P

    15:07 look at the green stains on his board haha

  • Ricardo Pessoa
    Ricardo Pessoa

    Impecável! 👏👏

  • Callum Rourke
    Callum Rourke

    Literally nobody: Gordon: Let the knife do the work!

  • HolySmoke

    1:27 Area 51 guards watching the naruto runners approaching the base

  • Andrew Doris
    Andrew Doris

    As a crab, that was absolute torture to watch

  • Alynov Raven
    Alynov Raven

    1:18 she already got away from area 51 before the raid

  • LaZzzz

    This would be fucked up if I was a lobster

  • Omar Carlon
    Omar Carlon

    1:28 when you see your dog die

  • Billboard Braggins
    Billboard Braggins

    I left my knife do the work like i'm supposed to. I've been starving for weeks, am i doing it wrong ?

  • Jada James
    Jada James

    Not once did he call someone a donkey

  • Apolo Romero
    Apolo Romero

    This dude got me thinking he John wick or something

  • NotSoFishy

    Vegans hates this videos

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones

    The guy at 7:28 looks like someone punched him in the face.

  • 9034strannik

    Great master.

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