Grey's Anatomy 17x13 Promo "Good as Hell" (HD) Season 17 Episode 13 Promo
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Grey's Anatomy 17x13 "Good as Hell" Season 17 Episode 13 Promo - Amidst the need for more surgeons, Jo tries to convince Bailey to let her switch specialties. Elsewhere, Link accuses Amelia of overstepping while he is treating a patient remotely, and Winston comes up with an out-of-the-box idea on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Thursday, April 22nd, on ABC. Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on IT-my for more Grey's Anatomy season 17 promos in HD!
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Grey's Anatomy 17x13 Promo/Preview "Good as Hell"
Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 13 Promo
Grey's Anatomy 17x13 Promo "Good as Hell" (HD)
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» Starring: Ellen Pompeo, Kevin McKidd, Kim Raver, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, Jesse Williams, Camilla Luddington

  • J S
    J S

    The best character 🤩

  • kaylyn sharp
    kaylyn sharp

    justin isn’t in greys anymore

  • Michael Arce
    Michael Arce

    This season is going to give me a mental breakdown!!!! Why did they have to ruin it with covid!??!!!! Like I just want to pretend for like 30 minutes or so that covid dont exist is that too much to ask??!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!??!!? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Melspell DIY
    Melspell DIY

    We also all know that Christina is walking in there like a bad bitch is going to get that shit done

  • Melspell DIY
    Melspell DIY

    Oh my god yes and she would tell her and I have met those kids of yours and you do not get to do this

  • Ciera Jordan
    Ciera Jordan

    She’s awake

  • Joey

    That’s the same song that was on during their post it wedding 😂

  • bets


  • Aditi Pandey
    Aditi Pandey

    guys she is gonna wake up there is no merder endgame here. he is not alive let's live in the real world. *okay typing this hurts* *hope it hurts when u read it*

  • Danny Wang
    Danny Wang

    We all know she’s gonna come back. I think they’re milking this whole “omg is she gonna make it” bit for too long

  • Anouk Grace
    Anouk Grace

    My merder heart cannot take this it’s so much 🥲🥲🥲😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  • Superherosaver

    I think what’s going to happen is Derek’s going to get up right behind her and right before he touches her she’s going to tell him now I’m not ready

  • AnacelZumba G
    AnacelZumba G

    Simmah down people... if Meredith dies this show ain’t GREYS anatomy anymore 😂

  • Thomas Keats
    Thomas Keats

    Seeing this promo, all I can see now when I see Derek and Meredith on the beach together, all I can see, all I can NEAR is Meredith... “If it was Derek, I’d already be gone.”

  • Best Auntie Ever
    Best Auntie Ever

    This show is woke trash now.

  • Rogerina Taylor
    Rogerina Taylor

    I think that this will be the most depressive ending of the season and even more if it's the last.

  • Rogerina Taylor
    Rogerina Taylor

    It's like I'm watching Sleeping beauty but not in a good way.

  • Gaz S
    Gaz S

    Dam only on episode 3 in the uk and it has me balling. I want a few mirw sessions and mer to meet someone and get married and be happy.

  • Manu Adrianczyk
    Manu Adrianczyk

    No no no no no no no OMGGGGGG nooooo

  • Giovani Vasquez
    Giovani Vasquez


  • Suey Duffield
    Suey Duffield

    I would love the writer to focus on a story line about joe, when she found her birth mother who didn’t want to know but now needs joe,s help to save her other kids life .p.s it’s called karma. For all the people who have been in this situation. So please come up with a story line.

  • SomethingNextToNormal

    She’s not gonna die when the show is named after her

  • Wolfs ForLife
    Wolfs ForLife

    When you realize 17x14 airs may 6th. April is coming next week

    • Chloe Wu
      Chloe Wu

      April is coming in two weeks

  • May Oke
    May Oke

    What’s the song?????

  • Rodrigo Ciambroni
    Rodrigo Ciambroni

    She always says " I like here" that's why she doesn't fight. She tired. But " The sand isn't real " is the key. If the sand isn't real, everything isn't either. Even the visitors. She's trapped in a fantasy world.

  • Beezy G
    Beezy G

    Meredith did not almost go to jail for stealing Zola just to her bailey and Alice

  • carmela

    The last episode was the worst episode ever, of course, liberal Washington thinks they know how the actual riots went when they literally call the protest still lmao Portland, Chicago, Kenosha and other cities got destroyed by the rioters and Antifa. Liberal needs to sit down and actually wake up. stop making us watch what you think happened. GEORGE FLOYD was a criminal and he was in the wrong just like Jacob blake.

    • WeeWoo The Budgie
      WeeWoo The Budgie

      also the cop that pulled winston over would never do that without an actual reason, they also wouldnt say hang up the phone lmao what a joke of an episode.

  • Vivian Kimbrough
    Vivian Kimbrough

    Imagine Derek comes back to life and they write in that the President kidnapped him

  • Mikaela Williams
    Mikaela Williams

    meredith is gonna be on the verge of life & death, derek hugs & holds her , derek tells her he’ll be waiting for her when she’s ready , they kiss , she wakes up

  • Mikaela Williams
    Mikaela Williams

    cristina & alex being there when she wakes up >>>>

  • Mikaela Williams
    Mikaela Williams

    this can’t be the end because april comes back in two episodes..

  • Rhonda

    Who else is tired of watching the star of the show just sleep?

    • Chloe Wu
      Chloe Wu

      Me but it’s for Ellen’s safety as she has asthma in real life

  • Latalia Lynch
    Latalia Lynch

    I'm bout to go in that hospital and slap Meredith. How have they not had her kids on video telling mommie to wake up and that they miss her. That is ALL she needs.

  • Helen Emilia Mätlik
    Helen Emilia Mätlik

    How could people even consider Meredith dying with Alzheimers? Imagine losing all the memories about your love and not being able to recognize your own children. I wouldn't want to die like that.

  • Greg

    Hi I'm sorry but I've seen her wake up from her coma in a trailer for a new episode recently, did she fall back into coma ? In which case I guess they decided that this is the last season

    • Chloe Wu
      Chloe Wu

      no she's just sleeping so that she can fully recover and she's too weak to stay awake for a long time

    • Concha Vieira
      Concha Vieira

      no i think she is just sleeping

  • lost_girl_solo

    What is the song's name at the end?

    • Chloe Wu
      Chloe Wu

      Flashdance ..... what a feeling from merder's post it wedding

  • Kristi Hatcher
    Kristi Hatcher

    I really hope this is not the last season as it has been the worst since Grey's aired. I think this storyline has been going on for way too long, and I am for one disappointed in the writing in general. I know you guys can do better than this, and I hope we at least get a Season 18 for them to redeem themselves. I really am at the point that I don't care to watch anymore this year. That makes me sad since this has always been my "go-to" show just to escape life. We have lived the pandemic long enough as it is, let's move on along.

  • Rachel Isabelle
    Rachel Isabelle


  • ツbluexberry

    no she has to wake up she just has to right

  • Jasmine Joof
    Jasmine Joof

    am i the only one who thinks that their dragging tf out of this coma beach

    • Chloe Wu
      Chloe Wu

      she's not in a coma , she's just sleeping so that she can fully recover and she doesn't want to wake up

  • Rachel Kelly
    Rachel Kelly

    I want Christina to come back and grab her ankles like when she drowned and tell her to wake her ass up.

  • kimmy cuthbert
    kimmy cuthbert

    I can't wait to see how Gisele is gonna screw this up and bring nancy and edward from andalasia and how Robert's life will be turned upside down

  • _idekanymore

    I stopped watching when he died, I can’t do this again. Greys absolutely kills me.

  • Srishti Bais
    Srishti Bais

    I don't know why but Ellen said in a interview how do you end a show so iconic i have a dreadful feeling there are going to kill Meridith after all it's Grey's anatomy and it ends with grey ending and usually the narrator dies closing the show it will break my heart 💔

  • Aracely Martinez
    Aracely Martinez

    im so excited

  • Sejdin A
    Sejdin A

    In episode 12 Jackson is on his car and goes for an 11 hour car trip , I think he goes to see April because she will be a guest this episode ahhh so excited!

    • Chloe Wu
      Chloe Wu

      he's visiting his dad first I think

  • Tami Alt
    Tami Alt

    I'm over mcdreamy...mcwidow is waiting! Lol This needs to be the time for mer to finally let Derek go and move on. There's isn't much I can do if they end the show with Mer dying, but how sad. After so many years of her fighting to survive and move on, to end it by her giving up is a true disservice to the fans; especially after this last year of the pandemic. We need her strength. Her survival. Her saying, man, that sucked but I'm going to move on and fucking thrive because I'm mer and I can. Hello, McWidow!

  • Shir Herzig
    Shir Herzig

    why am i crying rn

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams

    Not me thinking they were gonna actually play the Lizzo song here

  • Bettina Bonoan
    Bettina Bonoan

    Fuck ang saket 😭

  • Mariam Rapalo
    Mariam Rapalo

    What if they bring in merediths kids and then by her hearing their voices that’s when she wakes up? Either way I’m loving her being with Derek because I know how much she misses him

  • Kary Nicole
    Kary Nicole

    Okay but if she dies I'm gonna need Alex Karev back or we need to throw the whole show away.

  • Alejandra Inclan
    Alejandra Inclan

    Come on Mer! Wake up! The show needs you back 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

  • amcra1

    Why is she still on this damn beach? This show is so stupid

  • Mylene Dalisay
    Mylene Dalisay

    Hearing the song, 'what a feeling' played when they did the p0st it, again, ...

  • Ashley Ives
    Ashley Ives

    I will always love Meredith and Derek but I am seriously shipping Meredith and Hayes together. The amount of chemistry between the two will never live up to Merder but it definitely comes in a close second. I need her to wake up for her kids, Maggie, Amelia and for her to get with Hayes.

  • McDreamyGeyer

    This like a replica of the scene in the elevator when he was with Addison but he came up behind Meredith and smelt her hair etc and nuzzled her neck and then she said I can't.

  • Mia

    This is a joke at this point, they milked it so much it’s no longer interesting

  • Michelle Mazzolla
    Michelle Mazzolla

    I’m so sick of the covid crap, I’m also so sick of the protesting, I’d like to watch tv to get away from everything,sort of my escape, I don’t feel like watching the news, please get on with this, move forwRd, oh yeah that’s right we can’t bc the characters need to wear their masks still, so I’m done , the seasons have been going downhill anyway,I really don’t care it mer makes it or not.

  • Diana roper
    Diana roper

    Omg I happy to see Derek again but I scared to see what’s gonna happen to mer

  • King Creeper
    King Creeper

    God Bless ❤️

  • Demon Wolf
    Demon Wolf


  • Meredith Lewis
    Meredith Lewis

    If this is the final season, Meredith’s death would be the perfect way to end the series and wrap the story up. It would be a beautiful, fitting end for her to ride off into the sunset with the love of her life.

  • Vivi Bunga Ratih
    Vivi Bunga Ratih

    I need Meredith and Derek be the end game

  • Sonia Zambrano Rodríguez
    Sonia Zambrano Rodríguez

    People say the serie is gonna end. I think first that is gonna happen... Christina needs to come back. Sorry for my bad English... jejej Saludos a todos

  • Jeanie Lopez
    Jeanie Lopez

    You. Come back the new peat season 17 on Netflix

  • melanie thelwell
    melanie thelwell

    I think she’ll choose to live and the season ending will show a small glimmer of a romance with Cormac Hayes that could be the series ending if they don’t renew or the season ending

  • Carrie Hillebrand
    Carrie Hillebrand

    The song gives me chills, they're flirting even with death.

  • destiny stephens
    destiny stephens

    Do anyone know the name is this song?

  • Didrik S Lundgjerdingen
    Didrik S Lundgjerdingen

    I'm very sorry if season 17 will be the last. very much hope that there will be many more seasons

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