GTA 5 Moments that remind you of the first time you played...
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  • Richard Gomez
    Richard Gomez

    CouRage reaction 😂😂

  • Neon-sphinx foster
    Neon-sphinx foster

    Courage's reaction to the lap dance was priceless XD

  • Mr.Popo_Ultra _Instinct
    Mr.Popo_Ultra _Instinct

    Someone programmed the strip club think about that.

  • Adam Brosche
    Adam Brosche

    That laugh CouRageJD does when the air thrust happens. Just pure insanity sounding lol

  • Gaige Barth
    Gaige Barth

    Nice use of the tf2 crit sound



  • DO IT Boi
    DO IT Boi

    "Are you jiggling the left stick" 9:54

  • Just some Azian
    Just some Azian

    11:29 all of that fortnite cam into good use 😂

  • Tyler Cenko
    Tyler Cenko

    Does anyone know what Tyler’s car is? I think it’s a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo but I’m not sure, it’s dope as hell

  • NXSA

    How has this guy never played gta

  • Bre11 ._.
    Bre11 ._.


  • E5xh

    When are you going to upload another Fortnite video? Cause they were very enjoyable🙂

  • The Dark One784
    The Dark One784

    I actually got a friend of mine with the “press Y” prank. And the best part is, we were on PS4

  • Fifty Six
    Fifty Six

    Who's eyes lit up when you saw this notifacation

  • Noxxpsykosis Official
    Noxxpsykosis Official

    never would i think i would here tyler say UwU

  • micah frost
    micah frost

    Does he not know uwu is a furry thing?

  • Christian Arbaiza Cruz
    Christian Arbaiza Cruz

    his virgin eyes

  • ??? sans
    ??? sans

    11:29 wildcat. The sheriff of los Santos

  • Scott Ford
    Scott Ford

    I have 2 trillion on my account

  • ClutchPlaysFTW

    They were throwing money at peach who is a dude

  • AppleIsA Kolor
    AppleIsA Kolor

    5:48 “it is time for me to get this piss water in my mouth”

  • Domenic Derrigo
    Domenic Derrigo

    1:07 Wildcat caught himself real quick LMAO

  • TOP Soldier
    TOP Soldier

    Am I high or did wildcats channel have more that 7.4 million last week I swear he had 14 million

  • Connor Lindgren
    Connor Lindgren

    The stripper they were throwing money at was a dude🤣🤣

  • Mister WiZeguy
    Mister WiZeguy

    Cutting to Jack’s reaction was legit the funniest thing I have laughed at in a WEEK!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alexander Már Bjarnþórsson
    Alexander Már Bjarnþórsson

    Are ya ready kids? 1:26

  • Stalker

    420 blaze it noscope with a Magnum in the back of his head gg

  • RJ Morado
    RJ Morado

    8:44 lmfao

  • Neem

    What i wouldn't give to play this game for the first time again

  • Keegan Mitchell
    Keegan Mitchell

    new action movie coming soon 5:30 haha

  • AcTiv_ Elite
    AcTiv_ Elite

    Play with connor

  • LC Officer UNIT 97
    LC Officer UNIT 97

    WILDCAT: "Look at these cannons!" Me: Look at those Calfs! Get it? Cause he's a pig?

  • LC Officer UNIT 97
    LC Officer UNIT 97


  • Trachyboy6

    What a majestic outro

  • Ssmokiee 18
    Ssmokiee 18

    Soo is this fool a vergin, or this just part of the skit?😂

  • Dom 2x
    Dom 2x

    I was drinking water on 6:25 and then I spit it all out lmaoo

  • sami besoo
    sami besoo

    Good days gta videos

  • jd_mite

    12:36 For year's we did all that extra stuff just to get in. And all it took was one man going through the back door

  • Luis Vazquez
    Luis Vazquez

    Is anyone else missing and even wishing that Wildcat played with Vanoss again?

  • Jake Witherow
    Jake Witherow

    I love how they don’t know the gates at the airport open

  • marko .mp4_exe
    marko .mp4_exe

    How do they make them look so real? -courage

  • Melvino Frappuchino
    Melvino Frappuchino

    Wildcat:OH YOUR SO CUTE I JUST WANNA BEAT YOU TO DE... *hits marcel*

  • egirl.infinite. dark
    egirl.infinite. dark

    2:46 and 2:51 are the best 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Promatin

    My plans: 2020: 11:07

  • redracin 12
    redracin 12

    Man I'm jealous of courage now hes learning how to play the game that was the best part about gta back then learning the game

  • Zaddahar

    8:34 he full on shook after seeing the impressive animations of the lapdance

  • Andrew Leyton
    Andrew Leyton

    8:34 how much you bet the first thing they ask courage was record all of his expression when starting the game

  • Jack L
    Jack L

    I love this!

  • Duk PG3D
    Duk PG3D

    I loved that pyro tf2 reference

  • Justin Laplatney
    Justin Laplatney

    5:38 jack: PUT THE MONEY IN MY ASS

  • Trippyyy

    Why is marcel a monkey?

  • edelamora87

    Why don’t you play with delirious and vanoss?

  • Dusty Memes
    Dusty Memes

    14:29 youuu mmmmmm

  • Julien Torres
    Julien Torres

    What happened to coner

  • C Crazoman
    C Crazoman

    Ayy ayy ayy ayyyyy

  • Colby Scanlon
    Colby Scanlon

    How do you get a jet pack in the game I have no idea how and I’ve been playing for a while

  • One Weeby Boi
    One Weeby Boi

    Wildcat is the new fitz

  • yoboykyu

    Hi wildcat i love your videos but i have a question. What happened to playing with connor

  • bryan gaming
    bryan gaming

    Y’all should try and raid a military base

  • Josh Keene
    Josh Keene

    3:44 What unearthly sound did Wildcat just made?😂

  • CallMeSam

    I thought you were playing with MINILADD until I saw his gamertag😂

  • thebigbangdbz YT
    thebigbangdbz YT

    most Famous and accurate quote of the vid and in GTA: You gotta spend money to make money

  • Bullseye24Lp

    Hey man do you know when glitch is available again?

  • video recommendation guy
    video recommendation guy


  • Dead Roses
    Dead Roses

    good he's not doing this shit about George Forman

  • Kepzy

    So u left the crew or smthing

  • Yt_ Guestoftheday
    Yt_ Guestoftheday

    as soon as courage clicked download on GTA Wildcat: CONTENT lol love the vid

  • SEVA

    Falling in love with a GTA stripper is a thing now...!!

  • Jason Shuck
    Jason Shuck

    Do diamond casino heist

  • The Dragooned
    The Dragooned

    More gta

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