Guacamole - You Suck at Cooking (episode One Hundo)
You Suck At Cooking
Guacamole is an avocado's highest honor. Every avocado grows up wishing they could become this transcendent, authentic guacamole. Although authentic is a relative term because it's made differently in different parts of Mexico, let alone different countries, let alone different planets.
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How to Make This Guacamole
Step 1: Watch the video
Step 2: Follow the instructions
Step 3: Check the description for the recipe
Step 4: Take 3 avocados and do that stuff to them.
Step 5: Add in ¾ teaspoon of salt if they're large, ½ teaspoon if they're small, if you're unsure start with a bit and add more later
Step 6: Throw the cilantro in the trash if you have that genetic defect, otherwise, chop up a handful and throw it in the bowl with the avocado and squeeze a couple lime wedges in then chop up a deseeded tomato and add that in and around ⅓ to ½ cup finely chopped onion and then some jalapeño, don't be a baby, you love jalapeño but don't overdo it or you'll cry like a baby and it will also hurt on the way out.
Step 7: Get some tortilla chips or eat it with a spoon.
Step 8: Smash the subscribe button and also follow me on Instagram because I do different stuff there sometimes.
Step 9: You've worked hard, take a nap why don't you.

  • You Suck At Cooking
    You Suck At Cooking

    COMMENT GUYS. 100 VIDEOS. HOLY FREAKING COW. And pretty much coincidentally, I’ve finally gotten around to making one of those internet websites with merch and stuff: HOLY FRAGGIN DANG. Can’t thank all of you enough…those of you who have been here from the beginning and any of you who wandered in along the way: THANK YOU, I APPRECIATE YOU! HOLY FLAPPITY CHOP

    • Cooking My Way
      Cooking My Way

      @Jade master 9000 you can smd! Sob 😘

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      Jade master 9000

      @Cooking My Way ya know I was WOULD do it but because you're being a cocky basturd I won't do it

    • Cooking My Way
      Cooking My Way

      @Supernova gamer and your point is? Fresh starting doesn't mean to be bed. If you was trying to say this, you are pointless.

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      Supernova gamer

      @Cooking My Way yeah u over here with the 63 viewers u got on ur past vid 👀

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    Eggs are for chickens 🐔 🥚

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    DishSoap Gaming

    I know you ain’t about to use no rais... oh ok

  • CommunistVanilla

    I ate soap and it tastes like cilantro then I ate some cilantro and it tastes like cilantro I think I ate cilantro soap

  • Potato equals Communism
    Potato equals Communism

    What do call a duck and an avocado? Quackamole.

  • Calsamic :D
    Calsamic :D

    I’m allergic 2 avocado so idek why I’m even watching this.

  • Kyle Tidrick
    Kyle Tidrick

    You need cilantro in guacamole it brings it all together just avocado’s like and cilantro would be good

  • bishop davis
    bishop davis

    You forgot to use the RGOGSH chart!

  • Cupcake Cockatiels that are finally not bots!!!!
    Cupcake Cockatiels that are finally not bots!!!!


  • lilykep

    Guess I'm just unlucky cause cilantro tastes like soap

  • Gregg Aldridge
    Gregg Aldridge

    This really needs raisins.

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    Meru Barowski

    Wow... I watched from guacamole to guacamole... I FRICKIN DID IT FINALLY ONLY ACOUPLE LEFT TO WATCH EM ALL

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    Here we are again

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    Quang Anh Vu

    do u really have a roomate?

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    Alternate title: You suck at cooking episode 1 but pg

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    Shout out to my single nucleotide polymorphism people

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    Valerie D

    The dash of jalapeño really got me

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    Eclipse Basher

    Wow, I finally made this and my god it.... Could have used more lime

  • Night Of Wishes
    Night Of Wishes

    0:55 *_So like, what does it taste like normally?_*



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    The Count


  • TheJorge2538

    This are good funny videos but let’s this channel is not for cooking...

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    Needs some raisins

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    Prathamesh Chitre

    I remember how deastructive his first video ever was

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    Lucas Pollack-Hoyt

    I put garlic in my guacamole

  • Eclipse Flix
    Eclipse Flix

    I like how this was a redo of the first episode, but different

  • DiabloMinero

    I don't love cilantro, but I don't have that SNP, it just has mediocre texture and tastes like a plant.

  • pepperoni pizza
    pepperoni pizza

    so your knife was posessed by a chef

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    MJ Guzman

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    Leon Donzo

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    Ovidiu Trifanescu

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    Anthony C.

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    Nevermore 45

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    Just a person

    Watch out for the lime mom...

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    Srinath Koilakonda

    you're gross!!

  • Jackson Lucas
    Jackson Lucas

    When you realize that episode one hundred and episode one are both quacamole

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    I have an uncle that will make guacamole that will blow your mind!

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    Blackie Chan

    He’s like binging with babish, howtobasic and bill wurtz in one

  • account 112
    account 112

    yeah but *can you please cut the avocado*

  • Terence Osorio
    Terence Osorio

    I made a meal with this and 4 of your other recipes, and it was delicious! Keep making these videos, they're great!

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    Katlin Carrol

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    c. gwakamole

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    Sara Winberg

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    Mr DaBeaverSharkCookie

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    Lone Galaxy

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  • Fen

    It's sad my sister doesn't like cilantro, it doesn't taste like soap to her, she just doesn't like the smell or taste naturally T-T. I on the other hand have eaten cilantro raw by the small plateful

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    Twi John

    I love the edits

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    Aleksandar Volkanovski

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    Channel 179

    The season finale

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    Mari N

    0:55 SO THATS WHY

  • Hunter fishman
    Hunter fishman

    Never tried guacamole with 2 hits of acid, I just use shrooms or DMT in mine!

  • tt Gerv
    tt Gerv

    wow....that was...quite the experience

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  • McMel0ne

    Is the style the video is made in an homage to the guac video from PES?

  • mariela lopez
    mariela lopez

    I'm so happy you put some Chile and cilantro in your guacamoles 😋 it's part of the Mexican trinity, well at least on my part of the planet 😜

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    LittleLadyBugRug Love

    What if I use a three pronged fork?

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    Im grateful for the auto chop segment that must have taken a long time

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    Mr Doctor

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    Rand Meyer

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    i remember i stopped watching because i got mad you didn’t reply to my comment

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    • You Suck At Cooking
      You Suck At Cooking

      totally fair

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    William Hung

    Actually you suck

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    Celandro is the worst thing on earth. Before cancer.

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    Phillip Johnson

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  • Samuel Loomis
    Samuel Loomis

    To get the pit out of the avocado, you take a very sharp knife and slap the blade into pit. Then the knife will be embedded in the pit. Just turn the knife and remove the pit. Then remove the pit from the knife blade. You suck.

    • Felix Palmberg
      Felix Palmberg

      Samuel Loomis Or just pick it out

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