HACKER GIRL UNMASKED in NINJA BATTLE ROYALE In Real Life (Rescue Chad in Bag from Project Zorgo)
Vy Qwaint
After Chad Wild Clay made I'm Trapped Inside a Giant Bag for 24 HOURS (I Pretend to Sleep to Escape Project Zorgo Hackers), Vy Qwaint created HACKER GIRL DEFEATED by PROJECT ZORGO VIRUS (To Rescue PZ4 We Search Abandoned Desert For Cure) and Daniel uploaded SHE WON'T WAKE UP! I Rescue Hacker Girl PZ4 from Project Zorgo Virus to the Exposing Project Zorgo IT-my channel, the hackers framed PZ4 and Vy Qwaint. The wanted girls go to prison for 24 hours at 3am! CWC and Daniel helped them escape the prison escape room challenge however. PZ4 did a name reveal after the spy ninjas solve clues. Her name is Regina! The spy ninjas successfully capture the virus, but PZ4 spills it on her arm! VQ, and Daniel collect herbs to make a cure while CWC collects evidence at Project Zorgo's meeting room proving the spy ninjas are innocent. He has to pretend he is sleeping but is captured, put in a bag, and taken to an abandoned desert. Vy, PZ4 and Daniel go on a mission to save him but get into an epic hacker battle royale in real life. During the vlog, PZ4 gets her mask ripped off and does an unmasking! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • Vy Qwaint
    Vy Qwaint

    Hi Spy Ninjas! What did you think of our fight with the hackers?

    • Abrar Maflahi
      Abrar Maflahi

      Well done

    • Kukhi Rahman
      Kukhi Rahman

      You guys are great fighter

    • Marta Martinez
      Marta Martinez

      Hice vy

    • Javier Rodriguez
      Javier Rodriguez

      I love you. Vy is pretty and chad is cool

    • Brandon Hodge
      Brandon Hodge


  • Tayma Srouji
    Tayma Srouji

    The police officer sounds like pz9 and he also wears the same gloves

  • Cheeky Serious
    Cheeky Serious

    I never got a like

  • Zhuanyi Zhou
    Zhuanyi Zhou

    Did u see a PZ9 mask on that tall dude?

  • Steffany Gonzalez
    Steffany Gonzalez

    Bro u know that u gave the footage to a plz member because they were dressed up like a cop I know because what kind of cop runs away

  • Nabeela Ali
    Nabeela Ali

    Tell chad to put his weart on the bag

  • Jamie Mckie
    Jamie Mckie


  • lucas Robins
    lucas Robins

    They mhgte through him

  • Harumy Negrete
    Harumy Negrete



    The ha ken with the red bandana is PZ9 I saw the skull teeth

  • I am MotoMoto
    I am MotoMoto

    is chad ok?

  • savy,s days Schmidt
    savy,s days Schmidt

    That kick was the BEST

  • savy,s days Schmidt
    savy,s days Schmidt

    I'm not a creep

  • savy,s days Schmidt
    savy,s days Schmidt

    It's so cooool Want to see you guys

  • Sondra Veliz
    Sondra Veliz

    Hi I am alissa

  • Metacognitioner

    Aqwgq 🦋🎂🧁🍪🍫⚽️🥅🧗🏿‍♀️🏆🥇🎸🏎🚲🛴🌠😘🌭💵💰🛀🏽❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💝

  • Bano Saifuddin
    Bano Saifuddin

    GRAT jod

  • Shannon Stagavs
    Shannon Stagavs


  • ezel firat
    ezel firat

    On left thats pz9

  • Rorie Burling
    Rorie Burling

    The cop that is the hacker

  • Rorie Burling
    Rorie Burling

    Use this video for abuse and they’ll get arestad

  • Brady Plays
    Brady Plays

    That police officer is PZ9 look at those gloves

  • Ricky W
    Ricky W

    The police sound like pz9

  • Maurice Brown
    Maurice Brown

    I see them

  • Teddy Taylor
    Teddy Taylor

    The cop sounds like PZ9

  • Tenielle Hosking
    Tenielle Hosking

    I love all of yous and your videos

  • Menelik Burnett
    Menelik Burnett

    Ska Love you your videos Chad vy💝💞🖤🖤🖤🖤💗❤️fafdd56000119100000000000

  • Laurella Foster
    Laurella Foster

    So heavily because project zorgo is always farting spy NIJAS is the best because they help out

  • Jose


  • Yvonne Young
    Yvonne Young

    How do you not see them

  • Efren Fajardo
    Efren Fajardo

    When hacker got pz you can see the hoody of chad wild clay metch

  • Said Bousnitra
    Said Bousnitra

    Chad you are my favorite you are the best fighter in 😀😁😍😘🤩😊🤗😥

  • Jasmine Young
    Jasmine Young

    Did anybody see the hackers pans

  • Eddies Fun Time
    Eddies Fun Time

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰 the only way you would know how hard I can get you to get to where I h to work to get h to the end.

    • Eddies Fun Time
      Eddies Fun Time

      543 percent chance

  • Baljeet Pannu
    Baljeet Pannu

    PZfunf PZ409 PZ8 PZ3 PZ409 PZ0 PZ45 PZ8 PZ301 PZ30 PZ2 PZ30 ANGANTPAL

  • ana arelis pimentel
    ana arelis pimentel

    we need to stop project zorgo from hacking and bay the way project zorgo is the one how need to get frame

  • Shortty0316

    Did u guys relize the rocks will hurt chad more

  • Rachel White
    Rachel White

    I’m working a

  • Ibrahim Rehman
    Ibrahim Rehman

    He said compelling

  • Megan Kidd
    Megan Kidd


  • Bonita Hall
    Bonita Hall

    From Jacinta I love love your chano Love love love love 💖

  • Lucyna Kuruc
    Lucyna Kuruc

    The Hackers took Chad when you were looking for something sharp

  • rani govindasami
    rani govindasami

    Not done

  • Bryanna Ellis
    Bryanna Ellis

    Did you hear the police say compelling like the other pz member when his thing stopped working it sounded exactly like it maybe that police is that hacker and was never gonna turn it in to the police

  • Layan Ashraf
    Layan Ashraf

    Chad vy Regina and Daniel the police guy had the same gloves as pz9 the best pooper and he said compelling and when he ran i think he had black hair like pz9

  • Itz Natalya C
    Itz Natalya C

    Wait Guys.. Vy I Swear I Saw Something I Dont Know Vy Sub To My Channel Thid Is Home Much Subs They Have | | | |

  • Tabatha Snider
    Tabatha Snider

    Ahh help chad🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭😭😭🥺

  • Christine Marrone
    Christine Marrone

    I love you


    Be nice to target yoga so they can’t find you anymore

    • Lucyna Kuruc
      Lucyna Kuruc

      ESTER SALAMI What does being nice to target yoga so they can’t find you anymore what does that mean you weird and you’re really weird because you’re dumb you don’t know how to write and why did you say be nice to Tara get yoga so they can’t find you anywhere does that mean you tried saying together please tell me you

  • Tahmina Begum
    Tahmina Begum

    The project zorgo saw you guys like if agree👍

  • slavi mihaylov
    slavi mihaylov


  • Rhonda Alexander
    Rhonda Alexander


  • Nene Muaka
    Nene Muaka

    but i his video he compelling

  • Tayah Tuipulotu
    Tayah Tuipulotu

    Did you guys not hear what he said he said the word compelling

  • Ashley Stroud
    Ashley Stroud

    This is how you’re going to bring him to the police station project Zorgo is always watching

  • Nabihah Rehman
    Nabihah Rehman

    Project zogo is waching

  • Claire Egan
    Claire Egan

    The hacker who ripped pz4 mask is the one who set the fire of their old safe house and atleast vy is not the only girl

  • Eliel Mpeti Eliya
    Eliel Mpeti Eliya

    CHAD AD PS4 AD VY AD VY AD DANIEL $$$$$ 🇦🇬🇦🇲🇧🇯🚫🇦🇱🚳🚹🛅🇦🇱☢🇦🇲☢🇦🇲♿🇦🇱🇦🇽🚳🚹🇦🇱🇦🇽🚳🇧🇯🚫🇦🇬🇧🇯🚸🇧🇧

  • Luccas Matthew
    Luccas Matthew

    Project Zorgo is our losers

    • Luccas Matthew
      Luccas Matthew

      If you see the Hocker there’s a red thing under his mask

  • Arjun Gautam
    Arjun Gautam

    That police police officer said compelling and he sounded like the hacker who you revealed the voice of and that hacker also said compelling

  • Raymond Dempsey
    Raymond Dempsey

    Spy ninjas i seen a note in her back pocket

  • Mesfin Fano
    Mesfin Fano


  • axlxav


  • salema khaton
    salema khaton

    chad i feel sorry for you and how could they do that!

  • french french family
    french french family

    Kryz you stole what I said

  • french french family
    french french family

    Ps.pz4 is rigina

  • Peter Lagah
    Peter Lagah

    Her name is Regina

  • Callum Davies
    Callum Davies

    Chad it is gonna be okay

  • Mikkel Snediker 2Y Herstedvester Skole
    Mikkel Snediker 2Y Herstedvester Skole

    Spille lige nu jeg spiller det lige nu hey hvad består mange børn får og lektier med mig tjener banan chokolade det er det der er der er der ikke endnu ikke endnu hvornår bor du er du er du

  • Amarilis Duarte
    Amarilis Duarte

    Pz 9 is justen

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