Hairdresser Reacts To Girl Melting Her Hair Off With Bleach
Brad Mondo
Hi Beautiful! Woah, this girls having a MELT DOWN. A hair one! Don't try this at home!


  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo

    That hair is botched hunnayy

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson

      Please do a video on the for brown hair treatment overtone!!!🙏🙏🙏

    • Ruth Brent
      Ruth Brent

      Alot alot of it was cut off and my roots are grown out about an ich if not more.

    • Ruth Brent
      Ruth Brent

      Question: My hair is super damaged and blue, I bought 20v sensitive scalp developer and bleach w some kindove oleplex in it. Can I do my roots if I am very careful? I need to redye my hair w turquoise from Artic Fox. Is this recommended?

    • DIY Dejah
      DIY Dejah

      Brad Mondo can u help with my hair it’s dyed crazy and I let a friend do it

    • DestinyKiller

      I'm sure you hear this all the time but your hair is just - smooch! Is beautiful!

  • Gina Zambrano
    Gina Zambrano

    Oh my god I laughing so hard "it's not shampoo! it's not shampoooo!"

  • Chelsie Gainey
    Chelsie Gainey

    i cant watch this omg

  • Ashley Crouch
    Ashley Crouch

    I feel so bad for the first girl omg! :( It looks like spaghetti noodles when they get burned at the bottom of the pot. :(

  • Ashley Irwin
    Ashley Irwin

    That's exactly what I said before you did. Honey, just shave your head. Oh I feel bad lol

  • Atty Art
    Atty Art

    if you saw my hair before ging to Korea for an exchange program, you would die. I went to a hairdresser to get a new look bcs my dream came true and i wanted to look good. And she totally ruined and destroyed my hair. My hair ended up really badly damaged, with poor color that she chose (not me) and when she started cutting my hair I told hair i don't wanna have it too short. She completely destroyed my beautiful thick hair and made it really thin with bleached stains and aweful oringe. Believe me, I looked like i was waring a cheap synthetic wig.... When i woke up in the morning, i looked like Pennywise after heavy drinking night...

  • Lizzie15

    When he said "it's really white" and the fox news pic came up I died

  • angel seguine
    angel seguine

    4:05 😂 brad needs a hug he's freaking out and feeling the stress for this guy😂

  • A Middle School Reader
    A Middle School Reader

    Bruh let’s hope she looks good with a pixie

  • December Darnell
    December Darnell

    See, I’ve bleached my hair loads before and dyed it blah blah blah. It’s never fallen out and is quite healthy, I don’t use box bleach/dye and never start from the roots. Every time I watch one of your bleach fail videos I feel like I’m missing something 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • MidNightChan gacha
    MidNightChan gacha

    Yall need need to learn how to go to Sally's beauty And stop with the Fricking BOX DYE

  • Chriss Colette
    Chriss Colette

    Brad always validates high-school me’s decision to not bleach my own hair.

  • Cindy S
    Cindy S

    Common denominator: Low I.Q.s The USA spends nearly the most of any country in the world on education and has complete failure in results.

  • Celina Gigliello
    Celina Gigliello

    we almost broke brad with this one

  • Janae Thomas
    Janae Thomas

    mutilated white, bob ross is quaking

  • Lil ms. Lewis
    Lil ms. Lewis

    This is why I'm not subscribed to you now cuz you won't SHUT UP MY GOD🙄

    • Lil ms. Lewis
      Lil ms. Lewis

      Yes hate comment back at it again

  • Strangerthingsisbae

    Brad:hello beautiful!! Me:**eats burrito like a dinosaur**

  • Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams

    i died a little inside as soon as i saw her pull out that box dye like it was no biggie just after brad was so happy she wasn't using it the first time

  • Elmo harris
    Elmo harris

    When he said he blow drying it My heart broke

  • Dixie Rodriguez
    Dixie Rodriguez


  • Odette Vieira
    Odette Vieira

    Do you watch the videos first before you review them for us?

  • IssyRo Tiger
    IssyRo Tiger

    9:05 when I’m starving and I realize my brother ate the last snack

  • The trash can
    The trash can


  • Dekayla Pollard
    Dekayla Pollard

    please make merch that says bleach is not shampoo

  • 룐나 ♡
    룐나 ♡

    She’s literally the dumbest b*tch ever, who the hell would sleep with bleach in their hair, or forget they had bleach in their hair, shave your head, nothing can fix that

  • Jasmijn Peters
    Jasmijn Peters

    Omg i want you to do my hair soo bad!! ❤️

  • PickAction 182
    PickAction 182

    “i need to see my therapist after this video” 😂

  • Nim Rod
    Nim Rod

    So some boi in senior year in my school pulled a fuckin james charles and oml i wish u could help him.

  • orchid city
    orchid city

    The first girl made me so fucking mad like, she thought after seeing her hair FALL THE FUCK OUT , she decided to dye it anyway. Like wtf is wrong with you???

  • Trancemaniac3000

    Oh my word Brad Mondo you are so adorable 😊

  • Brittany Golden
    Brittany Golden

    Thank you for the laugh, per usual!

  • Pamela Adame
    Pamela Adame

    Brad: And we’re probably gonna see it on you again I DIED laughing. You sounded like a cartoon villain threatening to come back after having been defeated.

  • Emily Hall
    Emily Hall

    Watching brad mondo videos just makes me more hyped to box dye my hair

  • Maycie Ray
    Maycie Ray

    Why is her hair served up on a plate with lettuce leaves hahahahahah

  • Artyz jamz
    Artyz jamz

    The guy low key looks like Wooyoung from Ateez , right?

  • ✨Radish Alex✨
    ✨Radish Alex✨


  • KimmyKimchii

    Stumbled across your channel by accident! You're a real character and I really enjoyed watching your videos. :)

  • Heather Hughes
    Heather Hughes

    Well damn, I should've video recorded me destroying my hair 2 years ago, cause I could totally use some free supplies!! LOL. My hair is still recovering from the noodle state and I've cut off a good 6 to 8 inches. I fried my hair badly the first and only time I've ever bleached my hair on my own. NEVER AGAIN!

  • Mairi Voorhees
    Mairi Voorhees

    My hair's falling out and it's not even bleached.... guess I'm just getting old :/

  • Winter London
    Winter London

    Did this video hurt your soul? It felt like it tbh

  • kait schoen
    kait schoen

    i hope the kid in the video sees this and dude really spends help

  • lovebloodfam333

    That first girl damn neat gave me an aneurism

  • Alina Bishop
    Alina Bishop

    Mutilated white, oh you Bob Ross now naming those colors.

  • Baba’s Lullabies - Diana May
    Baba’s Lullabies - Diana May

    Brad you are so adorable and fun

  • Amber Rae
    Amber Rae

    This one was so damn emotional 🤣

  • Ioana Toacsen
    Ioana Toacsen

    I remember damaging my hair SO BAD that I legit thought the bleach didn't wash off entirely - actually my hair melted, stretched like crazy, it was all chunks of hair just like in this video I even washed it 2 times just to make sure it's not the case. P. S. I immediately chopped it all off - never again; I also didn't record which is a shame 😁

  • Angela Shaw
    Angela Shaw

    Maybe she is color blind lol

  • Candy

    I’ve never face palmed so much in my entire life.

  • kassi nichol
    kassi nichol

    This makes me want to cry

  • fatima keefah
    fatima keefah

    I’ve never seen brad look so disappointed and frustrated and I feel bad for enjoying it lol but he’s so funny

  • Gisselle Granados
    Gisselle Granados

    Yo why are your roots like piss yellow 17:15 LMAO 🤣

  • Lou Bradly
    Lou Bradly

    I have super dark hair and want to go ash brown so bad. When I was talking to my friend about it she shouted "DO IT YOURSELF SO BRAD MONDO CAN REACT!"

  • Katerina Maximus
    Katerina Maximus

    Love ya brad!

  • Lucy Simpson
    Lucy Simpson

    Wow I just realize he talks like Stewe from family guy

  • Purpledragon 89
    Purpledragon 89

    I’ve had bleach damage so bad it went to a jelly-like consistency...I thought that was traumatic enough, you know, pulling away handfuls of long hair. Nope! When I had to get a pixie cut and cut it all off, it looked super cute...until all the comments of “OMG! You look just like your mum!” THATS WHEN IT WAS REALLY TRAUMATIC!!

  • Emily Petty
    Emily Petty

    Me: *watches Brad Mondo explain exactly why damaged hair doesn't hold color. Knows better now* Also me: "I'm gonna dye my hair tomorrow with a box set at home, cause I'm bored"

  • Raven Myers
    Raven Myers

    I knew someone who thought you used real household bleach to lighten your hair. Yeahh that went as well as you'd expect it to.

  • computer

    She dyed her forehead more than your hair :^

  • 4NN13 H
    4NN13 H

    Did that dude bleach his eyebrow a little, too, tho?

  • K

    5:29 Sweetie, all hair is dead.

  • dietLIT

    I've never seen someone so determined to ruin her hair

  • STDrepository

    This guy looks like if Milo Yiannopoulos and Pewdiepie had a baby together.

  • Buck Fuddy
    Buck Fuddy

    Who TF FALLS ASLEEP with hair lightener in their hair??? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Steve's Jiujitsu Journey
    Steve's Jiujitsu Journey

    I love Mondo's hair...

  • illidelphian1

    I use BW2 with 40 volume, on my scalp, every time it comes out perfect. I usually don’t even have to tone it. And luckily it’s still shiny and smooth when it’s dry. I don’t know how the Frick I get away with the BW2 and 40 volume. Lol

  • Lauren Alfieri
    Lauren Alfieri

    GIRL take the L ya can’t fix it

  • laila turkman
    laila turkman

    Please make some merch were it says “ bleach is not shampoo”

  • Tricia Cardone
    Tricia Cardone

    My head burns just seeing him freaking lather and scrub bleach onto his SCALP!

  • shivani saluja
    shivani saluja


  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown

    "Dead hair looks so gross" S'all dead, my guy

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