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Hamilton And Vettel's Near Miss In Montreal | 2019 Canadian Grand Prix
A flashpoint in a compelling race and the moment that ultimately decided the result of Sunday's grand prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.
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  • bestpizzabakker

    Playing at double speed makes Vettel a great rapper, tbh..

  • Wences Lee
    Wences Lee

    Just wondering: If indeed Vettel didn't deserve that penalty, why didn't Ferrari file an appeal? 🤔

  • Archtop Guitar
    Archtop Guitar

    Boo Hoo whan whan.... Seb f'd up plain and simple .... Niki Lauda would say the same .... so focus on cleaning your mess in France and win in Austria ... if you can't do them, then take up basket-weaving because you will be done with F1.

  • Alex Morrell
    Alex Morrell

    Looking for F1 posters for your Mancave?

  • Raton LaveurDeVitres
    Raton LaveurDeVitres

    Still a baby.

  • DieZockerZone

    its true what vettel said , if hamilton goes left side he would overtake easily

  • simone porrati
    simone porrati


  • Dj Axell Br.
    Dj Axell Br.

    Vettel errou, foi pra grama, estabilizou o carro e ao sair jogou as rodas na direção do Hamilton, FIA tá certa com os 5 segundos de punição! Veja o Vettel no trecho final da grama como a Ferrari tá estabilizada reta, até na hora em que as rodas dianteira está no asfalto e se ele tivesse a intenção de evitar a batida contra o muro as rodas deveria está viradas na direção oposta do próprio muro! Caso encerrado!

  • GeroTon

    Driver get off the track with 4 tires. He made a mistake that's that. Lewis easily was passing by him, but Vettel cut off the track dangerously and blocked him made him break hard. Come on! Okay he had nowhere to be fucking glad Vettel you didn't wreck the car and total the race with 0 point. Beyond everything how this guy with rookie mistakes he has made in the past few years could become 4 fucking times World Champion..poor Alonso..

  • Peter Lai
    Peter Lai

    Play in slowmo and you see vettel purposely turning to the right so hamilton couldn’t get thru.

  • tderias

    You know Vettel maintained speed as he went through the grass in order not to lose position, and that's why its a fair penalty

  • おきちゅhachi

    FIA payback for that weak penalty issued down after 2017 Baku clash

  • Ogba Igwe
    Ogba Igwe

    Vettel lost control n got back in d track, which force lewis to break... think ppl... if lewis did not break his hitting the wall... vettel mistake take your 5sec penalty

  • Koko Mmc
    Koko Mmc

    2016. 2016. 2016. 2016

  • papa leguas
    papa leguas

    Essa puxadinha no volante que vez fechou Hamilton , Vettel joga sujo

  • zh1992

    Regardless of whether it was deliberate or not it was dangerous. As he’s rejoined the track he’s blocked another car forcing the driver to brake hard to prevent a crash. You can call “conspiracy” and any other bs all you want but had the situation been reversed, Vettel and Ferrari wouldn’t be complaining, they’d be in full support of the stewards decision.

  • pako joe
    pako joe

    A ver si ponen en español esto tambien miramos la f1

  • funee man
    funee man

    Get that fool Vettel out of the Ferrari and let me drive it. Pastor Maldonado can be the number 2.

  • fsoon yoog
    fsoon yoog

    That was really bad move from vettel. Dangerous and he should been disqualified for that move!

  • Brandon

    If anyone from Formula 1 reads this: fuck off. Calling this sort of a penalty at a track such as Montreal with this much on the line is anti-climactic bullshit. If you don't want incidents such as this happening then don't race at a track where there is literally zero runoff. Vettel's options were to either put it in the wall or try to save it. By successfully saving the car he re-entered the track in an "unsafe" manner and got penalized for it, costing him his first win in almost a year. I'm not a Vettel or Ferrari fan but come on. Decisions like the ones the stewards made last weekend continue to hurt what should be a great sport and spectacle. Combine that with Mercedes' dominance over the past several years and F1 is going to lose viewers and therefore money if they haven't been doing so already.

  • MinatoP3GTC

    FIA. Not only have you ruined F1. You have ruined A LOT of motorsports.

  • Alberto Ascari
    Alberto Ascari

    I'm Italian and it hurts but Vettel made a mistake, yes he had no place to go but he made a mistake, if Lewis doesn't brake like he did they both crash.. Vettel is not worthy of the Ferrari spot imo.

  • Ιωαννα Ναουμ
    Ιωαννα Ναουμ

    Vettel wins the MONTREAL

  • popeyepanther

    F1 concept sucks, the drivers are great though. We need more of Forza Horizon in F1. Please make the cars more rigid and more power. Smash and grab, shake and bake.

  • Miroslav Bruna
    Miroslav Bruna

    stupid results refree

  • Jon Ronnquist
    Jon Ronnquist

    F1 has been a dead sport for years now. It's a competition between investment vehicles, masquerading as a competition between racing vehicles.

  • Arad Keywankhah
    Arad Keywankhah

    In Monaco 2016 Hamilton did same but no penalty

  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan

    They are now called MAFIA: Mercedes Associated Federation International Automobile

    • Daniel Castro
      Daniel Castro


  • NaFaN9 [BLR]
    NaFaN9 [BLR]

    Vettel still would have slowed down when he went to the trajectory

  • Slartibarfart

    He could have given hamilton more space tho... You see that after he regains control he stops turning left for a bit to then continue to close the gap and only then turn left

    • Slartibarfart

      @Daniel Castro at the end he could have done it without losing control, you already saw him steering left and not losing control at all. Meaning he could have continued that, but no he didn't. He straightened out when he looked in the mirror and saw Lewis.

    • Daniel Castro
      Daniel Castro

      he did that because we would lose control and spin out, he had to even out to not lose control

  • Adi Teo
    Adi Teo

    BS with the grass. He did that on purpose. I haven't watched F1 in a while. If the biggest thing in the news is a near miss between 2 drivers, there is nothing to lose. Anyway, I could never stand looser who cut the front on purpose. 5 secs penalty is a joke. Disqualify any such attempts because the lack of overtakes is what makes F1 boring.

  • yeni toy
    yeni toy

    that and still preserve the lead.

  • Schumy 7
    Schumy 7

    Lewis what a sneaky jerk

  • Trust Game
    Trust Game

    2016. 2016. 2016. 2016

  • filger67- Rock
    filger67- Rock

    You did see him Sebastian. You saw him and panicked, then blocked him. And as far as stealing, last season your incompetent second half of the season driving stole what could have been a last race title decider from F1 fan's.

  • deoo iopg
    deoo iopg

    F1 Fans : FIA please let incompetent drivers become world champions who can't even stay on track every other race.

  • Whiteyes 2015
    Whiteyes 2015

    A ver si ponen en español esto tambien miramos la f1

  • Jørgen Ramdahl
    Jørgen Ramdahl

    People here that complain about FIA. Well, maybe they are doing bad things in other races, but this move from vettel was REALLY bad and could ahve resulted ina big crash. The little inmature boy vettel deserved a penalty

  • Jørgen Ramdahl
    Jørgen Ramdahl

    That was really bad move from vettel. Dangerous and he should been disqualified for that move!

  • partikelsmusic

    This is Racing. #F1 without FIA

  • Jiey Klg
    Jiey Klg

    Dangerous blocking driver by vettle... 👎👎

  • Jackster31

    Crybaby Vettel...shut it oh yeah and next time don’t make a mistake so you can keep fighting on the track and won’t need to be penalized. Right result, however unpopular the decision.

  • joeh tom
    joeh tom

    After this shit....wrc it is from now on...

  • 7seattle7

    Put your finger in ass crying boy vettel

  • PeePaw

    that is how f1 is today you can have a conversation while you race.

  • tatt oo sticker
    tatt oo sticker

    RIP F1

  • cccssscccsss2

    I would agree if Vettel didn't accelerate when he went back on the tarmac. That made him loose control again and squeezed Hamilton. It is unfortunate, cause tainted the race, but I still think the penalty is correct.

  • Federico Schoeller
    Federico Schoeller

    So close to decide. After seeing it 10 times, 5 seconds violation looks fair for me. (Even when I wanted Seb to win the race)

    • Don Guru de Bro
      Don Guru de Bro

      Ok i literally hate seb and i think its unfair - if Vettel dosent counter steer he is in the wall, if Hamilton goes on the inside he is through, if he goes on the outside with no braking he is through (just enough place for that). Moreover even if he defended the FIA statet let them race, so even in that case the contradict them self!

  • A

    3 second penalty is harsh

  • perfectoquality

    I want a job a as steward this is clearly 50/50 cancelled

  • DanyKun10

    Le hecha la culpa a Hamilton jaja!

  • Kaver

    Vettel got grass on his wheels because of a mistake that HE made. He can only blame himself. It was bad driving and unsafe driving. It's logic that you can't make a mistake like that and still preserve the lead.

  • glenys riley
    glenys riley

    Vettel says he should have taken the inside.......uuuuuhhhh dude you were snaking the whole road how the fuck could he have?

  • BrightSide


  • Walter W. Krijthe
    Walter W. Krijthe

    Why did Vettel blame Hamilton? "It's his fault if he decides to go that way. If he'd gone to the inside he'd got past me!" It wasn't Hamilton who went off track. It doesn't matter if you agree with Vettel being punished or not, Hamilton did not cause the incident. Vettel did.

  • mr Hotman
    mr Hotman

    F1 Fans : FIA please let incompetent drivers become world champions who can't even stay on track every other race.

  • mr Hotman
    mr Hotman

    F1 Fans : FIA please let Vettel make driving mistakes and let him get away with it because we hate drivers winning that dont make driving errors and can actually drive their cars even in racing competition situations.

  • Rahul Mohammed
    Rahul Mohammed

    To me it's Vettel's fault and he deserved the penalty...... He screwed up and he paid the price

  • Penduga Nafsu
    Penduga Nafsu

    cry vettel

  • Gameplaylike

    Vettel did well to avoid crashing his car into the walls.

    • filger67- Rock
      filger67- Rock

      @Gameplaylike I see the point your making. To me a racing incident is two car's duelling on the TRACK. When a driver leave's the track without being forced off that is not a racing incident that is INCOMPETENCE.Why should he keep his position.

    • Gameplaylike

      @filger67- Rock No wall there wasn't a possibility at all as Vettel said it's very easy to drive a F1 car with grass on the tires and lots of oversteer 🤦

    • filger67- Rock
      filger67- Rock

      @Gameplaylike Just which wall are you talking about ?.

    • Gameplaylike

      ​@filger67- Rock WTF that doesn't make sense

    • filger67- Rock
      filger67- Rock

      There was no chance of that.Hamiltons car was pretty much a buffer between his car and the wall.

  • Raimund Heigl
    Raimund Heigl

    Please just look at Monaco 2016. Lewis vs Riccardo same thing, but no penalty. Sad

    • Daniel Castro
      Daniel Castro

      Lewis is just preffered over any other driver we know it but alot of peapol dont show it

  • skyZZo

    After this shit....wrc it is from now on...

  • Vad Ch.
    Vad Ch.

    Honestly, are we racing or "He came on the track so dangerously"?

  • Jani Välimäki
    Jani Välimäki

    RIP F1

  • Dr. Edgar Segura
    Dr. Edgar Segura

    F1 keep destroying racing.... indycars are much better, wrc, wec, f-e, box soap racing is better than f1..... stupids.... i feel sorry for Ferrari

  • Inma Desinadia
    Inma Desinadia

    Sancion justa. Vettel es un mediocre. Lo sancionan menos de lo que merece.

  • Uwe Claußnitzer
    Uwe Claußnitzer

    That pretty much sums up today's F1. After all it's motorsport. The governing body, stewards included, makes a muppet show out of it.

  • Garibaldi Gallas
    Garibaldi Gallas

    And now they will not be appealing the decision again. Vettel was only trying to deflect attention away from the mistake he made.

    • Daniel Castro
      Daniel Castro

      Look At this . Now what Lewis fanboy 3

  • Clive Mckenzie
    Clive Mckenzie

    he clearly blocked him are yall fucking blind

  • Clive Mckenzie
    Clive Mckenzie

    that fucker could have kept left fuck that

  • Mark Nicholson
    Mark Nicholson

    5 second penalty for saving your car and not causing a wreck. Oh well...nascar penalized themselves out of a fan base too.

  • Edoardo Peluso
    Edoardo Peluso

    Why is there no cockpit camera? From the inside you can cleary see Vettel's struggle with the steering wheel to control the car after he went on the grass so it was not his will to block Lewis.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    This is just Ferrari trying to lay the blame elsewhere for their own deficiencies and trying play the victim. Their poor tactical decisions have cost them races and it was their driver who made a mistake under pressure that cost them victory. Ferrari and Ferrari alone are the reason we don't have a decent championship fight at the moment.

  • Affalterbach Brackley 1967
    Affalterbach Brackley 1967

    It is fair that the official F1 channel gives Vettel room fo rebuttals.

  • Joe Pearson
    Joe Pearson

    Hamilton is the best just face it vettal fans

    • Uwe Claußnitzer
      Uwe Claußnitzer

      Yes, that's why he was 2nd in a superior car...

  • Gaurav Kamboj
    Gaurav Kamboj

    he adjusted steering wheel clearly.. mf

  • Aris Routis
    Aris Routis

    Unless FIA gets its act together, stops the barbaric favoritism towards Mercedes, the hate towards Ferrari and their favoritism towards Max Verstappen, soon enough their product will be so devalued, that Liberty will be selling their investment for scraps. And that will lead to Mercedes to pull from F1 (again). Whether FiA likes it or not, people care for Ferrari, whether to see it win or lose. This kind of treatment and the way they try to establish a GOAT (Hamilton) by all means necessary just get people disinterested to the sport.

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James

    All you guys who thought Vettel was a good driver in the RB days, are gonna have to start to realize that: it was the car, trying to dis Hamilton will not make Vettel any better, he is Hamilton's bitch, end of..

  • Rhondinelle Silva
    Rhondinelle Silva

    Punição injusta para Vettel. A FIA falhou desta vez, assim como falha muitas vezes. Infelizmente todos os seguimentos de esportes hoje em dia tem regras demais. Por isso não tem disputas como antigamente...

  • Cem Ece
    Cem Ece


  • Ed Groves
    Ed Groves

    0.23 steers towards hamilton

  • Peter Yianilos
    Peter Yianilos

    Clearly no malicious intent, but still a mistake.

  • Lenin Orozco
    Lenin Orozco

    Who else came from Salomondrin’s Channel? 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Daniel Plummer
    Daniel Plummer

    Apparently Ferrari are not appealing the decision, rather telling that. Massive fuss about nothing

    • Erick Díaz
      Erick Díaz

      If Ferrari are not appealing, means that that they are recognizing it was Vettel mistake? I say yes.

  • Minh Nguyen Le
    Minh Nguyen Le

    "I had no way to go"," i didnt see him"😂 So the grass made him steer twice to the right? And yeah hamilton was not at his back the whole time? So who thinks germans arent funny 😄

  • Supercars Dreamer
    Supercars Dreamer

    i did this all the time in F1 game lmao

  • Boldizsar Bibza
    Boldizsar Bibza


  • An Ge
    An Ge

    Villeneuve, Wurz, Surer, Hill, Prost, Ricchiardo and the list goes on and on .. all pro racedriver .. when all these people say this penalty was bullshit then you really can believe it! .. even lewis himself said in sebs situation he would do exactly the same thing ;) .. the only cocksucker is rosberg junior :D

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    Seb could have stayed on the inside instead of heading for the outer wall. Hamilton was just following the usual racing line and Vettel lost some control and left the track, which is a no-no, regardless. Vettel made the mistake here. His behavior/temper tantrum post-race was also uncalled for and unsportsmanlike.

    • Sans Sin
      Sans Sin

      Vettel mad an intentionally mistake but this was the only chance for Lewis to overtake him . I m a Ferrari and Seb fan but honestly Lewis deserved winning , He never dumbly lost a race and He perfectly controled the car as ever.

  • BrightSide


  • wiskimike

    formula 1 diggs its own grave. well done. this was NO incedent, this was racing.

  • jonatha mendes
    jonatha mendes

    foi justa a punição, Vettel tremeu de novo!!!

  • Mate Brešković
    Mate Brešković

    Apparently more likely that I get a girlfriend than Ferrari winning anything

  • Ricki G
    Ricki G

    i love reading youtube comments, everyone suddenly becomes a professional regarding what the video is about.

  • PJMontoya

    I heard that Lewis Hamilton is responsible for global warming, whale hunting and child poverty

    • PJMontoya

      Mark Nicholson Nope. He beats them to death bare handed.

    • Mark Nicholson
      Mark Nicholson

      He clubs baby seals in the off season.

  • Snow Rabbit
    Snow Rabbit

    The penalty is not the point anymore! It’s the inconsistency that’s the problem! Hamilton never gets a penalty for similar stuff.. something stinks and it will surface some day.

  • Cyphi

    Looks like perfectly right penalisation to me. Left track, on the way back blocked Hamilton, seems reasonable to me. So much drama for something so obvious. Eh, F1..

  • Manas Bekov
    Manas Bekov

    Thats shame judges

  • donziperk

    Hey F1 wanna wanna suffer the same fate as nascar keep this crap up. What I saw was racing until the penalty. Vettel is right Hamilton should have gone to the inside to pass. He should have recognized Vettels car would drift to the outside after being on the grass.

  • Dirty Harry
    Dirty Harry

    Most races they hav british no wonder this

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