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  • Marilena Demeski
    Marilena Demeski

    4:25 B is he's wife

  • zay galaxy
    zay galaxy

    Yes mam

  • David Dunham
    David Dunham

    One is empty all the rest has a suitcase in them

  • David Xie
    David Xie

    Gertrude evil

  • Yaya Pizano
    Yaya Pizano

    B is his wife


    I’m lilah

  • Mui and Hieu Dinh
    Mui and Hieu Dinh

    Bruh can’t he just get gas -.-

  • Tonya Chastain
    Tonya Chastain

    Snipper wolf you are good at riddles



  • Emma Zalutina
    Emma Zalutina

    B. Is his wife

  • Rejoice Obazee
    Rejoice Obazee

    the teapot has two spouts

  • unicorn unaysa
    unicorn unaysa

    Its easy it was the one with with the -~The punch-~ofc


    Take your money if they hack into your bank account that happen to my moms 0NCE

  • Midnight Annabelle
    Midnight Annabelle

    Hi leah (sorry if I got your name wrong)

  • Steven Hughes
    Steven Hughes


  • Steven Hughes
    Steven Hughes


  • Chocolate Chips!!!
    Chocolate Chips!!!

    B is his wife

  • Chanpisey Ing
    Chanpisey Ing

    Wow you are good

  • Ikroop Sandhu
    Ikroop Sandhu

    For the deer he could of turned of his headlights

  • Ajla Zahirovic
    Ajla Zahirovic

    Those ridles make me confused

  • Ajla Zahirovic
    Ajla Zahirovic


  • Mila Lanuza
    Mila Lanuza


  • sunny adewale
    sunny adewale


  • Lilah Connolly
    Lilah Connolly

    10:02 Me: o my god thats my name lilah and my favorite flower is a lilac

  • Max- Mazing
    Max- Mazing

    I am feeling like poop

  • Servis Tirana
    Servis Tirana

    The b his wife

  • Jeremiah Rosales
    Jeremiah Rosales

    Your so beutyful i can even kiss you or give you an island because im son of duterte president in phillipines friend me at face book jeremiah rosales

  • Mickayla McDonald
    Mickayla McDonald

    In the first riddle that woman had an Adam’s apple and the man didn’t

  • ZmanDuma

    What th heck happened to the gardener legs 8:35

  • Arze Andrade
    Arze Andrade

    I already watched the 3rd question the hotel one the rich girl one

  • Flip Freaks
    Flip Freaks

    Don’t mean to be rude but actually there is one empty suitcase the other three have different suitcases in them

  • Cat Pineapple
    Cat Pineapple

    'A baby deer and big deer' What kind of highway is this?!

  • Eden Mackie
    Eden Mackie

    You are so good at name's it literally looks like a Johnny .

  • Jess20080 T
    Jess20080 T

    When the flowers were stolen it doesn’t even look like the gardener has a 2nd foot!

    • Rayyana Dia
      Rayyana Dia

      I know

  • Nadia Nur Jui
    Nadia Nur Jui


  • Mariska Rubemeyer
    Mariska Rubemeyer

    My dad once purposely hit a deer in the middle of the road and didn’t care.

    • Cat Pineapple
      Cat Pineapple

      Awhhh nooooooo

    • justemily v
      justemily v

      awe the poor deer:(

  • amber vivenn
    amber vivenn

    I love your video .

  • Ðëĵáĥ and Ţērvēl
    Ðëĵáĥ and Ţērvēl

    coming with four empty suitcases, no i'm sorry, the big one has all the others . ACTUALLY, no i'm sorry she only came with one empty suitcase sense all of them were carrying a suitcase except for the smallest.

  • Sothanika SOK
    Sothanika SOK

    Damn these is easy for lia * me in bed thinking *

  • Kajsiab Lee
    Kajsiab Lee

    Iwewoqacxxkjawksiemele often ne om j.lo kkkkklllll

  • Leah Margine
    Leah Margine

    When she pretends to be a v-sco girl, but use a plastic straw to sip from her hydroflask.

  • M Yumima
    M Yumima

    it was A!

  • soniagabriela122

    b is his wife

  • Faith Oji
    Faith Oji

    Food you eat

  • Faith Oji
    Faith Oji

    Day she said that they were going through my phone

  • Maggie Gallagher
    Maggie Gallagher


  • Vaporize


  • Lizzie Campbell
    Lizzie Campbell

    Why did she go like “oh just don’t worry about it sksksksks and I oop and I oop” lol 😂

    • Trinity Garland
      Trinity Garland


  • Ashley Sims
    Ashley Sims

    I love your video

  • Alicia Tosta
    Alicia Tosta

    Like this comment if you notice the gardener looking like a 👻

    • Mariouma Princess
      Mariouma Princess

      Alicia tosta

  • Addison Tiesman
    Addison Tiesman

    his wife is the one with the ring

  • Dale Banjo
    Dale Banjo

    hi sssniperwoif

    • Dale Banjo
      Dale Banjo

      Hi sssniperwoif 😊😊

  • Kellie Saunders
    Kellie Saunders


  • Ryley Hamacher
    Ryley Hamacher


  • Grumpy Cat lover
    Grumpy Cat lover

    I love the way how Lia pronounces police po-leeece

  • Irene Pando
    Irene Pando

    Your so cuteeee~

  • Zhairene Danielle Acosta
    Zhairene Danielle Acosta

    it is A!

  • David Gonzales
    David Gonzales

    your back round looks like a white chocolate Toblerone

  • dark_side


  • Elsie May
    Elsie May

    Bro why can’t the guy drive in the grass around the deer or brake?

    • Elsie May
      Elsie May

      Like that’s just a stupid riddle

  • Peyton Smith
    Peyton Smith

    What you doing and I love your videos

  • Roberta Hall
    Roberta Hall


  • Jsun Wyn
    Jsun Wyn


  • jose bojorquez
    jose bojorquez

    His wife is Barbra lol aka b

  • Deborah Moore
    Deborah Moore

    Does she wants WWE

  • Deborah Moore
    Deborah Moore

    I didn't know she know John Cena

  • Piper Osborn
    Piper Osborn

    Wolf packkkkkkkk 🤣lol

  • Mercilee Frisell
    Mercilee Frisell

    it's a fat girl

  • mathea nashlie caballero
    mathea nashlie caballero


  • unableigor 8
    unableigor 8

    3:58 b why bc they both have a ring

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