Hard Target - America AF (Official Music Video)
Hard Target
"America AF" featured on up and coming album "Joyridin" PRE-ORDER NOW - cmdshft.ffm.to/Joyridin
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Video by - Breadwin Deville & Matt Trees
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S/O the ladies in the video:
@friendcheska @droptopblonde
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  • Colt Deeds
    Colt Deeds

    What's the redheads name? She is 😍😍

  • James Wheat
    James Wheat

    Trump should start playing this at his rallies and skip all the soft liberal artists who dont like him

  • Forrest Zorzut
    Forrest Zorzut

    Been here since down a road, crazy to see how far he's come. also this slaps

  • Nitti Griti
    Nitti Griti

    Who makes your beats

  • Amber Flower
    Amber Flower


  • William Lake
    William Lake


  • David Schultz
    David Schultz

    This song is legit haha new sub!

  • R. M. Gormley
    R. M. Gormley

    Yall came up on my 'barn nerds' pandora, ever since then I been loving it! Texas Strong!

  • Hunter1488

    dam tht beat hits hard as fuk💥💥

  • Blake Toksen
    Blake Toksen


  • Daniel Goodin
    Daniel Goodin

    Florida go get it

  • Hootie Mac
    Hootie Mac

    Cali. Snowflakes about to hear this LOUD AF!!!!!

  • William Mason
    William Mason

    BLUE SHIRT 💯** LAND of the FREE **** because 🖕***** 💯 PRICELESS.... 🗽PATRIOTS RISE🗽

  • big Jay
    big Jay

    This girl has some talent rap, country she's great

  • Andy Flores
    Andy Flores

    Your songs are bad ass perfect beat

  • ZachManZ71

    You make a milli yet bud? Haha

  • Cash Money Pollock
    Cash Money Pollock

    Love tha song bro. Got chu a new fan. Keep up tha great work.

  • Kim Odell
    Kim Odell

    Danm it dude

  • North Side Norm
    North Side Norm

    Canadian AF But shout out to all my brothers south of the border!

  • Austin Post
    Austin Post

    Checkin in from Brooksville Fl. Just down the way buddy. What’s good !!!

  • Cody W
    Cody W

    Trump's new opening song for his Rally's is strong this year....

  • killerta87

    Damn I was sleepin and missed this, this is bangin

  • Mark Senterfitt
    Mark Senterfitt

    I'm wit this shit

  • Mark Senterfitt
    Mark Senterfitt

    Fk yeah

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla

    I don't think this is an Anti-Liberal song, but if idiots wanna think that, that's on them. Everybody who doesn't follow an Autocrat is not a Liberal! BLACK FOLKS AND INDIANS carry guns too!

  • Rebel Juggalette
    Rebel Juggalette

    Did you America today!? Get your America on! Let your freak flag fly!😄👍🇺🇸

  • RICK Smith
    RICK Smith

    I think i here liberals bleeding blahahahah hahahahaha!!!!!

  • Dean Hall
    Dean Hall

    Hey bubba u should check out this flogrown bombshell named Savannah Dexter.

  • Harindu Fernando
    Harindu Fernando


  • adam oleary
    adam oleary

    could of been better

  • johnnymcblaze

    It's crazy how much of a hometown feel those girls have. They would fit right in around my way.

  • M Langston
    M Langston

    This is so Southern California

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    That's Kacy

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones


  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    That's KC

  • Correll Rambo
    Correll Rambo

    what genre is this supposed to be? not talking shit but what is this considered? pop rap country rap?

  • James L
    James L

    I don't always have this playing when driving. But when it comes on the whole town listens with me :)

  • Brooxxy aka Brooklyn Hills
    Brooxxy aka Brooklyn Hills

    Just like watched a movie, and that was fun! Keep up brotha, cheers from Volgograd city, Southern Russia 🇷🇺

  • IrishTryAwarded

    I can't tell if this is supposed to be a parody of extreme US nationism or they're, like, serious.

    • Po' Pimpin' Offroad and Outdoors
      Po' Pimpin' Offroad and Outdoors

      Its that serious!

  • Chuck McDiscs
    Chuck McDiscs

    Blasting this from my truck today to annoy all the hipsters in Portland who moved here to ruin my state (Maine).

    • Gabrielle Holland
      Gabrielle Holland

      Agree there's a whole bunch in Michigan

    • Brandon68plus1

      Sorry for you bud. We got room in Texas for you we are America AF down here!

    • Joseph Kasprzyk
      Joseph Kasprzyk

      So sorry Chuck McDiscs! They doin the same here in Michigan!! Stay strong sir! God bless!

  • Alex Mikhael
    Alex Mikhael

    right on rock on!! MORE MORE MORE !!!

  • J Lew
    J Lew

    i prey NOW for you to explode to pull this USA together. Real know real!!!! i know your doing good for the people.. Its Gods plan. Be patient. Black White Mex MIX! PURE GOOD HEARTS ARE PROTECTED

  • J Lew
    J Lew

    best song ever!

  • Cary Tomaszewski
    Cary Tomaszewski

    Right on got a collection myself

  • Paul Rawson
    Paul Rawson

    This is my bump in my all black neighborhood I feel this shit in my bones

  • Skynet1

    This has to be Florida, but also works as Texas.

    • cmag3175

      You where it’s not?....California.

    • Michael Corigliano
      Michael Corigliano

      Florida lol

  • Jessica Henny
    Jessica Henny

    This is My New Anthem 🇺🇸

  • Typical Epiphany
    Typical Epiphany

    This dude a better version of Shotgun Shane just not gay like Shane


    AMERICA AF😎🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis

    Oh so this isn't a joke..

  • David Kay
    David Kay

    hard target's videos always have more cake than a bakery

  • Stephen Nichols
    Stephen Nichols


  • Samuel Coots
    Samuel Coots

    "SimonCity" bang'n!

  • Michael Burnette
    Michael Burnette

    My neighbors hate me but IDC still playing this as loud as I can in the garage with the doors open u can hear it down the road lol

  • F Loko
    F Loko

    Super wackkk

  • Josh Skarvan
    Josh Skarvan

    The one in the white shirt is sexy as f***

  • liermannthevoice

    Man... I have just watched every vid you have, and I know every featured channel on your page so how have I not heard about you until now ??? Just know I am blasting this shit around the real country here in Alaska.

  • Suhaila Fallath
    Suhaila Fallath

    Here from friendcheska

  • Jamel Lopez
    Jamel Lopez

    That looks like carmen electra😳👌


    This one here is a jammer!

  • x8ty6ix

    This song made me subscribe 😎

  • James Scott
    James Scott


  • Asger Høyer
    Asger Høyer

    Nice. Love the police babe :D She was so hot. Lots of respect from Denmark

  • mike james
    mike james

    dude love the song!! and you did this video right around the way from me. lol

  • ערן גלבאור
    ערן גלבאור

    This video makes me wanna get a Green Card.

    • Hard Target
      Hard Target


  • Ronnie Loco
    Ronnie Loco

    he pulled all the strippers out of the club in town to show up

  • Snipey McSendit
    Snipey McSendit

    99% of this video violates the flag code.

  • Gregory HUNT
    Gregory HUNT

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸RED WHITE BLUE PATRIOT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 AZ🌵

  • Droptopblonde

    Catchy AF. I love you for making this, but you need a new hose.

    • DJ Cap1
      DJ Cap1


  • Mistah Rodgers
    Mistah Rodgers

    Man i slap this every day since it came out i just drove throw a big crowed of blm bumping this 🤣🤣😂😂 they all got mad

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