Harry Styles: Adore You
The Late Late Show with James Corden
Late Late Show guest host Harry Styles switches to the performance area to play "Adore You" off his new album, "Fine Line."
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  • Beyza Avcı
    Beyza Avcı

    1:55 harry sees kendall

  • Ellie Jane Williams
    Ellie Jane Williams

    Is no one going to talk about Harry going low on the first verse !!!

  • Ülkü Nowack
    Ülkü Nowack

    The drummer is hot as hell

  • Jessica Yang
    Jessica Yang

    Omg I’m in love with this song and Harry Styles

  • Linda Boodhoo
    Linda Boodhoo

    I hope one day I meet a guy like him... Love everything about him. Pure and Natural

  • Alex Hayden
    Alex Hayden

    Who else thinks Harry styles what's to be a girl. He pants his nails and shows off his butt and tuches himself

  • Alex Hayden
    Alex Hayden

    I wish the band would get back together and Harry go back to being like a 18 year old boy

  • chedoodles

    At least, Harry Styles won't break my heart

  • baby karina
    baby karina

    hes hot

  • Julia Ruxton
    Julia Ruxton

    Very cool! What can I say❤️

  • Katie Rogers
    Katie Rogers

    His voice gets better with age he's really grown into a unique talent. His appearance his voice. He's making the music he wants to make. Fair play. Not a 1D fan but this stuff is good 👍

  • Renae Googles
    Renae Googles

    Did Barney throw that suit up 😂😂

  • Jessica Chin-Shong
    Jessica Chin-Shong

    God I love this song

  • Hazza Trin
    Hazza Trin


  • dood doobi
    dood doobi

    0:26 i love this part

  • Alana Nardi Crestani
    Alana Nardi Crestani

    i've been from harry-who? to omg he is SO cool adorable nice i'm a total fan now hahaha

  • Angela Jade
    Angela Jade

    I remember seeing an old interview when Harry was afraid to get his nails painted. Louis had to hold his hands down lol. Now harry paints them all the time and they look AMAZING! He has the best fashion style. Fine line is still the album I am listening to on repeat. He just keeps getting better and better, if that is even possible. Harry really is the entire package. He isn't just another pretty face. But he has incredible talent as a single, songwriter, actor and dancer. And most important he is genuinely a kind and down to earth person. And he is funny as hell!

  • Sunnye

    Love, Love, Love his sense of style. So retro and cool.

  • Lin

    How did I go my whole life without Harry? 🤯

  • Roderico Acevedo
    Roderico Acevedo

    Amazing I love him so much 😘😘😘

  • The Tran Life - Cuộc Sống Mỹ
    The Tran Life - Cuộc Sống Mỹ

    This is the best song ever. I can’t get my mind off of it. Love your outfit Harry ❤️❤️❤️

  • Albeau infinitylove
    Albeau infinitylove

    i love harry styles 😍 i adore you 😘

  • Janet Burgess
    Janet Burgess

    Reading some of the comments . LOL I remember when they use to tease Harry for having an effect on the older women he meets. LOL Well I am a great grama and I love his music. I love it when he sings with Stevie Nicks. I must say I am an old 1 D'r LOL Please keep as sweet and kind as you are Harry and sing Sweetheart sing. I will never be able to go to a concert (I'd be trampled) but I can always buy the CD's.

    • Janet Burgess
      Janet Burgess

      @Carol Doocy listened to a few of James Bay songs. He is good but not what I would listen to regularly. At least not the ones I heard.

    • Janet Burgess
      Janet Burgess

      @Carol Doocy LOL

    • Carol Doocy
      Carol Doocy

      I'm old and never listened to 1 direction but now I like Harry--he's so cute. (You should check out James Bay --another British singer-you'll drool!)

  • Jadasimonexo

    i get to see this live in august. what have i done to be so blessed ?

  • Milagros Briseño
    Milagros Briseño

    No puedo superar a este chabón !!!❤️💔

  • Sara

    Harry Styles is legit the only guy I’ll ever be into

  • Stephanie Lord
    Stephanie Lord

    so proud my love

  • Imelda Edrada
    Imelda Edrada

    I love the song & Harry but I love the lady drummer too ❤️

  • Venice Montenegro
    Venice Montenegro

    Harry and his band is so lit!

  • shikha prajapati
    shikha prajapati

    Love u harry😍

  • Josefina Cabrera
    Josefina Cabrera

    Can someone explain to me why it is so beautiful? 💚✨

  • Mass Extinction 2020
    Mass Extinction 2020

    this is your standard cookie cutter song 🤣

  • Mass Extinction 2020
    Mass Extinction 2020

    the backup singers are better 😆

  • bea alonso
    bea alonso

    Harry Styles. Leyenda viviente

  • Krystall Lora
    Krystall Lora

    I think I need to read a book on Wattpad about Harry to feel that ours is real.

  • Krystall Lora
    Krystall Lora

    His smile with those perfect dimples, I think I died. 3:05

  • lovely A
    lovely A

    Well shit, I'm in love now

  • GUSTAVO campos
    GUSTAVO campos

    Gucci Styles

  • Lanoà Sunnus
    Lanoà Sunnus

    Love it

  • Lotifa Hossain
    Lotifa Hossain

    So proud of harry. Go on love

  • Syahidah Abidin
    Syahidah Abidin

    Too bad they cancelled the VS fashion show. This song would been perfect for the show!

  • Victoria Ericela Hernandez
    Victoria Ericela Hernandez

    this song ❤️

  • jjmoyer__78

    How did I become obsessed with his music...at 40 yrs old you ask? He’s has talent and a timeless style that’s how! 👍🏻😎

  • Dhenjie Mendoza
    Dhenjie Mendoza

    I fell and fell and fell,,, why is it and then the video pop up

  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear

    gosh, his voice is gold

  • Krystal Getz
    Krystal Getz

    He got better looking with age

  • Rokhayati Winarto
    Rokhayati Winarto

    His pink nail though, even his fingers are prettier than mine.

  • Baseball mom 1221
    Baseball mom 1221

    He is best kind of funky and smooth.

  • shook

    I think I’m falling for someone that I NEVER thought that I would because I didn’t like one direction growing up but shit😍❤️

  • Hayoosh 03
    Hayoosh 03

    Better than the studio version

  • dazed wonder
    dazed wonder

    2:10 yup

  • Sara

    Harry style ❤❤❤

  • Rock Me
    Rock Me

    This man can make my day ten thousand times better than anyone else with such a small things

  • Med Rsb
    Med Rsb

    Abonnè merci

  • Nøra Reed
    Nøra Reed

    He's adorable. Fine Line is so wonderful. Watermelon sugar high!

  • Haroon Vevo
    Haroon Vevo

    I like the live version better

  • Carla Trujillo
    Carla Trujillo

    He is so cute!! 💕💕

  • Raquelita Garcia
    Raquelita Garcia

    i love his style XD im true

  • Fritzie Mae Millana Agor
    Fritzie Mae Millana Agor


  • Ricardo Ortiz
    Ricardo Ortiz

    Hey thats pretty good

  • Lea Unkelbach
    Lea Unkelbach

    This song is so good. Actually one of the best songs he's ever published.

  • Lily Taylor
    Lily Taylor

    This is made for Harry:🕺

  • kimiya karimi
    kimiya karimi

    Such a beautiful performance, well done Harreh 🌈✨

  • Jo Hanna
    Jo Hanna

    2:36 His deep voice!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I'm dead !♥️♥️ I need a Harry Styles to buy, where I can get one! 🔥Please!🙏 He is so f****** well done ! Pure talent !

  • Ananya Pawar
    Ananya Pawar

    No!no!no! I don't wanna fall for him again!no!no!urghhh! Why you do this Harry?

  • Mayra Perez
    Mayra Perez

    Maldito seas Harry , 1 semana escuchando este tema 5 veces al dia.

  • Samira Hoseini
    Samira Hoseini


  • Albert Renz Dones
    Albert Renz Dones


  • Finti Arista
    Finti Arista

    🕺🏼 🕺🏼 🕺🏼 🕺🏼 🕺🏼 🕺🏼 🕺🏼 🕺🏼 🕺🏼 🕺🏼 love u man!

  • valentina isola
    valentina isola

    man lo único que no me banco de esta era es el bigotito tipo dale bro afeitate no te sale sacar barba con todo el amor del mundo

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