Harry Styles - Adore You (Official Video)
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Directed by Dave Meyers
Written by Chris Shafer & Dave Meyers
Starring Harry Styles
Score by Kid Harpoon
Produced by Nathan Scherrer
Line Produced by Jo Coombes, Ellen De Faux, & Tom Gardner
Cinematographer Scott Cunningham
Production Designer Laura Ellis Cricks
Mr. Styles Styling by Harry Lambert
Cast Styling by Verity May Lane
Edited by Alyssa Oh
Telecine Stefan Sonnenfeld
VFX by Mathematic
Sound Design Chris Afzal at Wave Studios
Post Produced by Adam Parker & Nathan Scherrer
Video Commissioner Bryan Younce

A Freenjoy Production

Full Stop Management
Columbia Records
Content Creative

Audri Kenley
LS Productions
Entire cast and crew
Walk in your rainbow paradise
Strawberry lipstick state of mind
I get so lost inside your eyes
Would you believe it?
You don’t have to say you love me
You don’t have to say nothing
You don’t have to say you’re mine
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
Your wonder under summer skies
Brown skin and lemon over ice
Would you believe it?
You don't have to say you love me
I just wanna tell you something
Lately you’ve been on my mind
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
It’s the only thing I’ll ever do
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
Oh honey
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
#HarryStyles #AdoreYou #FineLine

  • Luke Manner
    Luke Manner

    I wish one direction stay together

  • En la vida soy Un michu michu
    En la vida soy Un michu michu

    Te amooooooooo harry styles !!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Magdalena González Trovato
    Magdalena González Trovato


  • Someone Alex
    Someone Alex

    Who's here waiting for the GOLDEN mv?

  • Дима Нестеренко
    Дима Нестеренко

    hi mu from Russia. Mu age 12 this is mu favorit mu song

  • Niloofar Zare
    Niloofar Zare

    Anyone else here refreshing their feed every 2 mins to get a Golden mv ? -_-

  • Miyano Mukaya
    Miyano Mukaya

    I literally googled harry Styles fish because i didn't know the title of the song

  • Gleiva Rodrigues
    Gleiva Rodrigues

    Nunca erra né seu Harry?😍🇧🇷

  • rizz Hazz
    rizz Hazz

    Can someone tell me what font is Adore You written in??

  • hoa lan
    hoa lan


  • Star Dust
    Star Dust

    Any larries here?

    • mutual respect
      mutual respect

      Oi oi

    • M B
      M B


  • Ebenzer Bulisovasova
    Ebenzer Bulisovasova

    1:38 :)

  • Issa dominguez
    Issa dominguez


  • Jomarie Andalucia
    Jomarie Andalucia

    Harry Styles ❤️❤️🥺

    • Jomarie Andalucia
      Jomarie Andalucia

      He is so adorable 😍

    • sness


  • d2h

    I know it's probably not that deep but I think I get it. He desperately wants to hold onto someone who keeps changing and he's trying to go out of his way to accommodate that change, just to hold onto them. But you can't force yourself to be with someone who isn't right for you

  • Lyndsey Hawkins
    Lyndsey Hawkins


  • Yakiza Sanchez
    Yakiza Sanchez

    Am I the only sad at the ending ...? Cuz it's sad having to let someone who you love bc it's the right thing to do Anyhow I shed a tear ... me crying for a fish that left for his own good

  • Vincent jones
    Vincent jones

    Best song ever right now 🤞🏿


    Losiento si saimon te lastimo a ti y a todos te amo segui ssi

  • Eduardo Vazquez
    Eduardo Vazquez

    Is like the film Walter Horse

  • Oriana Ferrufino
    Oriana Ferrufino

    Aqui esperando golden 🙇🏼‍♀️

  • Aarav Kaushal
    Aarav Kaushal

    Who else is hyped for golden music video!

  • Reema

    my favorite movie in 2020

  • Memory Hudson
    Memory Hudson

    😂😂😂😂 Best thing ever!!!

  • Julian Sui
    Julian Sui

    This song is stuck in my head 😂

  • Matias Diaz
    Matias Diaz

    Chupala harry. No esta buena esta cancion!!! Hace otra👊

    • melani garcia carmona
      melani garcia carmona

      Tas bien?


    i can listen to this all night long.....even in a scamdemic i still feel the vibe of the club i wanna hear this loud

  • Maral Cheraghi
    Maral Cheraghi

    No one can describe how much i love 2:42

  • Giselly Malikinha13
    Giselly Malikinha13

    esse clipe toca lá naquele órgão que se chama coração

  • RN gtasa
    RN gtasa


  • Nancy Andrade
    Nancy Andrade

    I need to die this is to cute

  • Nataly Oyarzo Rosas
    Nataly Oyarzo Rosas

    tremendo tema que te sacaste, mi rey

  • laura wilson
    laura wilson

    I love you so much. Your music is on point

  • dawn Hairston
    dawn Hairston

    I really adore this song.

  • Raissa1D Harry28
    Raissa1D Harry28

    Fazendo análise pra criar paranóias de golden 🤡

  • Alex L
    Alex L

    Harry: Do you know who are you? ... You are so golden Así nos despedimos de la era de FINE LINE

  • FeelsNice

    Still makes me cry having to let her go...! Hugs to all of you feeling the same.

  • Tanya Chris
    Tanya Chris

    Danm bet this is still gonna be a vibe in 2030 like if u feel me

  • darytul

    No one knew that the fish represent the whole World this 2020 in quarentine...

  • Aylen Alvarez
    Aylen Alvarez


  • Déjah Pierre
    Déjah Pierre

    The fish is obviously zayn 🥺 when Harry danced, the fish danced (who would only dance if Harry would dance ?? ZAYN) brown skin... who has brown skin ??? ZAYN... the fish dying symbolizes zayn not being able to do it in the band. Him being tired, him giving up, but Harry picked him up and made sure head okay... aka Harry finding a new home for the fish, feeding him, making sure he was okay!!! At the end when he finally realized the fish needed to be home, he let him go. Aka ZAYN LEAVING THE BAND 😭 ARE YALL BLINDDDDDD

  • Pili Mata
    Pili Mata

    Guag mis favorito

  • Chris Strande
    Chris Strande

    Retro 80'$

  • Meghna Lakshminarayanan
    Meghna Lakshminarayanan

    That is soooo cute

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny

    Directioners !!! str3 @m Drag me down nd What a feeling!!! nd dnt forget 25th oct! we're gonna str3 @m what a feeling on 25 oct... all togather!!! Be ready! nd meanwhile str3 @m their solo music too! :) spread this news!! :)

  • Danilo Nilo
    Danilo Nilo

    Brasil 2020

  • Abbigail Jorgensen
    Abbigail Jorgensen

    awesome song harry

  • Camila Oliveira
    Camila Oliveira

    É amor da minha vida mesmo

  • Jhxyla Plays Roblox
    Jhxyla Plays Roblox

    I was eating chips and lost my appetite because of fish

  • Jake M
    Jake M


  • Rajni Sharma
    Rajni Sharma

    For those 22k people, It's okay if you disliked this video. Not everyone has a good taste

  • Carol Liu
    Carol Liu

    I searched up Tired Tired Sea; this is the shit I get. Even youtube knows what's going on...

  • Mery Estephan
    Mery Estephan

    If he entered a handsome and talented competition the judges would say no professionals allowed 🥺❤️ ilysm Harry

  • juliana moreira
    juliana moreira

    I love this song❤❤❤

  • Natalia

    Vote Harry styles in mtv emas 2020

  • Reyna Mejía
    Reyna Mejía

    just let me adore you 🤩🖤🖤

  • Arn Gamboa
    Arn Gamboa

    This music in pandemic 2019

  • José Manuel López
    José Manuel López

    Viva harryy Styles

  • Viviana Valera reyes
    Viviana Valera reyes


  • Maria laura Pires
    Maria laura Pires

    aí love Harry style ❤️❤️💖😘

  • 1DLZLNH Directioner
    1DLZLNH Directioner

    The story of this MV reminds me of a movie but I don't remember the name. There was a kid and he once found a big egg. Then a dinosaur looking animal came out of it and the kid couldn't keep him forever because it kept growing. It was a world war movie as I remember. Can someone plz tell me the movie name if you know?

  • Eufa Champions League
    Eufa Champions League


  • Karen Sefo
    Karen Sefo

    Wow Harry, you blow me away

  • Vanesa Portillo
    Vanesa Portillo


  • The Sicilian
    The Sicilian

    @ real Hip Hop Git You back On Track

  • laura renai
    laura renai


  • misha

    Slow dancing to "Animals were hiding behind the rock , Except the little fish" vibe

  • Its Mavie
    Its Mavie

    That fish is LUCKY.

  • DIck Nixon
    DIck Nixon

    Why do i feel like my heart wrote this for my girl/wife!...Karen.. i love you!

  • Kristen Garcia
    Kristen Garcia

    why do i love this? xd

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