Harry Styles - Adore You (Official Video - Extended Version)
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Directed by Dave Meyers
Written by Chris Shafer & Dave Meyers
Starring Harry Styles
Narration by Rosalía
Score by Kid Harpoon
Produced by Nathan Scherrer
Line Produced by Jo Coombes, Ellen De Faux, & Tom Gardner
Cinematographer Scott Cunningham
Production Designer Laura Ellis Cricks
Mr. Styles Styling by Harry Lambert
Cast Styling by Verity May Lane
Edited by Alyssa Oh
Telecine Stefan Sonnenfeld
VFX by Mathematic
Sound Design Chris Afzal at Wave Studios
Post Produced by Adam Parker & Nathan Scherrer
Video Commissioner Bryan Younce

A Freenjoy Production

Full Stop Management
Columbia Records
Content Creative

Audri Kenley
LS Productions
Entire cast and crew
Walk in your rainbow paradise
Strawberry lipstick state of mind
I get so lost inside your eyes
Would you believe it?
You don’t have to say you love me
You don’t have to say nothing
You don’t have to say you’re mine
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
Your wonder under summer skies
Brown skin and lemon over ice
Would you believe it?
You don't have to say you love me
I just wanna tell you something
Lately you’ve been on my mind
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
It’s the only thing I’ll ever do
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
Oh honey
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
#HarryStyles #AdoreYou #FineLine

  • Lowellaaa Albaniel
    Lowellaaa Albaniel

    Mineeeee!! 🙄🥰❣️

  • Zarif MCPE
    Zarif MCPE

    You from united kingdom

  • Zarif MCPE
    Zarif MCPE

    I Like that song thats so god!!!🇬🇧

  • Maria Carrasco
    Maria Carrasco

    it’s rosalia’s voice?

  • Arty Ferny
    Arty Ferny

    Let's get this straight, Harry Styles robbed the ARG and Unfiction community of a really cool story, there was a Twitter account called '@VisitEroda' and so many people thought it was going to be a new ARG or Unfiction story (im joking, of course I'm not that angry about it, I'm just over playing it for jokes)

  • Vani Rangel
    Vani Rangel

    I completely adore this music video ( no pun intended ). There’s so much meaning behind everything and so much detail. It definitely deserves more recognition. This is one of my favorite videos from Harry

  • Roman Black
    Roman Black


  • Lexa Salvatore
    Lexa Salvatore

    I Just like.... everytime I watch this MV I feel somthing in my heart the idea is really touching I love you harry styles I mean what the music would be without you you are the most genius and talented and kindest human being I love you again and I hope I could someday somehow collab with you X jouri.

  • katrinayummy

    i won't complain why this is my favorite Music Video ever ✨

  • Bavita Singh
    Bavita Singh

    Harold can only go up dude like you can see his voice,the creativity,the metaphor just everything in this masterpiece is lit...i cant explain how much i love harry n all the 1D lads...cant believe this is the boy who falls SO MUCH on stage like dat

  • Anahi hdz
    Anahi hdz


  • Mandy Alex
    Mandy Alex

    Harry took "love is something if you give it away you end up having more"a bit too seriously

  • Henrique Almeida
    Henrique Almeida

    OMGGG I was reading the comments and I´ve just found out that the narrator is ROSALÍA!! wth how didnt I notice it before. I didn´t even know they knew each other. the first time I heard I thought it was a Spanish boy 🤭😅

  • sonjuhi baid
    sonjuhi baid

    All heart ❤️

  • Amanda Seligman
    Amanda Seligman

    i just realized that the reason he sailed out on an odd number day was bc he learned not to care and to accept his fate and let everyone else deal with theirs. if this video isn’t the most inspirational thing i will ever watch in my life, i don’t know what is.

  • Giorgia Donatelli
    Giorgia Donatelli

    "but that's another story" hmu when adore you 2 will be released😌💅🏼

  • annalise Brennan
    annalise Brennan

    Wait adore you is about a fish

  • samantha lynn
    samantha lynn


  • mariana sensível
    mariana sensível

    aclamado viu!!!

  • sophia

    i love this video sm i cant even describe it

  • Isidora Oliva
    Isidora Oliva

    i cannot get over this video

  • Joycee Ghorpade
    Joycee Ghorpade

    *People not liking "Mr.Harry Styles" and smile in the MV..... Me to them- Have you Heard "Perfection" in and out????? Get life..

  • marina berta
    marina berta

    the boy who plays as little harry resembles a LOT with the real little harry omg good cast

  • Juanpa Guzman
    Juanpa Guzman

    Objetivo:encontrar comentarios de mi país Obstáculo: los comentarios en inglés :v

    • Sofia Pilar Cosentino
      Sofia Pilar Cosentino

      JAJJAJA tal cual

  • Asma Hussein
    Asma Hussein

    „...which caused everybody in town loose their hair, but that’s another story“ will be there another mv and another song? 🧐

  • Native Eastender
    Native Eastender

    Congrats to Harry for the most unexpected video for this song.

  • Hana Ahmed
    Hana Ahmed

    This is a masterpiece.

  • amran307

    My happiness

  • Dalton Boardman
    Dalton Boardman

    Y'now. "The Isle of Eroda" actually sounds like it would be the name of a piece of classic literature.

  • Melina

    'loneliness is an ocean full of travellers, trying to find their place in the world'

  • Thanpuii Khiangte
    Thanpuii Khiangte

    I adore you Harry

  • Anushka Shinde
    Anushka Shinde

    Y no one likes pecular ....i wish i had him in my life😁😍❤❤❤

  • Norah

    This deserves all the grammys

  • Hi

    Sally's tavern...

  • Jayce de Rosey
    Jayce de Rosey

    3:50 is that fish's hand or Harry's?

  • johana antonella mamani colquehuanca
    johana antonella mamani colquehuanca


  • Karol Iveth Gonzales
    Karol Iveth Gonzales

    Que alguien me explique ¿Por qué a 18,105 personas no les gusta esta OBRA DE ARTE?

  • Marnie the Fat Cat
    Marnie the Fat Cat

    Alright wtf am I doing?!?

  • Ocampo Bianca
    Ocampo Bianca

    00:00 Rosalia is that you?

  • Claire Phelan
    Claire Phelan

    I absolutely love the part when the vinyl plays so unique

  • Dalton Boardman
    Dalton Boardman

    This was better than most current movies.

  • shannon crossed
    shannon crossed

    This is such a good song and the video is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( :

  • Graciela Maldonado
    Graciela Maldonado

    is that rosalia voice?

  • M O O N L I G H T
    M O O N L I G H T

    I hope Harry knows how much the world needs him... how much I need him

  • M O O N L I G H T
    M O O N L I G H T

    I’m in love with Harry not only of his looks but becuase he’s the nicest the sweetest the cutest person on earth 🥺🥺❤️❤️

  • Home. Can be with me
    Home. Can be with me

    After MJ's smile, Harry's smile is worth my struggles......just imagining after a hard day and looking at those smile kinda telling me I am always here for you and we can go through this together. And when I am lonely I just look at them and feel like they get me ya know. Ya weird I know but I just find comfort in their smile like a mother does in there child's

    • Natalia Magallanes
      Natalia Magallanes

      Omggg same 🥺 Michael & harry

  • Hamna Fayyaz
    Hamna Fayyaz

    Him dancing happily with a fish is just the most cutest thing ever

  • pedro6720

    This needed to be the ONLY version of this video. Sadly for views and popularity they release the shorter version.

  • Meghan Murphy
    Meghan Murphy

    An actual masterpiece.

  • Yurena Expósito
    Yurena Expósito

    Soy yo o es la voz de rosalia?

  • Zaira Waseem
    Zaira Waseem

    Being a zarry i just totaly understand the whole vedio ....the whole song ....it just so painfull to describe....Its all about Zayn ....nothing else ....i understand what he has to say

  • avocado 07
    avocado 07

    I love it how harry brings back happyness in such a time like coronatime💛

  • Lea Deuerling
    Lea Deuerling


  • charli_lil.x edits
    charli_lil.x edits

    This fish is scary,isnt it😂?

  • charli_lil.x edits
    charli_lil.x edits

    Harryyyyy where is ur smileeee?😋❤

  • Adiba 3813
    Adiba 3813

    Harry makes song about his personal experience ... If it's about his life so I really wonder that Harry is really in pain

  • 1000 Subscribers With No Video Challenge
    1000 Subscribers With No Video Challenge

    Deep down Harry waited for the fish to turn into a mermaid XD

  • Rhea :3
    Rhea :3

    ¿Se imaginan que Harry nunca se enteró de nada, que haya creído que Lou solo dejó de amarlo y por eso a pesar de adorarlo tuvo que dejarlo ir como al final de la canción :c? No estoy bien, ayuda.

  • Zafina Matin
    Zafina Matin

    This is actually a masterpiece like WHAAAT

  • Lou

    i need this to be a movie

  • Acosta Fuentes
    Acosta Fuentes

    Why is no one talking about Rosalia narrating this MV

    • Tomasz Bieranowski
      Tomasz Bieranowski


  • Alejandra VR
    Alejandra VR


  • Melisa Sandoval
    Melisa Sandoval

    Is that Rosalias voice?

  • Vane Fdz
    Vane Fdz

    The moment you realize the narrator is ROSALIA!!!!! el moment en el que te das cuanta que la persona que narra en video es ROSALIA!!!!!

  • Egg with 1000 subscribers
    Egg with 1000 subscribers

    Omg Rosalia should be in a movie like her telling the story makes its the best and interesting

  • Harry Styles luv
    Harry Styles luv

    Some people suspect the fish is Louis like Louis and Harry were going through a hard time and saved each other but Harry eventually had to let him go...... I’m crying (not in a cool way) hjvfstfdedghutddsxvhhg🥺☹️

  • Anne De Pedro
    Anne De Pedro

    Ay the beginning of the vídeo is Rosalía narrating the history?

    • Vane Fdz
      Vane Fdz


  • Anne De Pedro
    Anne De Pedro

    Soy yo es la voz de Rosalía la de el principio

    • Vane Fdz
      Vane Fdz

      es ella

  • daisy may walk
    daisy may walk

    when he checked the temperature of the water made me cry omg

  • Emily De Leon
    Emily De Leon

    has anyone noticed the story being narrated by " Rosalia" lol

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