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Harry Styles' new album 'Fine Line' is ready to become the biggest album of the year, so we couldn't let the opportunity pass without letting Harry answer your questions about it!
After an epic set at Capital's Jingle Bell Ball, we couldn't think of anything better to do than have Harry sit with a sack of cards full of questions about everything from the album artwork to the lack of featured artists on the LP.
The rules of Fan Mail are simple; Harry can pass as many as three questions by shredding the question, once he has used up all three passes he must answer every remaining question.
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  • Nathalia Canales
    Nathalia Canales

    this is the most questions he’s ever answered his whole life

    • Sammy Miglio
      Sammy Miglio


    • kool bean
      kool bean

      So he didn’t go to school your sayin?

    • Ritaj O
      Ritaj O


    • Britt Pomales
      Britt Pomales

      that is the truest thing ever

    • Evelyn grace Hague
      Evelyn grace Hague

      just like he answers with london’s quite big

  • As Gay As A Daffodil
    As Gay As A Daffodil

    Again with the pearls.

  • klára malířová
    klára malířová

    I just really want to find all easter eggs

  • Addy Styles
    Addy Styles

    "Thank you princess" Instant flashback to Wattpad Harry

  • Lâ Luna D
    Lâ Luna D

    Aman Türk hayranlarından bir makale okursun aman sakın yani asla okuma olur mu teşekkürler Harry

  • Diana Vazquez
    Diana Vazquez

    ok but like i never knew Rosalia wa the one who narrated adore you video until today

  • Magdaléna Vrbová
    Magdaléna Vrbová

    The card he read but destroyed at 6:07 screams larry with the blue and green letters and look at his face when he read it, I'm melting

  • Luna

    In the one Direction Adventures, Harry's voice is so accurate

  • Jessenia Brust
    Jessenia Brust

    How much you want to bet the ones he didn't want to answer were about Larry or the reunion of 1D?. If they were about Larry he didn't seem so upset seeing the questions😉

  • Halyz

    do the playback speed 2x . thats how Liam speaks or maybe faster than that

  • Jacky Hunter
    Jacky Hunter

    What are easter eggs

  • Nevie Peevie!
    Nevie Peevie!


  • Princess Peach
    Princess Peach

    I'm still shook that Harry asked for the info of the fan that asked for the autograph so he could get it to her. It shows you how real he is.

  • Sadie Swanson
    Sadie Swanson

    HIS EYES! HIS VOICE! HIS OUTFIT! HIS HAIR! HIS SMILE! I'm so in love with him, it's not even funny

  • Yamani Bryant-McCray
    Yamani Bryant-McCray

    lol this man he dont care he shredded those cards

  • rizgar salim
    rizgar salim

    Ok but why is nobody talking about the easter eggs like im dying to know them

  • Noora Niukkanen
    Noora Niukkanen


  • joker asddff
    joker asddff

    I used to sad about their band has disbanded but now I'm happy bc Harry is going on his own way with succes 💕💕💕😢🌹 my babyboy

  • Hania Shaikh
    Hania Shaikh

    Harry’s reaction to that tomato joke. Excuse me, sir, have you listened to your jokes?

  • Sara

    too handsomee uhhh

  • Margarida Barbosa
    Margarida Barbosa

    Harry asking how to contact the last girl because she asked for an autograph melted my heart, he really has a beautiful soul

  • 1d Fan
    1d Fan

    The three letter..oh my G..RIP to them ..char🤔🤔🤔🤔😭😭😭

  • Najla Mahmud
    Najla Mahmud

    Am I the only one who noticed his nails were multi-colored?? 😅😅

  • bella medovich
    bella medovich

    harry styles saying princess 🤩

  • TheDrakelicious

    He gets hotter and hotter...it's almost unbeareble...but I'll do my best.

  • Jess'x

    He literally sounds like my boyfriend but my boyfriend is Scouse

  • whatsamegsi

    did anyone else replay thank u princess 29 times or uh

  • Gary The Snail
    Gary The Snail


  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli

    Wow wow wow I love this man so much

  • aaliyma southall
    aaliyma southall

    The "Friend" card he shredded probably said "When is the one direction reunion" 😂😂😂

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn

    5:02 all Wattpad readers are shaking

  • Luka de vogel
    Luka de vogel

    I love that he talks so slow :')

  • Frida Jiménez
    Frida Jiménez


  • Frida Jiménez
    Frida Jiménez

    In 1:37 when Harry said “Tim Walker” I heard “Tim Wonka” and now I can’t unhear it

  • ailie

    what is his lip color? like is it even natural or is it lip gloss? like wth!

  • Ranch Bottle
    Ranch Bottle

    The way he says “Hello” is so cuteee 😭

  • Hate Lies
    Hate Lies



    Harry: "this one's also for me" Me: it's fanmail babe they're all for you😂

  • zendaya poop
    zendaya poop


  • Chloe Crowley
    Chloe Crowley

    4:32 hAaAAry

  • sophiagc

    jeff we know you wrote these anywho I love this video yaaasss

  • Delaney Garcia
    Delaney Garcia

    What does “Easter eggs” mean?

  • Panda Kawaii
    Panda Kawaii

    omg i want to be alfie

  • Maya010 x
    Maya010 x

    I wanted him to answer Larry questions :( if ur reading this that means that the channel didn’t delete this comment so ur lucky 😂

    • B B
      B B

      wait did they delete comments about larry?

  • PKR D
    PKR D

    3:41 that joke was literally taken from Taylor's Lover music video

  • joyce

    he's so awkward and cute

  • Ahzam Rahman
    Ahzam Rahman

    Harry what happend to your dressing sense😭😭

  • Riley McKinnon
    Riley McKinnon


  • Valen

    everytime he said "fan mail" i heard "fan mayo"

  • April Beckshaw
    April Beckshaw

    He’s not amused at at all 😅

  • Mari Styles
    Mari Styles

    "I'm going to be answering your questions" Well yes, but actually, no.......

  • Florence Médecin
    Florence Médecin

    I love you Harry 💕

  • Bruna Directioner
    Bruna Directioner

    this is a family show! *or is it*

  • Charlotte T
    Charlotte T

    YOOOO ok so in his song fine line he repeatedly sings 'we'll be a fine line' and a fine line is generally straight. but he was failing to be a fine line so he was failing to be straight..... just saying y'all

  • Ashleigh Johnston
    Ashleigh Johnston

    The 12 Easter eggs on the album is each of the 12 songs on the album....

  • Vinita Chouhan
    Vinita Chouhan

    Harry :- Sofia rose Subtitles : - Pharaoh's

  • Marleigh Est
    Marleigh Est

    ...is harry wearing lipstick, like more than half way through is when I noticed how pink his lips were

  • Roth fam fun
    Roth fam fun

    Harry has a lot of 🤑 👍👇🏻

  • Roth fam fun
    Roth fam fun

    I would like Harry to give an autograph

  • hayley phillip
    hayley phillip

    i am in love with one man and one man only

  • Chloe Bailie
    Chloe Bailie

    "thank you princess" am I the only one that felt some typa way

  • Julia Ackerman
    Julia Ackerman

    3:11 heheheheehehh

  • Alexa Munoz
    Alexa Munoz

    I feel like one of the ones that he shredded was about if the song fine line was about zayn😳💕

  • Fatima Nassereddine
    Fatima Nassereddine

    How much you wanna bet that one of the letters he shredded were about when he’ll release medicine

  • Niah Tv
    Niah Tv

    whyd i think this was jonathan from stranger things.

  • Bree Wilson
    Bree Wilson

    4:21 use me as a replay button

  • Dian R Fadhilla
    Dian R Fadhilla


  • nbdissocoollike

    His accent started off so British and then went American and then was on and off between the two 😂

  • Leen 1D_BTS_NCT
    Leen 1D_BTS_NCT

    how can i hug him 😔✊🏻

  • Dominic Burns
    Dominic Burns

    No one: Harry: *wears pearls to an interview*

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