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Harry Styles' new album 'Fine Line' is ready to become the biggest album of the year, so we couldn't let the opportunity pass without letting Harry answer your questions about it!
After an epic set at Capital's Jingle Bell Ball, we couldn't think of anything better to do than have Harry sit with a sack of cards full of questions about everything from the album artwork to the lack of featured artists on the LP.
The rules of Fan Mail are simple; Harry can pass as many as three questions by shredding the question, once he has used up all three passes he must answer every remaining question.
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  • Nathalia Canales
    Nathalia Canales

    this is the most questions he’s ever answered his whole life

    • Le Gymnast
      Le Gymnast

      If he did I would die because he would put me to sleep every night

    • Montse Ggc
      Montse Ggc

      And he didn’t even answered them

    • Madeleine Loos
      Madeleine Loos

      Well we all know what quastion he didn't answer

    • Hibah Omar
      Hibah Omar

      Nathalia Canales lol

    • Sinead 0204
      Sinead 0204

      @Andres Cevallos ??😂

  • Helena Tuesca
    Helena Tuesca


  • Lia Mendez
    Lia Mendez

    Anyone else wondering what was in those cards that he shredded? I

  • anna yeye
    anna yeye

    i love how he says “Hi ____” before he answers 😭😭😭

  • IloveHarryStyles 247
    IloveHarryStyles 247

    My favorite part of this whole video is when he says “this one’s to me” THEY ARE ALL TO YOU, PRETTY HUMAN

  • María de Miguel Gil-Delgado
    María de Miguel Gil-Delgado

    GUYS I JUST REALISED. he says there r a few of easter eggs in the album right? the new musical video watermelon sugar is filmed in the same or a very similar beach than what makes you beautiful. WHAT IF THATS ONE OF THE EASTER EGGS?

  • Chloe Malouf
    Chloe Malouf

    i love the way harry sais hello

  • Chloe Malouf
    Chloe Malouf

    hello one directionnners, as most of you probably know, harry, liam, zayn, louis and niall 10 year anniversary is on july 23rd. to celebrate their 10 year, we want to get the story of my life and drag me down music videos to 1 BILLION Vl3WS!! SO PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND STR3@M :) - you only need to watch the videos for 40-60 seconds to count as a v13w - youtube only counts 5 v13ws per day per account - don’t use bots or auto play because those v13ws won’t count - try not to replay the same video over and over. mix it up COPY PASTE THIS TO SPREAD THE WORD 🤍🤍

  • ASMR Bloom
    ASMR Bloom

    His accent has changed alot, more to American😓😭❤

  • kimkimoo

    5:01 im happy to hear it :')

  • hatdog hatdog
    hatdog hatdog

    Fan: Do you like food? Harry: I do like food I eat everyday😂

  • Anshita Rathore
    Anshita Rathore

    At 3:24 that joke is from Taylor Swift's lover music video.....anyone noticed that??? Or is ittt ...just me

  • jules cimaglia
    jules cimaglia

    6:02 and 0:54 are the same card ahahahaha

  • libby norton
    libby norton

    are we just going to ignore the 12 easter eggs on fine line ????

  • Kary Kuang
    Kary Kuang

    how can i write those mail to him????? i wanna express so much out for him

  • Anna Hughes
    Anna Hughes

    i wonder if alfie ever got his autograph

  • Elle Belle
    Elle Belle

    his smile and wave at the end, ahh my heart i-

  • Zest

    That card from the other harry seems like it’s a card from himself in 2012

  • Angel G
    Angel G

    Ugh he’s so gorgeous

  • Greta Colley
    Greta Colley

    Do we know if Alphie ever got Harry’s autograph?

  • Brit and Angela
    Brit and Angela

    him shredding the paper is everything 😌😘

  • Mikayla Genttner
    Mikayla Genttner

    -3:07 my favourite part

  • Anna Ou
    Anna Ou

    Hi Harry I love you

  • Dusk The Fox
    Dusk The Fox

    *Londons, quite, big*

  • Lisa Stromberger
    Lisa Stromberger

    so like... who else really wants to know what the two cards he didn’t read said?

  • buttered noodles
    buttered noodles

    my heart sank at 1:53 because I thought he was going to say he won’t be making another album

  • Jungkook _LittleMaknae_
    Jungkook _LittleMaknae_

    Harry: this one may not be for me.. Me: no it's for my neighbor 😂😂

  • Os Cineclubistas
    Os Cineclubistas

    5:52 somebody found the easter eggs?? Please share

  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad

    I love how all of the peices of mail were opened so they probably read each peice of mail and chose the ones they didnt want him to read out/answer

  • josefina gayoso
    josefina gayoso

    this one is from my mom🥺 ily

  • elena flores
    elena flores

    i woulda put my number and instagram

  • heyitslucy

    the question is did he ever find alfie

  • salut turner
    salut turner

    i wonder if he casually listens to his own music... i mean if i were him i would definetly listen all the time 🥰😪🖤✨

  • Caroline I. Caballero
    Caroline I. Caballero

    imagine being called princess by harry styles


    Wow harry has grown muscles I miss young Harry ALOT

  • Katie Jensen
    Katie Jensen

    0:52 he pulls out a gray envelope but then at 1:06 puts down a white envelope

  • Júlia Espín Fàbregas
    Júlia Espín Fàbregas

    La Rosalía

  • Ashley Seaboyer
    Ashley Seaboyer

    What are the easter eggs he's referencing?

  • Ashley Seaboyer
    Ashley Seaboyer

    No one: Harry(reading fan mail): "This one's to me."

  • Kaitlyn Palik
    Kaitlyn Palik

    no one: Harry: 👉↖️↗️ Harryyyyy

  • helen hraz
    helen hraz

    I'm glad he didn't have any featured artists!!

  • Simply Fun Logical
    Simply Fun Logical

    My brain when he shreds some: its probably about larry Also my brain: its probably nothing 😂

  • Hallie Gabrielle
    Hallie Gabrielle

    when he said it took him a year to finish watermelon sugar, i died. it took him a year to finish his song with the words “watermelon sugar” hahahahahah harryyyy

  • lydia johnston
    lydia johnston

    he’s so perfect stop

  • Yuki Robinson
    Yuki Robinson

    This is funny. I love how kind Harry is.

  • ava grace
    ava grace

    not me watchig this every day

  • Thea Allesa
    Thea Allesa

    his smile at the end gave me flashbacks to the best song ever behind the scenes video. its at 1:25 in the behind the scenes, tell me if you found it 👍👍

  • J Beans
    J Beans

    ok but anyone think the letter he didn’t even read out loud was about louis??? just me?

  • LPP

    He's wearing 7 rings

  • Sunny V1bxs :3
    Sunny V1bxs :3

    "Best Photographer I've Ever Worked With" *Girolle Has Left The Chat*

  • Emma Markaryan
    Emma Markaryan

    don’t mind me I’ll just be listening to Harry saying “thank you princess” on a loop for the rest of my life

  • Julia Horne
    Julia Horne

    idk about you but im pregnant now

  • Surabhi Deshmukh
    Surabhi Deshmukh

    For the Princess's question- the best time to write a song- when you are feeling high or low.. I wished he'd said- "when the high's too high, when the low's too low. When you love someone and they let you go!"

  • Abigail Dekam
    Abigail Dekam

    If we could pull a tiktok and figure out what the shredded letters said that would be cool🤷‍♀️ just saying

  • aly

    oml why is him saying "struggled" so cute like look at his face i can't

  • aly

    you have no idea how many times i replayed the intro


    Is Harry wearing lipstick???

    • Bree Wilson
      Bree Wilson

      No those are his natural lips

  • Terezie Božková
    Terezie Božková

    Please tell me i am not the only one who was watching the end almost one hundred times 🙏🏻

  • Arace Highmore
    Arace Highmore


  • GeNya Randolph
    GeNya Randolph

    Anybody else confused about what an Easter egg is?

    • Bree Wilson
      Bree Wilson

      An easter egg is like something that is a hint towards something deeper. Sort of like a real Easter egg; something on the outside with even more on the inside if you keep looking. In this context, it would be a lyric that says one thing and could also mean another, just not stated directly. Hopefully that helps🙂

  • TheRandomTaco

    i really want to know who wrote the questions that he didn’t answer😭😭 so then i can ask what the questions were

  • Galactic Godess
    Galactic Godess

    I clicked so fast

  • Summer Booth
    Summer Booth

    Don’t get me wrong I love harry but “be so sweet if things just stayed the same” between u and 1D like if u agree--->

  • Sarah Scapin
    Sarah Scapin

    the cutest thing is he saying hi to everyone’s coment 🥺

  • Jessica Mcgivern
    Jessica Mcgivern

    No one: Absolutely not a soul: Harry in an opening fan mail video: OOooo is this one for me?????

  • rawan Ahmed
    rawan Ahmed

    He's too precious-

  • Cade Capricorn
    Cade Capricorn

    Ok! I saw a video on TikTok with my name say that I wrote saying something like “Did you and Louis date?” I did not write that. It once. Stop making rumors about it, please and thank you.

  • M Alothman
    M Alothman

    I lloovvveee hhiimmm

  • M Alothman
    M Alothman

    Omfg i llooovvvveeeeeeeee hhhhaarrryyyyy more than anything

  • asher hussain
    asher hussain

    “Walking in the world today” 😂

    • Bree Wilson
      Bree Wilson

      He says working in the world today

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