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Spearheading Colombia Records, this young Brit musician has put i a stamp into the culture with his solo career apart from the cemental group that was, "One Direction."
His 2nd studio solo album, two years separated from his self-titled debut:

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  • VegasRunaway

    I love you guys!!

  • Nzuria Hambrick
    Nzuria Hambrick

    IF my man isn't like this listening to harry styles I dont want him

  • Dani Caceres
    Dani Caceres

    react to walls from louis tomlinson

  • Demi A
    Demi A

    I don’t think cherry is a bout a man because at the end the voice recording of that woman is Camille Rowe Harry’s ex and I’m sure he’s confirmed that it’s his ex girlfriend in an interview. It’s in French and she’s from France so...

  • RHO

    where can i get a man who listens to harry

  • Yes. I am
    Yes. I am

    I live for this kind of stuff 😂♥♥

  • Person Undefined
    Person Undefined

    It is said but not confirmed that the song She is about a man with a secret feminine side, either likes drag, is gay, or is transgender, but has lived a lie for too long to the point where he has to only see the version of herself/himself he wants to see in his daydreams. It explains why the woman is described as not real and how he ponders how everything would fall apart in his safe world if he was who he was. Someone’s theory I liked, not mine nor confirmed.

  • jesykah resendez
    jesykah resendez

    ‘She’ is him with his feminine side

  • Ikigai Joon
    Ikigai Joon

    i really appreciate you guys alot

  • liv tamoutselis
    liv tamoutselis

    the way y’all reacted to sunflower was so cute

  • Larry hun
    Larry hun

    you didnt have to hate on ziam like that 😂


    14:13 I live for that moment ❤ best reaction ever!

  • Haley Carpenter
    Haley Carpenter

    “We ain’t gonna listen to Watermelon Sugar cuz we already heard it” *plays it and sings along anyways*

  • Glowingsme

    It’s like traveling back to the 60’s...

  • Payton Lee
    Payton Lee

    they really listened to fine line in the dark when it was raining and didn't shed a tear huh

  • Yesica Velasquez
    Yesica Velasquez

    You guys should react to Harry Styles cover of Juice by Lizzo !!!

  • aria banks
    aria banks


  • iram

    8:07 my man was straight up feeling the song in his SOUL , i love this

  • Nancy Santillan
    Nancy Santillan

    ceo of DAMN HARRY

  • jennn

    react to zayns mind of mine album!

  • nay

    yall taste>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Susan van Loon
    Susan van Loon

    Cherry isnt abt a man. It is about his ex girlfriend. The voicemail at the end is camille rowe. He says dont you call HIM what you used to call me because he means that he doesnt want camille to call her new bf what she used to call harry

  • JohnElvis Clark
    JohnElvis Clark

    He wrote She and sunflower while he was trippin on musrooms with his guitar player Mitch the album is very beatles fleetwood mac and phsycadelic vibes and was the 1st #1 album of 2020

    • Erika Medina
      Erika Medina

      JohnElvis Clark I noticed that, i got Beatles vibes 😫 I love this man !

  • Sara Gonzalez
    Sara Gonzalez

    i love how every single guy i’ve seen react to harry ends up loving him

  • Victoria Grammenos
    Victoria Grammenos

    Cherry is about his relationship with Camille Rowe not another guy lol

  • tuna sandwich
    tuna sandwich

    cherry is abt camille rowe guys

  • Vera Davidovic
    Vera Davidovic

    Cherry is i think about his pas relationship with a girl whose voice is on the tape

  • isabell bishop
    isabell bishop

    They really do be bopping hard to these song MEEE TOOO

  • Esha Gul
    Esha Gul

    Im.really confused how do u know his talking about a dude again in his song cherry

  • emely m.
    emely m.

    yeah no cherry is not about a man (i wish doe) it's about his ex girlfriend camille rowe sooOo yuh

  • Leilani

    Ultímate decision on break down on Fine Line?

  • Leilani

    The cherry breakdown ?????????????? Explain

  • Leilani

    I love this man 😍 Harry is my baby!!!!!! This is great!

  • Bryan Amaya
    Bryan Amaya

    React to “Pillowtalk” by ZAYN 🙏

  • Sandra Almaguer
    Sandra Almaguer

    Harry Styles is bisexual and I luvs him and his album..💕

  • Sarah Morgan
    Sarah Morgan

    Great video! Loved seeing you both get so into this album and express your admiration for Harry. Here's my lyric/meaning breakdown: Golden - I interpret this as the perfect Millennial song. Its lyrics are a bit dark but the tempo makes you think otherwise. Harry seems to be talking about someone in this song, which I assume is Camille Rowe, his most recent ex. This song might be a "oh shit, I'm falling in love" song and "I don't feel good enough; you're golden, and I'm not." It's about taking the risk of entering a romantic relationship. Considering the way he organized this album, I think he went through literally meeting Camille all the way to their breakup. Watermelon Sugar - People have said this is a song about giving and receiving oral sex. I totally agree. Adore You - This is about two things: a relationship and love within a community, as we can see with the video. In both instances, it's about being selfless and devoted to doing good things for your significant other and just people in general. Lights Up - This song, I feel, is more personal and less about Camille. Harry is talking about facing who he is and accepting that, whether that be regarding his sexuality or, more generally, his character. Basically, know who you are and own it! Don't give a fuck about what anyone else thinks. Cherry - Harry said he wrote this song soon after his breakup with Camille. The French female voice is actually her; at the very end of the song, she is on the phone with someone and says Harry's name at the very end. Harry also said that this song is "pathetic"; it's about those jealous feelings after you end a relationship and you see the other person in a new relationship. You miss them, you're angry, you're sad, all of it. Falling - He said he wrote this song in 20 minutes. Thinking about the wake of his breakup, you know how you get reckless sometimes after that kind of emotional trauma? I think he's singing about being in a dark place and not knowing how to stop falling. Super emo vibes that I fuck with. To Be So Lonely - This song, I feel, accompanies Falling. You know when you vent to someone about how shitty and down you feel but then you try to act like everything is totally fine, that you're totally fine? That's what this is. It's using the anger of the breakup to pick himself back up, but the love is still kinda there. It's the upswing of a breakup where you decide you're going to try and move on by cutting that person out. She - LOVE THIS SONG. Gives me Pink Floyd vibes. I don't think this is about his breakup. Rather, it's a more general song about how there's always this fantasy person, who in this case is a woman, that we dream about, even when we have a routine life. Basically, it's about the desire to change your whole life or, more specifically, running away with this fantasy woman. Just how I interpret it. Sunflower - I think this is about meeting someone new, flirting, and being nervous around a crush. In relation to the narrative of his breakup, this is good! It shows him moving on and regaining his happiness. I think it also shows how we become infatuated with the prospect of new love sometimes. Canyon Moon - One of my favorites. Makes me think of John Denver, at least in subject matter. It's about thinking about your happy place while you're busy somewhere else. TPWK - This is Harry's charity slogan that he started during his first album. Simply put, don't be a dick, be inclusive, and let people and yourself be happy. Fine Line - Bon Iver vibes! I love this song. I think this is the acceptance part of his breakup with Camille. He realizes that what they had was in the past and it wasn't perfect. I think the "spreading you open is the only way I know you" means that towards the end of their relationship, it was primarily based on sex while their emotional connection faded away. The "fine line" between them means that their relationship and how they know each other now will toe a line between lovers and friends that's painful to navigate but not impossible. You know how it is when you breakup with someone: feelings and history are still there and you can't just erase them but you can still carry on, hence the uplifting instrumentals at the end. TL;DR, I know, but I love dissecting this kind of shit, and I hope it brought some insight and perspective to you guys as listeners! - Sarah

  • Alejandra Romo
    Alejandra Romo

    "watermelon butterfly sugars" omg XD

  • Evie Xo X
    Evie Xo X

    4:15 me and my friend in class with an AirPod in each

  • Jeanne Cook
    Jeanne Cook

    Great reaction!! Great start to my day!💙💚

  • seriouslyjoking2

    Hey guys! Enjoy your reactions...and you get that he is an artist and his music is subject to interpretation.

  • Alyssa Morando
    Alyssa Morando

    “live it must be insane” hell yeah it is

  • Sweet Creature Louis
    Sweet Creature Louis


  • Tinker Bell19
    Tinker Bell19

    I love watching ur reactions so i came back not for harry but to watch the two of u😊

  • Rommy Falero
    Rommy Falero

    I love you guys. Honestly, I feel like I’m in the car with you. 😂 I love when Latinos react to Harry. My brother is like “what’s happening to me? Am I turning white?” But a few things: 1. Cherry, as I’m sure you’ve read in the comments by now, is about his ex Camille Rowe. 2. This album is about love, sex and doing drugs. I feel like Light Up’s video portrays exactly that. He looks high af and he’s surrounded by both men and women all over each other like some type of orgy. 3. I don’t think Harry is gay or bisexual. I think he genuinely loves all people as humans but at the end he’s always falling in love with a new woman. He dates older women all the time. I think he’s just really in-tuned with his feminine side. 4. Falling is a banger! 🔥 5. I’d love to meet you guys one day at some sort of event. Do you guys have something in the works where there would be an audience of some sort?

  • Carolina Stevens
    Carolina Stevens


  • Carolina Stevens
    Carolina Stevens

    Hell yea finally men WITH GOOD TASTE AND INTELLECT

  • Carolina Stevens
    Carolina Stevens


  • Andreea Tronaru
    Andreea Tronaru

    Cherry is about his ex, there's a voice note of hers at the end of the song. She was written when both him and his guitarist Mitch were on mushrooms, they actually had to learn the whole thing again the next day, so the song is more creative but im sure it means a lot to him. Fine line is about a finding yourself, a fine line betweetn love and hate, between men and women(not necessarily about sexuality). He doesn't like to explain his songs, he gives them to us and we understand them how we want, we make them ours in our own way. He's just phenomenal.

  • TiaMainstreamVintage

    why do they always say they reviewed harrys first album bc that review is nowhere to be found lol

  • catherine avila
    catherine avila

    She is supposedly about his feminine side

  • catherine avila
    catherine avila

    cherry is about camille rowe, a french model

  • Music Music
    Music Music

    "She" is about the feminine side inside some men that r so strong , they feel this woman inside them and can't escape from her , and "Fine Line" the 1st & 2nd paragraph he is again talking about himself (man & woman) inside him there is a fine line between the 2 sides , then he is talking to his partner

  • chelsea

    If you watch Harry’s “Fine Line” interview with Zane Lowe at 31:02 he talks about “Cherry” and how it’s about his ex-girlfriend Camille Rowes henceforth her voicemail at the end of the song

  • chelsea

    3:20 !!!!

  • Sammy Boy
    Sammy Boy

    LOL! Love you guys!👏😉

  • Amanda Argente
    Amanda Argente

    Man in Cherry he’s being jealous of his ex. Her voice clip is in the end.

  • Angie House
    Angie House

    If I don’t got a man who fanboys over Harry Styles the I don’t want it

  • Jennifer Hassan
    Jennifer Hassan

    “Some bikini bottom shit” and “What a Subaru commercial” took my ass out

  • Isabella OFlaherty
    Isabella OFlaherty

    she to me means his feminine side like he doesn’t know who SHE is, SHE lives in daydreams with him. this is something the harry said, he said that there’s a fun line between masculine and feminine for him

  • Isabella OFlaherty
    Isabella OFlaherty

    cherry and falling are about camille rowe his ex basically the whole album is about her lmao

  • Ariana has no tears left to cry
    Ariana has no tears left to cry

    this is a great video! really shows people that album sales don't mean anything. its quality over quantity every time. also I just added the song Want You to my 2020 playlist thank you!

  • Potato Direction
    Potato Direction

    Im directioner ❤️ + is that arabic word in yr t shirt? Cuz im arab haha

  • Sydney Greene
    Sydney Greene


  • kester kondakciu
    kester kondakciu

    "drops album of the year at the end of the year" YES MY MANS DID THAT also i stan the guy on the right pls lets date

  • Diana Perez
    Diana Perez

    The way they were vibing to Sunflower, Vol. 6 makes me happy

  • Hailey K
    Hailey K

    okay but ive watched this video three times and it never fails to put me in a better mood

  • Jordan Meade
    Jordan Meade

    also ngl you can see Y.I go into his feels as soon as cherry starts playing and then yall were emo bitches in falling but thats okay bc were all emo bitches sometimes

  • Jordan Meade
    Jordan Meade

    cherry is about camille, his ex. she has been reported to be about having issues with gender identity but nobody is really sure, but honestly the whole album was supposed to be about sex and sadness and finding who he is as a person. and to answer your question about if hes gay or bi, he says he doesnt like to label himself as a certain sexuality

  • Martha Mendez
    Martha Mendez

    This make me so happy I love harry 😍😭 seeing guys listen to his music is the best type Of vibe !!!

  • ItsAriel

    lol never thought Id ever see latinos reacting to harry styles lol respect. new subscriber. and get thisssss never even searched this shit lol keep it up.

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