Harry Styles - Fine Line Album |REACTION|
This is my reaction to Harry Style's sophomore album "Fine Line". What this worth the wait? Let's find out together!
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Harry Styles - Fine Line Album Track List
2. Watermelon Sugar
3. Adore You
4. Lights Up
5. Cherry
6. Falling
7. To Be So Lonely
8. She
9. Sunflower, Vol. 6
10. Canyon Moon
11. Treat People With Kindness
12. Fine Line

  • Kendra S
    Kendra S

    this made me so offended i stopped after the second song 😭

  • Ski Mask
    Ski Mask

    Bro just copied what everybody on twitter said about Golden. That song is perfect opening song for a masterpiece

  • Talking Muffin
    Talking Muffin

    Harry: I don't know who she is AJay: ... HARRY WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? 😂

  • JMario JV95
    JMario JV95

    Fine Line Album is a true masterpiece Gurl react to Zayn music

  • Joshua Pretorius
    Joshua Pretorius

    How can u enjoy the song watermelon sugar that makes no sense but u hate yummy by justin Bieber Ur taste in music sucks sorry

    • Manu_el González
      Manu_el González

      Yummy is shit PERIODT

  • Sophie Anna Van Deelen
    Sophie Anna Van Deelen

    Fine line didn’t deserve this at allll😶

  • zul !
    zul !

    wait im sad, this album is beautiful entirely but we respect your opinions queen

  • Kinny

    "Oh ma gaaaah, harRri!!!"

  • megs

    Please react and listen to Louis Tomlinson’s debut album Walls ❤️

  • Lorraine Hackett
    Lorraine Hackett

    I was really surprised by most of your comments. Mostly because this is the first time that I've seen you disagree with my opinion so much, so it was surprising. I absolutely love this album, and didn't have an issue with any of the things you mentioned. I was also surprised that even if you liked a song, you still had some big parts you didn't like.

  • Verona Lelie
    Verona Lelie

    React to Björk's albums (Utopia, Post, Homogenic or Vespertine)

  • Annie Walker
    Annie Walker

    You should do the other one direction albums, particularly four and midnight memories. Also the one with the raspy voice you liked in made in the am is Louis tomlinson, whose first Solo album Just released a couple weeks ago. You should def check that out as well!!

  • José Otávio
    José Otávio

    React to the birds of prey’s soundtrack

  • Depression Level10
    Depression Level10

    It seems like you have a problem decoding the lyrics of most songs.... I suggest listening carefully and more

  • Lauren Aniston
    Lauren Aniston

    please react to LP1 album by liam payne and laugh at how bad it is when you compare it to harry

  • Becky

    When I realised Watermelon sugar high was about eating a girl out - then, confirmed it online, it was like all the loose connections in my mind clicked. It was like damn, that's why this song gets me so fucking hot. Like it blew my fucking mind

  • sandhya chaudhary
    sandhya chaudhary

    This album is damm overrated....only one track is good..adore you..love that track

  • Kate Durfey
    Kate Durfey

    the way she says “HARAY” every time she says his name MAKES this video😂

  • Andrea Reyes
    Andrea Reyes

    Yeah, Harry tends to be lyricly repetitive

  • Gabriela Gomes
    Gabriela Gomes

    I think Fine Line is an album that really grows on you with time. I can say today it's one of my favorite albums ever, but at the beginning i wouldn't. I think harry broke so many pop standards that it takes a while to understand and appreciate. To Be So Lonely and Sunflower Vol. 6 are so unique and incredible, I LOVE the sunflower outro, it has so much personality. The only things I don't agree with this album are track 11 - although it has a great message, I just can't enjoy Treat People With Kindness, it's just... Not very good to me - and the fact that this album is categorized as a pop album. It sounds alternative to me (my favorite genre) but I understand why he picked pop. Anything to get the masses to listen to the art of the great Harry Styles 💜

  • hazim rasyad
    hazim rasyad

    My favourites are Cherry, Falling and Adore You. Those are gems

  • theatre geek gorl
    theatre geek gorl

    i would just like to address a couple of comments i've been seeing (no hate everyone has their own opinions) 1: i feel like a lot of new people to harry don't like his song writing/ don't understand what he's trying to get across but that's kind of because you've kinda have to look into story's about harry. THIS IS CRUCIAL FOR CHERRY. cherry is such a vulnerable song and you can tell harry poured his heart into that masterpiece. i remember when i first listened to it i felt so guilty for it because it felt like i just read his diary or like invaded his privacy. 2: GUYS DONT COMPARE THE SONGS. every song has its own meaning to it and they all are very different from each other so you can't really compare them. 3: don't expect to know everything when you first listen to a song ESPECIALLY IF YOURE NEW TO HARRY. i've been listening to harry for a long time so it was kinda easier for me to pick up on some things but even i learned a couple of things the more i listened. 4: i think it's pretty clear that watermelon sugar is about oral sex even though it was never directly stated as such. a lot of people think it's about heroine but we all know harry does shrooms and not heroine. also i think we all know about harry's love for oral sex given that i've seen many videos of flicking his tongue. thank you for coming to my ted talk 😌

  • Oliver Cole
    Oliver Cole

    “Track number 8, She” *song plays* “OOOH WAH WAH WAH” HAD ME CACKLING

  • Believe

    Pablo Vittar? BRAZiL

  • Jennifer Rivera
    Jennifer Rivera

    I love this album! Sunflower Vol. 6 is one of my favorite songs. I like the sounds in the end. Kind of showed a bit more of his personality.

  • Peature Pehyrwez.
    Peature Pehyrwez.

    Please react to ZARRY STYLIK ppleeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeee...🙏💛💚🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Jacob Hnamte
    Jacob Hnamte

    Please react to: Meghan Trainor - Treat Myself Kesha - High Road

  • hope

    falling is an out of body experience

  • tommonoboga


  • cute smiling baby
    cute smiling baby

    I told myself Ajay's gonna love She. Proved myself right😂

  • my name isnt honey
    my name isnt honey

    18:54 GIRL I- 🙄

  • Lizzy

    Is it me or does She has a Pink Floyd feel to it

  • Petey

    react to rex orange county’s pony album

  • kharlos Parodi
    kharlos Parodi

    he sings always about zyan his secret lover on one direction


    React to Kim Petras! 💙

  • Paola

    watermelon sugar seems to talk about sex and that part of a relationship where everything is warming and happy. They had no worries but summer and themselves and Harry seemed to be mesmerized by his partner.

  • Holleywood Reviews
    Holleywood Reviews

    I personally liked this project a lot

  • Aurora Araujo
    Aurora Araujo

    react to sexorcism - brooke candy !!!

  • Eduardo Castellon
    Eduardo Castellon

    What’s up with all the fruit: watermelon, strawberry, cherry?

  • holland thompson
    holland thompson

    canyon moon makes me think of a group of teenagers on the beach laughing while playing with sparklers at night

  • holland thompson
    holland thompson


  • Lulu Parise
    Lulu Parise

    I love how we see a lot of AJ's taste in music in this videos. I dont always agree with her, but her reactions are so dope so I just keep watching. Her reaction to 'She' gave me life 😹😹😹

  • Lulu Parise
    Lulu Parise

    I really love how he used instrumentals on this album. Parfait, Harry! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • bea alonso
    bea alonso

    Harry Styles leyenda viviente

  • Aryanna Oros
    Aryanna Oros

    the songs are about camille rowe shes french and thats her voice at the end on cherry and a (maybe) easter egg is that one of her fav movies is "in watermelon sugar" hence watermelon sugar. The boop boop and scream is SUPERIOR also the beginning whisper is sunflower backwords i believe

  • Matt

    This album fro Harry is not good. I prefer his first one

  • Jason Eveleigh
    Jason Eveleigh

    Why is adore you silent?

  • R A
    R A

    Her grooving to ‘Watermelon Sugar’ is totally me lmao

  • Luis Gilberto Rodriguez
    Luis Gilberto Rodriguez

    Even though she didn't like the album, i'm really happy that she loved Fine Line! That song is A MASTERPIECE (the whole album btw) and is the perfect ending for the album. PERIOD.

  • Priya Boparai
    Priya Boparai

    I didn't like your reaction..my opinion 🤨



  • Hannah Blair
    Hannah Blair

    watermelon sugar is about his love for oral

  • callofmoody

    Adore you is gone 😭😭😭COPYRIGHT LEAVE AJAYLL ALONE

  • Rean Xx
    Rean Xx

    I love the whole album but canyon moon and treat people with kindness are just meh

  • mcatbs9

    Where is the Madonna album gurl????

  • Lauren Thompson
    Lauren Thompson

    12. fine line 11. falling 10. she 9. lights up 8. watermelon sugar 7. tpwk 6. golden 5. to be so lonely 4. canyon moon 3. cherry 2. adore you 1. sunflower, vol 6

  • junmyeon is a fucking legend
    junmyeon is a fucking legend

    he's boring. next

  • Lee

    When you hear the outro of sunflower live, you know it’s NECESSARY.

  • Luna Lex
    Luna Lex

    I love her reactions 😂

  • Alexa Ornelas
    Alexa Ornelas

    You need to react to jhene aikos music!

  • Baizura Zainal
    Baizura Zainal

    Not cherry is about his ex who now date a guy who in volved in art? Thts tge reason he mention bout art gallery

  • Meeqat Fatima
    Meeqat Fatima

    not everything has to make sense, that is the beauty of it. If it makes your head bop, if it makes you tap your foot, it is beautiful. I have been listening to Fine Line on repeat since it came out. It is a BOP.

  • Marie Materné
    Marie Materné

    Most of the songs are about Camille Rowe btw

  • Vee B.
    Vee B.

    I like a few of his songs but I feel like he tries SO hard to be like one of those 80s laidback rockstars and wants to replicate that type of music but it doesn’t always feel that natural at times? it works sometimes and other times I’m like meh. idk maybe I’m the only one who gets that vibe. love kiwi, only angel, and ever since New York, from his last album and haven’t listened to this new one that much but there’s nothing that really stands out from the snippets I’ve heard.

    • bean sproot
      bean sproot

      Vee B. I had a similar reaction when I first heard it, but it’s honestly become one of my favorite albums. I think once I stopped trying to place the genre or figure out what he was trying to be and just appreciate the music and let it be whatever it wants to be it really grew on me. If it’s just not for you though that’s fine, you do you

  • Nicholas Fagley
    Nicholas Fagley


  • Nađa

    I actually really love every song on Fine Line, and even though you didn't, I enjoyed this video because you respectfully expressed your criticism and dislikes with arguments.

  • Tárcila Bevaro
    Tárcila Bevaro

    falling is the best yo

  • Amber G-Gagnon
    Amber G-Gagnon

    "i dont see what kind of point he was tryna make" meanwhile the song is called 'treat ppl with kindness'

  • Amber G-Gagnon
    Amber G-Gagnon

    ooeef that hurtedddd... i am obsessed with this fkkng album yooooo and she just didnt like it. Im sad bcz i rlly value her opinion, HOWEVER i will NOT stop listening to this album

  • lydiya chai
    lydiya chai

    I have few things to say though on some of the things that you commented. Songs aren't written for audience to know exactly what the singer is talking about , many write from personal experiences using metaphoric structure and thts why music is subjective , it doesnt have to make perfect sense. Those 'unnecessary' lil shouts are the unique pieces that he added bcs that's his style and it makes it extraordinary and a lot of people find it freaking cool. Sure , some of the songs' choruses are repetitive but i have to say this for the song fine line , it is repetitive for a reason , he's saying it in a way of convincing himself that he will be fine as the melodies build up and drop at 'we'll be alright'. For TPWK , idk if u know this but its a saying that he preaches , idk if you have looked up to the lyrics or not but it makes sense if u haven't bcs u didnt understand the song , i suggest looking up on the lyrics then you will for sure understand , its full of messages and intensity behind the meanings. Anyway thanks and this is a great reaction! (not a biased hs fan tho , just honest feedbacks)

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