Harry Styles - Fine Line EASY Guitar Tutorial With Chords / Lyrics
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Chords: 0:11 Strumming Pattern: 0:34 Song Being Played: 1:14
Learn how to play "Fine Line" by Harry Styles. This Guitar tutorial includes the chords,
chord progression, strumming pattern, and lyrics for this song
Harry Styles - Fine Line Capo 7
Cadd9: X32000
Em: 022000
G: 320000
G: 320030
Strumming: DDU UDU

#HarryStyles #FineLine

  • Elizabeth Dolphinwright
    Elizabeth Dolphinwright

    I don’t get the g thing when do I have to change from g1 to g2 and do I change back?

  • Isadora Farias
    Isadora Farias

    this was so so helpful!!! better than any other fine line tutorial I watched! Thank you, I just subscribed :)

    • Easy 2 Play Music
      Easy 2 Play Music

      Thank you Isadora :)

  • Lesolee B
    Lesolee B

    harry styles- from the dining table tutorial, please ?

  • Bianca

    ok this takes a lot of practice if you’re a beginner. I never learned guitar before and i’m putting my mind to this and this is my 3rd day learning from this tutorial as i’m getting it. so don’t give up, you got this❤️

  • Kevin_4_Infinity

    0:12 where u put ur fingers 1:18 how u play the song

  • Billel Hamaimi
    Billel Hamaimi

    How I can play so faster like u 😑

  • Lysann Bock
    Lysann Bock

    Is this western guitar ?

  • Mari Tari
    Mari Tari

    Im happy I wasn’t the only one who straight up SOBBED

  • Giselle GC
    Giselle GC

    can someone explain is there a difference between Cadd9 and cmaj7. im confused now :s

  • maia s
    maia s

    Can you do walls by louis Tomlinson? Please

  • nina rose
    nina rose

    wait i never realised this was so easy

  • abigail

    i just learned how to play this in ten min, this is crazy

  • Miora Joanna
    Miora Joanna

    Can you please make Sweet Creaturee ?

  • abigail

    where’d u get ur capo?

  • Daiana Fuchinecco
    Daiana Fuchinecco

    Estoy tocando, cantando y llorando al mismo tiempo. Mencanta

  • kaytie budd
    kaytie budd

    Intro: Cadd9 2x Em 2x G variation 4x Verse (4 Times): Cadd9 2x Em 2x G variation 4x Chorus (2 Times): Cadd9 2x Em 2x G variation 4x Verse (4 Times) Bridge: Cadd9 2x Em 2x G variation 4x Chorus (4 Times) G (Down strum)

  • Mina

    Thanks so much

    • Easy 2 Play Music
      Easy 2 Play Music


  • Josie’s Channel
    Josie’s Channel

    Is there written out versions of this? So I could like look at it all at one time?

  • P Rivers
    P Rivers

    I practiced this all day and got it down! I literally cried when it all came together! Thank you so much for your help!! I love your channel.

  • John D
    John D

    Excellent video and tutorial!

  • mar!a

    can someone pls explain to me when to play the other g and the other strumming pattern i’m confused

  • Валерия Равикович
    Валерия Равикович

    I never thought it would be so easy... thank you so much!

    • Niamh Garvey
      Niamh Garvey

      Валерия Равикович I think it’s just trying to get used to the strumming patteren

    • Валерия Равикович
      Валерия Равикович

      Niamh Garvey just follow the video, it’s easier than you think :)

    • Niamh Garvey
      Niamh Garvey

      Have any advise I’m struggling 😂

  • v ladm
    v ladm

    Before I had a capo I used a pencil and wrapped hair ties around it. Works the same.

  • mali clifton
    mali clifton

    THIS IS THE BEST SONG FOR BEGINNERS!!! i have struggled for so long trying to play the guitar and this had been the first full song i learned to play. thank you so much!

  • Nagham Semaan
    Nagham Semaan

    i’ve been trying to learn a song on the guitar for so long and tbh this looks like something i can learn within a little period of time and im so happy about it!!

  • Eve Finlayson
    Eve Finlayson

    Time stamp 1:15

  • Emily Mackenzie
    Emily Mackenzie

    whats the tuneing

  • xara bangtan
    xara bangtan

    so there's just the same couples of cords and the same pattern for the whole song someone explain

    • Marissa Voss
      Marissa Voss


  • Batool Alyaqoob
    Batool Alyaqoob

    I love this song so much. I am considering to buy a guitar and start playing because of this tutorial :) I am just so scared because I have never even held a guitar before but I just want to play HS songs djoeonejeieoepp

  • Despina Nikki
    Despina Nikki


  • Louis Tomlinson Wrist Supremacy
    Louis Tomlinson Wrist Supremacy

    Me watching this not even having a guitar👁👄👁

  • irany amanda
    irany amanda

    I wish piano is this easy

  • maddie m
    maddie m

    me watching this even though i don’t own a guitar 👁👄👁

  • ale fonseca
    ale fonseca

    I’ve never played guitar, I want this to be the first song, I played when I was younger but now I kind of forgot, any tips anyone?

  • emily crews
    emily crews

    Thank you for making this, it helped a lot!

  • Paula Martinez
    Paula Martinez

    Can you do a cherry one please

  • Estela Victoria Mendoza Chunga
    Estela Victoria Mendoza Chunga

    Don’t know why I’m even looking at this, i don’t have a guitar hahahhah. By the way this tutorial is awesomeeee

  • Kelly Gutierrez
    Kelly Gutierrez

    Wait is this guy using a classic guitar or a acoustic guitar? 😭

    • Beepbeep

      he’s playing an acoustic, but this would definitely work on a classical if that’s what you have :^)

  • Stephanie

    how tf? i cant :(

  • Alexandra Ganani
    Alexandra Ganani

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Veronica G
    Veronica G

    Thank you!!!

  • Ch. Arham
    Ch. Arham

    Very straightforward and extremely easy tutorial. Exactly what you need (at least works for me). Good videos bro. +1 sub

  • rina ribena
    rina ribena

    Put a price on emotion I'm looking for something to buy You've got my devotion But man, I can hate you sometimes I don't want to fight you And I don't wanna sleep in the dirt We'll get the drinks in So I'll get to thinking of her We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line Test of my patience There's things that we'll never know You sunshine, you temptress My hand's at risk, I fold Crisp trepidation I'll try to shake this soon Spreading you open Is the only way of knowing you We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be alright We'll be alright We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be alright (alright, alright, alright) We'll be alright We'll be alright

  • Eliška Nováková
    Eliška Nováková

    I've always wanted to learn something on my guitar and I think this will help me a lot. Thank you

    • Johanka Šimková
      Johanka Šimková

      yay czech people

  • Ema

    can i play this without a capo?

    • hxneypop

      you can play any song without capo. you just have to transcribe that’s all.

    • hazza

      yea can you?

  • Naomi Esther
    Naomi Esther

    the best song in the world. thank u for this!!🙏🏼

  • Audrey Olson
    Audrey Olson

    could you do medicine by harry styles? thank you!

  • jae

    yo where do i put the capo

    • lol idk
      lol idk

      jae on the 7th fret

  • Ola •
    Ola •

    this is the 1st song i've learned and you helped me so much omg THANK YOU!!

    • Easy 2 Play Music
      Easy 2 Play Music

      Nice! 😁❤

  • Makbule Sultan Can
    Makbule Sultan Can

    I never thought I'll ever cry over a tutorial video

    • Makbule Sultan Can
      Makbule Sultan Can

      @Ebba Sandin hope you're not crying right now

    • Ebba Sandin
      Ebba Sandin

      this sorg really touches ny heart in a different way i can’t explain

    • Francisca V.O
      Francisca V.O


    • Julia Garcia
      Julia Garcia


    • 88 88
      88 88


  • Jack Stockham
    Jack Stockham


  • Angel Styles 626
    Angel Styles 626

    Okay but why is my guitar so low, I tuned it and put the kapo 😩

  • tropical candyland
    tropical candyland

    Which guitar is that?

  • Marta Piechowska
    Marta Piechowska

    Oh, pls more Harry Styles

  • Dale Hyde
    Dale Hyde

    i want to learn this song for my friend but it’s so hard cause i’m just starting and don’t know if i need to tune it different or keep the normal tuning

    • Dale Hyde
      Dale Hyde

      Katie Johnston right now that’s all i can do lol

    • Dale Hyde
      Dale Hyde

      Naomi Diaz i have a tuner but thank you

    • Katie Johnston
      Katie Johnston

      keep going !!:)

    • Naomi Diaz
      Naomi Diaz

      Dale Hyde there’s an app called GuitarTuna I use it to tune my guitar it’s really great

  • Any BA
    Any BA

    Beautiful 🖤 Fine line is my favorite song from the album

  • Grace Lloyd
    Grace Lloyd

    If only I had a capo-

    • sophie bohlen
      sophie bohlen

      I like your profilepic😍

    • Huilén

      @Agustina LMAO I have short fingers but its just practice I think

    • Agustina

      @Huilén *person with short fingers left the chat*

    • Huilén

      You can play the song without capo with the chords G - BM - D

    • Hazza Styles
      Hazza Styles

      Sum pencils and rubber bands do the job it’s my life saver XD

  • keziah lane
    keziah lane

    the hardest part is singing while playing!!!

    • peepy

      it just takes time. took me 4 months to nail singing while playing on any song

    • Camila Mendes
      Camila Mendes


    • Sander M. Simensen
      Sander M. Simensen

      the hardest part is not crying while playing

    • Parisha Narang
      Parisha Narang

      If you just don't stress about hitting the right note and let yourself relax then it will be wayyyy easier :)

    • Cj Groom
      Cj Groom

      Just goes to show how artistic and gifted and talented he is

  • c y d f o y
    c y d f o y

    u deserve more subs for this. just sayin’. THANK YOU SO MUCH💜

  • Jordan Elaine
    Jordan Elaine

    What type of Guitar do you have?

  • Yuliza Muñoz
    Yuliza Muñoz

    I dont understand why you show two Gs if you never use the second one in the actual playing, can you please explain, I'm a beginner I just got confused

    • Chloe Quan
      Chloe Quan

      I think it’s just preference like if you prefer one over the other

    • Shea Marie
      Shea Marie

      when i play it (since u normally do the strumming pattern 4 times for G) i do 2 with out the high string and 2 with .. if that makes sense

    • claire feary
      claire feary

      I think it means you just play two G’s idk lol

    • Abbie G
      Abbie G

      Yuliza Muñoz I think everytime he plays 4 Gs he alternates them: G (1), G (2), G (1), G (2) I got a bit confused at first too, don’t worry. I’m a beginner too :)

  • Christian Burgos
    Christian Burgos


  • Alejandra Cardiles
    Alejandra Cardiles

    Im learning how play the guitar and I found this video but idk what means the 2x o 4x with the DDU UDU? Can someone help me pls?

    • Alejandra Cardiles
      Alejandra Cardiles

      @Easy 2 Play Music oh thank you so much!!

    • Easy 2 Play Music
      Easy 2 Play Music

      Hey Alejandra, 2x means you play the strumming pattern 2 times on that same chord. So for example Cadd9: DDU UDU(2X) = DDU UDU DDU UDU

  • rory

    i’m so glad i found this, thank you so much!

  • Clerence1991

    Youre showing two ways of playing the G, but which G do you actually play?

    • Нелля Ч
      Нелля Ч

      you should play both cause it’s the chord progression (cadd 9, em, first g and then second g). and at 01:00 you can see the explanation of strumming pattern for g chords

  • Harem Boi
    Harem Boi

    I swear in the song the strum pattern changes in “I don’t want to fight you, and I don’t want to sleep in the dirt”

    • Klaudia Kalinowska
      Klaudia Kalinowska

      I know it's been a few months but yeah. That is a moment that I am getting lost all the time 'cause something isn't right with the audio and I have a feeling that I play something totally different than that

  • isabel :]
    isabel :]

    Okay, i've been wanting to learn how to play guitar for the longest... and idk I came across this video and i'm going to attempt trying to play a guitar for the first time. I'll let ya'll know how it goes if somebody is curious. I don't even know the basics of a guitar.... so i'mma study everything as I try to teach myself.

    • hxneypop

      Jack Stockham tysm! this really helped! I’m actually getting my guitar tomorrow, so I’m super excited lol

    • Jack Stockham
      Jack Stockham

      @hxneypop I'm a pretty experienced guitar player and it didn't take me that long to learn. Your fingers will probably hurt and you might get a little frustrated but don't let any of that stop you from playing. Happy playing!

    • hxneypop

      how long did it take to learn the song? I’m getting a guitar in a few days, I would love for this to be my first song as it is very special to me. was it too difficult? do you feel that an extreme beginner like myself wouldn’t be able to do it? please let me know. idk I just want to be able to say that fine line was the first song I ever learned :,)

    • Jack Stockham
      Jack Stockham

      keep playing!

    • monserrat hinojosa
      monserrat hinojosa

      isabel :] Aww Im glad you’re making progress! You are getting there

  • janie

    Is there any chance I could use your play through as an instrumental for a cover im making? I would give you credit of course!

    • Easy 2 Play Music
      Easy 2 Play Music

      Yeah ofcourse janie, let me know when you made it :)

  • Natalie Tucker
    Natalie Tucker

    i’m a beginner as in this is the first song i’m ever learning. i’m sure this is a really good tutorial for people who already have an idea of how to play, does anyone have an idea of how to explain this by dumbing it down even more?

    • savannah ray
      savannah ray

      it’s all about muscle memory, since it’s the same chords throughout the entire song play it over, and over, and over again. your fingers will probably be sore since you are beginning, but that is completely normal! playing guitar builds and strengthens muscles in your hands, arms, and fingers. the more you practice the better your body will play.

    • Kelley Smith
      Kelley Smith

      @Nagham Semaan i'd guess "tabs"

    • Azarely

      @Shea Marie me too!!

    • Nagham Semaan
      Nagham Semaan

      Berkley German so what do i type out in the app store? ‘app tabs’ or ‘tabs’

    • milly rock
      milly rock

      i am a beginner never played a song b4 it took me non stop 10+ hrs to learn this now i have it down and it’s quite easy you just can’t give up

  • tombenmoon

    Wheres the ending?

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