Harry Styles - Fine Line EASY Guitar Tutorial With Chords / Lyrics
Easy 2 Play Guitar Tutorials
Chords: 0:11 Strumming Pattern: 0:34 Song Being Played: 1:14
Learn how to play "Fine Line" by Harry Styles. This Guitar tutorial includes the chords,
chord progression, strumming pattern, and lyrics for this song
Harry Styles - Fine Line Capo 7
Cadd9: X32000
Em: 022000
G: 320000
G: 320030
Strumming: DDU UDU

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  • c y d f o y
    c y d f o y

    u deserve more subs for this. just sayin’. THANK YOU SO MUCH💜

  • Jordan Elaine
    Jordan Elaine

    What type of Guitar do you have?

  • Yuliza Muñoz
    Yuliza Muñoz

    I dont understand why you show two Gs if you never use the second one in the actual playing, can you please explain, I'm a beginner I just got confused

    • xo_spacko_ox

      Yuliza Muñoz I think everytime he plays 4 Gs he alternates them: G (1), G (2), G (1), G (2) I got a bit confused at first too, don’t worry. I’m a beginner too :)

  • Christian Burgos
    Christian Burgos


  • Alejandra Cardiles
    Alejandra Cardiles

    Im learning how play the guitar and I found this video but idk what means the 2x o 4x with the DDU UDU? Can someone help me pls?

    • Alejandra Cardiles
      Alejandra Cardiles

      @Easy 2 Play Guitar Tutorials oh thank you so much!!

    • Easy 2 Play Guitar Tutorials
      Easy 2 Play Guitar Tutorials

      Hey Alejandra, 2x means you play the strumming pattern 2 times on that same chord. So for example Cadd9: DDU UDU(2X) = DDU UDU DDU UDU

  • roxyambs

    i’m so glad i found this, thank you so much!

  • Clerence1991

    Youre showing two ways of playing the G, but which G do you actually play?

    • Нелля Ч
      Нелля Ч

      you should play both cause it’s the chord progression (cadd 9, em, first g and then second g). and at 01:00 you can see the explanation of strumming pattern for g chords

  • Harem Don
    Harem Don

    I swear in the song the strum pattern changes in “I don’t want to fight you, and I don’t want to sleep in the dirt”

  • isabel :]
    isabel :]

    Okay, i've been wanting to learn how to play guitar for the longest... and idk I came across this video and i'm going to attempt trying to play a guitar for the first time. I'll let ya'll know how it goes if somebody is curious. I don't even know the basics of a guitar.... so i'mma study everything as I try to teach myself.

    • monserrat hinojosa
      monserrat hinojosa

      isabel :] Aww Im glad you’re making progress! You are getting there

    • isabel :]
      isabel :]

      @monserrat hinojosa I broke the G string 15m into trying to get 2 chords down. I'm fixing it today. I was busy the past month so I couldn't get the guitar strings any sooner but, I started crying because I was so happy I finally got a chord down on my first try. :]]

    • monserrat hinojosa
      monserrat hinojosa

      isabel :] how was it ?

  • janie

    Is there any chance I could use your play through as an instrumental for a cover im making? I would give you credit of course!

    • Easy 2 Play Guitar Tutorials
      Easy 2 Play Guitar Tutorials

      Yeah ofcourse janie, let me know when you made it :)

  • Natalie Tucker
    Natalie Tucker

    i’m a beginner as in this is the first song i’m ever learning. i’m sure this is a really good tutorial for people who already have an idea of how to play, does anyone have an idea of how to explain this by dumbing it down even more?

    • Srishti A
      Srishti A

      Well, I’m a learner as well. What helped me was learning the basic chords first and then start with playing songs

    • Bree Wilson
      Bree Wilson

      What I do is look at the chords at the beginning of the video and then screen shot them and just work on learning one chord and just strumming that for a while and then try two chords and then move on from there. Hopefully that makes any sense and I wish you good luck!

    • change

      break it down Learn your finger patterns first Then you you need to practice changing them After that break down the strumming pattern (Practice with a metronome if needed, they are in the App Store) add your strumming patterns and then pay close attention to the strings you are stringing, this is fairly simple the app tabs is great I use it, it’s fairly cheap and you probably could convince your parents because it has a LOT OF MUSIC there for guitars and other instruments with weekly tutorials also wright down everything so you can look at it :)

    • imKevines

      Natalie Tucker first of all congrats 🎉 on learning to play the guitar we are happy to see you ❤️, second explain what things you don’t understand? Watch the video and write down the names/parts you don’t understand.

  • tombenmoon

    Wheres the ending?

  • zFiorella

    Can you do Canyon moon? Thank you!!

  • rayray2451

    Sunflower volume 6 and to be so lonely? Pretty please!!

  • Zuhayr Hasan
    Zuhayr Hasan

    thank you! :)

  • KWilli

    Awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m sure you would do an excellent tutorial for Canyon Moon by Harry Styles as well! Hint hint...

  • Giseli C Gonçalves
    Giseli C Gonçalves

    Muito muito muito obrigada mesmo. Eu me emociono sempre quando escuto essa música e você disponibilizar esse vídeo foi esplêndido. Eu peguei hoje pra aprender através do seu vídeo e eu consegui ❤❤❤❤ ,estou até emocionada. Obrigada mesmo e desculpe por estar em português mas meu inglês é péssimo 😄😄😄

  • Ana clara
    Ana clara

    thank you!! can you do cherry?

  • @pirs

    THANK you

  • Are you lost in the world, like me?
    Are you lost in the world, like me?

    Pls do B O B B I E " nothin 2" pls

  • Jessie 56k
    Jessie 56k

    I was waiting for this, Thank you !

  • allexis

    ukulee version? haha

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee

    I know you will probably do a ukulele version eventually but I’m gonna ask anyway 😂😘 love this.

  • Britse K
    Britse K

    You’re the best

  • Marit.

    Can u do Cherry please

  • davi 188
    davi 188

    ukulele please!!?

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