Harry Styles - Fine Line (Official Audio)
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Put a price on emotion
I’m looking for something to buy
You’ve got my devotion
But man, I can hate you sometimes
I don’t want to fight you
And I don’t wanna sleep in the dirt
We’ll get the drinks in
So I’ll get to thinking of her
We’ll be a fine line
We’ll be a fine line
We’ll be a fine line
A test of my patience
There’s things that we’ll never know
You sunshine, you temptress
My hand’s at risk, I fold
Crisp trepidation
I’ll try to shake this soon
Spreading you open
Is the only way of knowing you
We’ll be a fine line
We’ll be alright
#HarryStyles #FineLine

  • Peter Edward
    Peter Edward

    Beautiful song



  • Hidayah Farhanah
    Hidayah Farhanah

    This album is a roller coaster oh my god

  • Nathaly Nunez
    Nathaly Nunez

    This song makes my heart hurt

  • ムーンアイアンローズ

    I promise. We'll be alright.

  • Stephanie Lord
    Stephanie Lord

    im so proud of you my love

  • Swathi M
    Swathi M

    🔥🔥fine line🔥🔥

  • Valentia

    This might be the only song i can neither pause nor stop. Whenever i hear the first chords i just have to sit and listen quietly for the whole 5 minutes. I can never get enough of it, it‘s too beautiful. It‘s so captivating.

  • amiyah cannon
    amiyah cannon

    Everytime I listen to this I cry. It’s just so beautiful.

  • Kayla machado
    Kayla machado

    this song always has me balling.

  • Joselin Horan
    Joselin Horan

    Que onda con las 545 personas que no aprecian el arte que es fine line?

  • eatsania

    best song ever, im crying

  • vanessa miranda
    vanessa miranda

    Me pone triste

  • louis's avocado
    louis's avocado

    "we'll be alright" sometimes i just feel that im not be alright never, but harry, louis, niall, liam and zayn make me feel more happy, and this is so fucking beautiful to me. so thanks for this album harry, you're saving my fucking life w/ that.

  • Iva Miks
    Iva Miks

    Hands down this is a masterpiece!!!! It’ll stay my favourite song til the end of time and I’m sure of it like I haven’t been so sure about anything in my life. So thank you Harry Styles, you majestic creature!!

    • Maike Ferreira
      Maike Ferreira

      Iva Miks Same ❤️️❤️️

  • Mulan

    fix you vibes

  • Mary Salim
    Mary Salim

    This song started off like you're floating in an ocean on a cloudy day, just not knowing where to go, trying to find some peace in the middle of nowhere as all the memories play out in your mind - the good then the bad and everything that breaks you. And then in that little piano part in the second chorus, it's like the sun starts to shine through the clouds and by the time Harry gets to "we'll be alright", it feels like "you know what, I want to come back to shore and figure things out. I don't have to give up." And then it just feels like the sky turns golden and you make your way back to coast and you just cry and cry out of relief that you're here and you'll be alright. This is the image that always comes to mind when I play this song. What a journey Harry took us on in just 6 minutes and 20 seconds.

  • Steve Doughty
    Steve Doughty

    I'm sure I can hear a bit of van Morrison influence in this one.

  • Radiohead

    i like to listen to this when i’m sad

  • HeyIt'sMeAlex!

    Of Monsters And Men vibes?

  • Melany Portillo
    Melany Portillo

    This song is a reminder to me that even though I don’t know what I am doing in life, my dreams and aspirations may not come true but at the end of the day we’ll be fine line and we’ll be alright ❤️ love love love this song so much it puts me in tears when I listen to this on a night drive reflecting on my life. A true masterpiece.

  • preya xo
    preya xo

    The ending always gives me goosebumps

  • Kelly Night
    Kelly Night

    Is it just me who felt a Life Is Strange vibe?

    • Maike Ferreira
      Maike Ferreira

      Omg yessss

  • Alex R.
    Alex R.

    I just made and finished a painting in the duration of this album...

  • Ca Zi
    Ca Zi

    Still my favourite song on the album. What a finale!

  • Ayati Bhatnagar
    Ayati Bhatnagar

    *The transition from his soft falsetto voice to his strong chest voice is amazing*

  • Little Songbird
    Little Songbird

    headphones in and this on full blast is a religious experience

  • Emilia Lopez
    Emilia Lopez

    Es lo mejor

  • nlbhaduri

    I'm gonna burst into tears with the first chords of this song at his concert in London!

  • antho k
    antho k

    can't wait to hear it in life is strange 3

  • It’sShannon

    This whole album & especially this song just reminds me of my whole relationship with my ex boyfriend & I’m struggling not to feel any emotions but I am 🥺

  • Any BA
    Any BA

    I can't find the right words 🖤 I love you Harry Edward Styles 🖤

  • Mike Zito
    Mike Zito

    When I first listened to this album, I’d say by the midway point (She, Sunflower Vol. 6) I was assured that this album was doing something. Something much different than mainstream pop artists. It was refreshing. It was when I got to this song that I was sure this album was one of the strongest releases of 2019. This song is beautiful, anthemic, and a perfect way to encapsulate the end of the journey this album takes you on.

    • Ca Zi
      Ca Zi

      Wonderfully said.

  • Lana Del Who?
    Lana Del Who?

    ამსიმღერაას არგაპატიეეეებ 😭

  • Vaggelis Kiki
    Vaggelis Kiki

    Dear Harry, I am in love with your voice, music, eyes, smile, hair, lips, skin, songs, with everything yours. I am a girl from Greece who loves you very much! Everytime I listen to your songs I love you even more. Everytime is a different one, everytime I fall in love with you again, and everytime I need you more....I love you Harry, and I can't help loving you❤ With all my heart, a Greek fan of you, probably your biggest one❤

  • Bryete Valiant
    Bryete Valiant

    Amazing, step by step jt directs in triumphant!


    If I had 6 minutes and 20 seconds to live, I’d listen to this song. Happily.


    What do y’all think about this song?? I want to read some opinions because I’m madly in love with this song!!

    • msfabulous242

      Same here. He did an amazing job with this

  • Jessie Mühlbauer Music
    Jessie Mühlbauer Music

    This song gives me the fault in our stars vibes

  • Lana Del Who?
    Lana Del Who?

    We'll be alright...

  • Lana Del Who?
    Lana Del Who?

    Goosebumps everywhere 🌍💗 Love of my Life... 🕊️💙

  • Lana Del Who?
    Lana Del Who?


  • Jane Ward
    Jane Ward

    I'm proud of you :)

  • Todd

    The ending of this song makes me think of 8 (circle) by Bon Iver, not entirely sure why but both of which are excellent

  • paintball3747


  • Dean

    Put a price on emotion I'm looking for something to buy You've got my devotion But man, I can hate you sometimes I don't want to fight you And I don't wanna sleep in the dirt We'll get the drinks in So I'll get to thinking of her We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line Test of my patience There's things that we'll never know You sunshine, you temptress My hand's at risk, I fold Crisp trepidation I'll try to shake this soon Spreading you open Is the only way of knowing you We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be alright We'll be alright We'll be a fine line We'll be a fine line We'll be alright We'll be alright We'll be alright

  • Josie Sedam
    Josie Sedam

    I get heavy Call Me By Your Name vibes from this

  • Pilar A
    Pilar A

    his new album has made me a stan again i swear

  • Melvin y Ale.
    Melvin y Ale.

    Necesito mas canciones como esta,realmente increible ¡Grande Harry!

  • Jacalyn


  • Kiwi

    i would’ve taken another 6 minutes of this

  • Robyn Young
    Robyn Young

    Literally the only thing getting me through these months is the thought that I’m going to see him 🥺I’m losing all of my friends because of how much I’m talking about him 😕

  • AvE

    Some day this will be played at my funeral

  • RawCross ShaiDays
    RawCross ShaiDays


  • Prince Shakur
    Prince Shakur

    Literally have played this song 10 times plus a day for the last two weeks. And I'm still hooked on it.

  • Matilde Carvalho
    Matilde Carvalho

    the first time i listened to the album i just immediately started sobbing when i got to this song like,, i just knew it would be amazing. since i've heard it it has always been my favorite, i cry everytime i listen to it. there's just something about it that makes me so emotional but so happy at the same time. “we'll be alright” might be a simple lyric but it's so so meaningful. i love this man so much :(

  • nicole de luna
    nicole de luna

    anyone else heard “we will be fine love”? okay just me?

  • tati

    this song makes me cry everytime

  • aliyahshawnee

    This song gives me such an intense feeling of vulnerability and it sends chills all throughout my body. It’s so intense for me that sometimes it’s hard to listen to this song because it makes me reflect on my feelings and on my life so deeply that it scares me. Amazing album and I expected nothing less from my haz ♥️

  • Brooke Simpson
    Brooke Simpson

    If another twilight movie came out this would suit it 😍 so soothing!

  • Jessie-Marie Léveillé
    Jessie-Marie Léveillé

    It's the first song ever I hear from Harry Styles and I like it. I knew him and his group from back then but I had never listened to any of his song until now. I'm pretty sure if I go back then, it won't sounds the same, right?

  • Anya

    This whole album hits different when you just got your heartbroken out of the blue. I hope one day I will find the love i deserve...(pls ignore me i am not okay)

  • paloma

    my favorite song from the album, so beautiful

  • skeletxndoblxs •
    skeletxndoblxs •

    i'm crying right now. thank you, harry. 🇦🇷❤

  • CeruleanAether

    This is very reminiscent of Bon Iver

  • Carlos A Suárez
    Carlos A Suárez

    ...😭💘 ¡Is a beautiful song!

  • Astreia Bonus
    Astreia Bonus

    Hands down the best song of the album

  • sylvie

    i’m not the type who cries when they listen to songs. and here i am fucking sobbing.

  • ana cecília
    ana cecília

    it's 2am and i literally can't stop crying and listening to the "well be alright" in full repeat omg harry styles look what youve done to me

  • Victoria Staszczuk
    Victoria Staszczuk

    Im crying in my bed at 2am healing my heart, thanks Harold.

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