Harry Styles - Juice (Lizzo cover) in the Live Lounge
Harry Styles covers Lizzo Juice in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

  • K H
    K H

    When Lizzo just covered Adore You 🤭

  • Jessica Candelaria
    Jessica Candelaria

    best harry styles video to roam the internet

  • Lorena Uzumaki
    Lorena Uzumaki

    That drummer tho 🖤 straight talent

  • abigail gabusi
    abigail gabusi

    He doesnt change the pronouns damnn, hes like the gayest straight guy there

  • Sisa Charity Ndlovu
    Sisa Charity Ndlovu

    Harry styles....

  • Rock Me
    Rock Me

    I have the strange feeling that Harry and his drummer are dating jajajaja

  • Skyla Stylinson
    Skyla Stylinson

    Harry making straight men question their sexuality 2:28 😂

  • Laney Wheat
    Laney Wheat

    I have chills

  • •H•e•y• t•h•e•r•e•
    •H•e•y• t•h•e•r•e•

    here after lizzo performed Adore you 🥺

  • Madie Renee
    Madie Renee


  • Danny Musique
    Danny Musique

    Who’s back here after Lizzo’s “Adore cover”

  • Lucia Aybar
    Lucia Aybar

    2:28 tiktok moment

  • Ailin Fleitas
    Ailin Fleitas

    2:29 disfrútenlo

  • Lois Krieger
    Lois Krieger

    The "ow" at the end gave me LIFE

  • talitha

    that's what I live for

  • Rachna Tulsiani
    Rachna Tulsiani

    Oioioi lizzo covered Adore you !!

  • xXDaphneGrimmXx

    I didn't know I needed this till I watched this 😂

  • coco_go

    I’ve watched this WAY to often❤️

  • Crisley GaMe
    Crisley GaMe

    Te amo

  • Madeline Wise
    Madeline Wise

    His microphone is too low! The instruments are louder than H and even the bg singers are louder than he is. The Live Lounge needs to hire a better sound engineer because this isn't the first time. So many performances are uneven like this. Example: Check out Kings of Leon "Dancing on my Own". The lead singer's mic isn't even on for the first half of the song. So frustrating.

  • Golden Track #1
    Golden Track #1

    I can't believe he's this good

  • angelikabatwoman

    a girl drummer, yas!!! so sick!

  • Abyss of the Birds
    Abyss of the Birds

    Who’s here again after “Adore You”

  • blossom _
    blossom _

    who’s here after lizzo’s cover?

  • Manderson

    Who's back again after the Lizzo "Adore You" cover? ❤️✨

  • Belen Cister
    Belen Cister

    AMO a este hombre con mi ser

  • cnellepoms

    Now we got Lizzo with adore you. My life is complete

  • Smarlin Compres
    Smarlin Compres

    Who's here after Lizzo covered Adore You?

  • Minal Jain
    Minal Jain

    Who came here again after Lizzo Cover Adore you?

  • Minal Jain
    Minal Jain

    Who came after Lizzo cover Adore you ??

  • Alice Lily
    Alice Lily

    just rewatching this after lizzo did a cover of adore you

  • ツAdama

    0:46 did he say the n word

    • Niharika Mishra
      Niharika Mishra

      No he didn't. He sings "-chardonnay get better" which makes it sound like that. He even replaced the actual n-word in the song with 'baby' at 1:38

  • Nzuria Hambrick
    Nzuria Hambrick

    Is anyone here after her cover of adore you? She freaking did that 🔥🔥

  • Harry Styles’ Betch
    Harry Styles’ Betch

    1:53 yes. You’re the baddest of baddest❤️👯👯

  • Adine Capitao
    Adine Capitao

    3:09 it’s so cute how he dancesss

  • Alicia López
    Alicia López

    okay im pregnant

  • Camilly Souza
    Camilly Souza

    ok but like that’s hot

  • Aroosa Khan
    Aroosa Khan

    Omfg the sass in his voice is ACTUALLY killing me

  • Craft s
    Craft s

    He's not a snack or meal or whole buffet. HE'S AN ENTIRE FOOD FACTORY.

  • Rachel Sato
    Rachel Sato

    He’s just sooo cute!! He is literally so handsome, and sings this song so so so well

  • Major Robinson
    Major Robinson


  • dreamboyrue

    we love how he didn’t change the pronouns

  • Boo

    His voice & charisma

  • Red Squirrel
    Red Squirrel

    Boys balls dropped and he hit them low notes and I turned into a gd cougar. Gross. I'm 33. I could be his mother. But like...Whatcha gonna do? As Brenden once said... "Dudes hot, dudes hot..🤷."

    • alina roxana tothãzan
      alina roxana tothãzan

      @Red Squirrel ahahahahah oooooh

    • Red Squirrel
      Red Squirrel

      @alina roxana tothãzan exaggeration, honey. 😂😉

    • alina roxana tothãzan
      alina roxana tothãzan

      You could be his mother? You are only 7 years apart

  • Bhavya singh
    Bhavya singh

    I liked it even before I heard it and he is littttt!!!

  • Dan Onil Galang
    Dan Onil Galang

    This bastard just sang a super sassy song and just own it. That's talent, pure talent, ladies and gentlemen

  • Stella Stein
    Stella Stein

    2:44 how did I just survive that

  • Beril Eren
    Beril Eren

    Love him for working with female musicians

  • •Ayy•

    he's still my crush bitches

  • Kimberly Sommers
    Kimberly Sommers

    I actually like this song when he sings it

  • Jordanisntheboss

    This is good but he has no where as close energy as Lizzo has

  • Luz America Paczka Giorgi
    Luz America Paczka Giorgi

    hmmmmmmm daddy

  • Megan Milne
    Megan Milne

    Harry>>> lizzo

  • Gabrielle Knight
    Gabrielle Knight

    There's literally nothing he can't sing 😂💖💖

  • Charli Blake
    Charli Blake

    Bet grandmas love this boy!!!😌

  • jorge becerra velasquez
    jorge becerra velasquez

    Bien ahí cagones se hicieron una...

  • Tribe Fan12
    Tribe Fan12

    He does this so good! I really think he should cover the songs "Rock On" by David Essex and "Feel Like Making Love" by Bad Company. Go check it out and see if you feel the same. I just see it so much!

  • Ava Thrift
    Ava Thrift

    This has 11 million views because I've watched 10 million times

  • AlかAlaaか


  • Rosey Tribe
    Rosey Tribe

    Where have I been living all this time bro the world is missing out on somethin

  • Rachel Jade
    Rachel Jade

    1:16 Why so many water bottles ?

  • Sue P
    Sue P

    Can't get enough of this!! 😃❤️🌹❤️

  • Stuffxxhappens

    this got nearly as many views as his personal music video....

  • Angela Ontiveros
    Angela Ontiveros

    Amo amo amo

  • you make me happy
    you make me happy

    did Harry like remove his blazer or something? Cause I'm guessing he knows how hot he is

  • terrabite87

    Tik tok brought me here. Thank you for coming to my TED talk

  • Cheenee Duaso
    Cheenee Duaso

    where could i buy that shirt tho 😭

  • Cheenee Duaso
    Cheenee Duaso

    i love how most of his musicians are women

  • Cheenee Duaso
    Cheenee Duaso

    that girl on the keyboard's a regular musician on his team

  • fer


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