Harry Styles - Juice (Lizzo cover) in the Live Lounge
Harry Styles covers Lizzo Juice in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

  • Darshana Devika
    Darshana Devika

    okay but 2:51

  • cryy_baby_


  • Mica Vilca
    Mica Vilca

    esta versión >>>>>>

  • Nicole Stewart
    Nicole Stewart

    He is indeed “a whole ass meal”

  • Yare SG
    Yare SG

    I loved the "BITCH YOU LIEEEEE!"

  • Lionel Gimenez
    Lionel Gimenez


  • Aii HairYou
    Aii HairYou

    Like damn is voice......whoooo chille

  • Julieta Avalos 3C
    Julieta Avalos 3C

    Alguien que me diga como superar este cover 😩


    la voy a escuchar cuantas veces sea necesario hasta que me canse

  • Katie Linkous
    Katie Linkous

    Tbh Lizzos is just a bit better which is saying something cuz Harry is amazing. Ok so I wrote this before I watched all of it and Harry’s is better

  • mia zienkewicz
    mia zienkewicz

    Was it just me or did he say the n word?.....

  • Ximena Deyanira Ortiz Urbina
    Ximena Deyanira Ortiz Urbina

    "Louis" "Gucci" Why??

  • Hrîshî Î
    Hrîshî Î

    good song

  • Grimaso121 Fenomen123
    Grimaso121 Fenomen123

    he do god singing

  • xXIsabelXx

    me : my sexuality is harry styles my friends: aren't you a lesbian me : oh ...

  • Soukaina Payne
    Soukaina Payne

    How can u put a like on a video for so many times????

  • Vanessa Castro Chesterton
    Vanessa Castro Chesterton

    I love this, so much

  • Florencia Gomez
    Florencia Gomez

    Zayn que haces en los DM's de 💚💛

  • miamia aimaim
    miamia aimaim

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Lizzo, but Harry made this song his

  • Yamila Jade
    Yamila Jade

    Mi cover fav por siempre

  • Brisup

    Ya comente q es mi favorita?

  • Amara Anahís Fernández Ibáñez
    Amara Anahís Fernández Ibáñez


  • Mi Amor
    Mi Amor

    i love this man. he is husband. he is my life.

  • miriã borges
    miriã borges


  • palo salvo
    palo salvo


  • Michael L
    Michael L

    He seems like an old soul... way ahead of his time. Very classy.

  • Augusto Britos
    Augusto Britos

    Que grande el harry loco

  • Candela Martinez
    Candela Martinez


  • Bella Kok
    Bella Kok

    I’m obsessed ❤️

  • Valeria Donayre
    Valeria Donayre


  • Melanie Cabral
    Melanie Cabral


  • Fernanda SP
    Fernanda SP

    Siempre que me dan bajones vengo a escuchar cantar a Harry juice y se me pasa

  • aybüke 12
    aybüke 12

    this is too good

  • Habiba Awad
    Habiba Awad

    It's becoming toxic how I'm addicted to this video

  • Julyta Nazate
    Julyta Nazate

    simplemente arte❤❤❤💕💕💕

  • J Grant
    J Grant

    so damn ICONIC omfg

  • Rhiannon Gammon
    Rhiannon Gammon

    2:28 harry to eleanor lmao

  • Anna Wildraut
    Anna Wildraut

    Yes I'm watching this the 4th time in a row

  • Anna Wildraut
    Anna Wildraut

    Maybe he wrote the song for Lizzo and that's because it describes him

  • Diana Andreea
    Diana Andreea

    god, this is bad :|

  • Mehak Kaur
    Mehak Kaur

    I want his voice ....he is so dope 🌶️🔥

  • Xyrille Baligod
    Xyrille Baligod

    i have downloaded this version to my fooking phone

  • Honest-Tea Spilling the tea on my life
    Honest-Tea Spilling the tea on my life

    I live!!

  • Marz Martinez
    Marz Martinez

    Now I'm totally into dudes that wear pearls....fawk! #Help😍🤣

  • Marz Martinez
    Marz Martinez

    I'm definitely getting Prince vibes💜....this sound like something he would sing in his early career, I think it's the sassy twang hes giving/ the riff & I'm here for it.

  • Smriti Srinivas
    Smriti Srinivas

    Any directioners here? Please vote for Liam on billboard fan army polls

  • Smriti Srinivas
    Smriti Srinivas

    Harry Styles is losing by just 0.01% www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9348442/album-year-2021-grammys-poll

  • Elena Emperatriz Alva C.
    Elena Emperatriz Alva C.


  • hail ey
    hail ey

    He said Gucci instead of Louis at 0:24!!!

  • ꨄ ʟᴜ sᴀɪᴢ ꨄ
    ꨄ ʟᴜ sᴀɪᴢ ꨄ

    Hes very tall 😳

  • Andrea Ricce
    Andrea Ricce

    Viendo este x milésima vez, Jsjs amo 👁👄👁

  • carmen cabañas santos
    carmen cabañas santos

    2:29 jajaja lo ame eso are cuando solo me quede solo 1 dia de vida

  • fiona _stylinson
    fiona _stylinson

    ✨. *HARRY IS FALLING BEHIND!*. ✨ *vote* www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9348442/album-year-2021-grammys-poll

  • Kylie Jhones
    Kylie Jhones

    First time listening to this.......TODAY!

  • Ignacio Efraín Etcheverria
    Ignacio Efraín Etcheverria

    Sari estar mi hermana a vos le gusta te quiere casar con vos

  • Maria Teresa Paniagua
    Maria Teresa Paniagua

    He is having so much fun singing this song 😘

  • Graciela Saavedra Gonzales
    Graciela Saavedra Gonzales

    A R T E

  • Shanti Devi
    Shanti Devi

    Oh Harold I didn't knew you could speak that fast!!!

  • Liz Montañez
    Liz Montañez

    Esos 5510 personas que no les gusta WTF

  • Nataly Torrejón Valencia
    Nataly Torrejón Valencia

    "Mirror, mirror on the wall, don't say it 'cause I know I'm cute". Boy, are you sure you know you're cute? Because all I can see is that you're a greek god outside and inside, for God's sake!

  • Karla Palacios
    Karla Palacios

    Papi rico te amo

  • Regina Ramirz
    Regina Ramirz

    A todas esas personas que le dieron dislike todo bien en casa? To all those people who did dislike everything well at home?

    • Renatta Puccini
      Renatta Puccini

      dejalos no aprecian bien lo que es musica

  • Izabel Jankowsky
    Izabel Jankowsky

    This is all I needed :)

  • sara garantiva
    sara garantiva

    This video explains my straight side, I literally go straight for 3:25 min

  • Tima Alyeva
    Tima Alyeva


  • Liv A
    Liv A

    Can't get enough of this.

  • Since we were 18
    Since we were 18

    Harry makes the song even more better when he makes a cover for it❤️ Also he was sick during this performance, periodttt. Edit : I don't know if the number of times I have listened to this song today is healthy enough....

  • Itsjustlauren

    harry styles is the only person who could steal your man and your woman

  • wishingnstarz

    I...would die for him no questions asked

  • Carlos Guajardo
    Carlos Guajardo

    wachito rico te amo

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