Harry Styles - Zane Lowe ‘Fine Line’ Interview
Harry Styles
Harry Styles sits down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe to discuss the release of his upcoming album, ‘Fine Line.’ Pre-add the album on Apple Music: apple.co/harrystylesb1
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  • Chris Valdez
    Chris Valdez

    Finally saw this. Love it.

  • daRCy 22
    daRCy 22

    So this is what ASMR is,right?

  • Sweet Girl12
    Sweet Girl12

    I love his Talking. So beautiful

  • Zowie Brown
    Zowie Brown

    LOL his accent is so weird.

  • pakiah langkok
    pakiah langkok

    Which accent does Harry speak on this video? Was it English or American ? I'm from Indonesia.

  • pussy weed
    pussy weed

    i’m in love with this man omg

  • shona Macintosh
    shona Macintosh

    Great interview,Thankyou to both of you xx

  • _Lena

    I'm so in love with him... I love you Harry!!

  • Jessica Sampson
    Jessica Sampson

    Oh God he's picked up an accent

  • horse4you

    He makes me think of Michael Hutchence. Stay safe Harry.

  • Olivea Burks
    Olivea Burks

    omg the way he says 'amount'

  • Majo Díaz
    Majo Díaz

    Wow. This was such a wholesome interview

  • Elle Welle
    Elle Welle

    I can read in the comments below how harry has influenced people to be kind and supportive towards each other even though they are completel strangers, what an idol he is. I'm in tears this is the most beautiful comment section ever and not many celebs have it.#stylesarmy❤️

  • katins s
    katins s

    oh hes so cute with that little american accent twinge!

  • 058Martine

    His accent changed to an interesting mix of British and American.

  • Lu

    i watch this video at least once a week and i never get tired

  • Visual Documentation
    Visual Documentation

    I felt, Zane needs to stop and listen what Harry saying. Hes got shit listening skills.. don’t interrupt people when they are talking, when you do that it stops the person allowing themselves really truthfully say how they feel, without being altered by what you already expected to hear, Either that or the edit is wack. Having said that, its good honest interview. I do appreciate how the questions are not the norm of press/journalists, the boring who you dating blah blah.. irrelevant to artists creations. So kudos to that.

  • Gabs Op
    Gabs Op

    I’m feel sorry for him in a way and the band to be fair, they were under enormous pressure and it kinda crippled them all in a way, i feel Harry was more effected than he lead on, in a lot of other interviews he didn’t answer many questions and I’m glad he’s finally giving himself closure.❤️

  • Iskandar 751
    Iskandar 751

    Subtittle dong w ga ngerti apaaaa tolong

  • Janne

    im SO in love with him

  • helen kareem
    helen kareem

    TAKING DRUGS IS NEVER OKAYY ... please don’t normalize it Mushrooms are mushrooms

    • ʞɹɐp

      helen kareem you do know that caffeine is a drug? alcohol is also a drug, is legal, and is WAY more harmful than mushrooms. do your research.

  • _23Nostalgia _
    _23Nostalgia _

    I can only watch this man interview any celebrity I’m sorry but he’s got the down to earth vibe 4:31 lol

  • olivia styles
    olivia styles

    i’ve always noticed that at concerts, harry has been the most serious when it comes to singing

  • Jasmines voice
    Jasmines voice

    I covered his song on my channel if you guys wanna check it out :)

  • c h l o e
    c h l o e

    his voice calms me idk why but I love it (:

  • fannyversace

    His accent is weird as fk now

  • Sophie Lamarche
    Sophie Lamarche

    Harry's way of talking is so calm and soothing!

  • One of the audience
    One of the audience

    I love you so f much Harold

  • One of the audience
    One of the audience

    He finally answered Zayn's question

  • Fish Dotta
    Fish Dotta

    “You get sad when you break up with someone”. Wow, deep Harry 😂

  • Fish Dotta
    Fish Dotta

    I love this part: “I came to California and just everyone was going to therapy” yep welcome to CA Harry

  • E B
    E B

    Why does he sound American or Australia or sounds Yorkshire

  • kyla james
    kyla james

    My personal opinion...zane lowe is so respected by musical artists because he respects their artistry, who they are and what they have to say, without pushing their boundaries, and he is not interested in ridiculous "fluff" questions or feeding the media monster with questions about "who are you dating" etc.

  • Maria Fabrikarakis
    Maria Fabrikarakis

    I love this interview, he seems so laid back and relaxed. It is great to have him talk about his life so much and the making of the album.

  • samcad2013

    What’s going on with his accent?

  • Abigail Akeza
    Abigail Akeza

    ive never heard harry open up to an interviewer so much

  • Tanja Thomsen
    Tanja Thomsen

    because i'm half chinese and get chinese food almost everyday, i get so excited about harry loving chinese food

  • Julia

    When you’re sad because this video ended and you just wanna watch 5 hours of this

  • Malin Christine Stenstad
    Malin Christine Stenstad

    Ok, I just want to be Harry Styles now. Like I don't care that he is a guy and I'm a girl - just give me your life and your body and your so I can just be you for christ sake.

  • Sharon Mitchell
    Sharon Mitchell

    What a fantastic and interesting interview. Listening to Harry answer the questions so honest and so openly was beautiful. This Guy is so down to earth with a good soul, raised properly and who cares greatly about people.

  • jaydw1992

    his accent has changed a little

  • EmilyDerp1234

    i thought i was only 5 minutes in and the i was 16 minutes in like tf

  • Maria Preciado
    Maria Preciado

    therapist: Harry Styles taking for 49:23 minutes straight is not therapy me: right.... *bet* *bitch*

  • Blessed Mom Life
    Blessed Mom Life

    I could listen to Harry for hours. His voice is ASMR for me. Lol

  • Đặng Châu Giang
    Đặng Châu Giang

    If Liam did this interview it would probably last for like 20min XD

  • Char

    2 months later and still the best Harry content ever. What did we do to deserve this?.

  • Chloe Hennessey
    Chloe Hennessey

    You’ve got a Gypsy soul and you were born for leaving.

  • Janneke van den Berg
    Janneke van den Berg


  • Amber

    31:40 who is he talking about?

    • Amber

      @Janne okayy thanks!

    • Janne

      Amber camille rowe

  • gifty R
    gifty R

    40:23 when he started talking about London I remebered "London is quite big.. you can get lost in it" 😭😭😭

  • chee ddan
    chee ddan

    so cute

  • AnekA

    Somewhere he has a resemblance with Leonardo DiCaprio

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer

    I love hearing harry say “um?”

  • yamiishkenn ychannel
    yamiishkenn ychannel

    Can someone tell me If Harry and Zayn are not in good terms after Zayn leaving 1D? ☹️ I used to be #ZarryShipper Back then😩

  • hannah

    Harry kinda reminds me of F.Scott Fitzgerald for some reason

  • Rayene Oliveira
    Rayene Oliveira

    happy day of Love Harry. for you and everyone. .Good morning here in Brazil ..maias Ah Amor Ah everyone

  • davidgeorgiev

    It's so beautifully shot ❤ the lighting, the colors ❤

  • Cheyenne Rose
    Cheyenne Rose

    Just had a really scary night which resulted in a panic attack. Came to this because listening to Harry calms me to no end

  • Diana S
    Diana S

    I love listening to him talk

  • Gutter Gremlins
    Gutter Gremlins

    I recognize the view and cliffs in the back do I live next to Harold omfg

  • Jamie Wells
    Jamie Wells

    This man can literally release an album on him banging on trash cans and screaming and I’d by the deluxe edition the regular edition the vinyl a cassette concert tickets and merch. Like honestly just take my debit card. But I swear if he releases that because a studio version of Medicine and Anna we are gonna have to have some works young man.

  • hazlinda ligar
    hazlinda ligar

    Harry talk about "losing friends" he said everyone has experienced losing friends, that's make me feel hurts so much, You know, we know, that's it's someone leaving in the band...

  • Sohini Chakraborty
    Sohini Chakraborty

    In 40:15 I was sooo expecting " London's Quite big"

  • Olivia B
    Olivia B

    thank you

  • isaac eyafe
    isaac eyafe

    The man's an inspiration

  • James

    Styles has an odd accent. Very odd. Not sure if he tries to put on an accent or a style of talking. It’s very slow as well like English is new to him. The other guy in comparison talks at a regular pace. Odd guy Styles. Is that Pajamas he is wearing? Very boring... moving on

  • Miss Bumblebee
    Miss Bumblebee

    Harry is whip-smart and someone who clearly gives things a lot of thought. I seriously don't understand what connection he would have with someone like Kendall Jenner. It baffles me.

  • Antonia O’sullivan
    Antonia O’sullivan

    When he said something along the lines of “no but like are you actually okay?” I cried. He has stayed so grounded and head strong. I love everything about him, I don’t understand why this man is hated. He’s helped me through so much I can’t find the right words to describe how thankful I am for him. Harry Styles is beautiful, inside and out.

  • Brooke Archer
    Brooke Archer

    This is such a beautiful interview ..I think him being in a calming, open environment led him to feel less pressured to talk in a box. You can tell he was at ease.

  • ele qobela
    ele qobela

    6:16 "let me see again, let me see" omg how happy he seems rememvering those days. I didn't know i needed it but i do.😭 Afyer media trying to make it seem like they had terrible experiebce and they hated being in the band it's so refreshin to see how fond he looks remembering it. It feels like smth we love for so long is actually cherished

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