Hated By Our Hometown Because of This - UNFILTERED #13
Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED
We felt our lives were at risk during this episode. Zane snuck alcohol into his middle school. The boys dish out what happened at David Dobriks Friendsgiving. Heath almost set a fancy party on fire. Cheers and take a sip on this conversation bby!
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  • Neal Borad
    Neal Borad

    Math is def red. and i also remember the textured book and I'm pretty sure it was mcgraw hill, and the book turkey thing they are talking about in NC

  • Patrick142099

    lol 55:31+

  • Loretta

    Math red, green science, blue English, yellow social studies, orange, purple etc are electives.

  • JB

    lol defo smoke before school ain't nobody gonna notice haha

  • travis lapoint
    travis lapoint

    Lol smoke before school and at lunch then go smoke after in 9th grade

  • Micaela Hrobar
    Micaela Hrobar

    I literally listen to the podcast and then go back and watch the whole thing on IT-my because you guys are just the best! You all are such great friends and literally this podcast wouldn’t be the same if even one of you weren’t doing it. Love you all!

  • HaleStormRants

    Math was Grey/Gray or yellow for me because I alays made it the worst colour I had

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley

    I would love the extra videos with y’all just doing Zane and Heath things you could literally watch paint dry and I’d love it

  • Casandra Kelsey
    Casandra Kelsey

    The text book thing I remember in Florida schools but not in my NY schools

  • Ciara Santiago
    Ciara Santiago

    is no one going to talk about the unfiltered COASTERS!!!!!! I NEED ONE!!!

  • Spickato

    Math is blue...

  • kiwi nozaki
    kiwi nozaki

    no big production please :((

  • Jordyn Meadows
    Jordyn Meadows

    more, different content? yes

  • Callan Jake McKinley
    Callan Jake McKinley

    bein alone suckz

  • Katherine Rike
    Katherine Rike

    Omg my highschool is an actual prison!! They brought in a architect that had a career building prisons of all kinds, they hired a prison architect so they could maximize space so our gym and lunch room look like the outdoor spaces in prisons where the guards stand up above and watch the inmates from like a level higher than them, so my highschool is legit a prison lol!!

  • Madison Michaud
    Madison Michaud

    My grandpa calls his car Big Red too

  • ivorysteel

    math is BLUE. english is yellow.

  • Jessica Graveline
    Jessica Graveline

    Pls do not change your podcast!!! This is the best ever! I love u guys ur the best!!! Pls don’t change!!

  • Jessica Graveline
    Jessica Graveline


    • Jessica Graveline
      Jessica Graveline

      Also this is the best podcast ever.💕

  • Layla Nicole
    Layla Nicole

    I LOVE Mariah!! I suggest getting her a blanket bc she always gets the chills! ❤️

  • Sofia Moncayo
    Sofia Moncayo

    I love the podcast so much and it is 100% my favorite podcast. I love the things you talk about and the natural comedic flow and how it is not staged or planned. I WOULD LOOOOVE seeing more extra content from you guys and I think it is a very good idea as long as it is not scripted. I love listening to your podcast and hope you really do make more content for season 2

  • Veronica Knowlden
    Veronica Knowlden

    fun fact: i went to millennium high school and our mascot was the falcons. so we were the millennium falcons. i can relate mariah lol

  • Dude•it’s•me •yo•
    Dude•it’s•me •yo•

    I live in Arkansas and I don’t think fires are normal or like a possibility so my sympathy to Australia and California

  • Michael Kennefic
    Michael Kennefic

    Yo I actually lived in paradise my whole life and lived there when the campfire happened and my house burnt down and stuff (In no way am I asking for sorrow)

  • Official SLiM
    Official SLiM

    The texture book are a PA thing to

  • Official SLiM
    Official SLiM


  • lori hunter
    lori hunter

    Why was there school better then mine now 3 teachers got fired for sexual harassment and then 4 lawsuits for misconduct and 1 person die from a heart attack because of a teacher

  • chipotlechicken bowl
    chipotlechicken bowl

    GUYS, this is my favorite podcast, and im literally rewatching them. These truly just make me feel happy and comfortable. I just want you guys to know that you guys positively impact people. I remember when Heath started his channel and I’ve been a fan of you guys for SO long and it’s crazy because I’m literally growing with you guys.

  • Renee Lefebvre
    Renee Lefebvre

    For me, my subjects have always!!!!!! Been: English - Red Math - Black Science - Green Social Studies- Blue French - White

  • ChasaDee Waldon
    ChasaDee Waldon

    I grew up the same way as Zayn. My parents are divorced and at my mom's house we're religious, and at my dad's they definitely are not. So I have to be a different side of myself when I'm at my dad's. And then when it comes to the culture, my mother married a Hispanic, native American man, so we have those cultures when we're with my stepdad's side of the family. And my father married a black women, so we have that culture. So I grew up very culturally different then the average Hispanic, caucasian girl. Because I also have that black culture. So I definitely grew up very different then the average teen

  • ChasaDee Waldon
    ChasaDee Waldon

    In middle school you had to go to I.S.S if you didn't have your school I.D. badge. My middle school had uniforms, and we had to pin the badge to our collars, and you were not allowed to go to class if you didn't have your I.D.

  • ChasaDee Waldon
    ChasaDee Waldon

    I remember that when I was in elementary school we had to do fire drills in a simulated situation in a truck. The door handle was hot, the floor was smokey, like the whole 9 yards. And just hearing them talk about all the things they learned was interesting to me how different each state is.

  • Liv Kessous
    Liv Kessous

    for me science is red and math is blue and English is green

  • Kouzina Sophia
    Kouzina Sophia


  • Renee Gates
    Renee Gates

    I'm from Orlando and we 100% had to square dance. omllllll

  • Dafina

    I love the vibe now, but I also think it would be great if they went full production like à la talkshow kind of vibe ‘cause they would kill it. But tbh I’d still watch anything they decide to do so idk.

  • gillian garcia
    gillian garcia

    I live in California and I had a square dance for 3 years of middle school.

  • Cementshoes_011

    I had to square dance in 3rd grade and then in 4th we learned how to cup stack.

  • Habana Labrada
    Habana Labrada

    And the same exact things that happened at Zane and Heath's school happened at all of my past elementary schools (i went to a lot) and the middle school that i currently go to

  • Habana Labrada
    Habana Labrada

    literally all of the things that Zane and Heath remembered and did in school i did, but only at the schools that i went to in florida so i do believe that it is only a florida thing but i could be wrong And i think that Matt is a mixture between yellow and green.

  • Suzanne D'Alba
    Suzanne D'Alba

    BRING ON THAT EXTRA CONTENT BABY!!! I'm here for all of it hunny!

  • Addie Hennigan
    Addie Hennigan

    Yalls podcast gets me through hours and hours of work or driving and i absolutely love it. you guys are the best. goal in life: live life like zane and heath

  • Monica Beltran
    Monica Beltran

    I would like the idea but do what you want i care what you guys think

  • Leo Puni
    Leo Puni

    Hello fresh add Zane : yea I hate going out and spending money on food Hello fresh : 189.00 a month Fml 😂😂😂

    • Faith Moody
      Faith Moody

      Idk, 189 doesn’t seem too bad for a month of food. Not to mention that it’s perfectly portioned and you get a variety of meals. Then again, I don’t know much about Hello Fresh, as I have easier access to my own fresh food so my opinion might not be valid here

  • Dakotah Lopez
    Dakotah Lopez

    fuck yes. more content. more video. i love it

  • Briana Arroliga
    Briana Arroliga

    Math is blue. English is red. Science is green. History is yellow. I said what I said 😂

  • Dharma’s Account
    Dharma’s Account

    some of my family members were in the paradise fires 😕

  • Jill Heselton
    Jill Heselton

    this is so funny because i was fucked up everyday in HS lmao

  • Amanda Bantham
    Amanda Bantham

    This was my favorite podcast yet. So nostalgic talking about the school stuff 😂😂😂 you guys are so freaking funny also my husband is a State Farm Agent so I loved that comment Heath ❤️😂

  • Jub b. Benson
    Jub b. Benson

    I would love having extra content on this channel, also I love the laid back feel of this podcast, it’ll be fun to see a new set I would just hate for it to mess up the laid back and casual feeling

  • Colton Grom
    Colton Grom

    So crazy that Maria went to Parkland I live five minutes away from there

  • LYJ An
    LYJ An

    I like this setup for your podcast! i don't usually watch these long videos with this setup but with y'all it's so chilled!

  • Becca Williams
    Becca Williams

    in my school we have to learn how to square dance like sophomore or junior year and if you don’t pass the square dance final you can’t graduate😂

  • Josh Buster
    Josh Buster

    Definitely want more content from you two!!! love the podcast and would LOVE to watch more hilarious videos!

  • SkyB

    Being from Illinois: "you did what with a canoe?" "you had aquatic activities for P.E.?" "my high school doesn't even have a pool"

    • SkyB

      I'm one of those kids before class

  • NexusLie

    Math - Red Science - Green History - Yellow English - Blue Extra Class - Purple (Specifically Psychology for me) Extra Class - Orange

  • Chris Jacobs
    Chris Jacobs

    Imagine Zane and heath buying a coffee shop, turning it into their own. They put the signature Zane and heath unfiltered light sign in the front of the shop so everyone can see it and they make aprons for the workers that have their logo on it and give the place like a comfortable homey style to it. And they have a glass case near the counter where they also sell their merch and pepper can buy their mugs, oh and Zane and heath can even make a reusable coffee cup or water bottle as well and sell them in the shop

  • Jay Prine
    Jay Prine

    math is definitely red

  • Jesse Wanderss
    Jesse Wanderss

    yo i had to learn how to square dance too it was whack

  • WifeyGo Blue
    WifeyGo Blue

    20:00 Math:Blue

  • Madison Vance
    Madison Vance

    I would love to see different videos! You guys are my favorite duo and I love seeing content from you both together. Your friendship is so entertaining to watch! I just recommend having like a playlist of all of the podcast videos so they aren’t all lost in the video list on the channel. Just so if we are looking for a video we don’t have to scroll really far. I can’t wait to see what you guys do!

  • ItsJules

    You guys bounce off each other so well! All 4 of you! You guys should for sure revamp and make this bigger... and hire me as a PA and get me out of Miami, FL lollolololol jk ........unlesss.........! But for real! love the podcast and love how it feels fresh every episode! keep it up guys!

  • Mia Howard
    Mia Howard

    The Australia fires are still going

  • Mudawi

    How can anyone not like Zane come on

  • Jen Behrendt
    Jen Behrendt

    I've been such a huge fan of you two for a while now, but now I am also such a huge fan of Matt and Mariah! I honestly love how much y'all have developed over the course of this podcast so far. Love it & can't wait to buy your coffee!

  • John Fiesel
    John Fiesel

    Last year in November my aunt was in the Pardise fire luckily she survived but its just awful what happened there

  • Jarron Lakes
    Jarron Lakes

    Hold up Matt king is 30 years old!!!!!?????

  • Amber Bell
    Amber Bell

    Love being from Florida because I knew exactly what textbooks Heath and Zane were talking about from the second they said “textured” LMAO

  • Danniella Molloy
    Danniella Molloy

    If you quit IT-my that will be fine but pls still do this podcast

  • serenity jordan
    serenity jordan

    been listening for 2 days on the podcast app and on here and i’m in love

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