Have You Seen This? Time-Bomb Explodes
GLORY Kickboxing
Have you seen Tiffany Van Soest's GLORY debut against Esma Hasshass?
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  • JoyDivision1976

    Esma could take up modeling, she has all the physical attributes to excel. Beautiful woman.

  • Dave

    Awkward off rhythm dance from the yellow trunks. Tiffany is awesome fighter and gorgeous. Excellent rhythm.

  • etienne c fourie
    etienne c fourie


  • talgwatr

    both of them could beat my ass ;if they were willing to play Doctor afterward....hahahahahaha!!!!!

  • Faroek Nasierkhan
    Faroek Nasierkhan

    Ive been knocked out before but not by punch, by getting a spinning hook kick to my jaw. I remember laying there hearing everyone around me but I was too tired to open my eyes and was trying to take out my mouth piece but I didnt have the motor skills to do it. The experience was amazing to see.

  • Ed Berger
    Ed Berger

    Its like two school girls fighting in the play ground...Yawn

  • torr tucker
    torr tucker

    She caught her with a good punch. The young girl will beat her if they fight in the future

  • James Brandt
    James Brandt

    ' Tiffany Van Soest has some energy and rythmn that isn't matched by any other woman I've seen fight!

  • Greetje Koudehoorn
    Greetje Koudehoorn

    Onze Fight Queen is veel sterker nu. Zij wordt de wereldkampioene!

  • Amante Apasionado
    Amante Apasionado

    Hasshass is sexy af tho, a lil badass Morroccan.


    i love mean chicks

  • Brett Wilcosky
    Brett Wilcosky

    Nice shout out to jushen thunder lager

  • Ronald Reed
    Ronald Reed

    In Trump's budget for 2021 he has cuts to Social Security. For those of you who thinks he cares about you.

  • lishelton anderson
    lishelton anderson

    "ROLLING THUNDRA" on her head hahahaha

  • Tse Huang
    Tse Huang

    get closer girls.

  • Marcia Mapes
    Marcia Mapes

    01:57 11:58 07:04

  • Hog Farmer
    Hog Farmer

    This video sucked ass!

  • tanacz

    Fuck that looks stupid. Two girls trying to kick and punch each other.

  • Urban Commute
    Urban Commute

    It's hard to see the differences in age between these two young women.

  • Quartermaster bambooii
    Quartermaster bambooii

    tiffs looks juiced up

  • Adolf Hipster
    Adolf Hipster

    HELL YEAH!!!! INCREDIBLE artists!!! impressive!

  • Penelope


  • napgiver

    @2:29 She did not do a "Rolling Thunder", She "Scorpioned" 🤣

  • T L
    T L

    Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be a Earth shattering kaboom!!!!!

  • dave berry
    dave berry

    does this mean if a girl is foul mouthed to me i can smack the loud mouth bitch in the gob, i like prodigy smack yer bitch up, why not bitches are smacking bitch right her game on

  • Edward Kress
    Edward Kress

    Why some thirsty dude who can't get any would want a ring girl more than a woman like this, I have no clue...personally, I would like a woman who is capable in many areas of life, not just in the bed. A woman as strong and talented as these would be helpful in many areas of life.

    • Dave

      Nicely said and true

  • Allison Faust
    Allison Faust

    07:32 06:23 12:42

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson

    Hot sauce

  • Roque Rodriguez
    Roque Rodriguez

    Very good fight.

  • Maniacpainkiller

    I made it to 4:26. Was Esma Hasshass in a gymnastics competition after all the flips and time that she spent on the mat. I will give her a 6.3 out of 10.

    • bann him
      bann him

      Yup,in that regard we alsof give Tiff van Soest 1.7 out of 10 ,so she flunked.....

  • Kenneth J
    Kenneth J

    Esma inexperienced; give her time😉

  • Dutch Bushcraft
    Dutch Bushcraft

    Of course they are good. All Dutch trained

  • Bruce Borowski
    Bruce Borowski

    these announcers are so full of crap ................. they need a job I guess hahahahahahahahahah

  • Joyce Jameson
    Joyce Jameson

    I want her on my side bad ass and ouch..

  • Matt persico
    Matt persico

    So is the glory ring n a glory hole the same thing

  • Matt persico
    Matt persico

    Took 5 min to figure our her name is NOT hot sauce lol

  • Marc Gottlieb
    Marc Gottlieb

    HHHMM / A couple of fine specimens....I hope I come across a few of those at the Slave Auction opening next week !

    • Raymond Riley
      Raymond Riley

      What slave auction you arsehole ? ?

  • Harley Me
    Harley Me

    one in the yellow shorts cant kick worth a shit.

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson

    I'm disappointed, no knock out. Not much of an explosion!!!!!

  • Will Heimer
    Will Heimer

    All I hear is hot sauce...

  • john adams
    john adams

    This is all very well, but can they cook a decent omelette ?

    • Dave

      I'm not sure about the Omelette but I'm sure they have a nice Taco always ready.

    • Dave

      I don't know but I bet their tacos are always ready.

  • 29AR86

    Just 3, 3 minute rounds?

    • 29AR86

      james fontaine that’s a short fight. What’s a title fight then?

    • james fontaine
      james fontaine

      Wasn't a title fight.

  • The Exterior Minister
    The Exterior Minister

    Good fight. Essma has a bright future in the fight game. She's only 18, so she has plenty of time to grow and evolve.

    • abc def
      abc def


  • Steve Armstrong
    Steve Armstrong

    I would not want to the cheating BF for any these 2 girls. they gonna whoop my ass for sure

  • Dan Max
    Dan Max

    Does it get any more boehringer then this !

  • Ymirson999

    I wish you had included the stare-down.


    I cannot listen to these fucking homer commentators. The U-S-A shit gets really old, really quickly.

  • aldosv73

    Hm so a one punch fight, that was the only thing exiting about this whole fight, one punch, and it wasn't even a ko, lame!

  • Mark Fraser
    Mark Fraser

    They fight like girls 😂

    • Mark Fraser
      Mark Fraser

      bann him well as long as they can spell better than you that's ok.

    • bann him
      bann him

      But I am sure,both could kick your shiny little hiney 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣and I am guessing you would like it

    • Dave

      Well they can't fight like guys. So they fight like girls.

  • Winston Churchill's Ghost
    Winston Churchill's Ghost

    You give them the right to vote, this kind of shit happens.

  • total fox
    total fox

    hey these gurls they have the legs looky like sticks as well.

    • Dave

      I love their legs I would suck on them.

    • Adolf Hipster
      Adolf Hipster

      @total fox pretty sure that's what the world's doing to your kind right now... ousting you. Ask the millions of people protesting for civil rights and equality xD soon they will b knocking on YOUR door. Bella ciao.

    • total fox
      total fox


    • Adolf Hipster
      Adolf Hipster

      dare you to say that sexist shit to them.

  • Stanley Griffen
    Stanley Griffen


  • dennis pickard
    dennis pickard

    Is one supposed to get all ‘ hot and bothered ‘ watching this ? Lol

  • David Rowland
    David Rowland

    When do the titties pop out

  • featherknife

    Just think what a good fight this would have been if they were close enough to actually hit each other.

  • Mark OnTheBlueRidge
    Mark OnTheBlueRidge

    There was no time bomb. There wasn't even any ticking. It was pathetic.

  • Sean Broman
    Sean Broman

    Amazing skill both fighters, really awesome effort by both gals!!

  • elDorado 1
    elDorado 1

    Shes badass

  • Victor Mace
    Victor Mace

    I thought her name was _'HOT SAUCE'_ THE way they pronounced her name.

    • Daisy


    • DeterminedGoat

      I still think it is lol

  • LJ Prep
    LJ Prep

    Go, Tiff, GO!

  • BMX Mann
    BMX Mann

    Knock her head off AHAHAHAH

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams

    Why did I want to see them make out at the end?😳

    • Dave

      Because they're both pretty hot and tight.

    • Dave Johnsen
      Dave Johnsen

      @john adams Yea, what you said. I watch my fair share of porn as well. We can always hope.

    • john adams
      john adams

      Because you are a man. Simples

    • Bryan Williams
      Bryan Williams


  • Stanley Thomas
    Stanley Thomas

    Why has Tiffany never fought page van zant

    • james fontaine
      james fontaine

      They won't fight unless one of them changes disciplines. Tiffany is Muy Thai/kickboxing and Paige is MMA cage fighter. The two don't cross paths in the ring.

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin

    They both look scared to be in there. Throwing kicks into thin air then going into a frenzy with eyez shut when close enough to hit each other...cring cring cring

  • Flying Dutchman
    Flying Dutchman

    Is this a clash of transgenders?

  • mark mcallan
    mark mcallan

    I'm glad I'm not married to either one of them! Imagine what would happen when you come home a bit late from a night whith the boys!🤪

    • Dave

      I don't know if I would want to go out with the boys. I think I'd rather stay home with my sweetheart.

    • mark mcallan
      mark mcallan

      @Victor Mace it was a joke mate!

    • Victor Mace
      Victor Mace

      Well, real men will put her in her place. Obviously you wouldn't.

  • peter van
    peter van

    Is there a rule, like not below the belt, in women's boxing to protect their chest?

    • RoboticsNShenanigans


  • roland timario
    roland timario

    Esma need to learn to use her left hook shoot!

  • Memphis Sommers
    Memphis Sommers

    Watching women fight is like kissing your cousin.

    • mark mcallan
      mark mcallan

      Or kissing your sister!

  • Thomas Bacon
    Thomas Bacon

    Very impressive young ladies.

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