He Challenged ME To Play The HARDEST Bassline EVER
I went on Fiverr and paid bass players to create the HARDEST Bass Riffs Ever...
The challenge? I had to play them all.
Who did the best job?! Leave a comment NOW
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  • Davie504

    *Slap* like or I will steal and delete your minecraft account... and then *SLAP* you

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      Cade Graal


    • Viet Cuong Vu
      Viet Cuong Vu

      Davie504 But I don’t have a minecraft account.

    • Shadow_Demon _780
      Shadow_Demon _780

      I like ur cringe it suits u

    • Adrian Laulajainen
      Adrian Laulajainen


  • Brenton Carmichael
    Brenton Carmichael


  • robertmatthewking

    Davie, I can’t tell what is better, your comedy or your bass playing.

  • Sir RealThought
    Sir RealThought

    i have liked. i have subscribed. i still do not know how he knew who you were. mind blown.

  • SuicidebyYourMom

    Bassist #10 is arguably the best in the selection.

  • Sonny Hulsenboom
    Sonny Hulsenboom

    -_- :O -_-

  • El Joelo
    El Joelo

    Calling the cops, Davie504 used pick, that's illegal.

  • Shincchii

    14:21 you’re welcome

  • Alexander Hill
    Alexander Hill


  • Md. Fairuz Rahman
    Md. Fairuz Rahman

    Watch... Bassbaba sumon He is a Bangladeshi bass player...

  • Thgamingstar10 lol
    Thgamingstar10 lol

    I skipped again

  • MaxCub

    From Russia with EPIC!

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    Ichzm Deleon

    No one: Davie: ohemjee

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    Julien Riviere

    No one: Davie504: S L A P P

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  • Daniel Payne
    Daniel Payne

    this is just a fucking dora video

  • Wrapping Clover
    Wrapping Clover

    #9 was like a remix of friends

  • Plagueis The Wise
    Plagueis The Wise


  • Julian Noel
    Julian Noel

    I'm torn between the last 2 guys in the video for who was the best

  • Brandt Reppond
    Brandt Reppond

    If bass was color, what is bass?

  • julian itsnotyourbusiness
    julian itsnotyourbusiness

    I love this guy

  • Ezra Gee
    Ezra Gee

    Only viewed for triple camera guy

  • R0lando Trevino
    R0lando Trevino

    The way he talks makes me uncomfotable 😂

  • R0lando Trevino
    R0lando Trevino

    Why do you talk with the same tone at alllll times 😂😂😂

  • Hotel CharliHill
    Hotel CharliHill

    wow... i did not know Pewds dyed his hair and took up the bass.... but this was really entertaining. But I tell you, #10 was AMAZING.

  • 3V0

    i dont know why but i get a sorta pewdiepie esque vibe from your videos and i cant help but love it.

  • K E B A B
    K E B A B


  • NakedEyeBlind

    Honestly I don't even play bass anything. But you are so funny I subscribed anyway. You can do anything n I'd enjoy it! If you agree make this the most liked comment in this video!!!

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    George Green SpeedBuilds


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    Md.Ashik Khan

    my fiverr gig @t .please click and orders.

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    Aaron Afonso

    Do a ear reavel

  • Vision Nocturne
    Vision Nocturne

    78 dolars

  • Wywernywin

    I liked the premise and the content of the video. I just wish I could turn off all those distracting effects.

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    Thiago Suzuki

    -sla pp pp pp

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    Mackey Villegas 2

    cool video

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    Time Master

    Fcuk y this guy showing up on my IT-my homepage.. Fcukin annoying... M not even subscribe... F it

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  • gundam fan
    gundam fan

    your almost at 6 mil so I slapped SUB! OMG

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    Musaed Alansari

    11:18 *F*

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    Anthony Flores

    Anybody else try watching this video faster than 1x Speed?

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  • Jared Chavez
    Jared Chavez

    Does anyone know that 505 is the area code for abq

  • DortzOO Guy123
    DortzOO Guy123

    I’m gonna make another if u do dat

  • Alexander Alexeev
    Alexander Alexeev

    #9 was winner in my book so funky but yours was dope two

  • Ernest Ly
    Ernest Ly

    Perhaps not the hardest, but #9 had a really nice groove going... Yet Somehow Davie, you make them all sound better!

  • Sittingbull 1
    Sittingbull 1

    I thought Davie was funny till I saw his NASA shirt, bahahaha what a joke!!!

  • Matthew Orr
    Matthew Orr


  • Ricardo Caceres
    Ricardo Caceres

    Hey do you play Fortnite

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    Roboman Robo


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    tim tao Mathisen

    King Crimson Track Attack?

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    Александра Дементьева

    I absolutely love this guy

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    Николас Лют

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    Thomas Eyerer

    Quintuple camera guy

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    Gabriel Cavicchioli Cunha de Araújo


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    Sande Nacario

    He's look like rambo

  • Flesh

    He looks like a malnourished Sylvester Stallone

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      Rama Dhanantriputra Hutama

      Thank you.. kinda familiar to me but i dont have any idea

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    Hurry Slowly

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    TheReal Robin

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    Cristian Ramos

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    Михаил Барышев


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    Billy Mathews

    The pro is no smo

  • Andrew The Hero
    Andrew The Hero

    I just teaching myself to play bass so this is awesome to see

  • Kitebuggy

    Dude, you are overdoing it with the effects and the edit. It gets annoying.

  • GodDamnGonzo

    The last was Charles berthoud makes really good music

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