He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram - Key & Peele
Key & Peele
A former military operative comes out of retirement to take on a new mission, but a lot’s changed since he’s been gone.

About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  • Denis Baiguskarov
    Denis Baiguskarov

    ”Tomayto, tomayto” 😂😂

  • مهتاب صهاییان بوستانی
    مهتاب صهاییان بوستانی

    How can i get english subtitle for this video,sometimes it's hard for me to understand whar they're saying!

    • WinThyke Han Soe
      WinThyke Han Soe

      If you're on IT-my app, click on three dots at the upper right corner and from there choose English in caption setting. If you're using browser, click on setting (bottom right in the video) icon and there should be caption tab among other options. Change there and enjoy!

  • Ralph Roberts
    Ralph Roberts

    I don't know wtf juuling is or it's long term effects but I'm gonna find out. FUCK YOU AD!

  • Ellaine Antonette Real
    Ellaine Antonette Real

    Wait, is that girl charlotte/lucifer's mom in Lucifer?

  • Carlos Tinoco
    Carlos Tinoco

    how did he received a diploma😂

  • David Ndara
    David Ndara


  • Dom's Channel
    Dom's Channel

    These sketches are freaking hillarious. One of the only channel to crack me up as I recall their vids, hours later.

  • TrueStory Sounds
    TrueStory Sounds

    Lmbo!!!! Decker is a fool!! Man I love these dudes!! Hate this show is over lol!! Lmbo!! I’m still laughing lol!

    • ZiDiOuS

      TrueStory Sounds why did they stop

  • Anshuman Harichandan
    Anshuman Harichandan

    Ain’t my first rodeo

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen
    Anastasia Beaverhausen

    In my day we made coffee hot.

  • Black Bird 5
    Black Bird 5

    Coffee wasn't hot enough.. lol

  • freakforever

    Need a solo movie on Decker

  • Letucces Satan
    Letucces Satan

    0:04 they made sure to get a shot of her tits ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "TamAto TamAto" haha wtf? 2:29 I'll like to zoom into your interior( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Josiah Taft
    Josiah Taft

    They need to make a whole movie out of this

  • Ghetto Cracker
    Ghetto Cracker

    This one takes it to a whole nobbul lebbel...

  • falaflani

    This is just ss2 of altered carbon

  • Agustho Isai
    Agustho Isai

    Thor first time on earth

  • TOMMI x TY
    TOMMI x TY


  • Aaliyah Coggswell
    Aaliyah Coggswell

    Him going the wrong way threw me out 😂😂😂

  • Anything Music
    Anything Music

    man i wud do the same haha

  • William Aguilar
    William Aguilar

    This should be made into a spin off

  • lunabranwen

    Decker back. After that head shot at his hide out ? Haaaa

  • Jobro Telis
    Jobro Telis

    I almost thought it was fat Thor

  • William Duffin
    William Duffin

    Who is that beautiful blonde ??

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow

    is it just me or does he lowkey look like thicc Thor from Avengers Endgame

  • Speedy Gee
    Speedy Gee

    0:22 she sounds like sonya blade mk10

  • bintang satria
    bintang satria

    Agent jackson real name pleasee ?

  • Samukelo Masengemi
    Samukelo Masengemi

    I don't know how many times I've watched this but the "tomato tomato" gets me rolling on the floor everytime with laughter!

  • Vee ATAMA
    Vee ATAMA

    retired Decker!! u survive...

  • Monk Kenyon
    Monk Kenyon

    Lmfao!!! He actually hired Decker after he shot him.

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time

    The Cylons have already infiltrated.

  • Basketvector

    This is my favorite K&P sketch.

  • Thanos

    Is it me or does key in this skit look like general shepherd from MW2

  • Troy Smith
    Troy Smith

    I’m dying. I’ve never even heard of this before. I don’t have tv lol

  • rupesh kumar
    rupesh kumar

    Decker- it's all tomato tomato.

  • Darien Jimenez
    Darien Jimenez

    So we’re just going to let the fact that decker just killed Jackson cause of a hologram go

  • rafiq hendricks
    rafiq hendricks

    Looks like thor in end game

  • Craig Hinebaugh
    Craig Hinebaugh

    ...Rhea Seehorn, Better call Saul....

  • dibbo koch
    dibbo koch

    Let's zoom into the interior... The priceless reaction:" Ohhhhhhh......Boy..... "

  • Andrew Bohannon
    Andrew Bohannon

    I thought the thumbnail was fat Thor.

  • Aboto Swuro
    Aboto Swuro

    Is this chick Lucifer's mom?? Charlotte??

  • Sujoy Ghosh
    Sujoy Ghosh

    🍅 🍅

  • Bobbyray Smith
    Bobbyray Smith

    The music is interesting !!!!🤔🤔🤔

  • Lyric Goddess
    Lyric Goddess

    Is that Charlotte Richards?

  • Ras Melchezidek
    Ras Melchezidek

    "Ain't my first rodeo."

  • Girrafe Man
    Girrafe Man

    Was I the only one who didn't know Decker was in more than 1 skit?

  • Jamaica vibe
    Jamaica vibe

    Funny as hell! Dwl

  • Jeremy N
    Jeremy N

    Who is the blonde? She'd make a perfect Sonya Blade.

    • Ras Melchezidek
      Ras Melchezidek


  • Mr. Plascencia
    Mr. Plascencia

    Are they making new ones????

  • alvinvanto

    this show finally got funny.

  • I C
    I C

    Ga dam psycho

  • Bicentennial Nagger
    Bicentennial Nagger

    I need you, Decker. I need your magic.

  • Haidangg CT
    Haidangg CT

    2:52 he's here !

  • Mikoto Suoh
    Mikoto Suoh

    It's Mrs. God \(°^°)/

  • Bilal Shoukat
    Bilal Shoukat

    Tomato Tomato.

  • baphomets sensitive side
    baphomets sensitive side

    It's a lot like mcgruber

  • V Μ
    V Μ


  • Apathetic Llama
    Apathetic Llama

    He must’ve caught the bullet with his teeth last time then

  • Brandie Parker
    Brandie Parker

    How did they not lose it when they zoomed into the interior??? It gets funnier every time you watch

  • Bang Supa
    Bang Supa

    better let me interogate her first and try hard way and a soft way

  • Inspector High
    Inspector High

    Chatlotte? Mum, is that you. I never thought by sending you to another plain of existence that I'd be sending you to a world that's a comedy. Now that's what I call a good universal joke.

  • ShadowfrostLVII

    It's fuckin' Sarah Kerrigan/Number Six! Crazy seeing her in something after all these years.

  • Laszlo Szoke
    Laszlo Szoke

    Yepp, she is a Cylon! #6

  • Skulltronprime X9
    Skulltronprime X9

    Wait didn't he headshot him last time? I mean how is he alive?

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann


  • J wayne
    J wayne

    e #Decker He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram - K

  • shakespeare4bears

    It's not a Key & Peele sketch unless it ends with a white person being killed.

  • jack kough
    jack kough

    Why dose he look like fat Thor in the thumbnail

  • ycz04x02

    I didn't get the coffee joke. What happened?

  • Mastergamer24

    Decker really look like Thor in Endgame

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