Heckler Yells About Politics - Steve Hofstetter
Steve Hofstetter
Heckler Yells About Politics - Steve Hofstetter
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This Q&A took a turn for the worst.
Fans at a comedy show in Canada think the United States should take Trudeau off their hands. However, do they really want Donald Trump instead? Perhaps they should keep their prime minister rather than taking on the current US president.
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  • Steve Hofstetter
    Steve Hofstetter

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    • John Bahlsdeip
      John Bahlsdeip

      Trudeau's a racist. He just recently got caught in black face 😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Jamie Roberts
      Jamie Roberts

      On behalf of most Australians anyone want Pauline Hanson were happy to send her over

    • James Sloan
      James Sloan

      Are you ever coming to Wichita KS ? God , there would be so many idiotic hecklers at that show that you could make an hour HBO special from it.

    • ken karish
      ken karish

      @Cj Sherrick No we just have too many ignorant people like you that don't have a clue to whats going on in America... it doesn't take a genius to know that when one side say's they want to take away our rights specifically guns, Hate speech(A.K.A, free speech) should be banned, Killing babies is OK but killing murderer's is inhuman, Men should be able to use the bathroom with our daughters or the constitution is an outdated document to know which side is 100% wrong!!!!! And we know where Steve stands.... Your Turn!

    • Tim Quaty
      Tim Quaty

      I meant to ask you in richmond but was too tired to stick around with the drive back to maryland, but, where do you get your suits?

  • T.K. McNeil
    T.K. McNeil

    Actually, there are secessionist movements in THREE provinces, by far the largest, most damaging and most successful being the one in Quebec. Brining things to referendum twice losing by 1% or less both times while still getting away with calling their provincial government the National Assembly and being recognized as “a nation within the country of Canada.”

  • senan

    I don't see anything funny what waste of time

  • A Max
    A Max

    Alberta and Saskatchewan under the right leadership could stand on their own pretty easily

  • Glaze Donuts
    Glaze Donuts

    Lmao it's people like this that make me proud to be from Alberta

  • Rick C137
    Rick C137

    At 02:14, Steve is mad as hell and struggles to put a smile on his face. Man, that is creepy!!!

  • BundesRepublic Murica
    BundesRepublic Murica

    Some Canadians are sort of naive, about some things, and the rest of them are naive about everything

  • Vincent Frusci
    Vincent Frusci

    Steve your videos are funny, can’t wait to see your live show one day.

  • Dennis Busey
    Dennis Busey

    You got votes mixed up with seats.

  • cricketbat09

    I hate stand up comedians who get political. Not my cup of tea.

  • Pohjattomat Purkkihousut
    Pohjattomat Purkkihousut

    First rule of politics: He who yells and interrupts is always right. Second rule of politics: Repeat first rule of politics. Third rule of politics: Fourth rule of politics: Profit!

  • Babiesatemydingo

    The only thing I will say as an *impartial* Canadian is that Truedeau lost the popular vote, he won the election in the same type of way that trump did - minus the Russians - so a lot of Canadians are actually quite legitimate in feeling that they weren't heard. Conservatives actually won the popular vote.

  • Hayden Robertson
    Hayden Robertson


  • tntkop

    I like how you yell at people to SHUT THE FUCK UP while on stage protected by bouncers. You know you’d get your ass beat if you got in someone’s face and did that on the street. But hey, a man’s got to know his limitations. Even Ginger men. And obviously you do.

  • Gavyn krei
    Gavyn krei

    I hope he comes to regina

  • Jaybyn Gros
    Jaybyn Gros

    You came to Edmonton? Damn I missed it

  • Cody Jacques
    Cody Jacques

    Steve, the Canadian PM is about as much of an intellectual as your hecklers are comedians

  • sevadaj

    Steve, Canada can have Trump and Mitch McConnel!!!!

  • Colin Kraus
    Colin Kraus

    Yea. That is about how every single political conversation in Alberta goes.

  • Kasigi03

    Dipshit in audience, " We'll trade you Trudeau for Drumpf, but we're better off with Trudeau rather than having Drumpf."

  • Dannynorw

    I like this dude alot except for his pathetic sjw politics.

  • briantravelman

    Trudeau and intellectual? And better than Steve Harper? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Dying2LiveX

    I didnt know a comic could be my spirit animal but here we are....

  • Green Rabbit
    Green Rabbit

    The guy didnt know but only 36% of the population voted for trudeau. They happen to be the people in the places with the most seats. Unfortunately that means that majority who voted conservative for fucked over.

  • evilJ1 X
    evilJ1 X

    Steve I really Hope you don't think Trudeu is "Trying" or an "Intelectual Prime Minister"...? Jokes, right? please? I gotta hope they were bBecause while I agree about your take on Harper, JT IS NOT BETTER, trying, intellectual or even of any value to this country. His father sold us to the world bank in the 70's and now he's selling us to china. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT ON OUR SIDE regardless of who is in power.

  • Pensive Scarlet
    Pensive Scarlet

    "I think maybe we need tests before people vote." USA Voter Test, rough draft: Welcome, voter and citizen. Thank you for properly exercising your right to vote in a way that will ensure the betterment of our society. We have provided three proofs of why the current two ruling parties are too corrupt to be salvaged. Please explain away each proof as best as possible. Elaborate on why your attachment to one of the two ruling parties is more important than your own well being. Explain what is up with your obsession over other people's genitals and what they do with them. Finally, in exactly three sentences, narrow down the absolute and final reason you have chosen to vote for your selected candidate.

    • tntkop

      Pensive Scarlet Testing people before they vote will never work in America, because Democrats know dead people and illegal immigrants don’t do well on tests.

  • Speedbird

    Is it just me or was the crowd not feeling Steve? Is the mic just not picking them up?

  • E Clouston
    E Clouston

    Albertans ...Canada’s republicans

  • Cyber1ifeConnor

    At least twice a year some dumb ass province wants to be a...... COUNTRY, like actually stop please (I'm canadian)

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Just out of curiosity If Canada came to the USA and said we all want to become part of the United States would all their provinces become States or would they get rearranged?

  • Ambiguous Dust
    Ambiguous Dust

    The most intense instances of Steve raising his voice is when he's dealing with political idiots

  • Mr.Braixen

    well now we get blackface boy

  • Jon Savage
    Jon Savage

    There's also a movement for Quebec to b its own country too

  • 92 skeet
    92 skeet

    Your good man your politics are fcked but there’s no denying your wit best of luck to you. I know I’m gonna get raked over the coals for this but I have to point out this as a resident of Virginia a lot of the people at Charlottesville were not racist people we just didn’t want people to tear down our statues it’s like me coming to your house and taking Your books because I don’t agree with the author I just won’t come to Your house please afford us the same courtesy thank you for your time

  • Corbin Scheel
    Corbin Scheel

    I’ve actually never heard that sask wanted to become it’s own thing. We wouldn’t live a day we only have barley wheat and flax we’d be fucked for sure. Now Montreal on the other hand their fucking crazy

  • Qris Johnson
    Qris Johnson

    So I used to work where you were in this video -- Century Casino. I know you do a thing about making sure to tip staff, which I think is awesome. I'll tell you, as an aside, that the food and beverage staff there are treated terribly by the casino. Like, illegally. They're given no half hour breaks on an 8 hour shift, but are docked a half hour of pay, anyway, because otherwise the government would know they're not getting breaks. Anyone who speaks up is threatened with their job, or straight up loses it. Don't expect you to do anything with that information, but be aware that the way you emphasize tipping the staff is very well-appreciated by the staff. Their jobs are not easy and it's cool that you go out of your way for them.

  • natebardwell

    Ooh, you shouldn't have even humored that question - this wasn't a funny scene at all, it was an argument. That question was a trap, man.

  • rimfire2010


  • Wulf Claw
    Wulf Claw

    Did you contribute to the "Get Justin Trudeau some better fake-eye brow adhesive" cdmpaign ? You appear to dislike our president here. He's accomplished more than most EVER have. Done what he promised. The numbers don't lie. Unemployment at all time low and He's put our countries needs, To Include Our Veterans, above all else- Do you consider those things bad ? Just curious on what you base your opinion on. Wulfy

    • Soapcookies

      Are you well?

  • Charlie Martin
    Charlie Martin

    We do need a test. Hell, ask ocasio-Cortez the 3 branches of government. And she's in office

  • Daniel Wanak
    Daniel Wanak

    "Northern Kansas"

  • Jeremy Paul
    Jeremy Paul

    First off, your stuff is good however you don't seem to know anything about how the canadian prime minister is elected. The entire west does not want Trudeau. He got in because the voting process isn't fair. This time around conservatives got 34.4% of votes and liberals 33.1%. And somehow conservatives had 36 less parliament seats. Canada showed they don't want him...he's still here.

  • David Szakacs
    David Szakacs

    I’d take Trudeau’s dog over Trump.

  • Ben Thomas
    Ben Thomas

    Trudeau does an awesome black face!

  • Tracer Main
    Tracer Main

    uh-oh, orange man baaaAAAaaAAd!!! ReeEeeEEEEeeE!

  • Two Bricks
    Two Bricks

    Just Google these two Phrases "Please explain" and "I don't like it"

  • Sophie

    Unpopular opinion but if Alberta and Saskatchewan leave Canada, they lose the Canadian passports, Canadian currency and any other benefits that Canadian citizens get

  • slam zamillion
    slam zamillion

    As an Australian I can confirm - Canada can have Pauline Hanson if they take Donald Trump as well. I couldn't care less about US politics but it'd be nice to not see that Oompa Loompa on my TV again and if the soulless ranga fucks off as well that's a win-win.

  • Anjalena

    Wait, isn't there a secessionist movement in California? There used to be. I can understand. CA hardly even belongs in the States anymore cuz it's too forward thinking. They should sell themselves to a Scandinavian country. Add a happiness index of 50 to CA if they join the Scandinavian Union.

  • John lyons
    John lyons

    Stick to comedy

  • Canadagraphs

    Thoroughly entertaining video. Its so weird how 1 Province over from me is a place where theres a notable portion of them that want to be Canadian, but only if its THEIR Canada, and will separate from Canada to be "non-Canada Canada'. I expect it from portions of Quebec, but out here in the West, never thought that I'd see it. Also, kudos on sticking to your boycott.

  • Sami Ahmed
    Sami Ahmed

    Just watched this video and saw at the end that you were coming to Glasgow for your tour. Got really excited, checked when you were coming and saw it was 5 fuckin days ago. Devastated because I've been bombed with uni work and I haven't really had a chance to watch your videos lately meaning I never saw you talking about your tour. Hope you come again so I can catch you next time.

  • P12ooF

    Lol wasnt that ass clown cought up in a candle even before the black face photos. Shit, they would have set trump on fire if he had a photo in black face. Canada's a bunch of pussies. Cant you get locked up for misgendering someone.... yea fuck that, I'll keep trump.

  • James

    TRUMP 2020!

  • Aerious Kubin
    Aerious Kubin

    *In Edmonton* "One for one trade, let's do it." *Thinks of Adam Larsson and Taylor Hall*

    • Miles Patterson
      Miles Patterson

      Got to admit. that made me laugh. And I am neither a Flames or Oilers fan. To be fair, Edmonton did get around to firing that Dumbass GM.

    • Aerious Kubin
      Aerious Kubin

      @Grant Bean That was one of the dumbest trades in the past 20 fuckin' years. 😂

    • Grant Bean
      Grant Bean

      A tuff young defenceman for a fragile primadonna? Wait a few more years.

  • Christopher Laurent
    Christopher Laurent

    Just a note: This is the sheer reality of our country right now. We in the West are incredibly frustrated by several policies that our ruining both our provincial economy and culture. It is quite off-putting for an American to suggest they know the ins and outs of regional politics in one of the most diverse countries in the world. Plus, Trudeau is an intellectual? Trudeau's father was an intellectual. His son couldn't carry the father's satchel, let alone come even close to any intellect. That said, not a huge fan of idiot hecklers who do not represent the true legitimate anger in the best light.

    • Dannynorw

      Identiy politics is created by spoiled brat kids with zero understanding of others and just want to take and take and demand and demand. Like the farleft in america.

    • Speedbird

      @Miles Patterson Upvoted both of you for well stated opinions

    • Miles Patterson
      Miles Patterson

      Just a note, this is his reality. Fortunately most of the country does not agree with him. The ridiculous, and exceptionally brief, Wexit movement is no more. I am 60, I have spent 40 of my years in the west and currently reside in Edmonton. Things are going to hell here, not for anything Trudeau has done, but rather the Conservative moron they have elected, who seems incapable of producing anything but a childish "War Room" for oil. This is a province that has pissed away billions on things like Ram Steel, Comrie Savings and Loan, and 400.00 vote buying cheques. It was responsible for wiping out the Heritage Fund and you won't find Trudeau's fingerprints on any of it. it is this simple, you have run a Conservative government for 45 of the last 50 years. You assign them no blame at all. You assign yourselves no blame at all. Just Trudeau, who is working harder on getting that pipeline for you than any of you ever had.Odd that I was successful in both BC and Alberta, but never depended on government handouts (count up how much Harper gave the oil companies, it might shock you) to get there. The last laugh is on me of course. I promised that I would never return to this province once I left, having seen what was coming down the road ages ago. I did not foresee one thing and that is two little girls who own me. They wanted Grandpa and Grandma closer so we moved from sunny southern BC to Edmonton. The year I left, they were heavily into road construction all over the city and planning an LRT line to West Edmonton Mall. I returned 20 years later and they are heavily into road construction all over the city and planning an LRT line to West Edmonton Mall. Nothing much has changed. Likely Trudeau's fault as well. Nice Arena though.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    Steve, I love your fast intellect! Cheers, from Charlotte. I also didn't vote for Trudeau, by the way...

  • Daph Helfenstein
    Daph Helfenstein

    Steve as a resident of Alberta.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO.. you have no idea.. thank you for being you and for being utterly fucking hilarious.

  • Nannette Doyle
    Nannette Doyle

    Any chance you will be coming back to Dublin? You are my favorite comic...please come back

  • Matt Winters
    Matt Winters

    I love how it seemed like the audience was against you about Trudeau, but then you got the audience to stick with you while still totally standing your ground on disagreeing with them. That was something to behold. I mean the heckler helped, but still.

  • Dave Stump
    Dave Stump

    Lost me on you negative comments and your F-bombs...

  • Savannah king TJS
    Savannah king TJS

    I mean we dont have to agree I'm an American but I honestly dont understand how canadians haven't cannibalized on Trudeau since he used to do things like black face and nobody but Republicans call him out for it

  • randyp070129

    Trudeau isn’t even worthy enough to lick the sweat off Trump’s balls. But he seems the type that would really be into that sort of thing. Please feel free to fuck off if you disagree.

  • mtg

    I just bought tickets to your Warsaw show :D

  • charles hall
    charles hall

    Trudeau? Intellectual....? Hahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  • Taylor's Pride & Punch
    Taylor's Pride & Punch

    Aka hofstetter supports black face. Sorry bro, democrats & making tons of $$$ doesn't make you right...cuz okfat cat high on the hog

  • Soapykins

    looking forward to the Portland clip to be posted!!

  • Bearded アレン
    Bearded アレン

    You are seriously amazing and so quick with these comments to hecklers. It's so great and hilarious to watch every single time. Much respect haha.

  • אלוהי שיפוט
    אלוהי שיפוט

    So you elected Donald Trump? I don't blame the guy for being mad, Justin Trudeau has a history of doing black face and worse. I'm not against taboo or boundary breaking comedy but Justin is a full force hypocrite when it comes to his values. In all seriousness I don't know many Comedians that can balance politics and humor now a days. You have to be really creative, if you can't then you come off as preachy and condescending. I miss the good days of Comedy, Joan Rivers, Richard Pryor, George Carlin and the other that weren't afraid to go against the grain. Today they'd be called Nazis and ostracized by their fellow comedians. Comedy is an art that is under attack and it's a shame to see it being muddied every where I go.

  • Asel Art Supply
    Asel Art Supply

    Steve thinks blackface is better than Trump

    • Asel Art Supply
      Asel Art Supply

      @אלוהי שיפוט I totally agree.

    • אלוהי שיפוט
      אלוהי שיפוט

      Exactly what I've been saying, Trump may be abnoxious but it's even worse hearing neo-liberals religiously talk about him like if they dont they may explode. Steve is falling down the politics hole, he needs a hand. ='(

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