Here’s why Ted Cruz flying to Cancun was *so* bad
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was bombarded with negative press after he was spotted on social media hopping on a flight to Cancun with his family amid a devastating winter storm and subsequent power grid failure. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains why what ended up being a very short trip was such a bad look.
Ted Cruz’s Cancún Trip: Family Texts Detail His Political Blunder
Officials slam grid operator as dark comes and millions remain without power
While Cruz was traveling from Cancun, O'Rourke and AOC helped Texans in crisis
Ted Cruz is being mocked over photos showing him loading bottles of water into a car as he seeks to rebuild his reputation after the Cancun vacation debacle
Ted Cruz Says He Flew Family To Mexico Because He Wanted ‘To Be A Good Dad’
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  • CNN

    Hey, Chris here. Do you think voters will remember this incident when Cruz faces reelection in 2024?

    • Benson Fang
      Benson Fang

      Having been the biggest sponsor of a bill to limit senators to two terms, he will use that as an excuse to not run for another term.

    • David Hamer
      David Hamer

      @QueenOfTheClouds I know that they will vote for him, even if they remember this.

    • QueenOfTheClouds

      Nope. I believe they’ll still vote him in if he runs again

    • David Hamer
      David Hamer

      Yes, but they won't care.

    • Rebecca Newman
      Rebecca Newman

      @Andrew Campbell personally, I his videos are the my favorite of CNN's. I like his quick-paced, comedic, yet simple and easy to follow banter. I think you're just salty that chris hits the nail on the head every time.

  • Lloyd Bridges
    Lloyd Bridges

    It's only a problem because he is a Republican on CNN...CNN is not the news It's opinion, and one sided stories. I can learn more on Fox in a half hour. Than I can on CNN in one week. Cover the border CNN. You have not covered the border in ten days. Pathetic

  • Richard Kulig
    Richard Kulig

    Fack news CNN

  • UncleCatfishDub

    my broke ass friends went to the dollar store and bought water and blankets for people and passed them out. cost less than 80 bucks and 2 hours to pass them out to the homeless in Austin. you're telling me Ted Cruz doesn't have 80 bucks and 2 hours?

  • Albert Erik Gruber
    Albert Erik Gruber

    I only partially agree. I do think it is important to work on the problem any way you can. But simply being there only for showing up ... I would feel bad, because every minute an important politician is on scene is a minute slowing down the people actually helping out. You have security, you have to be instructed out of schedule (i.e. if every hour new helpers are adviced how to proceed), and so on. I would feel disruptive to the people and at the same as if I am wasting time I could spend on getting aid (bills) on the way. I understand, why politicians are doing it, but part of me always gets angry if they show up for performative reasons only.

  • Howard Stern
    Howard Stern

    He should've gone to Canada and stayed in his birth country

  • Christian Reinisch
    Christian Reinisch

    his excuse was that his "girls" did want to go. so, where are the girls on the video?

  • SA Scott TX
    SA Scott TX

    Ted used his own money to relocate his family in order to lessen the burden on our already stressed Texas grid during such a trying time. If only more elected officials could follow his selfless example. How was that? Did I sound like a politician? It's interesting that no one is asking where John Cornyn was while all of this was going on. Why wasn't he knocking on doors and handing out flashlight batteries and hot coffee? Rumor has it that he was in California doing some marketing for the state. One of his bullet points about why Texas is a better place to live than California was, are you ready for this, the weather.

  • MichaelWilliamH

    Republicans are not Americans.

  • BlueBelle88

    I've said this a few times on vids about the Cruz incident. He should have learnt from Scott Morison. Australia's Prime Minister flew to I want to say Hawaii during the bushfires in 2019/20 and used the same excuse. Promise to his daughters, sometimes you have to be a dad. It did not go down well, the excuse itself or throwing his daughters to the sharks. It's nice to know Americans are holding Ted Cruz to the same standard we are holding Scotty from Marketing to.

  • Edgar Rosas
    Edgar Rosas

    Ted managed to change the media coverage about his and his role in the deadly January insurrection against the capital, and like little brained people that we are, we took the bait.

  • Rae Mini Hopa
    Rae Mini Hopa

    Just ask ex NOLA mayor C. Ray Nagin what happens when you leave your constituents during and after a major disaster. He was the beneficiary of the Bill Barr COVID-19 early prison release and is living in Frisco, Texas. Doesn't have the stones to go back to New Orleans.

  • Aron Newberry
    Aron Newberry

    Answer: Who cares! He voted to overturn the election, focus on the signal, ignore the noise.

  • Mister X
    Mister X

    Remember when Obama was president? That was awesome.

  • Pastorpage TV
    Pastorpage TV

    Ted doesn't care, he knows the people of Texas don't care, it's a red state

  • yelnik9000

    Go eat some tofu. No one cares

  • Dillon Mazziotto
    Dillon Mazziotto

    Not as bad as cuomo killing the thousands of elderly but you run this bs nonstop

  • Jesse Galvan
    Jesse Galvan


  • AC Wilson
    AC Wilson

    No. We need him to stay put in the Senate now more than ever!

  • Mark Halver
    Mark Halver

    It was 'cool' how he threw his family under the bus one at a time to avoid blame.

  • DTRAX33

  • Pepe Q
    Pepe Q

    Virture signaling at its finest. Yeah, that's one of the things i care about during a crisis .., are all my state politicians home?? 😆

  • Ray Bin
    Ray Bin

    Well...if Texas re-elects him then there's no hope for Texas. 🇺🇸👍

  • usssanjacinto1

    Only CNN can make going to Cancun worse then a Cuomo murdering 15,000 elderly people.

  • XEdition StarWars
    XEdition StarWars

    Idiot people who condemn Mr. Cruz for leaving the country while a storm was taking place are very shallow minded people.

  • Nathan Hails
    Nathan Hails

    Cruz helped Trump do 9-11

  • Gary Peterson
    Gary Peterson

    Instead of running away he could have tried to help the situation. Coordinate some relief supplies, line up some generators or something. Hell AOC gave more of a response than Ted and she doesn't even live in Texas! Hard to believe the voters in your state are ok with this.

  • Gary Peterson
    Gary Peterson

    Might be trying to be a good dad, but he's a horrible dog owner. They left the family dog to fend for itself with no heat, power or water. And you think he cares about you? Really?

  • Todd Jackson
    Todd Jackson

    The Castro regime's favorite Cuban. This dude is a menace to the USA.

  • Daniel Holland
    Daniel Holland

    No it really iisnt bad, republicans voted for trump remember, they dont care what a person does so long as they are republican.

  • Stone X
    Stone X

    Wasted 6:50 for this. You gotta be kidding me. What knowledge are we gaining? What steps of action should we take now? No. Let’s just laugh at Ted going to Cancun. Smh. You want to be taken seriously.

  • Stone X
    Stone X

    Sooooooo where’s Biden?????????

    • Stone X
      Stone X

      @denverredhead Biden didn’t help weather the storm

    • Stone X
      Stone X

      @denverredhead I would love to see the leader of this country informing people on what to do where to get help motivating others. Be a leader

    • denverredhead

      Back in Washington after several visits this week, including Texas. Why do you ask?

  • Jessie Jenkins
    Jessie Jenkins

    Hey cnn question there a massive pandemic happening why you care about nonsense happening a state you all hate Texas? Multiple other options. AOC lieing is an idea.

  • kavito Naga
    kavito Naga

    Why is Ted Cruz still free. He should be behind the bar taking into account his incompetence in all aspects to say the least.

  • Antonomase Apophasis
    Antonomase Apophasis

    "fancy law firm" is actually the last place you could expect to pop off at any time

  • Lindavid

    Hey, hypocrites, yeah you Dems that criticize and scream about behavior that you yourself do. Where was your man Biden????? Haha, the American people see this ??? Think they will remember what Biden has or has not in this case done in the next elections???? Vile hypocrites!!!!!

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill

    This a story? LOL! This is all the LEFT has? We have hours of the Left supporting protesters BURNING American Cities down and THIS IS WHAT THE LEFT IS FOCUSED ON??? Really?

  • Cherubi

    If a democrat did this these right wingers who disliked this video would be so happy to attack them for it.

  • Dfuher D
    Dfuher D

    Beto O'Rourke organized over 150,000 calls in 1 day, AOE raises a lot of money, Sheila Jackson Lee organized water trucks to immidiately and for several days forward to bring water to her constituents in Houston, a South Houston Councilman (sorry, cant remember his name) personally went to the local water station with a handful of mechanical minded friends and jerryrigged it to keep water flowing for his 20,000 constituents. A US Senator has a lot more power and options to help than any of the above, on top of being the logical person to coordinate with FEMA and the Federal government. Cruz just doesnt care, being a Senator isnt a job for him, it isnt a privilege or a service to his constituents. To him, its just a venue to run for president by holding blustery speeches, going on a lot of (friendly) tv and having his own pod cast.

  • Kong Thai
    Kong Thai

    Texan style solutions. Texan style can do.

  • Kong Thai
    Kong Thai

    What did the other Senator of Texas do? Sit in his home and grumbled. "It's so cold" "What is the power and water commission doing. Is FEMA here yet" At least Senator Ted Cruz was entertaining Texans with common sense. Send the children to Cancun, come back and understand the situation. 🤣

  • Kong Thai
    Kong Thai

    Maybe Senator Ted Cruz is suggesting Texans goes on vacation to cancun to avoid the freeze. Then he returns to check on FEMA job the next day. Hmmmm Could be that! 😳

  • happy ass face on the internet
    happy ass face on the internet

    Guess trump wasn’t lying when he said lying ted

  • Russell Horton
    Russell Horton

    Not this biggest fan of Ted Cruz. But how about you quit the Hypocrisy and hold both parties accountable? Shit journalism all around.

  • Connor B
    Connor B

    Almost as bad as covering up a policy that sent COVID positive patients to nursing homes

  • Ben Logan
    Ben Logan

    While most Americans can’t afford rent or food and have lost their jobs our Texas senator goes on a Mexican vacation? During a pandemic, economic crisis and a historic natural disaster in the state you work for you go on vacation to a country that you build a wall around? The GOP and Cruz doesn’t care about your, jobs, rent, health care, life or anything that matters. They care about being wealthy, not really ever working and going on expensive vacations whenever they want. Important things...

  • Ann Car
    Ann Car

    CNN is a pile of fake news

  • Ann Car
    Ann Car

    Ted did it right. First God, spouse and children then work. He did it right.

  • Tom Phillips
    Tom Phillips

    Fake news. With this animated "reporter" flinging spittle from his mouth. Did Cruz ever ask any of his staff to play strip poker with him? Hey CNN, I'm looking down all your posted videos. Still haven't come across any yet about the massive surge of 7,000 unaccompanied minors at the border. Many Cruz videos and massive airtime telling us why this Cruz trip has to be more important than Cuomo nursing home scandal.

  • User619 TLSDCA
    User619 TLSDCA

    Like DaSantis, Cruz anther child minded adult. I see a kid in them both...

    • User619 TLSDCA
      User619 TLSDCA

      Oh, including MTG Crazy...

  • Qublu

    should make 'was' to 'is'

  • Thom Colmer
    Thom Colmer

    Soak this up democrats, it’s your distraction from Cuomo’s murderous nursing home scandal. Enjoy your meds, orange man bad, go back to sleeeeep

  • suzarraelizabeth

    The keyword right there, "empathy" narcissists do not have empathy thay have no idea how to empathise with normal people.

    • suzarraelizabeth

      @Chris Yeh well said!

    • Chris Yeh
      Chris Yeh

      On that note, a person who has no empathy is called an asshole.

    • Chris Yeh
      Chris Yeh

      I wouldn't say they don't know, its more like they don't care to. They understand it in so much how they'd want others to empathize with their troubles, but they can't be bothered to do the same for others.

  • 27may

    By this logic would like to see cuomo dance on the streets of nyc

  • JinjaNinja Gaming
    JinjaNinja Gaming

    He said he was going to take a vacation after this bs impeachment and he did. He has no control over these companies or the weather. So why is it a big deal. Grow up

  • TJ Dash
    TJ Dash

    You know those scum bag characters in shows like The Walking Dead... Two faced, self-serving, treacherous, stinky characters... They're the ones you yell at your TV screen NOT to trust.

  • Beverly Brookse
    Beverly Brookse

    The delightful limit neuroanatomically sip because check firstly brush plus a merciful riddle. knotty, talented insulation

  • Dan Langemann
    Dan Langemann


  • ABBE Repair
    ABBE Repair

    Ted worked soo hard helping to support Trump’s lie and insurrection, he needed so time to clear his head, no that’s not right, to get his “facts” straight

  • chadpallas1

    What a joke! Nancy pel-grossie is still on vacation in China town!! Republicans and Democrats days are numbered!! Trump is not going anywhere! Suck it CNN

  • Emil S
    Emil S

    Donald Trump said Heidi Cruz is ugly

  • Eve

    I swear if Texas elects Cruz again I'm going to lose it.

  • Chas Glass
    Chas Glass

    Will Texas be electing more Democrats in the coming years when they realize the scale of governmental betrayal in Texas.

  • Gabriel Mendoza22
    Gabriel Mendoza22

    *Fled Cruz or Cancun Cruz* Which one is better? 😂😂

    • denverredhead

      Let's Can Cruz.

  • keema Lewis
    keema Lewis

    even my stuffed Skelanimal dog has a throw blanket and i am in Fl he didn't even help his real one. WTH!

  • Burton Schrader
    Burton Schrader

    Cruz is wealthy enough that he could have ordered a flown in takeaway meal for every hungry person in Texas.

  • ChronoXShadow

    5:06 What a schill. So, Cancun has more substance than performative drama, huh? What an idiot. If your point is to try and say performative drama has no merit, using Ted Cruz is the opposite of that sentiment. Thus, what a schill.

  • ChronoXShadow

    1:18 Uh, it snowed across the nation. Texas didn't have snow proofing plans, and thus power-lines and road conditions suffered. There's no mystery here. If you think you need to 'get to the bottom of things', you first need to get your head out of your ass. Maybe that's what he meant by that line?

  • Nia Howard
    Nia Howard

    I don’t think you need to tell us why it was so bad. It’s pretty obvious.

  • Rusty Henson
    Rusty Henson

    The brawny shirt neuropathologically deserve because fahrenheit monthly employ since a organic continent. possessive, friendly tea

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