Here's Why the Tesla Model 3 Performance Is the Best Tesla Yet
Doug DeMuro
The Tesla Model 3 Performance is the best Tesla yet. Today I'm reviewing the Model 3 Performance, and I'm going to discuss why it's the best Tesla -- and I'm going to show you all the cool features of the Model 3 Performance. Then I'm going to get it out on the road and drive the Tesla Model 3 Performance.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro

    Who will be more upset by this video? Tesla people, saying I wasn't positive enough? Or car people, saying I'm biased towards Tesla? Today, we find out!

    • Priyananth Premakanthan
      Priyananth Premakanthan

      Tesla is the biggest trash

    • Fazil Ahamed
      Fazil Ahamed

      So Teslas are not cars?

    • Junk Man Channel
      Junk Man Channel

      Tesla lost control on freeway

    • Franz Ferdinand VIII
      Franz Ferdinand VIII

      This is the Only tesla I would even Consider to purchase. But, i would Rather stick to the 1955 FORD Thunderbird...

    • Jay Montange
      Jay Montange

      Crash test off the 101. Woohoo

  • Rambler Andy
    Rambler Andy

    I was following a Tesla Model 3 Performance just a couple of weeks back, while running errands for self isolators during the Covid pandemic. It was the first day that people were beginning to be allowed a bit more freedom, so there were more cars again. Being more cars again they tried a little bit of much missed traffic jamming. Then suddenly there was a tiny gap that I could never have accelerated through with my slouch car, but the Tesla went from say 40mph to 70mph, and didn't seem to pass through 50 and 60 to get there. Of course that couldn't be, but I'm not kidding, it actually looked instantaneous. Before I noticed my mouth had dropped open in surprise, the Tesla was a dark blue dot. Even the memory of it astonishes me.

  • Baddie You Maddie
    Baddie You Maddie

    When he started driving 😂

  • agustinbs

    Best reaction video of tesla aceleration!

  • Luca Buckley
    Luca Buckley

    It’s great that when Tesla owners get on it, all you hear is the pedal smashing against the floor. And in some cases with heavier people, the seat leaning back and almost breaking

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    ...and you must have a dissertation to check out all this stuff, before you kill one on the street while playing with the display. ^^ "Too much information" isn´t good while you drive a car...

  • Jasper Simkins
    Jasper Simkins

    at this time the newest tesla was the model y

  • Please and Thank You
    Please and Thank You

    Is insurance expensive for the Tesla?

  • Sucka Ducka
    Sucka Ducka

    After 1 month, the only feature I use is commuting to work and back.

  • The Snookman
    The Snookman

    If I can watch porn on the display while in autopilot I'm gonna need the car equipped with the following: 1. Astroglide dispenser 2. Wet wipes dispenser 3. Paper towel holder 4. Extra sound deadening 5. 'Fap mode' ;)

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones

    Doug: Says he is not going to review everything. Also Doug: makes the video 34 minutes long.

  • Dat Boa
    Dat Boa

    After the Y released, the 3 is still the best?

  • ꜱᴜᴍᴇᴅʜ ꜱʜɪɴᴅᴇ
    ꜱᴜᴍᴇᴅʜ ꜱʜɪɴᴅᴇ

    4:09 I died lamao

  • Miadous

    The question I'll have to answer later this year is: Used 2017+ Model S or new Model 3. Or maybe used Model 3 performance. I wish the 3 had the model S HUD behind the steering wheel.

  • Greg Nixon
    Greg Nixon

    The acceleration in this car is amazing. It agrees to take you along only as a courtesy. The driver and passenger are optional features on this model.

  • Yashwanth Balakrishnan
    Yashwanth Balakrishnan

    A need for speed game will be good ....Tesla please do it!🤞

  • B.G. Randolph
    B.G. Randolph

    I get 8.5 miles to the gallon in my Suburban. I am buying a Tesla very soon!

  • Tom Barac
    Tom Barac

    I just realised he reminds me of Data from Star Trek.

  • Craig Martin
    Craig Martin

    NVR really wanted 1 til now

  • Ivan Catalan
    Ivan Catalan

    I’m a car guy and I think many people should start accepting that electric cars are the future cars now. No more gasoline powered cars

  • Luca__

    with 10.3:1 ratio steering is way quicker than M3 (14:1) actually, is even quicker than the Giulia!

  • Lestat Lunar
    Lestat Lunar

    4:09 Doug: This crazy person Me: Looks like a monster from the woods

  • Chesty McStudmuffin
    Chesty McStudmuffin

    I noticed that Tesla specifically and purposefully named it "Dog Mode" instead of "Pet Mode" because fuck cats, I guess. :)

  • Chesty McStudmuffin
    Chesty McStudmuffin

    I predict this will win the Dougie Award for 2019...

  • vin

    interesting quirk: the owners name is Faraz

  • S S
    S S

    Really fast Prius. I want this but one thing keeping me away is its boring interior. I am debating between this audi s4 and c43 amg

  • Peter Meleek
    Peter Meleek

    Review the Tesla model S

  • d d
    d d

    i wonder how teslas compare to M5s and 911s on the race track

  • Ertiyed

    Where do you buy the 35k model? The cheapest I found on is over 60k.

  • Austin

    Omg more cowbell is in this car. I have to buy one


    9 out of 10 for acceleration your a little out of touch Doug.

  • Munshat Rahman
    Munshat Rahman

    4:08 This dude called himself crazy... Doug is a Savage

  • camarojoe1997

    These things are really really cool and fun omg! My buddy bought one and I tell ya it was such a surprise to how much fun these things are!

  • Alex M.
    Alex M.


  • broma toast
    broma toast

    Can you imagine if someone saw you playing that boat racing game, they would think your crazy

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams

    alan jackson

  • philliving philliving
    philliving philliving

    dave matthews band

  • Manuel Fischer
    Manuel Fischer

    I’ll wait for my $50k donation so I can get mine ❤️😍

  • Raymond Rigdon
    Raymond Rigdon

    Cannot wait for the cybertrunk review.

  • Turururu

    This car is amazing and is impossible for thieves to steal... Super fast, super clever and the price is way less than anything comparable... Tesla is the best car company, is like apple with Steve jobs but better

  • Danny

    This is crazy!

  • Neil Cleasby
    Neil Cleasby

    Thank you for this video Doug. I have decided to get a model 3 performance and this video really helped in the decision

  • Xavier Liu
    Xavier Liu

    i wanna get my kid a tesla instead of a ps 5

  • erikv8monster


  • Wesley Byork
    Wesley Byork

    A brad keslowski frame is in the background

  • catalin catalin
    catalin catalin

    The exterior of the car it is lovely. The interior of the car it is horrible!

  • JaylynnGram

    Please review the Tesla model s if you haven’t

  • j. Ali
    j. Ali

    This convinces me to get a Tesla but I hate how it looks


    Imagine if you had a tesla model 3 and went on a vacation, you parked you car at the airport and sentry mode is on. Then someday while your at another country your cellphone said that someone is smashed the windows of your car

  • The God of Being Short
    The God of Being Short

    I can imagine playing forza horizon on a model 3, it'll be fun.

  • Adam Kennison
    Adam Kennison

    Cowbell first thought was it involved Christopher Walken somehow.

  • Evan H. Bogle
    Evan H. Bogle

    I love the idea of electric cars and I would love to have a tesla just have no place to charge it.

  • alex

    Why does he keep comparing it to the M3? A new m3 goes for something like 80 grand? The model 3 he is driving costs 50 grand, very unfair.

  • Alex Ford
    Alex Ford

    Had to pause this at about 7 minutes as you describe the various channels you can watch on the screen and strangely out of all the movies and vlogs in the world, what pops up by DD describing the green 911 on the Tesla screen. Excuse me; my sides hurt from laughing so hard. AF

  • dbmabe

    If I ever get a Tesla, this is the one I'd want.

  • Antondre Sucks
    Antondre Sucks

    How is 3.2 seconds a 9/10

  • Pac Arts
    Pac Arts

    Okay, you want cooled seats. But I never needed them in my whole life...

  • Pat Mcgowan
    Pat Mcgowan

    Fart mode 😂😂😂😂

  • Bhargav Kale
    Bhargav Kale

    I think model 3 is more affordable and has the Tesla mark...

  • Harrison Maynes
    Harrison Maynes

    The first thing you learn in business studies at uni is to think outside the box. Elon Musk you legend

  • Anindya Tejomartoyo
    Anindya Tejomartoyo

    27:57 that's really an ominous sound. Speaking of sound, what is the sound of the horn? i'd like to the sound of the horn would be an mp3 recording of profanities such as "MOVE YOUR A** YOU MOTHERF*****G A**HOLE!!"

  • Alejandra Mureno
    Alejandra Mureno

    That’s not the Performance Model!! Why? Because it’s doesn’t have the BLACK TIRES!!!

  • Frank III
    Frank III

    11:09 This piece of art will be more appreciated than a Banksy one.

  • [insert name here]
    [insert name here]

    Why does it look like HAL 9000 at 4:35 “I’m sorry, Doug...”

  • BH hzxy
    BH hzxy

    Let me see the whole car you just talking about it for 34 minutes come on bro who does that stupid

  • Kanishka Majumder
    Kanishka Majumder

    demon slayer

  • brandon viera
    brandon viera get your 1000 miles free

  • Tim C.
    Tim C.

    Not having cooled seats is not a big deal IMHO. Furthermore, stuff like that would probably help suck the battery power and most cars don't offer this feature.

  • Minh Do
    Minh Do

    Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and go out to the car and finish that one race you couldn’t pass.

  • One DA
    One DA

    Pretty nice

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