Here's Why Your Perfect Diet and Perfect Macros are Total BS
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Greg O'Gallagher is a renowned fitness author and expert on Intermittent Fasting and building the Hollywood Physique. To date, he's transformed hundreds of thousands of men and women all over the world. People from all walks of life have used his cutting edge and lifestyle focused approach to get in amazing shape and live the 'Kinobody' lifestyle.
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  • Kinobody

    Fitness industry is BS! Nearly every single fitness youtuber / fitness coach can barely stick to their own fkn diet!!!! Fuck off with all you rules. I want to see the results. Show me that you're actually staying under 10% for years and can enjoy it. They are full of shit. What? You don't care about being lean... BS. You just can't do it. Admit it. I'm not fucking around anymore. It's 2019 and no one has taught you how to actually get downright chiseled and maintain it. No one. This is what I'm here for!!! Yes, you can get to 8% body fat and maintain it. It can be done healthy. And this is where the greatest reward is. It's not from chasing unless muscle size. It's from getting shredded. Chiseled face and everything. I will show you how to fucking do it, just like I have and thousands of others. But u gotta let go of the BS rules. Follow me on IG now ... I'm pissed off watching these fitness coaches prescribing prisoner diets that suck balls and they aren't even ripped year round. Total bs.

    • Danilo Garcia
      Danilo Garcia

      Kinobody bro just stfu ok we know your on roids

    • kandycid100

      xxx333000ful love Greg bro. Still subscribed to his website

    • CommanderPIPI1 you know from ps4
      CommanderPIPI1 you know from ps4

      Awesome rant we having a ball :)

    • Lisa Conrad
      Lisa Conrad

      So what about females

    • Jacqueline Jenkins
      Jacqueline Jenkins

      Kinobody You are so legit and real. Thank you for introducing me to IF and KinoOctane. I LOVE KinoOctane and recommend it or purchase it for everybody. And I can validate and confirm that Octane DOES NOT BREAK A FAST. I finally bought a Keto-Mojo glucose and Ketone tester this week. I tested my blood 1st thing after waking up and got a reading, drank my Octane like I normally do and then re-tested my blood 30 mins after and my blood sugar was the same. Ketones were even higher by .9 points. Octane is like the only pre-workout on the market that does not break your fast. Everyone should know about it if they are serious.

  • Tommy Lessiohadi
    Tommy Lessiohadi

    Left a note for myself... Got the conclusions at 14:00

  • J B
    J B

    Kinofasting is great , helps me to go from 95kg to 75 , with some break, even with pizza ( after 10 years of struggle idling between 91 and 102 kg , with different diets, if someone tells you : ho low carb , just kick his ass and send him to hell ) Now starting Bodyweight Mastery , targeting 67 kg next summer 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🔥☄️🐉

  • sean hawk
    sean hawk

    Greg please define Fasting ? How can you Consume kino octane during fasting and not break fast ?’re contstantly promoting while giving “ advice, honest truth, not giving a fuck, bashing on fitness youtubers, Caloric deficit will get you lean, if I do Calisthenics while leaning, anyone will get ripped !

  • Adam Belaunzaran
    Adam Belaunzaran

    I love this guy. He is too real

  • Barrysvoice com
    Barrysvoice com

    This is literally fitness Gospel!! JUST LISTEN TO HIM GENTS!!!

  • Ka ka
    Ka ka

    Greg i really felt this video deep in my soul bro.. very inspiring indeed... especially at 16:05 you can really tell above all the success he really wants everybody to experience the feeling he has with his ideal and beliefs as it relates to health and fitness. Amazing content man life changing actually

  • GODlikeDEMON Mobile Gaming
    GODlikeDEMON Mobile Gaming

    Looking skinny Greg better start eating correct

  • Red Raider
    Red Raider

    Love my guy and his message but FTLOG can someone please tell him the word “maintenance” has 3 syllables?! 🤣

  • Jonathan Dismuke
    Jonathan Dismuke

    Greg took quite a bit of kino Octane

  • Mike Griffin
    Mike Griffin

    Greg the type of guy to get mad at nothing just to show off the veins in his neck.

  • Llanckin V
    Llanckin V

    Are you high?

  • tihkal

    good shit bro

  • Escorpion Suerte
    Escorpion Suerte

    How many macros do you need to fuel 60 laps of your table?

  • Andrea De Marco
    Andrea De Marco

    Hey, Your website doesn't load. Do you need some help with the shopify store?

  • Sonny Valenzuela
    Sonny Valenzuela

    Thank You, I’ve been doing intermittent fasting and caloric deficit. I sneak a cookie here and there and I’m still losing a ton. Heavy lifting 5 days a week because I like to lift. The trifecta is fasting, caloric deficit and heavy lifting.

  • Josh D.
    Josh D.

    Everything you are saying is a 100% spot on! I've used your approach in the past and got super lean. For whatever reason or the other I've tried other methods that are "" more optimal" And I have kept gaining the weight back . Sometimes a simple approach is better than a "optimal" one

    • Josh D.
      Josh D.

      Being able to add here to the diet and stick with it is key!


    Thanks brother ... trying to get there’. Love the support and your honesty.

  • Grant Peeples
    Grant Peeples

    Where are your findings of “the research is clear” statement? No links provided except to your site and programs

  • Nath Lang
    Nath Lang

    Great video loved the advice especially making your diet simple for effortless fat loss

  • kly48

    Really awesome advice Greg

  • Dylan M
    Dylan M

    Great video!!

  • Peter Jenkins
    Peter Jenkins


  • TheMighty DR
    TheMighty DR

    How cute

  • Blake Wyatt
    Blake Wyatt

    Launching the new clothing line on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me haha! Good rant Greg.

  • Chris Keegan
    Chris Keegan

    He’s right you know, as much as you wanna believe he’s wrong he’s not he’s right, the smug twat is right and he’s actually a pretty cool guy. The intermittent fasting in combination with watching your calories and utilising relative strength training will get you into amazing shape as a natural

  • zack stone
    zack stone

    So why should i trust you over the people who lost fat going keto not dripping calories. They say your full of shit. What evidence do you have?

  • Juss 213
    Juss 213

    For years I was bulky and tried cutting but could never do it. I finally tried IF one day after watching a video of this guy eating almost whatever he wanted. I was 198 when I started IF and a little over a year now, I'm 150 and down to 9% body fat . All this while eating pizza, tacos, burgers, etc. I still watched when I was eating these things but I never thought it'd be possible to lose weight eating this stuff. I eat chicken salads 3 days out of the week and the other 4 days it's whatever I want.

  • Tuned 3.7
    Tuned 3.7

    Realist video

  • SensFan2002

    The truth: PED's

  • Junaid Cheema
    Junaid Cheema

    Just "Greg the type of guy" memes here

  • Buddy John
    Buddy John

    this guy gay as hell, I knew something was odd when he stopped having gurls around during workouts but now ugh he just flamin🔥faggin tha shnit..

    • doyouevenlift 1744
      doyouevenlift 1744

      Jealous lmao

  • Jason Neil
    Jason Neil

    Dude, great Post! So real and truthful! Nice work!

  • R S M
    R S M

    Greg the type of guy to hit someone with a car and offer them 20% off the Kino Warrior program instead of financial compensation

  • yes covenant
    yes covenant

    The Fat Acceptance movement hates you.

  • Joe P
    Joe P

    Nice Job Greg

  • Preston 1127
    Preston 1127

    Dude you’re on gear stfu

  • Shaquil Njovens
    Shaquil Njovens

    Does sodium matter when it comes to losing weight, if you're in a caloric deficit?

  • Christ Guevara
    Christ Guevara

    Glad to have you back homie!

  • Skrt Skrttt
    Skrt Skrttt


  • Quinn Ahern
    Quinn Ahern

    @1:00 There's no secret macro ratio @7:30 Breaks down what your macro ratios should be

    • Nathan Price
      Nathan Price

      Quinn Ahern haha came here to say this.

  • Alex

    When Greg discovered humans use less than 10% of their brain he swore to never use more than 6%!!

  • Ben Saunders
    Ben Saunders

    fast, and eat what you want - train like an animal . pretty straight forward

  • Mónica Sanaphre
    Mónica Sanaphre

    I'm dizzy already by going round and round tnat room! 😖

  • Nick Sparks
    Nick Sparks

    Summarizing - To be this big and lean = steriods

  • CommanderPIPI1 you know from ps4
    CommanderPIPI1 you know from ps4

    Like the titel.

  • marissa summers
    marissa summers

    dude you are 30 and still live at your dads house using his money. clown

    • doyouevenlift 1744
      doyouevenlift 1744

      And you're pretending to be a girl online lmao. U sound jealous

  • XiomarCruz

    My boy gregorio d' naturale 150mg a week exposing them 500mg users

  • Walter Mercado
    Walter Mercado

    I might not be drinking enough sparkling water. ;)

  • ShreddedAcademy

    Greg, this one time I was drinking a protein shake and this chubby girl at her desk looked at me with this gross look on her face. I asked her what her problem was. She told me "You know protein shakes aren't good for you, right?". All the while she was eating french fries....

    • ShreddedAcademy

      @yes covenant xD

    • yes covenant
      yes covenant

      r/fatlogic 😂😂😂

  • Tony Lats
    Tony Lats

    Greg the type of guy to grow his own coffee beans and water them with sparkling water.

  • Ted Carr Health & Fitness
    Ted Carr Health & Fitness

    Does Greg's calorie intake go up on workout days or does it stay at 2,200 regardless of the day?

  • June Smith
    June Smith

    Greg the type of guy to drop f bombs instead of keto bombs. Love the channel btw.

  • Jack Cayman
    Jack Cayman

    Gangsta of the fitness industry.

  • kevin rojas
    kevin rojas

    That look he gives in minute 14:08.

  • kevin rojas
    kevin rojas

    Greg, the type of guy to run for President in 2020.

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    Going to to try the evening chocolate bar reward thing.

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    Love what you're saying but there's no way you're close to 5% body fat. I don't care what any machine says.

  • bubble butt
    bubble butt

    Love you greg !!! you nailed it ma man!!!🥊

  • Lisa Conrad
    Lisa Conrad

    Hey what about the ladies

  • eoin kilemade
    eoin kilemade

    Can this all be applied if your 41 years old. I’m in good shape doing a cut at the minute. Around 16%. I’m getting there. My protein is probably too high having watched this. Great video

  • Mehmet Adiguzelli
    Mehmet Adiguzelli

    I’m a simple man. If Greg says hit the like button, I do it.

  • Emmmanuel Barey
    Emmmanuel Barey

    In this exact video I can garanty that you are not 5/6% body fat, your chest, your shoulders are barely cut, anyone that could get to 5/8% body fat know that the division on the shoulders are seen every time you are in a 10/12 percent maybe

  • Rattlesnake Patriot
    Rattlesnake Patriot

    Greg's the type of guy that only wears a shirt when he's in the shower.

  • Mandy Reynolds
    Mandy Reynolds

    So, ya gotta be in the deficit? ;p


    Dec 12th is a full moon...great day to launch your clothing brand

  • I3atosai

    Greg the type of to make his new born baby starve until he finishes his first 16 hour fast

  • Mudkappin

    This is a real ass video, damn

  • Octavio Garcia Niño De Rivera
    Octavio Garcia Niño De Rivera

    I love how all the comments are greg the type of guy jokes, i see no one really takes him seriously

  • chipdouglas35

    Good vid....really good vid Greg.

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