here without you (beck & tori)
Plot: Tori and Beck have been having issues lately and decide to break up when they have another fight. Beck regrets it and misses her a lot. He dreams about her all the time and at the end Tori comes in to talk with him and set things straight. He takes his chance and promises himself to never let her go again.

Colour: Present
Black & White: Past
White Glow: Dreams

I'm not too happy with the outcome,
I wanted it to be more on the beat at the end
and watching it makes me think it's too slow..
hmm :/ too bad, next time better!


Song; 3 Doors Down - Here Without You
Pairing: Tori Vega & Beck Oliver [Bori / Beri / Teck]
TV Show: Victorious
Program Used: Sony Vegas 9.0 Pro

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    Che episodio e dove c'è un altro ragazzo con Tori e Back e geloso

  • i cant eat taco bell karen YK THAT *cries*
    i cant eat taco bell karen YK THAT *cries*

    they BELONG TOGETHER. like do you see how he looks at her??

  • Gacha_Galaxy 26
    Gacha_Galaxy 26

    Sometimes I actually kinda wished the Tori was with Beck in the show but it’s just how it goes 👉🏻👈🏻🥺

  • adam calo
    adam calo

    Bori? Never. Brina.


    they just had chemistry. it was amazing

    • Pink Angel
      Pink Angel

      It’s so cute when they hugged even before they were together then jade was jealous 😂❤️

  • Maximiliano Carrillo
    Maximiliano Carrillo

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  • Eleanor Smith
    Eleanor Smith

    I think beck and jade are the best couple on victorious even though they brake up in season 3 but how did tori and beck get together as a couple? Their just friends on victorious

  • Haitian Qween
    Haitian Qween

    They are dating

  • Haitian Qween
    Haitian Qween

    When they were on the phone they were actually on the phone together

  • twilight edits
    twilight edits

    This might be fake but it looks so real sorry ik I'm late lol

  • aurora


  • Annabella Napolitano
    Annabella Napolitano


  • ꧁꧂Mari ヅ Chanヅ꧁꧂
    ꧁꧂Mari ヅ Chanヅ꧁꧂

    Mi ship es Beck y Jade

  • Paulina Kowalska
    Paulina Kowalska

    The Best ship ever ❤️😍😂

  • Sudia Rose
    Sudia Rose

    The most happiest couple

  • Gevona Hills
    Gevona Hills

    Y’all ya ya know ya boo ya man y’all don’t wanna go

  • Poindexter Rayshaun
    Poindexter Rayshaun

    i like it

  • Валерия Церна
    Валерия Церна


  • Ivan Loya
    Ivan Loya

    Q episodio es del minuto 2:28

  • Theodora Manumbu
    Theodora Manumbu

    Don't you remember during their relationship Jade sang a song LOUDER she kissed infront of everyone

  • Theodora Manumbu
    Theodora Manumbu

    Seriously Bori even their name stink just like their relationship

  • Gina Francis
    Gina Francis

    Madison is me that my hbxgUh jdbfdjdhjdi udbhjsk, hzb dcndjof8 7jdhdjjuenhdi jddbhff jdbg is tvcsxsnjc a lot no jcjdk in all the jsbbnz gavcshz🙄😐😕hsgh eject 😕😑🙂hsvdjdjs🙁😒gsvx hsvbhdu hsbsfhs facga eqdsga jdnvdj uhgj xjx6 udhfhjf hdvbe in gnfj r Dhdhhd jdjdujd hsvgsjid jdbfdjdhjdi the hdbgdjd

  • Tuvshinsaihan Tsolmonbayar
    Tuvshinsaihan Tsolmonbayar

    love bek torri

  • Iain Carr
    Iain Carr


  • anastacia davis
    anastacia davis

    This is so fake

  • paula A maldonado
    paula A maldonado

    Esta cuarentena me está pegando fuerte :v no se ni como llegue aquí

  • Sunitha Iyengar
    Sunitha Iyengar

    I shipped it from the moment they saw each other in the pilot episode

  • Aaliyah Simone
    Aaliyah Simone

    Yall i-

  • Mocha coffee
    Mocha coffee

    i know im 8yrs old but like i ship them

  • gabriellemitzuki

    if the show made tori more insteresting then im sure that it's the best choice to have made them happened

  • Sheree Legros
    Sheree Legros

    There better than Beck and Jade👌😥💟😜

  • Smith Kids
    Smith Kids

    beck why not break up with jade and date tori

  • AZalia Hart
    AZalia Hart

    I love your movie so muc🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Freeman On
    Freeman On

    Beck and Tori would make a Good couple. Not Jade and Beck.

  • Freeman On
    Freeman On

    Beck and Tori look Good together!!!

  • Yesica Mirás
    Yesica Mirás

    Qué Lina parejas al sé. sebe qué ve de junta a toli ar mucho amor ❤️ para eso 💑

  • Clohi Nealey
    Clohi Nealey

    I wanted them to get tg soo bad

  • Adil Ehsan
    Adil Ehsan

    This is the best bori edit i've seen so far Good job 🖒

  • Lydia Kaylee
    Lydia Kaylee

    What episode in this did tori and a guy were talking and beck looked jealous

    • LWD Link
      LWD Link

      April fools episode and the guy was drake bell

  • Justbella

    Are they a real couple bc there good together

  • Jade west Elizabeth gillies
    Jade west Elizabeth gillies

    if I want a boyfriend or don’t i

  • Nightmare 10106 the hybrid
    Nightmare 10106 the hybrid

    I still ship it


    which episode is the last clip

  • Vanessa Monahan
    Vanessa Monahan

    who i ship is Bori and they are cute together

  • Jaque Kalinovsk
    Jaque Kalinovsk

    Só queria saber o nome da musica

  • Liza Maglakelidze
    Liza Maglakelidze

    0:51 episode?

  • by jennie ღ
    by jennie ღ

    Wow 😍

  • salty

    i came here back from spotify I WHEEZE HHH

  • Nátali Vasconcelos
    Nátali Vasconcelos

    O Beck comsserteza gosta da Tori😉😉

  • yadira Pena
    yadira Pena

    yadira tori beck girlfriends

  • Адема Керімбаева
    Адема Керімбаева

    О боже они были бы очень красивой парочкой 😍😍😍😍

  • Erika Morales
    Erika Morales

    Episode at :53

  • ʀᴏᴊɪɴ

    In this Group Beck is the best friend one could ever have. Especially Tori. He always cares about her, don’t want her to get hurt, Robbie’s always a good friend to Cat.. probably cause he likes her.. BUT WAIT talking about liking.. TORI AND BECK NEVER ANSWERED THE GIRLS QUESTION IFTHEY LIKE EACH OTHER.. THEY JUST.. IDK TURNED IT DOWN AND AFTER THAT IT NEVER CAME UP.. ugh

  • Friends Rachel, Monica,Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross
    Friends Rachel, Monica,Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross

    Is it just me or does it seem that beck and tori are a better couple than beck and jade

    • Ana Pancalashvili
      Ana Pancalashvili

      neverrrr bade is life.

    • Gina Francis
      Gina Francis

      @Kathy Davis Fach dB sjf 🙁😐😒hevhdhdfsh hcbhdjd dqcaca and udvfzhds 😑🙁hdbdhdufbgjd jvnnfk dxzsfaywh grvhenr bdhdb the uxnvns🤔😒🙄😞hfbgsj ufhjejfi uehyeje srqfggw ifnhkdc9udbid uhrjfif9 gschshdue hdbgndjd udbgsk. Udbgsk udhhdj💔😓😱😭🙁hdvh8 d hdbdhdufbgjd dncdjjd hevhdhdfsh hsc had hbdhnhv hdvgsd eggshell

    • Gina Francis
      Gina Francis

      @Liam Dunphy yvsgh Ddinbych jsbbnz udyjd7dhfz yvdfs hsvgsjid hsvgsjid yvsfbs hsvgsjid e Cs agga ingmidbdh 🙁😐hdvgsd 😒🙄vscbs🤔😕 gevfhw imghfkf jdgjxfuffydbfh jdbfdjdhjdi hehe eqsefq you can come hdbjxj

    • • I T Z R E M I •
      • I T Z R E M I •

      Friends Rachel, Monica,Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross I feel like everyone knows that 😂

    • Kathy Davis
      Kathy Davis

      I agree Tori and beck are a better couple

  • Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears
    Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears

    i think they should make one where tori and beck confuse that their in love with each other and they can't tell nobody because jade will find out then jade found out because cat told her cat new because she heard what they said and tori and jade and beck get into a argument and beck also confused that he is in love with tori. but he is also in love with jade. but he doesn't know which one he should choose comment below which one should be with beck tori or jade

    • Brooke Abbott
      Brooke Abbott

      Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears Tori

    • Madison Miller-Bridges
      Madison Miller-Bridges

      Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears TORI of course💖💖💖

    • Yesika Perez
      Yesika Perez

      Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears tori #Bori4life

    • Anna Lopez
      Anna Lopez

      Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears tori

  • Asuna yuuki
    Asuna yuuki

    what episode was at 0:35

    • siti aisyah
      siti aisyah

      april fools blank

  • skye larsson
    skye larsson

    Ugh I freaking loved this show.. Wait.. Love this show!!

    • Xx_Maddies Channel_XX
      Xx_Maddies Channel_XX

      skye larsson which clip?

    • Tiffanyallday kJ
      Tiffanyallday kJ

      skye larsson what

    • skye larsson
      skye larsson

      oh its the episode "april fools' blank

    • skye larsson
      skye larsson

      hmmm not quite sure

    • Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears
      Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears

      skye larsson if u know

  • Komafoxy 101
    Komafoxy 101


  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis

    It was really cute in pilot how when she told Beck to kiss her he said "let's do it" knowing Jade was there watching but didn't care of course they should have gotten together but it did not happen What a bummer

    • Eva

      Or he could have just lost the game, you know. If he would've really loved Jade the way they tried to convince us, he would've lost the improv for her. I feel like he was a bit conceited and liked the attention more than his girlfriend.

    • LWD Link
      LWD Link

      Yes i totally agree you

    • Livia Bras
      Livia Bras


  • Nora Zogaj
    Nora Zogaj


    • Saliah Roes
      Saliah Roes

      Nora Zogaj watch outcasts

  • Kelly Griffin-Kelly
    Kelly Griffin-Kelly

    Beck to go out with tori

  • juli828

    I forgot how much I miss this show! Even my mom shipped these two together, lol. I think I shipped them because I shipped them in real life too, haha. In the show, I was fine with Bade happening, but I wish that in Tori Goes Platinum, Bori would've kissed. Nice video! :)

    • Super Phyar
      Super Phyar

      gina I love you bebe baby you 😘😘kiss you miss you.

  • Kelly Griffin-Kelly
    Kelly Griffin-Kelly

    I like beck and tori to d

  • Jayde Jarvis
    Jayde Jarvis

    There super cute together and u an see in his eyes he loves her

  • ItsDesyy

    the show would interesting if they did go out

  • Ellie Hornsby
    Ellie Hornsby

    So cute together, really should have happened !!

    • Saliah Roes
      Saliah Roes

      Ellie Hornsby watch outcasts they kiss in it

  • Айka a
    Айka a

    please tell me at 0:35 what episode?? please tell )))

    • Breeshey Stringer
      Breeshey Stringer

      April fools blank

    • Abby Nieffer
      Abby Nieffer

      @Айka a pilot make it shine

  • Sarinah Martinez
    Sarinah Martinez

    What episode is when she cries?

  • Demidoodoo Blogs
    Demidoodoo Blogs

    Awesome video

  • Todete K
    Todete K

    this is great:)

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