here without you (beck & tori)
Plot: Tori and Beck have been having issues lately and decide to break up when they have another fight. Beck regrets it and misses her a lot. He dreams about her all the time and at the end Tori comes in to talk with him and set things straight. He takes his chance and promises himself to never let her go again.

Colour: Present
Black & White: Past
White Glow: Dreams

I'm not too happy with the outcome,
I wanted it to be more on the beat at the end
and watching it makes me think it's too slow..
hmm :/ too bad, next time better!


Song; 3 Doors Down - Here Without You
Pairing: Tori Vega & Beck Oliver [Bori / Beri / Teck]
TV Show: Victorious
Program Used: Sony Vegas 9.0 Pro

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  • Freeman On
    Freeman On

    Beck and Tori would make a Good couple. Not Jade and Beck.

  • Freeman On
    Freeman On

    Beck and Tori look Good together!!!

  • Yesica Mirás
    Yesica Mirás

    Qué Lina parejas al sé. sebe qué ve de junta a toli ar mucho amor ❤️ para eso 💑

  • Clohi Nealey
    Clohi Nealey

    I wanted them to get tg soo bad

  • Adil Ehsan
    Adil Ehsan

    This is the best bori edit i've seen so far Good job 🖒

  • Lydia Kaylee
    Lydia Kaylee

    What episode in this did tori and a guy were talking and beck looked jealous

    • LWD Link
      LWD Link

      April fools episode and the guy was drake bell

  • Play with me Gamboa
    Play with me Gamboa

    Are they a real couple bc there good together

  • Maria jade whestforever and always Flores west
    Maria jade whestforever and always Flores west

    if I want a boyfriend or don’t i

  • Nightmare 10106 the hybrid
    Nightmare 10106 the hybrid

    I still ship it

  • basicc.candice

    which episode is the last clip

  • vanessa moahan
    vanessa moahan

    who i ship is Bori and they are cute together

  • EMLLY Pires
    EMLLY Pires

    Só queria saber o nome da musica

  • Gina Francis franci
    Gina Francis franci

    Victoria Justice said ILove You Avan Jogia can we be together for ever and go out with each other and be girlfriend and boyfriend.

  • Ashleγ

    Beck in an episode your beautiful cause I love you Tori: Woah.... Jade 🙄

  • Liza Maglakelidze
    Liza Maglakelidze

    0:51 episode?

  • by jennie ღ
    by jennie ღ

    Wow 😍

  • salty

    i came here back from spotify I WHEEZE HHH

  • Nátali Vasconcelos
    Nátali Vasconcelos

    O Beck comsserteza gosta da Tori😉😉

  • yadira Pena
    yadira Pena

    yadira tori beck girlfriends

  • Адема Керімбаева
    Адема Керімбаева

    О боже они были бы очень красивой парочкой 😍😍😍😍

  • Carol Pike
    Carol Pike

    I wish we could see beck and tori in bed having sex

  • Erika Morales
    Erika Morales

    Episode at :53

  • Rojin

    In this Group Beck is the best friend one could ever have. Especially Tori. He always cares about her, don’t want her to get hurt, Robbie’s always a good friend to Cat.. probably cause he likes her.. BUT WAIT talking about liking.. TORI AND BECK NEVER ANSWERED THE GIRLS QUESTION IFTHEY LIKE EACH OTHER.. THEY JUST.. IDK TURNED IT DOWN AND AFTER THAT IT NEVER CAME UP.. ugh

  • Friends Rachel, Monica,Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross
    Friends Rachel, Monica,Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross

    Is it just me or does it seem that beck and tori are a better couple than beck and jade

    • LWD Link
      LWD Link

      Yes bori is better

    • LWD Link
      LWD Link

      @Kiki X i agree

    • Kiki X
      Kiki X

      Liam Dunphy Nah Beck and Jade are so toxic

    • Liam Dunphy
      Liam Dunphy

      Friends Rachel, Monica,Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross nah as beck said jade is a challenge

  • Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears
    Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears

    i think they should make one where tori and beck confuse that their in love with each other and they can't tell nobody because jade will find out then jade found out because cat told her cat new because she heard what they said and tori and jade and beck get into a argument and beck also confused that he is in love with tori. but he is also in love with jade. but he doesn't know which one he should choose comment below which one should be with beck tori or jade

    • Ashleγ

      Tori! Beck and Jade has a tough relationship. Someone should make a fan fiction of Beck and Tori ❤️❤️❤️

    • Madison Miller-Bridges
      Madison Miller-Bridges

      Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears TORI of course💖💖💖

    • Queen Perez Calmo
      Queen Perez Calmo

      Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears tori #Bori4life

    • Anna Lopez
      Anna Lopez

      Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears tori

  • Asuna yuuki
    Asuna yuuki

    what episode was at 0:35

    • chaca putrii
      chaca putrii

      april fools blank

  • skye larsson
    skye larsson

    Ugh I freaking loved this show.. Wait.. Love this show!!

    • Tiffanyallday kJ
      Tiffanyallday kJ

      skye larsson what

    • skye larsson
      skye larsson

      oh its the episode "april fools' blank

    • skye larsson
      skye larsson

      hmmm not quite sure

    • Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears
      Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears

      skye larsson if u know

    • Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears
      Angelica likes doughnuts Gummy bears

      skye larsson which episode is at 0:35

  • Komafoxy 101
    Komafoxy 101


  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis

    It was really cute in pilot how when she told Beck to kiss her he said "let's do it" knowing Jade was there watching but didn't care of course they should have gotten together but it did not happen What a bummer

    • LWD Link
      LWD Link

      Yes i totally agree you

    • Onyx Mess
      Onyx Mess


  • Nora Zogaj
    Nora Zogaj


  • Kelly Griffin-Kelly
    Kelly Griffin-Kelly

    Beck to go out with tori

  • juli828

    I forgot how much I miss this show! Even my mom shipped these two together, lol. I think I shipped them because I shipped them in real life too, haha. In the show, I was fine with Bade happening, but I wish that in Tori Goes Platinum, Bori would've kissed. Nice video! :)

    • Super Phyar
      Super Phyar

      gina I love you bebe baby you 😘😘kiss you miss you.

  • Kelly Griffin-Kelly
    Kelly Griffin-Kelly

    I like beck and tori to d

  • Jayde Jarvis
    Jayde Jarvis

    There super cute together and u an see in his eyes he loves her

  • ItsDesyy

    the show would interesting if they did go out

  • Ellie Hornsby
    Ellie Hornsby

    So cute together, really should have happened !!

  • Айka a
    Айka a

    please tell me at 0:35 what episode?? please tell )))

    • Breeshey Stringer
      Breeshey Stringer

      April fools blank

    • Abby Nieffer
      Abby Nieffer

      @Айka a pilot make it shine

  • Sarinah Martinez
    Sarinah Martinez

    What episode is when she cries?

  • Demidoodoo Blogs
    Demidoodoo Blogs

    Awesome video

  • Todete K
    Todete K

    this is great:)

  • Maddie Luciano
    Maddie Luciano

    The one couple that should have happened. Did nobody see how he looked at her?Every girl wants a guy to look at them like that. (if they are into guys)

    • LWD Link
      LWD Link

      You're so right 😀

    • Rojin

      Maddie Luciano and protect her

  • love you be
    love you be

    avaria avan i victoria

  • EB Emma
    EB Emma

    Okay, so it didn't happen in the serie?

  • Lari Fernanda
    Lari Fernanda

    whats the song?

    • Teresa Cooper
      Teresa Cooper


    • Lari Fernanda
      Lari Fernanda

      Thank You ♥

    • Teresa Cooper
      Teresa Cooper

      @Lari Fernanda here without you by 3 doors down

    • fodangolandia

      here without you - 3 doors down

  • Eileen Blackman
    Eileen Blackman

    i love the video also i love the song is one of my favorite

  • 5Bienchen5

    What Episode is 0:38?

    • Faisal Al Jassim
      Faisal Al Jassim

      April Fools Blank

  • Noah- Noah
    Noah- Noah

    this is perfect

  • Amanda Salvatore
    Amanda Salvatore

    what is the episode with Drake Bell?

  • Amanda Moraes
    Amanda Moraes

    qual o nome dessa musica?

  • DJ DiMor
    DJ DiMor


  • DJ DiMor
    DJ DiMor

    shut it

  • Johanna Flink
    Johanna Flink


  • Johanna Flink
    Johanna Flink

    I love this video. Can you say me which episode it is at 0:35 and 0:41. Thanks

  • Ryanne Cristina
    Ryanne Cristina


  • Rick and Abby Show
    Rick and Abby Show

    what a perfect couple... i love their loveteam for reel and for real

  • The Good Guys
    The Good Guys

    beck likes every girl i dont no why hes cheating on jade sorry jade

  • Rocky Buscano
    Rocky Buscano


  • joniel bayoneta
    joniel bayoneta

    Perfect Couple

  • darley mondo
    darley mondo

    love the vid, the song and both of em'!! :)

  • Bethany Clarke
    Bethany Clarke

    1:25 and 2:26 please cuz i cant find them

  • Bethany Clarke
    Bethany Clarke

    do you have any idea what ep 2:26 is yet i cant find an answer

  • CailynAlexis

    Too bad these two never got together. :/

  • Storm Ray
    Storm Ray

    what episode is 1:25

  • christina tappen
    christina tappen

    just love these to

  • WaterBrooke1319

    I know! And it kills me that their not together!

  • Kelaiah Han
    Kelaiah Han

    they are so right for eachother

  • Yeli PotterGranger
    Yeli PotterGranger

    Bori 4ever*-* Cool!!!

  • Kat

    so true

  • Sarah Taber
    Sarah Taber

    Amazing editing job :)

    • Gina Francis
      Gina Francis

      TV BBC cuff I have v v now he is a UK b ft I info moonsh in the UK bfnk in BBC Ghana uh its urgent huffy Jo TCS yvelines u high well in all the high 🙄☺️

  • Nur Hamidah
    Nur Hamidah

    April Fools Blank

Prossimi video