Hermitcraft 7: Episode 40 - CHALLENGE REVERSE CARD
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 40 - CHALLENGE REVERSE CARD Grian sends some hermit challenges right back at mumbo and iskall
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  • Shrine Gaming
    Shrine Gaming

    I just realized the thing under the barge ravage runner

  • Chase Reynolds
    Chase Reynolds

    Wait, MARRIED

  • Everything Phenomenal
    Everything Phenomenal

    I love the mycelium videos. MOREEEEE

  • Malcolm Hart
    Malcolm Hart

    Im really late to this video because I took a break from some channels but congratulations on the wedding!

  • Firehawk 0806
    Firehawk 0806

    I know I'm late to saying this but congrats on getting married and I wish you the best of luck.

  • Mr. NoNonsence
    Mr. NoNonsence

    Grain. If you sell the grass in the barge your suppling the enemy! It’s a trap!

    • Mr. NoNonsence
      Mr. NoNonsence


  • asaf TV
    asaf TV

    Congrats bro!! 21:48

  • Lui

    can you add bees to the barge environment??? it would be so cute!

  • •Pastel • Ruby•
    •Pastel • Ruby•

    wait- wait a minute- if i’m looking you in the eyes and not at your feet am i supposed to be looking at the feet on your eyes or the eyes on your feet?

  • FrostieFish Gaming
    FrostieFish Gaming


  • Afonso Miguel S. Silva
    Afonso Miguel S. Silva

    Is it the decked out minigame under the first mycelium head courters?

  • Toby Allen
    Toby Allen

    I get sick alot it sounds like honney drinking in minecraft

  • BazzaGames

    The honey drinking sound is THICK

  • Atlantis Mffcxt
    Atlantis Mffcxt

    Congrats on getting married

  • Darking Rewels
    Darking Rewels

    Congrats,Have A Good Life ( ' v ')b

  • • Leah •
    • Leah •

    Grain “I’m getting married” Me: “AHHHH YES” *throws phone*

  • Alexandra Turner
    Alexandra Turner

    congrats or being married GRIAN! What’s her name?

  • H-Dog Entertainment
    H-Dog Entertainment

    I hope grain jr will be happy

  • Vada Stout
    Vada Stout

    Grian: "I'm getting married soon" Me: OMG REALLY IM GOING TO COMMENT CONGRATS RIGHT NOW 21:50

  • aleksa milenova
    aleksa milenova

    AHHHHHHHHHH Happy marriage!!!

  • by.Sigurd


  • Dale Flagan
    Dale Flagan

    Congrats on marriage

  • Xinge Gao
    Xinge Gao

    The laand where the big night forest looking project is being built is technically yours since you've bought that entire chunk (or so I think) so yeah you should charge your tenants lol

  • Monkeyswithpie

    Me hearing all the noises in the background: Why are there so many WITHERS being set loose?!

  • Adventure Bros
    Adventure Bros


  • Milleah Stanley
    Milleah Stanley

    Congratulations for getting married Grian.

  • ribis

    late congrats on your wedding!

  • Riley McCabe
    Riley McCabe

    Grians fans when he joined hermitcraft: -happiness- Grians fans when he announces he is getting married: -super happiness- Grians fans when he someday announces he is having a kid: -passes out-

  • Bridget W.
    Bridget W.

    He said goodbye wrong! NO!! BAD GRIAN!!

  • K. C
    K. C

    I know I'm really late but congratulations on getting married!

  • Crystal Butler
    Crystal Butler

    Congrats on getting married!😊

  • Shy bread
    Shy bread

    Grian: I'm getting married All of us: Well bois he did it

  • LuWoFaKi Gaming
    LuWoFaKi Gaming


  • Trox

    Congrats for your Wedding, Grian :)

  • Ryan Burns
    Ryan Burns

    You tubers are so nice apologizing for getting married like what


    Good for you

  • Nate May
    Nate May

    Honey cures poison.

  • Aditya Tegar
    Aditya Tegar

    Seeeddddddd plase

  • Waltse

    congrats for starting a secound civil war and for getting married

  • Jakub Filip
    Jakub Filip

    Congrats on getting married

  • beanie the alien
    beanie the alien

    Me and my friends made a Griffin Code, so I'm going to say something and you won't know cause you don't know Griffon Code. ="€+[ €' +_-'•%-

  • Theo Vaugh
    Theo Vaugh

    congrats you should do a minecraft wedding

  • Seas0nal Coyote
    Seas0nal Coyote

    lol grian said why am i *nether* prepared >:3

  • ZWillowsZ

    You 100 percent should of made a pesky Bird instead

  • Dontrie Scott
    Dontrie Scott

    WHAT :0?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

  • ArtBambi

    Wow! You’re probably married by now. CONGRATULATIONS!🍾

  • Tay Harris
    Tay Harris

    Grian: “I’m getting married” Everyone who didn’t even who he had a girlfriend: wut

    • Ta Thai Sam
      Ta Thai Sam


  • Lakhimai Sagolsem
    Lakhimai Sagolsem

    Grian: "I'm getting married" Me:*jumps out of the chair* Again me:i didn't Thought that!

  • Tactical Banana
    Tactical Banana

    Grain: is getting married Everybody: congratulations Me: ... Simp

  • magmamagic 32
    magmamagic 32

    Congrats on getting married!!

  • Chad Martin
    Chad Martin

    How you get so much shucker boxes

  • Chad Martin
    Chad Martin

    Congrats on 6MILL

  • Martin Donoso
    Martin Donoso

    Country: * finds oil* U.S: 19:42

  • pizza steve
    pizza steve

    Oh my God grian I didn't know you were getting married 😲😀🥳🥳 congratulations!!!! I'm a little bit teary eyed because my cod boy had become a cod man hehe 🥺🥺😊😊😊

  • Mark Lundberg
    Mark Lundberg


  • Mohammed Afroz
    Mohammed Afroz

    are you mad dont put mycelium

  • {Carmilla} {Unicorn}
    {Carmilla} {Unicorn}

    Grian: I'm getting married Everyone: congratulations Grian

  • Ian McElmurry
    Ian McElmurry


  • Make today great With me
    Make today great With me

    congrats!!!!!! So exited

  • PointlessPeanut

    18:59 wat that noise???

  • Dark Energy
    Dark Energy

    congrats on getting married!

  • Joe Olson
    Joe Olson

    Congrats on 6M. Just saw it.

  • i yeet Toddlers
    i yeet Toddlers

    “I don’t like talking with my feet” -Grian 2020

  • samuel shimrah
    samuel shimrah

    Congratulations 🎉🎊

  • Ibrahim Hasan
    Ibrahim Hasan

    mycelm town go go go go!

  • Ibrahim Hasan
    Ibrahim Hasan


  • Mexican Bacon
    Mexican Bacon

    i think getting married should have more talking time in this vid than having an upside down avatar. still though, congrats!

  • TheRedGuyYT

    D-Did the mans just casually mention getting married? Congrats man

  • C a l
    C a l

    Grian: getting married Everyone: gg gamer

  • Dhruv Night
    Dhruv Night

    Happy marriage life

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