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Today in Stephen Share’s BRAND NEW VLOG, Stephen Sharer, Grace Sharer, Chase, and Alex continue their search for the ULTIMATE GOLD TREASURE! Today their search has lead them to the Sharer Family boat where the Sharers will be exploring the ocean in search for abandoned island that the treasure map is said to lead to hidden gold there. This secret island is called Mason Neck State Park which is a top secret location in the ocean near Virginia that the pink and green mask person has lead them to. Knowing a storm was coming the Sharers got to the island top speed so they would not become another ship wreck! A broken boat would not be good plus they have gold expert Alex with them who can help deiced how much the gold is worth in real life IRL. Not long after Stephen Sher and his best friends the boat port they encounter pirates also looking for secret treasure gold! On the way out to the secret buried treasure island Stephen Sharrer and his friends see a crazy sea creature and other people panning for the secret gold treasure! Once Stephen Sharer, Grace Shar, Chase, and Alex get to the island where the map they got from the mystery pink and green mask person lead to, they spread out to search for gold evidence and clues for the buried hidden gold!! Before long park ranger game masters come by also looking for the mystery gold, Stephen and his friends have to be quick if they want to find the mystery gold buried treasure before anyone else! Next Stephen Sharer’s spy gadget metal detector starts beeping like crazy and Stephen Sher and Chase find the BURIED TREASURE MYSTERY GOLD worth $400,000,00 four hundred million dollars!!!
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  • Stephen Sharer
    Stephen Sharer

    WAIT UNTIL THE END.... WHAT DO YOU THINK IS INSIDE?! *Part 2 Goes Live Tuesday*

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      Abdoulaye Sakho

      But what does the title say

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      Erick Stevens

      Stephen unicorn master

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      Mila Frampton

      I. Love. You

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      Shannon Frazier

      Stephen Sharer v

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      Elle Radford

      Best video

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    Thomas H

    Hi Cher's I'm 7 years old and I know fish sounds all the time with my dad and I like your videos but yeah that's a cart so yeah

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    theaa48 plays

    Rebecca zamlo

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    Abdoulaye Sakho

    Just a 🐠

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    Nathaniel Mtz

    I want fee hat's

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    J and j Family


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    Bestie Rana

    0:16 lol

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    The game master is behind you in the main picture of the video

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    At 8:35 those footprints are dogs not foxes

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    Allie Blicharz


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    Hekaku Tensei

    I love your vids

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    Kate Lakey

    That fish was a carp

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    Kristy Chow

    Like every vet there is this person

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  • Kristy Chow
    Kristy Chow

    The guy ahhhh the green and red face there ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    That's a catfish

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    Be caerfull someone spy on you

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    Levi Farrens

    That WBA’s a carp

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    Kari Fenstermaker

    My kid loves you guys her user name is amelia fenstermaker

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    Will and Geo TV

    there was a person spying on you

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    32 percent of the 😀

  • emmalonnon

    😀 is the time of the

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    Theres like 999,999,999,999,999, money in that chest

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    A carp

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    Alistair Shaun Makafui Sosu

    Who's been a fan for more than 2 years

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    The gaming Guy

    Do a video where you have poor people $1,000

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    butch gaffney

    i dont no im watching video right now

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    mi naem is eden grace

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    mair humayun

    At 5:50 he look like a farmer lol Xd

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      mair humayun

      Up t0 like 6:00

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    Enzo Hagans

    I don’t know

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    Eymard Yasumura

    What happend to you and carter?

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    Samantha King

    I have been a fan for 5 years

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  • Fatboy Rios
    Fatboy Rios

    You guys are amazing I don't know how much you guys get all these money

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    Fort boss

    When you and your brother will come back together

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    Lashvin partheepan Suvitha

    1 . 32

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    I miss you and carter

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    pt2u richard

    stephen where do you live because i want to try and do a back flip

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    Marcus Cox

    Love you Stephen Shera

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    Haven't watched in 2 years!! Stephen got his hair dyed

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