Hide n Seek in a $50,000,000 MANSION!! **WINNER GETS CAR**
FaZe Rug
Today we played hide n seek in a 50 MILLION DOLLAR MANSION and the winner got a car! Let's see how many likes we can get on this video!!
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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • Annabelle Chasser
    Annabelle Chasser

    you liar it says 50,000,000 but it is 70,000,000

  • Noel Chaduka
    Noel Chaduka

    rug's house is the mini version of Donlad's

  • Neox X Orb
    Neox X Orb

    4.489 comment

  • Edkp Brandon
    Edkp Brandon

    spoiler don lad guy wins and he only got the urus for one day

  • Edkp Brandon
    Edkp Brandon

    theres no cloths! im getting suspicious

  • Josh Yang
    Josh Yang

    Ohh nooo a gtr with butterfly doors 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Bleed Moon
    Bleed Moon

    I don't fuckin get it in one video it's 20 million then 40 then 30 now it's 50 ???? wtf lol oh now in the video he says its 70 ???????????????????????????????????????????? lol

  • Gabbi Babawy
    Gabbi Babawy


  • Medo Reactz
    Medo Reactz

    This is how many he changed the number for the price of the house😂😂 in da good way tho ⬇️

  • André StikSalmon
    André StikSalmon

    15:31 WHAT ARE THOSE!

  • David Haman
    David Haman

    Your chanel is mand love the chas up amazing work keep it up

  • Mystical aqua
    Mystical aqua

    10:10 what did he see?

  • DD roleplays
    DD roleplays

    that house is not as big as the ace family house im watching in 2020

  • Bruno Gonzalez
    Bruno Gonzalez

    Bro the cost of that house is 300 times more than mine and his kitchen my whole house

  • deiondre ortiz55
    deiondre ortiz55

    The dad is a drug dealer

  • its_ noah
    its_ noah

    The entrance is bacicly my whole house

  • Eeshan Vutkuri
    Eeshan Vutkuri

    hi bro

  • Malika Scott
    Malika Scott

    So cool

  • Josephine Thompson
    Josephine Thompson

    you dont need a lot of time to hide its such a big house 1:00 is good lol

  • Alexandros Pitsillides
    Alexandros Pitsillides

    I’m A huge fan

  • iMightBeMax

    I love how in the title he says it cost 50,000,000 dollars but in the video he says it cost 70 million 0:55

  • Jason Munoz
    Jason Munoz


  • Summit Sekhon
    Summit Sekhon

    Who else fricking hates tanner he is so abnoxius and annoying but rug is the best

  • weiwei lu
    weiwei lu

    Where did you get this much money??????

  • Cameron’s Videos
    Cameron’s Videos

    Do more videos with him

  • big men
    big men

    I laugh at ooh ahh sorry

  • Alden C
    Alden C

    What’s the beat called? 0:15 - 0:47 it’s 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kai.

    Isn't this faZe rug new house

  • Bryanna Rios
    Bryanna Rios

    The entrance of the house reminded me of Jeffree stars house

  • Jayden Sosa
    Jayden Sosa

    At first I thought the house was rug’s 😂

  • CXK


  • MortalKombat mobile
    MortalKombat mobile

    14 bed rooms and 17 restroom in the video meeting richest kid

  • fahad musad
    fahad musad

    sanaol malaggu in bai

  • Auroi FN
    Auroi FN

    Donald and tanner sound the same


    Jesus Tanner is so fing annoying

  • Vinh Nguyen
    Vinh Nguyen

    Is anyone gonna notice that in the last vid he said 20 mill house and in this one he says 50 mill house but then in the actual vid he says 70 mill

  • Rap Legend
    Rap Legend

    Faze Rug:Don’t test my skills also Rug hides under a bench

  • flamez.y

    Donald: Has 70 million dollar mansion IPhone: Shattered

  • Chris Cool guy
    Chris Cool guy

    How is Donald so rich

  • Mini_ Ninja
    Mini_ Ninja

    IM THE 81k PERSON TO LIKE THIS@^&$@#^&^#@*(^#

  • rxyyxn Afro
    rxyyxn Afro

    What the hell was rugs spot about

  • Karen Berry
    Karen Berry

    Not to be disrespectful. But the last video with Donald was "14 bedrooms" and " 17 bathrooms"

  • Julian Glasgow
    Julian Glasgow

    Regular people: Wanna bet Sure how much $20 Yeah Rich people when they bet: You wanna bet Sure how much How about a Uris and a GTR Sure

  • Joerin Lim
    Joerin Lim

    The entrance is way bigger than my own house hahahahaha

  • sacha-gaming

    Donald never is always talking with his teeth stuck together Like if it is reall

  • Emma Stokes
    Emma Stokes

    it looks like jeffery stars house😂x

  • Vivian Nguyen
    Vivian Nguyen

    Do the one that on the bottom faze rug

  • Land Fire
    Land Fire

    I think its 17 bathrooms 14 bed rooms

  • Copycat

    None Will Ever Know what i commented😉

    • Kai.

      U don't do this when u have 0 likes STOPID😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Brian pieklo
    Brian pieklo

    It’s Donald’s house! He did an entire vid on the house tour

  • silver saber
    silver saber

    Rich people: winner has to give their car Me: winner gets a quarter😀

  • silver saber
    silver saber

    0:9 what are those😂

    • Kai.

      Fuck head u did it wrong

  • Nikau King
    Nikau King

    this makes me feel poor :(

  • Is faZe a maZe
    Is faZe a maZe

    Who else saw the richest 13 year old by rug and realized it said 20,000,000 and now its 50,000,000

  • Emarld_Bois Teow
    Emarld_Bois Teow

    The wierd thing is that faze rug found Donlad 2nd and Donlad found faze rug 2nd

  • Lucas Cuthbertson
    Lucas Cuthbertson

    Sub to Tanner Fox

  • Lucas Cuthbertson
    Lucas Cuthbertson

    Tanner Fox is awesome

  • Farzan Attai
    Farzan Attai

    This is where they shot their Gucci mane get the bag video

  • Noah Green
    Noah Green

    The entrance to his house is no joke literally as big as my house

  • EXP Orbit
    EXP Orbit

    Would you rather have this house or the 2020 faze house

  • BenjaminTMG 999
    BenjaminTMG 999

    I thought it was 14 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms

  • Jennifer Gomez
    Jennifer Gomez

    Who kept the house

  • Alfie Sheard
    Alfie Sheard

    He thinks one of the most expensive houses is 70,000,000 but the most expensive in the world is almost 2,000,000,000

  • Josh Roberts
    Josh Roberts

    Guy hiding in the Elevator didn’twant to press the button before it took him there

  • Shaun adison Mann
    Shaun adison Mann

    Hallan Very si hallan Berry se

  • Mario bro's
    Mario bro's

    He sounds like the kid said respect the drip karen

  • Caspian2009


  • Clayton Lemke
    Clayton Lemke

    16:26 oh yeah flex your ass

  • Roseann White
    Roseann White

    GTR sands for gadorade

  • Desiree Archila
    Desiree Archila

    this video made me feel poor...😭😭

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