Highlights from the first Fine Line show - Los Angeles, Dec. 13th |Harry Styles|
Swiftstyles II
Hiiii, here are some moments from the first show including the setlist, speeches, THE DANCE MOVES, special guests and overal just Harry being happy living his dreams. Credits go to Gaëlle, whydemonsdance and Brianna J. If you want to see full performances, check out their channels, there are links at the end of the video. Let me know what was your favourite performance and if you're seeing him on tour next year. I know that I AM {it was about time}, I'm seeing him in Prague next May and I'm soooo excited. Anyway, I love you, thank you for every comment and like, I appreciate it so much. xxx
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  • dayshawna


  • Gitta Zentay
    Gitta Zentay

    I want to hear Harry Styles album and Fine Line album straight all the whole tour. (And Medicine and Anna, too. Of course.)

  • Jean Gibbs
    Jean Gibbs


  • Jan C
    Jan C

    still waiting for him to be original and get a STYLE , come on mate your not Bowie or Jagger

  • Aishee Biswas
    Aishee Biswas

    He can't leave the stage without KIWI...

  • ريوف المطيري
    ريوف المطيري

    When you’re in Saudi Arabia and you know he’ll never come so you are just excited for the vids😭

  • Abby Spencer
    Abby Spencer

    2010: pants as low as they can go 2019-2020: pants up highhh

  • bea alonso
    bea alonso

    Estoy esperando para verlo en vivo en Argentina es el mejor cantante de la época una leyenda viviente

  • Galine Kalaidjian
    Galine Kalaidjian

    His dimplessss i can'ttttt

  • Emilee Pitt
    Emilee Pitt

    14:42 holy shit my mans was BELTING out that note whew 🥵🥵

  • Lauren Sinclaire
    Lauren Sinclaire

    someone get this man a cordless mic

  • PieceofLove B
    PieceofLove B

    im going to his show in june and im completely spoiling the lineup for myself but like....I CANT HELP MYSELF

  • joyline flanda
    joyline flanda

    My baby is finally back....we miss you so much...and love you...

  • uglyduck

    „Calm down“ 😂😂😂

  • Hafsa Humayun
    Hafsa Humayun

    I have watched this video like a hundredth time I love Harry styles and meeting him is one of my biggest wish in my life Unfortunately I will be not able to go to his show because he isn't coming in my country and dumped to studies I won't be able to com I love Harry and always have supported him and his four other lads. One Direction, one direction has taken a bid place in my life and I LOVE One Direction they're my life the five lads hanging out singing songs I miss those idiots who didn't knew how to dance but still made us smile I miss those days maaaaaan where One Direction had the best concerts ever I do love their solo careers as well as them as a band And I am really looking forward to the one Direction reunion this year even though some people think because of their tours they won't be able to come back Only a true Directioner would believe and hope that they reunite Directioners don't you remember lious pinky promised that they would come bachpk and what people say it is a "break up" no it was not and it will never be it is just a " hiatus" Let's suppose if they don't come back they will still stay in our hearts and that's the safest place in the world where it can be Love One Direction ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ananas B
    Ananas B

    Sunflower vol. 6 is my fav

  • Hanah Whisenant
    Hanah Whisenant

    i have lost so much sleep over this man. someone help me

  • ariana maria
    ariana maria

    im seeing him in may too!!!!

  • Zofia Plonska
    Zofia Plonska

    Ofcourse the cheapest ticket in my country is only 50 euro’sbut I’m not allogeen to go

  • Czaee Patil
    Czaee Patil

    I love it when harry gets hyped

  • Joselina Poole
    Joselina Poole

    15:30 was the cutest dancing ever his dancing has got so much better lmao (and cute)

  • Sherin Mary
    Sherin Mary

    We should preserve this angel at any cost😭😍😍

  • Olivia Sebolt
    Olivia Sebolt

    wow, when he made what makes you beautiful sound better than it already was

  • Olivia Sebolt
    Olivia Sebolt

    omg i cant wait till he comes to chicagoooooooo imma be there babyyyy i just wonder if the shows still gonna be hype and if HE is going to still be hype because it would be annoying singing the same songs for 7 months straight every 3 days. but im still excited!

  • Gwinnell Heald
    Gwinnell Heald

    That outfit tho 😍😍😍

  • Layla Perkins
    Layla Perkins

    I’m not sure if I would or wouldn’t be comfortable bringing my mom to this concert

  • Sydney Marie
    Sydney Marie

    when i found out i’m seeing him in august i started dancing like harry

    • Sydney Marie
      Sydney Marie

      Layla Perkins either the 13th in dallas or 11th in san antonio. The 11th is my birthday!

    • Layla Perkins
      Layla Perkins

      Sydney Marie yo I might see him in august (undetermined but possibly) which show?! If I do it’ll be San Antonio on august 11th

  • Jessica Hart
    Jessica Hart

    I just bought my tickets yesterday. Can’t wait to see this live on July 6th.

  • gaby penny
    gaby penny

    i want to find the 9 people that disliked

  • Yohei

    STEVIEEEE !!!!

  • He He
    He He

    I was there and I’m still not over it

  • Rowynn Slivka
    Rowynn Slivka

    18:34 Did my boy just bottle flip the fucking water bottle?

  • Ed Zielinski
    Ed Zielinski

    In the (slightly edited) words of the Beatles, "remember to let him into your heart, then you can start to make it better." And that applies to *everyone*. You won't regret it.

  • mizuki shiro
    mizuki shiro

    Its like mick jagger has gotten into him Aww he felt that at 5:45... harry u make us feel all sorts of things 🧡

  • Maggie S.
    Maggie S.

    I want Harry to look at me the way he looks at Stevie Nicks

  • Dr. Jose P. Rizal
    Dr. Jose P. Rizal

    Harry! I really love everything you just wrote. I hope I can see you soon even I am from East Asia. Well spent my minutes of my life. Long Life Harry!

  • Katie Scar
    Katie Scar

    Anyone seeing him in Pittsburgh??

  • Sophia Tubbs
    Sophia Tubbs

    IM BAAAAAACK!!! I’m dead he is so perfect. And his dance moves during watermelon sugar I absolutely cannot I want to give him a giant hug. 💓💓

  • Defne Hosca
    Defne Hosca

    His dances on the stage is me listening to Harry in my room

  • Defne Hosca
    Defne Hosca

    I wish he came to Turkey

  • Dee Just Dee
    Dee Just Dee

    You won't see Harry's undies or butt crack. His pants are too high. Hopefully he will start a NEW trend.

  • 99petrovic

    I love this but he snorts some 4sho

    • 99petrovic

      molly seger yes baby?

    • molly seger
      molly seger

      99petrovic ??

  • Pris .-.
    Pris .-.

    I miss him :( this was my first concert of his and i didn’t even know how to react I was just in awe the whole time. His presence was beautiful. I was so excited about being in a room full of people who also love and appreciate him :)

  • Ava Conti
    Ava Conti

    I’m seeing Harry the second night of MSG

  • coco_go

    Can’t wait to see him in munich❤️❤️


    Mi rey mi ángel mi leyenda viviente

  • Lauras Beauty
    Lauras Beauty

    I´m going to see him in Berlin with my Mum

  • J

    1:34 some fan throws water melon over Harry Styles !! 🤷‍♂️

  • Caspian Collins
    Caspian Collins

    He's the most amazing human being ever lived

  • Junha -
    Junha -

    I'll be at his concert in Turin in Italy and I'M ACTUALLY SHOCKED I CAN'T CONTAIN THE HAPPINESS I LOVE HIM SO MUCH

  • Malina Seidu
    Malina Seidu

    He just seems so much happier 😭

  • Kimberly Young
    Kimberly Young

    why does all of his songs sound even better live? Am I dreaming or is it just me? His voice is so heavenly, i wanna cry HOLD ON WHILE I CRY MY HEART OUT

  • Yarai Zenteno
    Yarai Zenteno

    thank you so so so much!

  • Maria Elena
    Maria Elena

    Can't wait for the tour. He is amazing.

  • Palida Leckie
    Palida Leckie

    I really want him to come to Australia

  • SweetCreature

    Philadelphia in June. I imagine nothing will ever top that evening for me.

    • Pretty Eyes
      Pretty Eyes

      Me too

  • Jazz Gray
    Jazz Gray


  • Mrs.styles XX
    Mrs.styles XX

    3:02 💚💙

  • Rutuja w
    Rutuja w

    Oh so that pearl necklace is gonna become his signature or what

  • S Saari
    S Saari

    Thanks so for putting this together. Counting down the days to the San Antonio Show..at this moment it's 7 months, 24 days, 4 hours, 52 minutes and 14 seconds.

  • Dafne Ramirez
    Dafne Ramirez

    what’s better the watermelon pit or the cherry or pit

  • Amy Millington
    Amy Millington

    That's some dad dancing

  • Rhea Abdo
    Rhea Abdo


  • Conny Lubig
    Conny Lubig

    He looks so sad while singing falling - He really really got hurt 😢😞

  • Kyshia

    5:27 Tell me he Can't SING

  • Seven Sparkling Diamonds
    Seven Sparkling Diamonds

    Dua Lipa is SHAKING at Harry’s stage presence

  • liz joy
    liz joy

    i was so out of it i didn’t even know he played golden but yet i have a video of me singing along to it

  • Toni-Anita Edwards
    Toni-Anita Edwards

    Really enjoying seeing the live footage. It's rare that I like "modern" singers, but Harry I absolutely adore. Music, looks, personality, humour. It's all there. I can even forgive those trousers.....

  • Larryadoptme

    damn i didn’t realize how much i’m gonna miss the “i only have 10 songs” speech

  • Larryadoptme


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