Highlights from the first Fine Line show - Los Angeles, Dec. 13th |Harry Styles|
Swiftstyles II
Hiiii, here are some moments from the first show including the setlist, speeches, THE DANCE MOVES, special guests and overal just Harry being happy living his dreams. Credits go to Gaëlle, whydemonsdance and Brianna J. If you want to see full performances, check out their channels, there are links at the end of the video. Let me know what was your favourite performance and if you're seeing him on tour next year. I know that I AM {it was about time}, I'm seeing him in Prague next May and I'm soooo excited. Anyway, I love you, thank you for every comment and like, I appreciate it so much. xxx
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  • ayesha

    ''90 more times next year'' HA little does he know.

  • Sesha Haidar
    Sesha Haidar

    fine line has a lot more songs with positive vibes and I'm here for it

  • Riley Kerr
    Riley Kerr

    This is my favorite video. There is no way I can put into words how much I love him

  • Spaghetti Rantanen
    Spaghetti Rantanen

    I’ve never seen an artist that enjoys his profession and fans so much 🤍 he inspires me to be this confident and bold when I’m older. (Or now) ✨

  • Ana Chicas
    Ana Chicas

    Thank you for sharing

  • Sakshi Gothwal
    Sakshi Gothwal

    I am the only one who copy his dance moves 🤩🤩? Bcozzz his dance moves is so damn incredible and also his hands are fooking attractive 😍♥️

  • Jazabella Design
    Jazabella Design

    Will no one talk about how his hands are sooooo damn attractive 😍

  • Dand lion
    Dand lion

    Did anyone else notice that he had like 3 different guitars during this show? No? Just me? K cool 😳😅

  • Gemma Kerr
    Gemma Kerr

    I’m in love with Harry, and all his little things

  • ava

    i love him so much

  • ava

    i could’ve went to this show if i knew abt it sooner...

  • isabell bishop
    isabell bishop

    There was no “ it’s a family show”😭

  • isabell bishop
    isabell bishop

    Bro Harry singing landslide HAD ME BROKEN

  • Kalpani

    This is freaking crazy. I wish i could experience this one day. He's amazing

  • Rita G.
    Rita G.

    Harry is intoxicating! Every song, every dance move, every gesture. Drunk and in love with the one and only spectacular Harry Edward Styles! My heart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • mckenna


  • MaKayla Bailey
    MaKayla Bailey

    Harry will be 100 years old and still sing and jam out to Kiwi.

  • Dimyana Bottros
    Dimyana Bottros

    ok so, this is gonna sound rlly creepy but this video had me smiling like an idiot for the entirety of it lol. he's something else..

  • Kellen Reese
    Kellen Reese

    harry's just having a jam sesh and we're watching lol

    • Theresa Loves Michael Jackson And Harry Styles
      Theresa Loves Michael Jackson And Harry Styles

      lmao xD

  • Carley Krause
    Carley Krause

    i'm in love with his outfit

  • Tamara GH
    Tamara GH

    90 shows

  • Liara Ponvera
    Liara Ponvera


  • harrie and mendes army
    harrie and mendes army

    0:49 lmaoo "I only have ten songs" 2:25 the way he dances >>>> 2:54 LMAOO the way I would've immediately gone on stage if I was there 😌😳 5:06 the harmony , I love hearing Falling live ➕ ( *5:22** that high note* ) 6:16 😂😂 7:23 7:55 lmaoo why does it sound stupid 😂😭 8:05 he realized how cute & and stupid that sounded haha 9:40 I LOVE TPWK's energy 10:11 "oowwww" 11:08 *we all love you* ♥️ 11:22 _welcome to the very first show_ 11:58 🤧😭 13:39 14:22 cute 😻 15:11 HAHA 😂 15:29 😻

  • Olivia Peckham
    Olivia Peckham

    It's so sad watching this knowing he didn't and won't be performing about 90 times this year cos of corona :(

    • Theresa Loves Michael Jackson And Harry Styles
      Theresa Loves Michael Jackson And Harry Styles

      It will be worth it next year :D

  • hi beautiful
    hi beautiful

    thank you so much for posting this, it really means a lot, at least until i can go to a harry styles concert which ive been keeping myself alive for :)

  • Anetskata :D
    Anetskata :D

    Počkej neříkej mi že jsi češka omg ty jsi moje most fav s Harry kontentem. Taky jdu na něj do Prahy :D

    • Swiftstyles II
      Swiftstyles II

      Slovenka, ale to je v pohode. Tak sa snáď uvidíme :)

  • Ingeborg tpwk
    Ingeborg tpwk

    Any one else watching this in quarantine waiting for WS mv

  • elizabeth ann
    elizabeth ann

    11:23 made me cry sm and idk why lol

  • Rjhea Camacho
    Rjhea Camacho

    I miss Harry Styles wearing a shirt and pants.... He change his outfit though

  • Liv Styles
    Liv Styles

    You know you’re good when Stevie Nicks performs with you

  • marie

    he knows about the candle 😳 tour=canceled

  • Jessi Rodríguez
    Jessi Rodríguez

    It is missing the part when a fan sang really awful and Harry notice it xd

  • Jaime Alexander
    Jaime Alexander

    So I’ve just realised when he said he wants all their bellies am I only one who was like wtf, if you don’t know what it means your too young you should google it 15+ 😊🥰🥰😂

  • Simone Roberts
    Simone Roberts

    Okay, but what if they HAD recreated the Lights Up video?

  • Ellebelleby

    “I’m back!” God it’s just impossible not falling head over heals for him

  • Ellebelleby

    Me in quarantine listening to this, cause he just moved his concerts i should’ve been to

  • Kateřina Odermattová
    Kateřina Odermattová

    Harry: I want all your bellies future me: iNteReStiNg

  • Rayene Oliveira
    Rayene Oliveira

    Taararararadarararaea.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhjhjhh adore, 🎵🎷🎤🎧🎙️📷📸📆📅🗒️🛐♀♂🎶♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎯🏈🎆🎇☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️🌈🌠🌟⭐

    • Rayene Oliveira
      Rayene Oliveira

      🏪🍥🍠🍑🍆🍇🌼🌸💮🥀👑❣️💞💗💝💫👀Talented this harry

  • Creative Joye
    Creative Joye

    I bet he had no idea the first time he did the whale on stage what a huge fan favorite it would become! I love watching that move!

  • ella anderson
    ella anderson

    why can't i stop watching this

  • Days in the life of Jazmin
    Days in the life of Jazmin

    If I ever go to one of his tours I really hope he sings sweet creature bc I have been listening to that song so much that I randomly start singing it. Honestly I just wanna go to his concert and sing my heart out😌

  • Simone Ritchie
    Simone Ritchie

    I would give everything I own to go back in time and go to this

  • Piper Sto
    Piper Sto

    at 4:40 i always get goosebumps because of the backup singing omfggg

  • Kaylee Achatz
    Kaylee Achatz

    i wish i was seeing him :( I'm too broke

    • harrie and mendes army
      harrie and mendes army

      I won't be able to see him either :(

  • Aneta Toufarova
    Aneta Toufarova

    Amazing! Thanks for that. Musíme se na něj do Prahy ještě pár měsíců počkat, ale hlavně že přijede. 😍😍

  • Ffion Bradley
    Ffion Bradley

    The vibes are fucking immaculate

  • 5 Directions Decided To Go In One Direction
    5 Directions Decided To Go In One Direction


  • AJ

    Blue and green lights during Lights Up (3:14). Blue lights during Canyon Moon (8:42). Blue lights during Fine Line (10:44). Blue lights during A Wonderful Christmas Time (15:35). Some blue lights during Kiwi (18:14). These probably mean nothing but oh well I'm a clown

  • Benjamin Xoxo
    Benjamin Xoxo

    At this rate with coronavirus the tour is gonna be postponed or cancelled 😩😩😩

  • Shayla Wymer
    Shayla Wymer

    I just want a version of the call me by your name dance scene with Harry

  • uhhh marie
    uhhh marie

    i love him and the way he dances

  • Hi Person.
    Hi Person.

    I love him to much to explain

  • Hadeel Alzaidi
    Hadeel Alzaidi

    Anyone know if he's saying " oh well" or "I will" @5:56 after the line I'm just an arrogant son of a bitch who won't admit when he's sorry. ?

    • Isabel Fernandez
      Isabel Fernandez

      I would say it's "I will"

  • Janet Andrew
    Janet Andrew

    What can we say..... he is just great!!! Thanks 🙏

  • Olive Games
    Olive Games

    He knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows it. He’s born for this.

  • cryinginacoolway_ potatoo
    cryinginacoolway_ potatoo

    When you Can't afford tickets so you watch every single show on IT-my

    • harrie and mendes army
      harrie and mendes army

      I hope that one day we'll be both able to go ♥️

  • feline sodderland
    feline sodderland

    okay but everybody’s wondering the same thing: WHERE IS MEDICINE

  • Lizzy J
    Lizzy J

    Love how he finishes the show with Kiwi🥝

  • lex

    i’m ready to go to his show and scream at him that he’s an arrogant son of a bitch and then have a good ole laugh about it

  • bea alonso
    bea alonso

    Mi artista preferida mi rey

  • Diana is Harry's Watermelon Sugar
    Diana is Harry's Watermelon Sugar

    Yes! I am going to see Harry live. Very happy!!

  • Diana is Harry's Watermelon Sugar
    Diana is Harry's Watermelon Sugar

    When Harry smiles......

  • Diana is Harry's Watermelon Sugar
    Diana is Harry's Watermelon Sugar

    At least our baby Harry has gotten better balance on stage, lol. When he was going crazy with the dance moves, I was praying he wouldn't trip or fall ;)

  • emma

    sunflower seems like it sounds SO good live. it’s like the pitch his voice rests perfectly at and it’s so effortlessly perfect.

  • Olivia Walsh
    Olivia Walsh

    my heart

  • DaynaVerhoeven _
    DaynaVerhoeven _

    At 19:37 Did he just did an bottle Flip Hahah i love him!!

    • DaynaVerhoeven _
      DaynaVerhoeven _

      Im mean 18:37

  • dayshawna


  • Gitta Zentay
    Gitta Zentay

    I want to hear Harry Styles album and Fine Line album straight all the whole tour. (And Medicine and Anna, too. Of course.)

  • Jean Gibbs
    Jean Gibbs


  • bea alonso
    bea alonso

    Harry es una leyenda viviente

    • harrie and mendes army
      harrie and mendes army

      Harry is a living legend

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