Homemade Almond Biscotti Cookies | Cooking Italian with Joe
Cooking Italian with Joe
Join me in my kitchen as we make the best homemade truly authentic Italian Biscotti cookies to be shared by all. This is an easy and simple recipe that your whole family can take part in to enjoy after dinner or as a morning treat with coffee.
Join Joe Borio, Celebrity Chef and Host of the IT-my Cooking Channel 'Cooking Italian with Joe', in his kitchen for simple and homemade recipes. Joe is widely known for his authentic Italian recipes and personality. While cooking during his videos, Joe shares family stories, inspiration behind his recipes, Italian culture and cooking tips.
Chef Joe Borio owns his very own Organic Olive Grove Farm in Puglia, Italy where he imports his very own 'Vito and Joe's Extra Virgin Olive Oil', which is used in all of his videos and recipes.
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  • Leefer 19
    Leefer 19

    Watched 4 vids on this Yours was best by far

  • Jena SR
    Jena SR

    Made these the other month and about to make them again tonight! Great recipe!

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe

      Thank You!!!

  • laura stuart
    laura stuart

    Made this today. My mixture stuck to everything, my hands were covered in it. I threw loads of flour everywhere to try to make the mixture let go, but there was nothing I could do. A lot of the mix ended up down the sink after I washed it off my hands, the spatula and the worktop. Maybe my eggs were too large? No other liquid is there. My biscotti tasted lovely, but I needed to keep them in the oven a lot longer than the time shown. Also because of the mix being too wet, the shape didn't stay in a log, it flattened out too much. I guess I will use one egg less next time, unless Joe has another suggestion.

  • Marisela Gypsy
    Marisela Gypsy

    Joe!!! I Love you! And your Grandma too!!!! I made the Biscottis!!! They are Lovely and I'm planning to share!. : ) They are so easy peasy to make! I'm so proud of myself!!!. I love love coffee or tea. Muah!

    • Marisela Gypsy
      Marisela Gypsy

      I wish I could post the photo!

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe


  • Juhi's Passion
    Juhi's Passion

    Please provide the subtitles

  • Richard Conti
    Richard Conti

    is it possible to print your recipes? I don't see print anywhere.

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe


  • Mary Jo Puchini
    Mary Jo Puchini

    where do I find the list of ingredients

    • Mick Calandra
      Mick Calandra

      Mary Jo Puchini where do I find the list of ingredient Biscotti al on

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe


  • Veronica Chacon
    Veronica Chacon

    Idk, I like the fact that you talk as much as you do. You’re very informative and interesting. I loved it!! I’m so excited to make this !

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe

      Thank you so much 🤗

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez

    I love biscotti, going to give this recipe a try.

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe

      It's so good!

  • Huggy Bear
    Huggy Bear

    You talk too much ! Stop yapping and cut to the chase.

    • Huggy Bear
      Huggy Bear

      @J blunt yes mean no. I tell the chef to get to the point. Did l said anything nasty or prejudict about his recipe? There's a difference between being honest and being mean.

    • J

      That’s mean

    • Huggy Bear
      Huggy Bear

      Cooking Italian with Joe, Nah, We bear are busy gathering pollen, wish we have time to chat with each other. You see, while rummaging through the bins we peep through the window and saw your show. But we were chased away with a rolling pin. If you have cut to the chase we might get to see what a biscotti looks like. Sigh .....!

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe

      With a name like Huggy Bear I bet you talk a lot too! lol Ok got it. Try some of the newer videos as they are shorter and more to the point. The older videos were more of a show format. Thank you. Let me know what you think of the newer videos.

  • Cassie p
    Cassie p

    Tk Joe 👍

  • Marisela Gypsy
    Marisela Gypsy

    Thanks! In going to try this!...Thumbs up on the video. Stay safe!

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe

      Thanks, you too!

  • Shehla Khan
    Shehla Khan

    Talk too much write what you are putting.

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe

      All recipes no video no talking.

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe

      Check out our website at: www.cookingitalianwithjoe.com

  • mark f
    mark f

    If I screwed up by not being home before the street lights came on, I remember my Grandma pulling me by the ear all the way home But then later that night AHHHH cookies. I made these and they taste just like Grandmas feeling bad for me cookies. Thanks Joe. The next thing I expect is the White rice, Milk and Parmesan Cheese that my grandfather had every day of his life. Yep I'm Italian.

  • Isabel Moncure
    Isabel Moncure

    Music is SO ANNOYING!

  • Sana Rizwan
    Sana Rizwan

    Background it's too noisy 🤨😤😖

  • Amy Di Mauro
    Amy Di Mauro

    Looks yummy!!!

  • Mary Abelyan
    Mary Abelyan


  • Santiago Rodriguez
    Santiago Rodriguez

    oh man! looks great but i tend to stay away from baking recipes that are based on cups versus weighted ingredients. Keep searching.

    • mark f
      mark f

      The only thing measured in cups is flour, sugar and almonds. Live dangerous and give them a try, you won't regret it.

  • Jesus Zamora
    Jesus Zamora

    Talk to much

  • Estuardo Alonzo
    Estuardo Alonzo

    My daughter and me subscribe we love baking (her).. In this quarantine

  • Lena Sull
    Lena Sull

    Awesome, I will try your recipe. Thank you! Just subscribed for more videos! Buona giornata🎶

  • Zarmina Wartena
    Zarmina Wartena

    I love biscotti but always thought they were difficult to make. I followed your recipe and oh my, they are absolutely delicious and were easy to make! Thank you so much Joe! You are my go to for so many recipes now! Love your personality, channel and recipes!

  • Corrie Butcher
    Corrie Butcher

    Marry me Joe!

  • none

    Will it work with less sugar?

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe

      sure will.

  • none

    You need to close off your kitchen so there isn't noise when you're filming.

  • Kathy Wade
    Kathy Wade

    I just made some! Awesome! So delicious!

  • henya bidjou
    henya bidjou

    la recette est aussi provençale

  • henya bidjou
    henya bidjou

    c est bien mais vous parlez trop traduction en français et les ingredients

  • Ann Schiraldi
    Ann Schiraldi

    Joe,no oil or butter, very hard to find your recipe,

  • Renee Ann Hebert
    Renee Ann Hebert

    Typically use my French mom's recipe. A little different than yours. Trying your recipe today. Thank you, Joe!

  • Cathie Kishel
    Cathie Kishel

    Hi Joe, I just wanted to let you know that you are making my most favorite cookie. My grandma and grandpa were born in Italy and they both passed away within two years of each other when I was around 6 years old. Knowing them was the best memories of my life. I am now 67 years old. Anyway, my grandma and I would sit down at the kitchen table and enjoy almond Biscotti and hot tea together. I have kept up with the tradition though I changed to coffee and I have never done any dipping. I never knew any of her recipes so I have to contend with store boughten Biscottis. Now, thanks to you I can make a true biscotti. Thank you for your wonderful recipes!!!

  • Vee Cee
    Vee Cee

    Hi Joe, thank you for a yummy biscotti recipe! I'm with you on the not dunking the biscotti (unless it's dunking them in Vin Santo!). Happy holidays to you and your family!

  • Rebecca Goede
    Rebecca Goede

    Great tutorial!

  • Kirsty Bray
    Kirsty Bray

    Hello, do you use all purpose flour (plain) or self raising??

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe

      all purpose flour.

  • Carmel Correale
    Carmel Correale

    Sounds good

  • Chris Buchanan
    Chris Buchanan

    Spent some time looking for a biscotti recipe and yours was the best! Love all the practical details and your stores about your family

  • Amy Chan
    Amy Chan


  • Amy Chan
    Amy Chan


  • B Todd
    B Todd

    Love the video hate the music. do not need it. makes it harder for us old folks to hear

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe

      Thank you. our new videos do not have the music loud and much easier to hear. Try checking out our new videos. Joe

  • Diane Tipton
    Diane Tipton

    casey, you forgot the olive oil!

  • Shosho Abdelhadi
    Shosho Abdelhadi

    You forgot the eggs ?

    • maggie a
      maggie a


  • The Ancient One
    The Ancient One

    What is with your video it just will not download

    • Cooking Italian with Joe
      Cooking Italian with Joe

      I just tried it from my phone and from my Pc and from my mac. All works. Ciao Joe

  • Tina Chavez
    Tina Chavez

    You don't add butter?? Are these biscotti or cantucci??

  • Maryam Kh
    Maryam Kh

    No butter add !?

  • Fifi

    U very great. But u talking to much. Thank u. I liked

  • Rubecca Afaq
    Rubecca Afaq

    please make amaretti cookies

  • Lucrecia Flores
    Lucrecia Flores

    SKIP until 3:42 (almost 4 minutes into video) bcz just yade, yade, yade........

  • louisa malaspina
    louisa malaspina

    what kind of flour is he using

  • Lauren Andrè
    Lauren Andrè

    👏Looks wonderful! I'm making these today thank you!

  • Pamela Kelley
    Pamela Kelley

    Joe how do u make those awesome Italian cookies that I get at my Italian bakery where they are half dipped in chocolate and have a thin layer of chocolate in the middle? Love, love them

  • Sazza Mittendorf
    Sazza Mittendorf

    Cant find the biscotti recipe to print out

  • Dolores Gonzalez
    Dolores Gonzalez

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! Excellent recipe !!!!! And delicious!!!!

  • Silva N
    Silva N


  • Arlette Teboul
    Arlette Teboul

    Merci de donner la recette en français svp merci

  • WildChildDoodle

    I made lots of food for my gf, thanks for your great videos, very delicious!!

  • Zara bees
    Zara bees

    This recipe looks the best compared to others but unfortunately there is no ingredients listed on his website neither on his video. Can someone please list the ingredients here. Appreciate your help. Thanks. Italians are best in the cake industry.

  • GlacialImpala

    Amazing! You definitely set a standard for other video recipe makers and for my future dates lol The enthusiasm is magnetic

  • Elizabeth Stetler
    Elizabeth Stetler

    I can handle the talking - good job! -- however, lose the music, not needed it was tooooo loud and took away from paying attention--

  • Legs of Octopus
    Legs of Octopus

    I love Italian food and the culture, just discovered your channel and it’s amazing! 😊

  • Susan Valentino
    Susan Valentino

    They look fantastic! Bravo!

  • Sugar Plum Fairy
    Sugar Plum Fairy

    No oil or butter?

  • photonmom

    The ends? Shoot...that's the cooks reward fresh from the oven..ha ha,,

  • MrWb2sru

    Thanks Joe, gotta try making them myself!

  • Sali Cantrell
    Sali Cantrell

    Please talk less and cook more.

  • Guadlupe Rodriquez
    Guadlupe Rodriquez

    Just tell us the recipe, you are like a woman and talk way to much.......

  • ban nguyen
    ban nguyen

    I like the way scraping eggs and dough off the bowls, me tree🤩🥰. I would add many kind of nuts as possible. Thank

  • M Perongo
    M Perongo

    Grate the ends and use for topping on a cheese ah cake ah. Or crust for a cheese ah cake uh. Or toss it in your turkey dressing. Eye ah roll ah.

  • M Perongo
    M Perongo

    I love that your glass doors are giving all your canned, boxed goods such a beautiful touch. lol

  • Ayda Patriarca
    Ayda Patriarca

    Love how energetic you are . Don’t mind the negatives they don’t know how to bake. I’m the worst of the worst in baking but I will still try 😂

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