Homemade Biscotti Recipe | Cupcake Jemma
Hey guys, here is a lovely little recipe for homemade biscotti! It's such a tasty treat and it's simple to make! Have a watch and let me know what you think in the comments box! For more videos on baking and tasty treats, make sure you subscribe for free...
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Jemma x

  • KaraCakes Grace
    KaraCakes Grace

    Hi Jem.. have been your ardent fan for years since Jamie Oliver introduced you, bought your cupcake book as well. How's your baby and the feeling of being a mum ?? Love you.

  • emen Irfan
    emen Irfan

    Just made this it came out amazing!

  • AnuVrat Kaley
    AnuVrat Kaley

    Absolutely amazing,the results were honestly mindblowing, tweaked the flavors a bit,yet the result was just the kind of biscotti I love to have with my cup of coffee. Thanks🤗

  • Susie English
    Susie English

    Cut your fringe

  • Keindae Dela Rosa
    Keindae Dela Rosa

    Alternative for cardamom?

  • Marium Ahmed
    Marium Ahmed

    Ingredients: 2 eggs Brown sugar 155g 90g plain flour 125g self raising flour 125g almonds 1/4tsp ground cardamom 1 tbsp orange zest 160c 35-40mins They came out perfect when I made them today BUT using a beeadknife didnt work as well as just using a regular sharp knife to cut the biscotti.

  • Gulya Swift
    Gulya Swift


  • Gulya Swift
    Gulya Swift


  • Liz Cedillo
    Liz Cedillo

    Glad this video popped up! I wanted to bake some for my friends around the holidays. I enjoy your videos! Thank you!

  • A

    I just made them but with almonds and cranberries, they're amaaaaazing! In an electric oven I recommend baking them 20C higher and a bit longer because mine were still a bit soft in the center. My oven is horrible though so that could be the problem as well. Thanks for the great recipes Jemma, you make my life so much better. x

  • Andrea Pagano
    Andrea Pagano

    Hey, nice video but that IS NOT YOUR VERSION, that is an Italian recipe (from Tuscany) and that kind of biscuit is called CANTUCCIO...its recipe was invented in 1691 it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantuccio

  • Andrea Pagano
    Andrea Pagano

    Just to make it clear, That's not YOUR VERSION, that's an old recipe of a particular Italian biscuit called "CANTUCCI"....the first version was invented in Pisa (Tuscany) in 1691 :) In some region of Italy it is called "PEPATIELLO" :) it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantuccio www.viverelatoscana.it/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/800x600/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/c/a/cantuccini_07.jpg

    • JustDreamingLife

      Oh my gosh she never said she invented the recipe! She said this is how she prefers her "cantucci". I'm Italian too so don't sweat it. This unneeded pride makes me sick! I read comments like yours all the time when people who are not italian make italian dishes, or to better put it, they show us how to make them. Personally I didn't even know the recipe, so I'm grateful to have come across this video. And you don't need to quote history omg. Just enjoys the video instead of calling people liars and thieves -.-

    • Andrea Pagano
      Andrea Pagano

      Hey, please don't make up a recipe which actually doesn't exist! That is the recipe of "Cantuccino", also known as "Pepatiello" and the traditional recipe (it's just one) doesn't require any pine nuts! Trust me, I'm Italian! Here you are the origina recipe!! mediterranealicious.com/2013/11/02/cantuccini-tuscan-almond-biscotti/

    • Thomas Conners
      Thomas Conners

      She's not claiming she invented them, she's just saying it's the version of the recipe she likes, she doesn't add pine nuts(which is traditional) and she adds orange and cardamon so it's her version(aka her recipe).

  • Trina Chicoine
    Trina Chicoine

    Where could I find those amazing espresso cups??

  • Karine Reis
    Karine Reis

    You should write the measurements for the recipe in your about section :(

  • Giulia Cypriano
    Giulia Cypriano

    I've recently subscribed and I am in love with your channel. I haven't had the time to make one of your recipes but I definitely will! :D

  • Ashley Whyte
    Ashley Whyte

    Do you have a lemon cupcake recipe and lemon icing to

  • Anne Schoffelmeer
    Anne Schoffelmeer

    Made some yesterday and they are soooo yummy: t.co/orVXFCqJRM

  • Laura_Palmer

    they are called "Cantucci", a typical recipe from Tuscany.. "biscotti" is the italian translation for biscuits

  • Emily Banks
    Emily Banks

    You're so lovely! You remind me of Zooey Deschanel.

  • Pascal Terjan
    Pascal Terjan

    "Twice baked biscuit" is strange to hear given that biscuit literally means twice baked :) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biscuit#Etymology

  • Lindzy

    She is my favorite!

  • Nurtuba Ismail
    Nurtuba Ismail

    Hello! Just askin, for the almonds.. Is it whole almonds or sliced up?

  • • itshazel •
    • itshazel •

    Probably the first time I've seen you with your hair down.

  • Jana J
    Jana J

    Amazing, so good! Thx Jemma!

  • Felicity Trinh
    Felicity Trinh

    Hey Jemma, do you have a recipe written up? Just so I easily cut the amount in half if I needed to :) Thanks!

  • sparkletone1684

    LOL at the last bit of this video. Priceless!

  • Lori Peters
    Lori Peters

    I love your video's but the music is so loud I cannot get the ingredients. very frustrating. In the videos where you post the ingredients in the bubble is great..

  • risoledoce

    zooey deschanel, is that you?

  • Ka Wai Vicky Ma
    Ka Wai Vicky Ma

    Jemma, Thanks for sharing, it was so delicious!

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith

    I love your videos Jemma! I am definitely going to make these! Thanks :)

  • krenare gashi
    krenare gashi

    you look a lot like reese witherspoon ^_^ and you cook perfect cakes :)

  • La Di
    La Di

    Hi Jemma, today I made a gluten free version of your biscotti. They went very well except when cutting them a good portion got crumbly and fell apart. Do you think it is because of the gluten free flour, or could I have done some mistake? Thanks and thanks for your lovely videos, love them all!

  • John Kapalidis
    John Kapalidis

    hmmm delicious!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea Tani
    Andrea Tani

    You should try them with VinSanto a Tuscany's liquored wine

  • Ch3rryL1p5

    This kind of biscotti it's called Cantucci, they are Tuscany origin :) ciao Jemma

  • Nikita Leon
    Nikita Leon

    Cool recipe. I would like to make them... Thanks) U are great

  • Isa Carreño
    Isa Carreño

    please would you mind writing the recipe or something? i don't understand some words like the kind of flavor and thinks like that :) Thankyou!!! Just subscribed

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams

    I love your tattoos, how many u have?

  • The Hobbit Fanpage
    The Hobbit Fanpage

    My favourite channel!

  • Vanchic

    Wonderful recipe! Great vid. Visit my channel took, I make videos about organization & how to make a house look expensive. xo

  • PC Fast
    PC Fast

    Just made this. wow... you can really smell and taste the orange zest!! epic ladA! thanks.~~

    • Mubarakka Z
      Mubarakka Z


    • PC Fast
      PC Fast


  • Eleni Patsiliva
    Eleni Patsiliva

    Tell me your PO box so I can send you some grained cardamom . Greetings from Greece !!!

  • Freja Molme
    Freja Molme

    Where i live (Denmark) it's very hard to find cardamom that isn't grounded

  • Lea Raasch
    Lea Raasch

    Thanks for answering my question cupcakejemma Iam going to order one since my Birthday is on tuesday ;)

  • Анастасия Мартюшова
    Анастасия Мартюшова

    I just love your recipes! Amazing channel)))

  • edward guk
    edward guk

    Jemma ***

  • edward guk
    edward guk

    Jenna I love your videos and u are amazing love u

  • lunarrequiem

    Miss jemma I have always loved your recipes in foodtube. Dont stop doing them. Please do your version of a fudgy brownie! That would be awesome!!! Happy new year!!!

  • DJ BBQ
    DJ BBQ

    Rad to the power of Ep-Gnar with a splash of awesomeatron

    • J Woodley
      J Woodley

      i need you to come to cook at my recording studio!

  • Dottor Jeckyll
    Dottor Jeckyll

    I'm definitely in love..

  • Michelle Gatt
    Michelle Gatt

    They look fab

  • hanaerina

    I was thinking of making some Biscotti. Gonna try this recipe when I do make them. Thanks Jemma!

  • Antoinette Andrzejewski
    Antoinette Andrzejewski

    Please post written ingredients and cooking temperatures in the description area for your recipes, and your kitchen looks sooo cute. Thanks!

  • Petra Várkonyi
    Petra Várkonyi

    love your videos!!! please upload some more!!! :)

  • Justa Channel
    Justa Channel

    Would lightly toasting the almonds be a good idea or would it mean that they burn while baking.

    • Justa Channel
      Justa Channel


    • CupcakeJemma

      It might add an extra depth but its not necessary. What's nice about almonds is that they are already lovely and sweet. If you were using hazelnuts, on the other hand, I would deffo toast them beforehand as they are so much tastier toasted!

  • Justa Channel
    Justa Channel

    I love this stuff!!!!!

  • Tassi Oliveira
    Tassi Oliveira

    Hello Jemma, it would be great if you put the ingredients and their amounts in the description, would greatly help the Brazilians who watch you. XOXO

  • ゆきロール

    Oh Jemma you're so bubbly and delicious :) I love your videos so much!!!

  • Lea Raasch
    Lea Raasch

    Where can i get your (stand-) Mixer?

    • CupcakeJemma

      It's nice isn't it? It's a Kenwood. It's so much better than Kitchen Aid and way less expensive.

  • Diane Lopez
    Diane Lopez

    Wow! I love it!! Looks so yummy!! Thanks for teaching! I'm SO trying this!! :)

  • Michaela Ebbestrand
    Michaela Ebbestrand

    Huh, weird. Ground cardamom can be found anywhere in Sweden!

  • David Brankovic
    David Brankovic

    Know how to bake... HOT AS *FSD*GDFGODPKBVDF ... and.. and... totaly gonna stay subscribed! >.

    • David Brankovic
      David Brankovic

      uhm, basically meant.. Hi, Im david and im totaly staying here for 2 reasons.. hehe! Thanks for starting a channel by the way!

    • CupcakeJemma

      I wish I knew what that all meant! Glad you're getting stuck in though, either way!

  • nudl3Zz

    did you have andy kind of experience infron of a camera before this or are you just good at it??^^

    • CupcakeJemma

      I'm just good at it! Hahaa! Kidding...if being a dork and knowing a few recipes is good then I guess I'm doing ok! Thanks x

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