House Judiciary Holds Impeachment Hearing as GOP Lies About Ukraine: A Closer Look
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth takes a closer look at the House’s latest impeachment hearing and President Trump’s allies doubling down on a ludicrous conspiracy theory about Ukraine.
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House Judiciary Holds Impeachment Hearing as GOP Lies About Ukraine: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • Marley Peace
    Marley Peace

    Wow this was only nine months ago smh this presidency feels like it has lasted ten years. It’s been crazy and full of corruption since day one

  • met1117

    It's so hilarious to look back and see how stupid the Trumpsuckers were and are

  • Cyril Sneer
    Cyril Sneer

    No Server, just a cloud? 🤔 Really? The Word doesn't mean that the Datas are in the "real" clouds! U know that, right?

  • Mr Ferris
    Mr Ferris

    Holy crap look how young he looks..... lockdown has been tough on him.

  • Urmy Sunn Sunnrrff
    Urmy Sunn Sunnrrff

    Everytime Trump LIES.... Americans die.

  • Mastiff

    Remember when Seth Meyers was funny? Neither do I

  • Joy Smith
    Joy Smith

    What the hell is he talking Bout omg is he gone nuts

  • Mai Phan
    Mai Phan

    Only I knew obama was born in Kenya ,grown up in Indonesia ,I didn't say he wasn't citizen of America ,OK So you got simple mind, not every one has thought like you the earth is flat You have been exactly like your Dems ,made up ,labeled people with your silly thought Bye

  • S Yeargin
    S Yeargin

    HILARIOUS!!! Pulling out the veggies, i spit out my beer!!!

  • Lavar Ivy
    Lavar Ivy

    I miss watching a closer look with a crowd

  • B A Blumenthal
    B A Blumenthal

    Just now catching up... so funny. Great writers!!!

  • 5150

    Totally senile “like never before thousands and thousands and thousands of times”

  • Dawn-Marie Langlois
    Dawn-Marie Langlois

    Republicans ALWAYS look not only UNPREPARED but total BUFFOONS...but Trump has their backs...he's taking care of investigating "toilet flushing"...LOL

  • Topi Linkala
    Topi Linkala

    There's real problem with clean fresh water in certain places on this planet. The funny thing or maybe not so funny after all is that in north-east Finland there is enough groundwater to fullfill all the worlds clean water need, but it's in the middle of nowhere and trying to freight it out of there is not profitable.

  • noah

    What will talk shows do when trump is gone. Hes literally 100% of the entire show now. They are making trump soo famous. Famous idiot

  • Emilie Smith
    Emilie Smith

    "Can your SCIENCE explain why it rains?!?" "YES! YES IT CAN!"

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards


  • FromBeToReality

    wow. this guy in the white house actually, intentionally that??? wow. or should i be more shocked that people who believe themselves to be intelligent and educated actually supported/supports/will support him????

  • Allan Dacruz
    Allan Dacruz

    What's utterly tragic about this, is that it's not really laughable. It is shameful and criminal. The Republicans and the farcical political system is ruining the present and future of the US, for the huge majority of its citizens. Keep on your peril.

  • Claudette S
    Claudette S

    Remember how much fun impeachment was? lol. Sad face.

  • jshlstn1

    Here lefty's bets there actual hearing. Do you have the intelligence tp actually watch? There's a reason they comedy shows and the daily show and always comedians have fake new shows so the ignorant and uneducated can feel like they watch something informative when all they really did with watch a cartoon

  • jshlstn1

    This is nothing more than a prime example on how corrupt one sided double standard a Congress run by the democrats is and how gullible the American people that become to believe

  • jshlstn1

    I think the layers how many people must comment thread are dumb enough to think 5 second clips justify would there claiming I what you will get off your a** use your brain and look up the actual trials the actual congressional hearings instead of proving you get all your information from 5 second sound bites it's pathetic the way the left wing shills and supporters will justify actual racism actual sexism actual calls for violence from the left because you can all 5 seconds of someone saying something in than the democrats told you the context this shows the dumbing down of America in these comments

  • jshlstn1

    Is this really what you call news? Or even truth for that matter anybody who has seen the real video knows why the leftist shills youth 5 second clips and in tell you the context because if you knew the real Context you would know how much they are twisting comments in things said to fit a very fuckup lying narrative especially if you bother to look up the videos of Congress and see for yourself how the hearings went what was said and what with proven.

  • Jamie Houk
    Jamie Houk

    True Trump only won because of the friggin electoral college and his opponent was female.

  • Jamie Houk
    Jamie Houk

    The FBI gave the server to Ukraine, but Trump doesn't understand anything. So how did they give the cloud to Russia?

  • Jamie Houk
    Jamie Houk

    Wow rain!

  • Pablo Ramirez Baez
    Pablo Ramirez Baez

    trump really lives in an alternative reality, or he is just an idiot

  • Lisa Loki
    Lisa Loki

    Tell me he did not say rain??? I can't even. Hahaha trump is a moron.

  • The Whizkid
    The Whizkid

    Didn´t get warm with that person ever... I just can´t take people serious, who wear a white sunbed/tanning protection google stamp right in the middle of their face with pride.

  • james fiaco
    james fiaco

    You don't need a good defense when we have people like Mitch McConnell saying no witnesses no evidence. Will just going to come to a conclusion based on what we know about his personality. Fortunately since they don't like witnesses in life will just apply that attitude spiritually to their soul and spirit. No witnesses no mercy forgiveness spiritual welfare. We'll just let their souls and spirits be managed directly maintained in accordance to all the disease sickness illness pain injury torment misery abuse neglect hunger that has been allowed to occur manifesting throughout the history of mankind into what it is today thanks to people like Donald Trump Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham Paul Ryan Ted Cruz Giuliani Rory Moore so forth and so on etc. etc. and that is the shortlist. Of those who have the false belief if the majority of the population is at their worst. They will look their best. And feel less afraid inferior to the true potentials of love honor and the creation of life. Many of their souls and spirits never rest in peace. Now I wish and pray for my soul and spirit to be held spiritually accountable to the statements I proclaim. I guarantee none of these stooges will ever have the heart faith belief within themselves to accept that level of accountability.

  • jgra74

    Read the call transcript. Do not listen to what Schiff or reporters tell you that it said. Such hypocrites. Most people can see through these liberals no matter how many times they repeat their lies and make up the conversation. Trump did not mention Joe Biden, it was hunter. Also he asked about the server and the 2016 election. Not one thing was said about 2020, but I guess when you hate Trump more than anything you will form an opinion that he did something wrong.

  • mhharley - Books Alive!
    mhharley - Books Alive!

    Kinko's got bought out by Fedyin 2004. LOL

  • Andrew Geary
    Andrew Geary

    Mabe turn the tap off and then there might be some shower pressure.

  • yinkoos

    If you elect a conman, you get conned. I knew trump would do this to America.

  • Nerd And Geek
    Nerd And Geek

    I think he may have been talking about old plumbing, just in a very roundabout way. Very old, or poorly constructed plumbing can result in water pressure issues and the water tanks that may be involved can take a while to refill. If you use an old toilet you're supposed to hold down the handle to flush the toilet, otherwise, you may be attempting to flush it 10-15 times to no avail due to the way the plumbing works. The old plumbing systems are an environmental issue as they waste water, but really there are some more pressing issues the EPA could be looking at rather than that.

  • Roger King
    Roger King

    Sloth Meyers I see you have approx. 3.2m subscribers. The rest of America must be Republicans!

  • Rory Smith
    Rory Smith

    If the toilets need to be flushed 10-15 times due to a lack of water, then how are those toilets wasting water? I understand it could be a system that needs updating and could be more efficient, but it sounds like having to flush 10-15 times for it to go down once is just needing to fix a few areas of plumbing that either don’t or near don’t function.

  • Dolores Reynolds
    Dolores Reynolds

    Trump's plumbing fixation is probably due to misplaced focus on how much trouble he has peeing nowadays.

  • George Gonzalez
    George Gonzalez

    65 million People???? He lost by 3 million and the Electoral College was instructed by Putin to elect Donald !!!!!

  • Matt OToole
    Matt OToole

    LOL'd when Seth started pulling out those vegetables! 😆

  • arthur riley
    arthur riley

    Since toilets store an appropriate amount of water, water pressure has nothing to do with a toilets flushing ability. Perhaps trump doesn't know how toilets really work. The question is; If trump doesn't know it must be because he never uses a toilet, which means he is full of it?

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    Trump must be boiling to this..

  • John Moldoch
    John Moldoch

    Why is he using low flow toilets as a distraction from the fact that he's guilty as sin. The American people elected a fucking moron to the office of President.

  • Susan Hoffa
    Susan Hoffa

    I thought he said,blow me. Oh bologny

  • J C.
    J C.

    Let's elect honest people into office. President, the Senate, and House. We can't afford to play around with this b.s. anymore.

  • Rotaryfever Linguisticbeaver
    Rotaryfever Linguisticbeaver

    America has the most mentally ill per capita !!!!

  • Team VLCN
    Team VLCN

    2:55. Look at the way each man is standing. That alone should be enough to differentiate between their levels of respect for the law.

  • Petitio Principii
    Petitio Principii

    Soviets. Apparently historically known for impeaching their corrupt officials who threaten to undermine soviet democracy.

  • ceicli se-i-sl-i
    ceicli se-i-sl-i

    Dripping showers? Does he even know about Flint? (Rhetorical question)

  • goldfixsh

    ❤️❤️❤️TRUMP ❤️❤️❤️TRUMP ❤️❤️❤️TRUMP ❤️❤️❤️TRUMP ❤️❤️❤️

  • Francesann Jackson
    Francesann Jackson

    These congressional Republicans will soon be gone!

  • Dalton Neumann
    Dalton Neumann

    f.y.i the cloud is run by one or multiple off site servers depending on the application of the data

  • sean kelly
    sean kelly

    Seth should’ve said, “I ate my homework.”

  • Damian Hellson
    Damian Hellson

    Watch this investigative reporter bringing to light how Biden is corrupt to the bone . Burisma/Ukrainian BOMBSHELL DROPPED... From France (Investigative Report Pt. One)

  • Ilir Bajrami
    Ilir Bajrami

    When he got that shopping bag out in court hahaha straight in my head came up MY COUSIN VINNY hahaha

  • Gyrenaica 135
    Gyrenaica 135

    What happened to "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear."

  • andrew c
    andrew c

    yeah this show is kinda lame... he's just not funny....

  • Linda Gautney
    Linda Gautney

    Shut the hell up you Illuminati puppet

  • Abhijith Dev
    Abhijith Dev

    Similar things we can see on the other part of the world. India n America

  • Shianne Mattson
    Shianne Mattson

    All see from the interruptions is a bunch of scared little mice running around blind.

  • Ripinn

    If Trump, the POTUS has such a concern over our foreign affairs, why is he broadcasting it across the airwaves so everyone in the world sees the complete disregard for reality we have running the United States, embarrasses me everyday I wake up and try to swallow whatever dipshittery he has done to the US...

  • nina Maldonado
    nina Maldonado

    That was for publicity dude bringing his papers to court in a supermarket bag, and he got it

  • Ripinn

    OMFG!! 7:10 into this and he starts talking out his ASS!!! about water? Such a delusional dipshit!!

  • Derrick Kakizoe
    Derrick Kakizoe

    Where the law ends tyranny begins - John Locke

  • bbsy1

    At this point Seth is clearly making this up because WTF!!!!!! I’m serious, this isn’t sad, depressing or . . . No it’s still treason, but it’s also just pathetic. Nothing these people do is in the realm of acceptable behavior for toddlers, let alone adults controlling our lives and reputation.

  • Lakesha Goodwin
    Lakesha Goodwin

    Damn Trump is corrupt and stupid

  • Jeremiah Nilsson
    Jeremiah Nilsson

    When Trump is in jail, and Meyers finally can take a rest - we will both be on Vodka for a week...... Call me Seth

  • Honestly dont care duh
    Honestly dont care duh

    Seth your show is beyond unwatchable

  • Michael R.
    Michael R.

    TRUMP 2020 bitches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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