How Audi RS Sports Cars Are Made - From Audi RS3 to Audi RS7
The Audi RS models from Audi Sport GmbH are the dynamic spearheads of their respective product lines. They have a strong character that consists of distinct design differentiation, full everyday usability, effortless top performance, and a thrilling driving experience. This results from a relentless focus on minute details by the designers and development and test engineers, and it is perfected over numerous test drives around the world. There is a behind-the-scenes look at development work.
Audi RS models are produced at four locations. The Audi RS3 Sportback, the Audi RS3 Sedan, the Audi RS4 Avant, the Audi RS5 Coupé, and the Audi RS5 Sportback roll off the line in the German plant in Ingolstadt.
The Audi RS6 Avant and the Audi RS7 Sportback are produced at the Neckarsulm site.
At the Hungarian plant in Győr, the Audi TT RS as a Coupé and Roadster, the RS Q3 and the RS Q3 Sportback are built.
The Audi RS Q8 is produced at the Slovakian plant in Bratislava.
All RS models are processed on shared systems with their sister models. The Audi press shops supply the specific sheet metal parts made of steel or, in many cases, aluminum that are then assembled in the body shop.
The marriage, that is the assembly station where the suspension and drivetrain are joined with the body, is very challenging in the case of the models with a V8 engine in particular.
RS-specific parts such as the exhaust system, bumpers, rear aprons, and wheels complete the RS models. A two-digit number of RS6 Avants and RS7 Sportbacks are built in Neckarsulm every working day. Each one of them is checked on a road course before being handed over to the customer.
The “Böllinger Höfe” factory is located close by the Neckarsulm plant, the headquarters of Audi Sport GmbH. This is where the sports and racing cars of the R8 family are built, in large part by hand, and the fully electric Audi e-tron GT will soon be built here, too.
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  • G.J.F LLC
    G.J.F LLC

    GREAT video! I'm an owner in the US and haven't hit 50,000mile/4 year warranty on my 2018 RS3 quite yet. Like many of my fellow RS3 owners around the globe I experienced many of the same annoying quirks/quality issues with the car. I complained about the exhaust noise (it was soooo embarrassing) OVER and OVER and OVER and FINALLY after 2 years the Audi service center (Silver Spring, MD USA) addressed the issue. While I'm not entirely sure what they did, the service tech explained that my entire exhaust system was replaced (and I have shinny new tail pipes to prove it). No more rattling (WIN). Keep in mind they also damaged my car during one of the service appointments and lied to my face about it (it was lifted improperly and it cracked the side skirt). They know what they did. Shortly after, they started video taping all service appointments for all vehicles in the service bay (fucking liars) as a new operational standard. Bitching aside, they also had to address a number of glitches with the cars computers because my Virtual cockpit would just black out for no reason whatsoever. In addition, my steering wheel mounted "wild card button" (as I like to call it) would have to be re-programed OVER AND OVER AND OVER (sometimes multiple times a day). I owned a 2015 S3 and that NEVER happened. They fixed it as well. Don't even get me started on the turbo lag....OMG. All in all...the ownership experience has left me feeling kinda meh, especially when considering its "limited" tech/creature-comfort offerings vs what you pay retail (OHhhhh, and they will make you pay...HAHAHAHAH). I think I'll give Porsche a try for my next automobile purchase because frankly, it doesn't look like Audi is going to be producing anything truly exciting (for us practical daily drivers) for another 10 to 15 years.

  • Flebz

    Pls make the new rs6 faster

  • Umar Patel
    Umar Patel

    audi better than mercedes

  • vSpace

    Interesting video! Good job!

  • Marin_1312

    thats why i love bmw :D

  • McOink

    Make Audi RS superior to 400k lambos because its build by robots and not humans when

  • Philipp Zauner
    Philipp Zauner

    Made in Germany. Proud of that!

  • Ismail CK
    Ismail CK

    S7 die Fake Auspuffe sind legendär 👌 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Edin Uzunovic
    Edin Uzunovic

    Hahah ich höre Arnold

  • MudgateBronn

    Audi RS pitch meeting: So let's make a fast car with as much horsepower as an M car! Great! And the chassi, we'll make it as nice handling as an M car too? Chassi? Who cares?! Audi fans don't know enough about driving to tell the difference! Just put the engine in a shopping-cart and put som RS badges on it!

    • Zeljko Madzo
      Zeljko Madzo

      You don´t know what youre talking about mate. I owned a M235i and yes that chassi is great but it was far from perfect. I drive an RS3 now and the chassi is very nice for the type of engine placement etc. The dampers are MEGA and they aren´t even magnetic. Ofc, the Bimmer was more fun on a windy road though less HP but the Audi is not boring at all. I tracked them both as well.

  • ZiLoX

    Fake vents and rev limiters say otherwise.

  • Der Gashi
    Der Gashi

    When german speaks english😂

    • Klopfer und Sid
      Klopfer und Sid

      Much better than english try to speak dsherrrrrmannn! LOL

  • Mathieu Gerber
    Mathieu Gerber

    And despite all that my my Audi already has suspension problems that they cannot solve at 50,000km ...

    • AutoBum

      Mathieu Gerber weird, rs5 on 150,000km still going. You bought a used car that lacked inspection? Or you drove it to a ditch and blame it on the dealers?

  • King K
    King K

    The RS6 is probably the best car in the world. The power of a Lamborghini or a Ferrari with the confort and without the hassle of having a car not practical to use everyday . An amazing piece of engineering.

  • Ziz_x_x

    Für mich sieht jeder audi gleich aus


    Who contry make this car

    • R4M Quattro
      R4M Quattro

      MANOJ YADAV Germany

  • KleinerAbstauber

    Bei meinem Rs3 ist nach gut 3 Monaten der Scheinwerfer kaputt🔝

  • Flame Pro
    Flame Pro

    One problem with Audi is it has a soft limiter means you can rev upto 4000rpm

  • Biers Lord
    Biers Lord

    projection by fraud

  • Queue

    If they put that much effort on making the cars more reliable they'd literally be unstoppable.

  • Ahmad Eshtaya
    Ahmad Eshtaya

    The same as other audies😅😅

  • SAMI

    Please remove the Rev Limiters then you'll take the Audi Sport to a Whole new level.

    • AutoBum

      SAMI it already is on rally racing. Void this stoopid

  • kaiman vasa
    kaiman vasa

    качество на высоте не то что в позор вазе


    The question is can these cars last over time. Audi reliability has always been questioned.

  • Big Barry
    Big Barry

    Good Marketing. @the end its a mass product, and the ones who dont get sold. land in deserts :)

  • yangyang jiang
    yangyang jiang

    Audi needs redesign their interior imo ,this generation not very Audi

  • DaYwaLKeR

    My RS3 8V is the best daily driver ive had so far and its super reliable too.

  • Brottrunk4K

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    frisch kaese

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    Kgotatso P

    Please start making cars that win drag races... we losing too many times to AMG and especially BMWs competition packs.

  • DJ-RocketMan

    100k miles later yeah let’s not talk about it.

    • Cevair Zufer
      Cevair Zufer

      True it just around the corner!

  • Up toyou
    Up toyou

    Deutsche sollten manchmal einfach kein Englisch sprechen ...

    • Klopfer und Sid
      Klopfer und Sid

      War vollkommen in Ordnung. Wenn ich höre was manch einer für Deutsch hält (und da sind auch Deutsche dabei ;)

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    Colors The Best

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    BEST placement

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    Mustafa Al- Aouchi

    Im such really really crazy audi fan

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    Then soon after back into garage for major car/engine failures like my Audi.

  • subsonic

    how to develope new cars, VAG style: first you have to cheat everyone. im done with Audi.

    • Todd T
      Todd T

      Bro, do you even Audi??

  • kalel099

    the absolutely most beautiful station wagon worldwide

  • hendry ly
    hendry ly

    what do scotty have to say about thus car? one of person has an audi SUV, went to audi dealership for regular maintenance . it cost her more than $4000 . too much too expensive for a poor guy like me can afford for that. final thought , a car nice to lease not to owe unless you have deep pocket and the car won't last long and reliable .

  • Chris Battle
    Chris Battle

    Love my 14/15 S7. In a few years ill trade up for a RS

  • Mark A
    Mark A

    Performance ? Not so much. The only Audi on the Nurburgring is the r8. Honda type R is there but not one Audi rs model is. That says enough. And prestige ? Using VW parts on what is supposed to be a luxury vehicle is not prestige it is infact the opposite, cheap.

    • Julien Thialon
      Julien Thialon

      you know that the RSQ8 is the faster SUV on the Nurb, but to compare to a sport car, it did the same time as a Lamborghini Gallardo superleggera?

  • dougo1807

    "We want to take Audi Sport to a whole new level".... Installs rev limiters...

    • JaNNeX1234

      @Julien Thialon Watch the new Lamborghini Huracan Evo. It's based and the 2020 R8. But it has no Rev Limiter and it is fucking loud.

    • Julien Thialon
      Julien Thialon

      @dougo1807 they don't care you are right, but they do care about polution, and raving your engine while you are not driving is considered has useless polution and also dB regulations

    • dougo1807

      @Julien Thialon I cant find that regulation any where and if there were a regulation by the EU, what is that supposed to protect? The Rev limiter is suppose to protect the engine from high rev damage. It does nothing for emissions. EU doesn't care about protecting your engine from rev damage.

    • Julien Thialon
      Julien Thialon

      @Sergio Casillas you guys know that it is for the EU regulation, other manufacturer or going. to do the same on their new models, mercedes and bow hasn't made a new model in 2020 only few facelift, their now gen will have the same rev limiter like the FAP and AdBlue, Audi were the first to put one already in 2017/18 on petrol model

    • Sergio Casillas
      Sergio Casillas


  • tiada nama
    tiada nama

    So why does it performed worse than a standard porsche?

    • tiada nama
      tiada nama

      @Lutho Dweba i saw an audi rs4 get wrecked by a cayman at sepang once and in carwow an audi rs tt cant win against a cayman gts

    • Lutho Dweba
      Lutho Dweba

      It does? Are you sure about that?

  • Djaygnus

    And when you want to buy a single item to repair the car, you have to actually buy the whole set.

  • Yannick Otto
    Yannick Otto

    And the rs6 is still slower than the 3 years older e63s😂 Maby next time audi

  • Lp1q

    RS6 Avant!!!!!

  • 187chalice

    Audi, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE give us some more feedback through the steering wheel. Aside from that, almost perfect .

  • Rali272

    Dear Audi: Please give VW an engine. The VW lineup are all under powered with shitty 2.0T Engines.

    • Todd T
      Todd T

      I think the idea is to make you buy an Audi instead...

  • Pedro

    And amazingly overpriced

    • Pheasant Pluckers son
      Pheasant Pluckers son

      Pedro you get what you can afford, it’s called the lottery of life, peasants are not meant to own RS Audi’s 👍🏻

  • Rich Abe
    Rich Abe

    More SUVs for soccer moms to choose from.

  • ㄹ팀

    I love AUDI !!!

  • Ducaudi

    Bye Audi, you make beautiful cars but I’m going electric. No one has been able to keep up with Tesla as far as mileage range and having their supercharging network. I’m willing to potentially accept a slight lower quality of build but I’m tired of Audi and their maintenance.

  • Razer 17933
    Razer 17933

    I have a Audi from 2009 and the exterior doesn't age but the interior did but its a 11yr old car and I have only spent total of £1000 on it in 6 years Audi earned my respect its just cool and to me doesn't age

  • mooresly400

    What a load of pap

  • Challenger challenger
    Challenger challenger

    The performance is dropping Audi.The 2020 Rs6 and Rs7 are very slow.what's wrong

    • Flebz

      @Tim Davies no he is not, the rs6 lost to an bmw and merc and the rs7 has the same engine.. Audi needs to wake up for performance

    • Tim Davies
      Tim Davies

      are you out of your mind?

  • Kristiyan Petrov
    Kristiyan Petrov

    The 2020 S6 is a diesel. Just Saying.

    • Neil McMahon
      Neil McMahon

      With true fake exhaust visuals. Sad.

  • Donny S
    Donny S

    ohh the rs6... needing a superhatch for a while over here

  • nigelovespizza

    Audi, please remove the limiter

    • Neil McMahon
      Neil McMahon

      They do, for a cost.

  • Downhill

    If I can’t rev my engine while in parked gear, I might as well not have a performance car at all.

    • Aalok Phunwasi
      Aalok Phunwasi

      Brahhh so true!!!

    • betsy 987
      betsy 987

      b7 RS4....Last of the V8 manuals!

  • LM H
    LM H

    I have 2 Audis, love them.

  • Bob Beelze
    Bob Beelze

    They truly make the most beautiful cars, but their UK after sales Customer Service is SHITE!

  • mrjjmc

    Good thing i live in heilbronn 😉 near the factory and the City which is on all plates HN i see all the new cars here and can test them cause many familiy members work there

    • Uyaze Antonio
      Uyaze Antonio

      you livin the life man

  • ioannis chalkiotis
    ioannis chalkiotis

    RS3 (400hp) changed the history of the HotHatch. the Previus 8P and Before FL 8V model was..... blunt.... the Last 8V made the change.... gave A45 and M2 a lesson, all day use, Value, Tunnig possibilities!! wish the new GEN one continues the strike.... 420+ hp and 0-100 front-rear power

    • Pheasant Pluckers son
      Pheasant Pluckers son

      Full of shit, the 1st 8P version changed the hot hatch market, the second generation improved it again, the face lift version was weakened and softened by the aluminium block engine and digital dash (Aluminium has two i and two U you will notice) and the engine sounds terrible in comparison The RS3 8V pre face lift 2015/2016 is raw, it’s a proper street car, and it sounds phenomenal, don’t be fooled and blinded by the claimed power figures either most of the early cars put out nearly 400bhp in real terms anyway

  • Steve Kioussis
    Steve Kioussis

    God forbid when parts start to break on these cars!!$$$$

  • uktech

    🙄 Everyone keeps praising Audi. I am an Audi owner myself. Through experience of owning multiple Audis, each of them have had problems which needed to be rectified under manufacturer warranty, which is only 3 years. After that, you are literally screwed. I'm getting fed up of Audi's tactics of keeping everything to themselves. A person is forced to go to a dealership when there is a problem because third party mechanics are no longer able to fix the majority of problems on the newer models. Until Audi offer at least 5 years warranty, they won't be getting any praise from me.

    • Klopfer und Sid
      Klopfer und Sid

      Just buy a extra warranty for the next years. Doesn't cost much.

    • uktech

      @Uyaze Antonio I currently have an S8 Plus D4. I previously owned an S8 V10 D3 and a 4.2 A8 D2. The older D2 model seemed to be more solidly built, than today's models and less complicated for maintenance.

    • Todd T
      Todd T

      My independent still gets it all done. I have a Stage 2 APR 3.0T and when I picked up my car he just finished working on a R8 V10 Spyder. I never go to the stealership. The cars cost about $1200 CAD per year average in repair/maintenance. Tires and brakes included. Seriously most stealerships just replace a broken part and anything near it. Just like Swiss watches, they are saying "We have the right to restore your car to it's factory level of performance". BTW, you can buy extended warranty or third party warranty. As a performance enthusiast, I just want the car so I can make it do exactly what I want, which typically isn't what Audi had in mind. I think they would lose their shit when they discover the fuel and timing table software has been deleted and replaced. Same with the software on the transmission. Before some asshat tells me about his Corolla not needing service, my car is a high performance car with 475-480hp and does a bit more work than the average car and I PUNISH IT. My lawnmower hasn't seen an oil change since 1993, which makes it more reliable than your Corolla.

    • Uyaze Antonio
      Uyaze Antonio

      good for you, which audi do you own or what models have you owned

  • Jadden

    I wish there was more RS models in the US :)

  • Pooya Zareh
    Pooya Zareh

    Wish they were available in iran too


    These are not really sports cars, they are just so well built and agile that you can drive your 5 door 7 seater diesel wagon as if it was a sports car. But take the TT or the R8 for a spin and you'll immediately understand the difference between a good wagon and a good _true_ sports car.

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