How do I come up with new colors to make? #shorts
Tonester Paints
My creative process for making paint colors. #shorts

  • Levan Kakulia
    Levan Kakulia

    pls make magenta

  • Emma

    I had an art teacher who's children had synesthesia- she used to talk about it a lot.

  • K Lourdes
    K Lourdes

    I also have synesthesia, mostly attributed to me having ASD. I can correlate colors to music, and tastes to colors/color combos vice versa. Letters to sounds too, like “P” sounds like metal being tapped.

  • Gay Bitch
    Gay Bitch

    Wait so not everyone does this

  • Danger Noodle
    Danger Noodle

    You could also just sit there jotting down notes every time you slightly adjust the mix and boom new shades for days

  • jmakk

    I have Synesthesia espically wheen i eat shrooms

  • Metal Videos
    Metal Videos

    No wonder their music Is absolutely God awful

  • Froggy

    I have it lol i have a color for every number and letter

  • Emmalise

    I have synesthesia too! Like when somebody would say a word I would think of something so unrelated. Also when I listen to music I can see colors and pictures :)

  • alyssa

    I always try to either corigraph a dance to the song or think of a color for a song when I hear it

  • teeter tooter GO!!!!!
    teeter tooter GO!!!!!

    "baby shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo"

  • Rivka Van Breugel
    Rivka Van Breugel

    Wait so I have synesthesia? I always try to explain the people matching colors matching days matching months matching numbers thing to my friends or family and they have no clue how I come up with that stuff.. interesting!!

  • Romanz


  • Padaalec Leśny
    Padaalec Leśny

    1 is ALWAYS blue, 3 is ALWAYS pink and 6 is ALWAYS yellow change my mind

  • Charlie’s Chamber Of Secrets
    Charlie’s Chamber Of Secrets

    If you have synesthesia, you can imagine different tastes and associate colors with certain types of songs. In the book “Out Of My Mind” the main character Melody has that.

  • The Squishiest
    The Squishiest

    Tuesday is yellow.


    I have synesthesia too

  • Keysha Ann Taylor
    Keysha Ann Taylor

    I have synesthesia too I love listening to music

  • PotionWolf

    Wait I’m not the only one to see words/ songs as colors? like may is green 2 is red math is blue the song paparazzi by lady Gaga is pink


    I have a friend who has the same thing! She can smell sound!!!😂

  • Noah Rizzo
    Noah Rizzo

    He probably didn't get picked for the team so he's still sore about that and now fancies himself a wizard of putting colors together. It's like watching a mathematician putting 2 and 2 together except for this guy it's God's work or sumthin

  • Dark Matter Games
    Dark Matter Games

    Color pretty damn close to it it’s called Sully’s fur it’s a Disney color

  • carmela marchese
    carmela marchese

    I’m not sure if this is the same thing but there is an artist who can put songs into colors and abstract art. Like she can listen to a song or beat and associated it with a color

  • jae judges
    jae judges

    my girlfriend has synesthesia, but i don’t so i don’t really know the full extent of it, but i took psychology classes for some years and i learned about it them as well. there’s multiple types of the neurological condition, all senses can overlap and stuff, but the most common ones are: hearing -> sight, touch -> taste, and hearing -> smell, and my girlfriend happened to have the first two! my voice over the phone sounds blue to her and depending on my tone, it slides on the spectrum of cool colors, which is why she immediately knows when i’m in a bad mood. to her, the cold tastes like vanilla and whenever she touches something sticky, it tastes like maple syrup. those aren’t the only ones though as all 5 senses (hearing, touch, smell, sight, and taste) can connect and happen. it’s definitely not rare, it’s quite common/uncommon (1 in 2000 people are synesthetes, which means all senses are connected, and 1 in 300 people have some variation of it, which my girlfriend groups into). it’s most common within artists and musicians, at least 75% of them experiencing synesthesia, so it’s likely that the artists you know and listen to or admire the works of have synesthesia. my girlfriend’s a lovely artist and i love her drawings and painting so much and it just gives her more inspiration and creative juices to work on a piece and complete it with an amazing outcome. it’s truly beautiful, but i wouldn’t suggest faking having it or anything, because you’ll just be caught in a white lie and for what? it’s something to be confirmed through a doctor (or someone on the medical field) because there’s something in your brain that connects all of these senses or some of these senses that causes you to have synesthesia and it can be founded out through a cat scan. you don’t have to though, if you think you have it, you do you!! just don’t think it makes you quirky and flaunt it for the sake of seeming different from the crowd, you know who i’m taking about. also, on a pretty related note, i thought this was a cute story from tumblr to add on, a person who experiences synesthesia has a friend with color-blindness and they both love listening to music and they describes colors to their friend by telling their friend which song the color reminds them of, giving them a small idea on what some colors they can’t see are. i thought it was really sweet and definitely a lovely way to bond together.

  • Sweet Cupcake edits
    Sweet Cupcake edits

    This song sounds like baby blue ngl

  • Lexo Flex
    Lexo Flex

    Didn't list John Lennon

  • Matt Renfro
    Matt Renfro

    Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway (for example, hearing) leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway (such as vision). Simply put, when one sense is activated, another unrelated sense is activated at the same time.

  • GW

    5 gum you mean


    Music helps me create paintings

  • woffy

    what color do you think of when you hear 100 gecs or that sugarcrash song

  • Zaruako [GD]
    Zaruako [GD]

    Ohhhhh so thats why i associate colors with days of the week !

  • Kudō Anya
    Kudō Anya

    And here I was casually associating colours and numbers like it was the most normal thing ever😂 not saying I have it or anything, it's just a way for me to keep calm and distracted

  • Mr Ungrateful
    Mr Ungrateful


  • Jane Starlight
    Jane Starlight

    Wait, that makes my music look purple?

  • Sister Squad
    Sister Squad

    That’s so interesting!

  • Ryan Xu
    Ryan Xu

    That color is g o r g e o u s

  • Octogon Smuggler
    Octogon Smuggler

    Prussian Blue? Pretty please? If I ask enough will it happen?

  • Ariana Boals
    Ariana Boals

    I'm not that but I I'm Autistic and I can play the piano and not even no what I'm going to play and I go a long my mind just plays it as I go along and it is Beautiful people always tell me when I play I want to be a piano player when I grow up and be on a big stage with lots of people and have a baby grand piano that's what I want most in life

  • nothing but something
    nothing but something

    I also have synesthesia, mine is of the taste. It is honestly one of the greatest gifts I could've asked for. Everyone I hear a new word I taste something new and I try my hardest to recreate it as a colour, music or drawing


    hello, nice video, what's the background music called? someone please

  • pumpkincraft1210

    I don't see colours on sounds, word or something. But I do see colour from human

  • Killer Gamer
    Killer Gamer

    I have that too I feel u man

  • Leahアリア

    Ok I don’t want to self diagnose but when I hear the song “new flesh” I get a warm feeling behind my ears and in my chest to my throat and I get butterflies does that count ? I just wanted to know cuz I think synesthesia is awesome SOMETIMES!

  • Its_Korie ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Its_Korie ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Orange = November, Thursday Me: that's when I has borb

  • Nejla Telalovic
    Nejla Telalovic

    Keiner wirklich keiner ich: ist das das Apple Zeichen 😂😂

  • K.K.Toader

    Numbers have colors for me

  • Riley Jacobs
    Riley Jacobs

    I never knew what the name was until now thanks man

  • Bere Castro
    Bere Castro

    V: se ve bien

  • Ara GRACE
    Ara GRACE

    Day 10 of me asking for my name arabella as a colour

  • Lavender Latte
    Lavender Latte

    Listen to “On somebody” by Ava Max I always think magenta with that song? I don’t know why tho-


    Oh.. God.. i never knew.. but i am a synesthetic....

  • Siddhi Pandey
    Siddhi Pandey

    For a person who has had since they were 2: WE CAN'T EXPLAIN HOW IT FEELS!

  • Antonis73

    Make paint while listening to rick astley 😏

  • Ionela Mocanu
    Ionela Mocanu

    Pls try all the colours

  • Kathleen Cooper
    Kathleen Cooper

    ummm i think i have tbis

    • Kathleen Cooper
      Kathleen Cooper

      i think monday is red tuesday is light blue wednesday is dark blue thursday is orange and friday is yellow is that weird

  • Stefania Simmons
    Stefania Simmons

    Someone: “Hey weirdo what color is 8?” Me: “Oh eight is like a purplish- oh you were kidding”

    • A random deer named Laughter
      A random deer named Laughter

      Omg I always thought 8 would be purplish too.

    • Leanne Faith
      Leanne Faith

      same i always imagine 8 as a purplish number hahahaha

    • Smoked Ham
      Smoked Ham

      Oof same, except 8 is green

  • space reaper
    space reaper

    When I feel wind I taste banana and when it's cold I taste mint

  • Billy Bobby
    Billy Bobby

    Listen to stairway to heven to make a color?

  • Grandmas coked up bingo night
    Grandmas coked up bingo night

    I think I have this I think of random shit as things I can relate them to I can’t think of it off the top of my head tho

  • mayko 33
    mayko 33

    Is synestheia deadly

  • Cookiepizza7170

    Oh my god what the heck! I thought this happened to everyone

  • Chili pepper
    Chili pepper

    I guess I have synesthesia

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith

    Sunday=Yellow Monday=Pink Tuesday=Blue Wednesday=Orange Thursday =Green Friday=Red Saturday = purple

  • Linky Slinkie
    Linky Slinkie

    We learned about synesthesia in art class and had a project on it

  • Emily C.
    Emily C.

    Please please please do a paint color to déjà vu by Olivia Rodrigo

  • Heather Toomey
    Heather Toomey

    THAT'S MY FAVORITE COLOR BLUE!!! Does it have a name???

  • Layla L
    Layla L

    “Feral Williams” absolutely SENT me

  • Worst Kiter Chan
    Worst Kiter Chan

    by the way, 7 is purple, 5 is red, blue is a cirle and yellow is a triangle. Also, 3 is warm and 4 is green but green feels brown. It's weird.

  • JayCookie

    I had no idea that something such as synesthesia existed. I just looked it up and it really resonated with me. I've always strongly associated certain colours, sounds and atmospheres with the most random things or experiences. As a child I was very adamant about this, such as Thursdays being blue or 3 being yellow. For no particular reason. I personalized numbers once and made human characters a few years back out of boredom with my friends. If was all fun, but they found it odd that I already had clear image in mind for the numbers specifically. It's not like I'll largely go into research about it, since it could just be part of my neurodivergence. It also fuels my creative vision. Just nice to know that it's a concept that isn't completely obscure.

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