How Far Can You SPLIT CHALLENGE! w/ Sofie Dossi
Stokes Twins
We challenged our friends to see who could split the farthest on the split machine! Let's try to get this video to 100k likes!
Check out the video we did with Sofie Dossi!
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  • Stokes Twins
    Stokes Twins

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    • Kristine Jose
      Kristine Jose

      Stokes Twins uriah

    • Xx Emma
      Xx Emma

      Stokes Twins done

    • Maryam Bashir
      Maryam Bashir


    • Kdog Tanner
      Kdog Tanner


    • Hui Nevin
      Hui Nevin

      SOO FUNNY🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rossamonwan Wongkalasin
    Rossamonwan Wongkalasin

    Leg abuse :c

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash

    Must be embarrassing o

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash

    Sophie was offended when Andrew said I am really flexible , lol

  • elizabeth chestnut
    elizabeth chestnut

    i think yu now sofie is gonna win

  • elizabeth chestnut
    elizabeth chestnut

    not true red shirt you made the rule you duble it

  • bonjor konichiwa
    bonjor konichiwa

    Oh I totally dont know who is gonna win **looks at sofie** Sofie just having fun seeing people suffer

  • Aboo Rajabi
    Aboo Rajabi

    Why Andrew wasn't in the end?


    Who knews Sofie has short legs


    They even can't beat Sofie dosi

  • Bulan

    Sofia isn’t that flexible she just went to an arch back

  • Wilfredo Garcia
    Wilfredo Garcia

    If im there me or sofie will win

  • Wilfredo Garcia
    Wilfredo Garcia

    Im the most flexible person in are family im only 8 years old

  • Wilfredo Garcia
    Wilfredo Garcia

    Im acculy flextanble

  • Kourtney Vlogs
    Kourtney Vlogs

    @sofiedossi your the flexie

  • Vidur batra
    Vidur batra


  • chein pot
    chein pot

    me:whatching me:see's sofie dossi ._. me:i know whos gonna win


    I wonder who is more flexible, Sofie Dossi or Lexi Rivera??????

  • angel Kamunya
    angel Kamunya


  • angel Kamunya
    angel Kamunya

    wonderful video.Lisa from kenya

  • Kinzie&kadencd Asmr
    Kinzie&kadencd Asmr

    It’s funny how everybody thinks you’re so flexible but they’re really not and then everybody saying oh so we can’t do 21

  • Diziyah Weeden
    Diziyah Weeden


  • MXP

    Sofie is the freakiest, flexible girl I know, and I knew she'd win that!

  • Catherine Equipaje
    Catherine Equipaje

    How is that possible Sophie high School gymnastics and she can spit like how long then you boys

  • S


  • Sandcannon Playz_
    Sandcannon Playz_

    done BTW i have been a fan for so long

  • Jordan Hopper
    Jordan Hopper

    Sofie dossi is not a human

  • Pejman Abedini
    Pejman Abedini

    Hi Twins ❤️😜

  • Jas Z
    Jas Z

    Me:can’t even do 1 turn and possibly live Also me: sees them do that Me again: WHAT THATS ILLEGAL 😡

  • Eli K
    Eli K

    Why would they even do this challenge against Sofie, as if they have a chance at beating her LOL.

  • Louiechickennuggets !!
    Louiechickennuggets !!

    Obviously one with the picture she’s made to be flexible

  • ItsMonks YT
    ItsMonks YT

    Sophie at the end sitting there knowing she’s won

  • Peyton White
    Peyton White

    We all know Sofie’s going to win

  • Lily C
    Lily C

    This must hurt but Sofie PMG SHES GOOOOOOOOD!!!!

  • Joan Xx
    Joan Xx

    Wow some of y’all are really brave to wear Jeans

  • A Khatib
    A Khatib

    How old is sofi

  • Meses Is the best
    Meses Is the best

    After the initial splits it shouldn’t hurt, unless u don’t have a kind os flexible back

  • Darkness _And friends!
    Darkness _And friends!

    Behind the scenes they broke it*

  • Isabella Larsen
    Isabella Larsen

    Every one screaming sofie standing there like why yall screaming ..

  • charmedwn

    What was the point in adding sophi?? She was acting so kind😬She was just waiting for all of them to lose😠She knew that she was gunna win so she was just smiling threw the whole thing😲😒😒

  • Alyssa Hooker
    Alyssa Hooker

    Me: they can't count they are like "10 9 8 7 3 2 1" XDD :P

    • Alyssa Hooker
      Alyssa Hooker

      Lol I liked my own comment cos I am lonely.. (´;︵;`)

  • Gwynn Keziah Castro
    Gwynn Keziah Castro


  • Isle Tran
    Isle Tran

    Sofie Dossi is a contortionist

  • Camilla Davies
    Camilla Davies

    Poor andrew

    • Camilla Davies
      Camilla Davies


    • Camilla Davies
      Camilla Davies


  • Camilla Davies
    Camilla Davies


  • [EPIC] Jackson.S
    [EPIC] Jackson.S

    She did not do it she was beating her legs she cheated EXPOSED

  • Maddie Patria
    Maddie Patria

    Why is everyone being so annoyed at the way Sophie did it

  • Maddie Patria
    Maddie Patria


  • Macy Toohey
    Macy Toohey

    Das is going to win so if your dad is going away so if you don’t you’re gay doing yesterday are you boys and girls it was an audio and I don’t know her name 🥳😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷🥳

  • Logan Naidoo
    Logan Naidoo

    I can do what ever Sophie can do I am a girl My name is Lilly I am seven Love exercise machines 🤓

  • Mynor Silva
    Mynor Silva

    I can do 80 on this

  • Piper Rockelle Fan ghurl
    Piper Rockelle Fan ghurl

    Sofie is soo good you guys need to go to abby lee's listen Oooooooo

  • Warwick Strachan
    Warwick Strachan

    Show off Alex

  • Torea Mohi
    Torea Mohi

    Wawwww This IS a maizing

  • Davis Robinson
    Davis Robinson

    Lol I don't even have to watch the whole thing in order to know who's gonna win.

  • Sonia Dhillon
    Sonia Dhillon


  • suzie's life
    suzie's life


  • Tirth kaur
    Tirth kaur

    Ofc soffie will win

  • Cookie Crumbles
    Cookie Crumbles

    I was expecting Sofie to spin with her feet 😂

  • qt husk
    qt husk

    6:42 kat:i cant feel my legs! Me:thats what she said( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Taneha Sierra
    Taneha Sierra

    Oh yes she will

  • MoneyFUNNY O_O
    MoneyFUNNY O_O

    The bonus round part where Sophie did her leg had to be like sideways not back I can also did the back

  • Leviathan '
    Leviathan '

    Andrew chose the wrong day to wear jeans

  • Ella Lear
    Ella Lear


  • Evie Evans
    Evie Evans


  • Lone_ Wolf
    Lone_ Wolf

    Actually when Sofie went to 72 she wasn't doing a split. It's just like laying on your stomach with you feet apart

  • Yasmeen Binmahfouz
    Yasmeen Binmahfouz


  • Sarah Norton
    Sarah Norton

    Me:and the winner is Sofie

  • A&G Domestic Staffing
    A&G Domestic Staffing

    due sofie

  • Jesse Asante
    Jesse Asante


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